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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 1, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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and now you know the news for this friday, february the 1st already. 2013. i'm shepard smith. see you back on monday, which should be a national holiday. >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i'm proud of the work we have done to elevate diplomacy and development, to serve the nation we all love. >> and hillary clinton ends her term as secretary of state, "newsweek" proclaims that she is the most powerful woman in american history. really? we'll have a debate. >> we inherited the worst financial crisis and the worst economic crisis since the great depression. >> laura: unemployment on the rise again as the economy continues to falter. who will president obama blame for this latest set back? [bleep] [ applause ] >> and vice president joe biden admits that the new gun laws being proposed might not
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prevent another newtown. so what's really behind the gun control push? >> say it ain't so, joe, there you go again. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. hi, everyone. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. lionizing h ng. "newsweek" marks the most powerful woman in american history. the article reads like a piece of campaign literature than a serious examination of her record and her accomplishments. certainly, look, mrs. clinton is highly intelligent, she a global celebrate and she reached a level that few men,
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let alone women ever reach in our country. yet titles don't tell the entire story. the benghazi attack. a failed reset with russia. a more powerful and emboldened china. an iran closer to a nuclear weapon, slark terrorists fans out across north america? simply put, under barack obama and hillary clinton, the u.s. has been unwilling to lead. and this has left a huge vacuum on the world stage. in a recent assessment of secretary clinton's tenure. michael owe o'hanlon of the brookings institute wrote even an admirers such as myself must admit few big problems were soflted on her watch. few big vic trises achieved. secretary clinton's work at the state department should be judged on whether she has left america's foreign policy in stronger or weaker position. most think the future lies with china than the u.s. it's not all mrs. clinton's
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fault. but the fact is we just don't have the influence we used to have around the world from syria to mali, we have led from behind, so in effect the former secretary of state has helped manage our decline in what looks increasingly like a post american world. and that's the memo. now on to the top story. another view on this, joining us now from new york, fox news contributor julie ragenski and former advisor to frank lautenberg and president rosenberg a center left think tank and campaign advisor to president clinton. all right, simon, tell me, where did i go wrong there on judging mrs. clinton? highly intelligent, global celebrity. >> yep. >> incredible run from first lady to senator to secretary. why was this a great tenure as secretary of state? >> first of all agrow agree with the negative characterization. i think we are safer today in
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the world than when barack obama took office. i think there have within two central legacies from her tenure. one that i think that she and president obama have put the democrats back on a course of more muscular foreign policy. i think that, you know, for 20 years foreign policy wasn't a major issue in the democratic party. whether it was globalization or opposition to the iraq war. we didn't real solid a forward leaning fiewrd policy. i think we have reestablished our commitment to free trade. democracy promotion. >> laura: how is it forward-leaning given what we didn't do in iran when we had -- looked like we had a real popular vote going there we really didn't do anything. in syria, there is debate what we should do there, nevertheless, clearly our policy there is a little bit confusing. >> clearly very forward leaning in the war on terror. clearly significantly involved in libya and egypt and trying to push things forward there. >> laura: even a lot of liberals were criticizing her. even people who like her. >> the second legacy for her is going to be about the asia. you raised.
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>> is america stronger or weaker than she was four years ago. >> i think america is stronger today. >> laura: on what measure? more people are looking to our country for leadership than they were four years ago. >> fewer people dying today than when they took office. >> laura: that's a different measure. >> you asked. much more respected in the world. this argument we are in decline is just false. i think we are going to be a different country than we were in the 20th century. our leadership is going to be different. we have to rely more on our alliances which is why a leader like hillary clinton who can work with people around the world is going to be a different model for secretary of state than we have -- >> bill: when you look back at someone like a kissinger or even a george kenan, george carter. you see a real secretary of state having a huge influence on the way foreign policy is carried out. and no one doubts that mrs. clinton worked really hard what did she accomplish
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upon humanitarian work and advancing cause of women and girls around the world. >> i'm an admirers for hillary clinton for all the reasons you scritted fourself. at the end of the day george kenan had his policy which we all know about in the 40s, 50s. we certainly know henry kissinger who i don't necessarily agree with kissinger doctrine. still unclear what the doctrine. the thing with hillary clinton is people either lionize her or despise her. as opposed to look at her like a person who is very talented at the same time also flawed. we have to look very realistically. i think she has had some accomplishments. and some set backs. set back with russia was one that didn't quite work. benghazi obviously is benghazi. so, again, i will say this as a democrat despite all of that we need to look at her realistically. certainly not the saint people think she is and spinner other
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people think she is. >> laura: when you think about the attempt to repair our global image. more countries probably say they like us now. with russia a place i know something about. this idea we would give a reset button to russia. poorly translated. russia was going to help us in sir yand a other places around the world. guess what the russians saw that as a sign of weakness and on issue after issue the russians are blocking our way or actually acting in a way that hearkens back to the old soviet union not the are you sure shah that we might have thought. on that one issue, russia is a huge issue doesn't get enough attention but disaster. our relationship with them is worse than it was four years ago. >> part of what we are learning is that there are limits it to our power. what funny is i feel like i'm quoting george bush in the 2000 campaign where he said we have to be more humble in our foreign policy. i don't think america is in
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decline. our leadership is going to be different. i think that the bush strategy of interconvention around the world was an utter failure. we actually have the worse foreign policy president in american history preceding barack obama. we -- i think hillary clinton and barack obama have put america on a much -- have v. reclaimed the tradition. >> laura: disseminated. >> they have been severely weakened, laura, come on. >> great to see both of you. >> thank you. >> up next on the rundown, new evidence the economy is still stuck in a ditch. we're going to break it down for you. and then the president's new pick for secretary of defense implodz at his confirmation hearing. coming right back. ave doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer. visit
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>> laura: in the impact segment tonight, nor bad news for the u.s. economy. the january jobs report came out today and the unemployment rate is back on the rise. climbing a tenth of a point to
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7.9%. and even though the economy added 157,000 new jobs. nearly 23 million americans are still out of work or stuck in part-time jobs. here now with reaction fox news contributor, gary b. smith and joining us from new york is david callahan a senior fellow at demos which is a progressive think tank. all right, gentlemen. let's start with you this on the surface the stock market is rocking up to 14,000. don't you wish put more money in the market this month. this labor participation rate is hovering at an all-time low last 30 years. tell us what's going on in these jobs? >> dichotomy by the market which is owned by the obama 1%. in this case 5%. and the average investor has missed most of that move. we have taken it out in the
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depths of 2008 and not gotten back. in fortunately for people in the stock market there is a lot more money in the stock market that could go in. what you and i care about is exactly what you were talking about unemployment number. labor participation rate. for all the emphasis stimulus and whatnot that the administration has put in place they haven't bunged the needle at all. participation rate is now less than it was when obama took office. less than it was in january january 62009. unproiment rate including people that have stopped looking for jobs. it's actually higher than when he was inaugurated. >> tell us why this ends up being great economic news for the country because we have unemployment number going back up yet there was job growth. 160,000 or so per month but not really up at that 300,000 you really need 270, 280, 300,000 level to see a real
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robust recovery. >> it's not great economic news. i'm glad gather mentioned that u 6 number because, in fact, these unemployment statistics way under estimate the number of people out of work there are a lot of people who are discouraged. this is, you know, the same story we have been seeing for the last couple of years. which is, you know, employers are not hiring. and a big reason for that is consumers don't have money. and why don't consumers have money? well, big reason is because they have not been seeing their incomes go up. why haven't they been seeing their incomes go up because a lot of the wealth being generated in the economy is going to that 1%. that's why the stock market is doing so well. corporate earnings are strong. corporate profits hit record levels at times in the last couple of years. but the money is just not trickling down to the average worker. a lot of jobs aren't going to come back because of they are being replaced by machines, new technology, by outsourcing. we have a structural problem in the economy here.
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david, who is to blame here? it's a complicated thing. i know it's not one person, probably. there is enormous amount of downward pressure at the same time, especially on those job creators and small business. and the ones that i interview in my radio show, these people aren't political people. laura, we are getting crushed here. >> yeah. not only our tax rate but getting crushed on these new obama care regulations. we have to put back people's hours. we love these people. these are community people. these are families, our friends. but we're barely making ends meet. we have to make a payroll. so the idea this is the big pollute craft, raping the poor people that narrative is really tired. >> it's not the big polutocrat it's the structure of modern capitalism. in the bush years when we did have strong employment growth a lot of jobs being created was low rate jobs. >> laura: globalization. >> also in the retail sector, the biggest area of job growth last month was retail jobs a lot of those retail jobs don't
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pay more than $20,000 a year. meanwhile the big retailers are making record profits. that is a structure problem in the economy. we need stronger labor unions. we need higher minimum wage. >> stronger labor unions. how do we compete with china, vietnam, south korea, india when we are going to have stronger labor unions that insure that we have more work place regulations. more ways that business has to pay more money to make ends meet? the two things don't add up. i understand what david is saying. >> david somehow wishes it was 1930 when we had the highest participation in unions instead it's 12% participation. the reason is that unions don't work. you know, david kind of, i understand the kind of the point is he measmght the employment is he implying it's the haves that have it all and taking away from have notes. >> four years of barack obama in the white house and still blaming the congress. this is lunancy. the president has been in charge for four years. >> exactly laura. the reason that it in david's world there is no jobs being
8:17 pm
created amongst the have not is that there is such strong head winds for job creators. they look at higher taxes, they look at obama's constant bashing of the obama -- >> laura: downward pressure on companies hiring. david, that so much. coming up next, chuck hagel coming under fire at his confirmation hearing did. his performance destroy any chance he will be the next secretary of defense? and then, even joe biden is admitting that more gun control will not prevent another massacre like sandy hook. geraldo will react. we hope you stay around for those reports. [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™.
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>> in the personal story segment tonight, the fallout is still being felt tonight following chuck hagel's
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performance yesterday at his senate confirmation hearing to be the next secretary of defense. >> name one person in your opinion who is intimidated by the israeli lobby in the united states snad. >> well,. >> well, first -- >> name one. >> i don't know. >> why would you say it? >> i didn't. have in mind a specific person do you agree it's a provocative statement that i can't think of a more provocative thing to say about the relationship between the united states and israel and the senate or the congress than what you said. >> do you think the election that had to do with this iranian government coming to power was free and fair and legitimate? >> i noted that the term legitimate was not the term i should have used. i should have used recognized. that's the more appropriate term. >> were you correct or incorrect when you said that the surge would be the most
8:22 pm
dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam? were you correct or incorrect? >> my. >> yes or no? >> my reference to this- >> -- are you going to answer the question, senator hagel? the question is were you right or wrong? that's a pretty straightforward question. >> despite that, white house spokesman jay carney today says he thinks hagel will be confirmed. joining me now from cleveland is former congressman and current fox news contributor dennis kucinich. all right, congressman. you were unon capitol hill for a long time. you saw that hearing and how it took place and how chuck hagel carried himself, rate his appearance from his point of view. rate his appearance from a to f. where did he falling in the grade level? >> i think it's a b. i will tell you why. >> laura: b? you grade on a curve. [ laughter ] well, maybe. i wish i took classes from you. >> he will be appointed
8:23 pm
secretary of defense. sea combat veteran. he would being the first enlisted man who became secretary of defense. two purple hearts. saved a man's life. took shrapnel to the chest. he could be an action hero. instead is he going to be secretary of defense. >> by that measure, john mccain should have been president in 2008 up against a guy who had no experience in executive branch and experience in the military. >> -- and no experience in the military. >> i have the highest regard for john mccain. is he a friend of mine. i actually went and visited where he was held in captivity with com sam johnson. he is an amazing man and i like him a lot. this is whether hagel is going to be secretary of defense. based on who he is and his service to the country. i never voted against israel in his 12 years in the senate. i think he is somebody who wants peace, he he is strong. he will keep us out of wars. i think that we need somebody in that position. >> here is what bill kristol wroited today, chuck hagel
8:24 pm
isn't a first rate candidate for secretary of defense. he isn't even a second rate candidate. has there ever been a more embarrassing confirmation hearing than hagel for a measure cabinet position. for a minor cabinet position or subcabinet position. we don't know of one. congressman, i understand the white house says he will probably get confirmed and, you know, i guess he will. i don't really have any inside information. they say they have a lot of yes votes. but that appearance, i don't care if you like him or got three purple hearts or no purple hearts, that appearance to me was shocking. the fact that he didn't know his -- the president of the united states policy on containment. he botched that he had to have people come and hand him notes during the process? the fact that he didn't -- couldn't answer john mccain's very simple question? he seemed confused. out of his depth. he didn't seem to know, i don't think, have a level of understanding or sophistication about american policy that one would expect.
8:25 pm
and that is aside from his position. >> laura, 12 years in the u.s. senate on foreign relations, he is a smart man. and he wouldn't be. >> laura: he just had a bad day. >> this isn't dantsing with the stars. he wants to be secretary of defense. the troops will love him based on the fact that he is actually serves some veterans who are committing suicide. imagine chuck hagel. can he relate to them and try to do something about it. we understand who understands the troops. >> he is he not being confirmed to be secretary of veterans affairs. i think that would actually be probably a position he would be very well suited to. but, this is a man who his statement that he voted for the war in iraq, then he said the surge would be the biggest foreign policy blunder our military, our country had ever seen. that obviously was not the case. all he had to say was that was a mistake. i shouldn't have said that i was i don't think. he couldn't really bring himself to say that clearly. >> not perfect. the best choice, courageous
8:26 pm
man the troops will love him. >> congressman, it's great to he see you and the president certainly is very confident of that confirmation. and plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. jill biden joining the list of people who think more gun control will not mean fewer pass shootings. another american embassy attacked by terrorists. we have details. weep hope you stay tuned for all of those reports. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta®(eszopiclone) can help you get there. like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. lunesta should not be taken together with alcohol. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations, or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur.
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>> laura: in the fridays with geraldo segment tonight. as we have been reporting democrats have been pushing new gun laws in the wake of the massacre in newtown, connecticut. now the leader of the pack vice president joe biden is telling reporters the new gun laws probably wouldn't preechted another new town. quote: nothing we're going to do is going to fundamentally alter or eliminate the possibility of another mass shooting. but there are things that we can do. that have virtually zero impact on our second amendment right to own a weapon for both self-defense and recreation that can save some lives, unquote. joining us now from new york, fox news host geraldo rivera. >> hi, laura. >> geraldo, it's great to see you. what about biden now? he is sounding like he could say something on my radio show. something i would have said. what's going on? >> first of all, i think the vice president is absolutely correct when you consider that these grotesque massacres perpetrating by crazy people,
8:31 pm
wielding assault style weapons with extended magazines are a tiny member sen damage of the victims of gun violence in the country. banning the assault weapon, banning the extended magazine, although i am in favor of doing whatever we can, are largely symbolic efforts. so he is absolutely right about that i think what he is alluding to, laura, is the push for universal background checks on all gun sales, including those private sales either transactions, totally privately, or at gun shows where they put up a sign that says private sale and, therefore, exempt themselves from federal gun background checks. i think everyone who sells or transfers a gun should have a federal background check done on the purchaser, i think a record should be made. any gun lost, stolen, i think that's a good idea that can be helpful. but i have got a way to do it. and this is the way to do it. what vice president joe biden should be pushing right now is to expand new york city's stop
8:32 pm
and frisk law to every police precinct in this country with a level of gun violence rises above a certain threshold level. we should have every cop, if they suspect reasonably that a person is carrying a weapon or doing something nefarious or criminal, the cop has the right to pat them down as they are here in new york which has been hugely successful. >> laura: i imagine groups like la ross so -- la larose isa will be against that -- most of the killings in places like chicago, for instance, they take place with handguns. not just the 9-millimeter with a 15 bullets in the magazine type deal, but 38 specials. niece aren't guns that will r. going to be banned. the idea of banning a 15. .6% killings committed with that type of assault weapon. that is silly. is it a concession by the
8:33 pm
white house that they know they are not going to get anything like that through. >> it might be a concession by the white house to what is possible. because they know they are not going to get the assault weapons through. but you mentioned chicago. compare chicago with new york, new york has stop and frisk. chicago has three and a half times more murder per capita than new york does. >> laura: gang violence. >> absolutely more gun violence. you see a gang banger, a bunch of them hanging out on the street, that cop, if it's in a precinct that has a certain level of gun violence, that cop has the right to go roust those kids what are you doing here? what you have got in your pocket that's how you eliminate by going to the criminal perpetrator. >> laura: we are almost out of time. h.h.s. contraception mandate, all these lawsuits about 40 or so filed against the administration. most on religious grounds.
8:34 pm
now, h.h.s. comes out with a slightly expanded exemption. tell us about it. i'm looking for the name of the company. the hobby. >> laura: hobby lobby. >> right. hobby lobby is a christian owner of this crafts chain who said that he is not going to provide abortion-related services or birth control related services because he personally as a christian opposes it. now, the new expanded exemptions to the federal mandate for having contraceptive coverage and coverage for morning after pills and so forth only applies really to nonprofits. so, hobby lobby. >> laura: they are out of luck. >> what i say is in this case, have the groups that are pro-choice, proabortion, create a pool, an insurance pool entirely private so that people like this conscientious christian, hobby lobby owner don't have to do something
8:35 pm
reprehensible to his moral code. let the private people provide that service so everybody has access but you don't force it down their throat. >> laura: this exemption is still quite narrow. >> it is. >> laura: against institutions that are nonprofit. geraldo, it sounds like you are putting together policy papers like a future senator. >> did you know -- i mean, you got stop and frisk. you have got the h.h.s. pool of new types of insurance. are you serious about this senate run? when are you going to make a decision. >> i'm seriously contemplating. my wife erica and i are talking about it we are exploring it. very excited as new jersey residents. we can revive, we think, the g.o.p. in the garden state. hopefully get the support of people like our incomparable governor chris christie and others. i have got my fingers crossed and i'm also probing it. it is something we are
8:36 pm
seriously considering. definitely. >> laura: geraldo packed. >> move to jersey. >> laura: okay. well, next on the run down another attack on american embassy today. this time a deadly suicide bombing in turkey how will the united states respond? and later marco rubio taking fire from his own party for his immigration plan. will conservative outcry kill the measure? we'll have a debate. the factor will be right back. this happy couple used capital one venture miles for their "destination wedding." double miles you can "actually" use. but with those single mile travel cards...
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>> laura: thanks for staying with us. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. in the unresolved problem segment tonight, a suicide bomber struck the u.s. embassy in turkey today killing himself and a guard. turkish officials suspect the bomber was connected to a domestic left wing militant group but so far no terror outfit has claimed responsibility. at the white house today jay carney was quick to call it an act of terror it? >> it is a terrorist attack. however, we do not know at this point who is responsible or the motivations behind the attack. the attack itself is clearly an act of terror the bombing comes just a few months after chris stevens was killed in a terror attack on american consulate in benghazi. with us now fox news strategic analyst lt. colonel ravel
8:41 pm
peters. first before we get into that. i know you wanted to respond to the hillary clinton segment we did at the top of the show. most powerful woman in u.s. history rating her term as secretary of state? certainly say that the most powerful woman in american history was eleanor roosevelt. like it or not. to paraphrase another political voice. hillary is no eleanor. she hasn't been a bad secretary of state, she has beened me okay kerr. around average, maybe slightly below average. >> ending with benghazi in the last day on the job, you know turkey attack, that's not saying it was her fault. >> i don't think she moved the ball forward. but also to be fair to hillary, she was doing obama's foreign policy, which was the reset with russia and we're going to deal with putin basically a re-set with iran. don't met with hugo chavez. so, i will cut her slack on
8:42 pm
that. none the less, i think she was energetic, very hard working and dedicated. >> just not sure what her influence was in the end. let's move on to the turkey situation. in ankara, this bombing today, what does this tell us about where we are in the world. turkey an important ally in the united states. they have their own troubles. >> attacks on u.s. embassies and other u.s. installations or new companies that's the new normal. it's going to go beyond our life times i believe, the middle east is so utterly broken and trying to right itself now very long struggle, we will see more of this. the good news today was the terrorists lost. while they did get through the usually very tight turkish security in the democratic corridor. turkish security guard did his job, wouldn't let the attacker in attacker in frustration
8:43 pm
blows himself up and kills that brave guard. hurts other people with flying debris. the bomb, beyond that didn't do much, as far as i'm concerned u.s. one, terrorists zero on this one. we see north africa from mali to niger and obviously see what happened in egypt just last as i wanted with all the rip pelsz from that. no one in custody. i don't know where this investigation is going but we really didn't seem to get oh my gosh you are not listening to our president. there is no such thing as islamic jihad. inner struggle. islamist doesn't exist. >> laura: misunderstood youth. violent extremism. >> better than humans cause or man made disasters whatever they were. back to turkey the turks are
8:44 pm
embarrassed, blaming this left wing organization. i bet iran was this. >> laura: great to see you. >> my pleasure. grecketly ahead. president obama and senator marco rubio both pushing immigration reform this week. will push back by their own parties derail the efforts? coming right back. twins. i didn't see them coming. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligations. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep.
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>> laura: in the factor flashback segment tonight, senator marco rubio and bipartisan group of colleagues unveiled exreb comprehensive immigration plan earlier this week. before that happened the senator stepped into the no spin zone recommendation we need legal immigration it's good for our country. it's right to have immigration laws and sovereign country to enforce those laws. we have a problem. our legal immigration system is antiquated and needs tore
8:48 pm
modernized. for farm workers, we can't just have 6.5% of the people that immigrate here be unskilled and talent. we need to up that number. that doesn't mean under my family based immigration but we have to have more skill-based immigration. the second thing we have to do is real enforcement that includes improving the infrastructure at the border and getting operational control of the border that includes work place enforce. whether that's everify or something that's works. that means by the way tracking people when they come in the country and when they leave as visitors because 40% of our illegal immigration are visa overstayers. >> bill: all of that with the technology we have should be doable. the real elephant in the room. >> sure. >> bill: are the 12 million illegal aliens what do you do. >> i don't like that either. i british why didn't have 8 or 12 million people here undocumented and we do. we have to deal with it we have to deal with it in a way that's compass that the but also responsible. here is how i would deal with it first of all commit a serious crime and you are deported. no one would disagree with that if you have come forward be fingerprinted and background check for national security and crime. you have to pay back taxesment
8:49 pm
and pay fines. be here for significant period of time no english and be assimilated when you do all of those things what you do is get a work permit basically a legal status, not a green card to allow you to be in this country legally and to work. >> bill: get a driver's license, insurance things like that. >> legally here. basically nonpermanent visa. >> bill: be on social security. >> under that status no one qualifies for any federal benefits. >> bill: all you get is is the right to work, the right to have a driver's license. the right to staz here. >> that's the first part of it you have to be in that category for a significant period of time. when a significant period of time has elapsed, you haven't violated any of those conditions, and, in fact, the border has been secured, the work place enforcement mechanism is in place, all of that happens, that would trigger a second phase. that second face is this: all you would get at that point is the opportunity to apply for the existing legal immigration system. >> bill: but you could still be here to do that. >> while you are waiting. you have to get in line behind everyone that applied before you. you have to qualify for the visa when your term comes up.
8:50 pm
all you get is access to the existing system. >> bill: what i'm seeing here is maybe a 7 to 10 year period where an illegal alien currently here does get an opportunity to make a living, can stay, and then can apply for citizenship but the process is going to take -- >> actually they don't apply. they apply for a green card. after you get your green card you have to wait another five years to apply for citizenship, which you have to pass the exam and do all the other stuff. >> bill: that seems to be pretty fair. how does that differ with what the president wants. >> i don't know what the president wants. he talked about pathway to citizenship. my problem with that is this and the way you structure it. you can't do that in a way that's unfair to the part-time that are doing it the right way. in essence, i can't go to someone who is trying to come here legally, is waiting in line, paid all. >> bill: these people are ahead of you. >> you should have come here legally it would have been easier. >> bill: i'm surprised though. you are taking the lead in the republican sense of putting this forth and you haven't discussed it with the president? hasn't he called you. >> no. they never talked with us about it the truth is, look, the way our public is designed the congress is supposed to pass law and the president can
8:51 pm
decide whether to sign it or not. >> bill: you are a leader. shouldn't the president be conferring with leaders in the house and the senate? >> i would be more than happy to talk them and explain my principle to them. >> bill: he hasn't called. >> no. here is the bottom line. we will work with the colleagues to get something responsible done but fair but also responsible. we don't want to invite advise people who come here illegally in the future. >> bill: tough on this issue and border security. it's getting better. the stats show it's getting better. i think they have handle on it now. i like your program. i think it's fair. so, i want you and president obama to get on the phone and get this thing so it doesn't turn into a bloody mess. >> maybe we can come on the show together. >> absolutely. i will give you the whole hour. you guys will come on and we will sort it out. you know what? i don't know if president obama wants to solve thighs problems. i think he wants to destroy the republican party, particularly in the eyes of hispanic american voters, so he is going to make it as hard as possible to get anything done and demonize you guys. i hope i'm wrong, but that's what i'm seeing here. with the fiscal business and now with the guns and now with this. >> i hope you are wrong, too. because ultimately we have a chance to involve solve an
8:52 pm
important issue and do it the right way. >> bill: do you think i'm wrong. >> i don't think. >> come on. >> i can tell you that i believe that there are people in the democratic party or i should say on the left that would prefer to have immigration as an issue than as a solution. >> bill: does he want them. >> we will have to find out. i hope the answer is. no. >> bill: would you put in a call to him and see if you can talk to him. i'm sure we will be talking to them soon one way or the other. >> bill: would you let me know. >> you don't think he watches this show. >> bill: he is busy. i'm sure he gets a transcript of it. i would like your office and you to try to set up some meeting with him with some republican senator leaders and go over and talk about it and let me know what happens. >> all right. we will do that. >> bill: because that's the only way, transparency is the only way going to get this thing done. the fiscal thing, gun thing. transparency. if the president of the united states is not going to cooperate with the opposing party, we need to report that that's going to be very very very important going forward. because why all want fairness and i think your program is a good one.
8:53 pm
>> laura: up next, will the conservative outcry over senator marco rubio's plan kilt measure. that debate 60 seconds away.
8:54 pm
here is what david vitter told knee week on my radio show. >> i love and respect marco. he is amazingly ney ev naive ot issue. >> joining us from san diego is enrique maronez and an immigration activist and head of the group border angels and steve from the center for immigration study. let me play devil's advocate here. marco came on with bill and came on with me this week and
8:55 pm
talked about how the new plan does include a real aggressive approach to enforcement that was not in the 1986 amnesty that the commission will be he appointed, the border security will be certified and only then will these undocumented immigrants be able to apply for a path to citizenship. they will have provisional legal status but won't have the pathway to citizenship. what is your response to that? everybody gets amnesty on the first day. not only a social security number but everything that comes with it. u.s. esche sued identification. a driver's license. the ability to travel to and from the united states. open a bank account and get a home loan. everything comes on the first day with the green card light. if we don't enforce the law they can just stay in that status which is what most of them want anyway. if we don't ever enforce the law you we are not taking that away from them. the idea is if we do say the law is being enforced they can
8:56 pm
move to a regular green card and then eventual citizenship. the fact is everything gets amnesty on the first day. vitter has a real point. all of the amnesty up front with the promise of enforcement coming later and it means you to trust the administration to enforce the law and past experience with successive presidents suggests the law simply will not be enforced. >> enrique, let's go to you on this. the white house i believe and chuck schumer have aid the saiy are not going to let enforcement stand in the way of a path to citizenship but say we do believe enforcement has to be better enhanced and so forth. what is your take on what you heard so far from rubio? >> well, the thing is that enforcement has never been stronger. you know, when you have more people actually going south than coming north talking about the u.s. mexican border the devil is in the details. we want toughened ou to find oy
8:57 pm
are talking about with enforcement. we don't know the details yet. nobody is looking from amnesty. that comes from the greek word which means to forget which means like amnesia. comes from the same word. marco rubio wants to have tougher enforcement on the border. how tough is tough enough? it is important to know the details. we are encouraged that both sides of the aisle want to take on immigration reform finally but we had that situation before and it has fallen apart. give these people the chance for the first time to actually become documented because the overwhelming majority, two thirds of the 11 million undocumented people have no way to get in line. let them get in line and then after that -- >> i have a practical question for you. >> sure. >> let's say this is agreed and there is some plan agreed to and there is some enhanced enforcement that comes into play. what about someone who comes across the border let's say two weeks after the comprehensive plan is agreed to, signed into
8:58 pm
law. do you think the new people coming across the border should also be grandfathered in so they should also have a path to citizenship. in any end to the legalization process? >> well, as you know, there has been about a 40% drop in people coming into the country. >> that is because of the bad economy. you know that and i know that. let's say people come in and when they do come in do they get to become part of the new world, path to citizenship, yes, or no? >> no, because there is a way for them to come in through the front door which isn't available right now. finally a way to come in through the front door. >> ellis island and angel island people went in and registered. in angel island people were quarantined. it was a different situation. >> very few were quarantined, just like today would be. >> what is your response to that? enrique says depends on the devil is in the details. what is the problem with enforcement in the people.
8:59 pm
obama said he is not going for piece meal. >> he wants the whole enchilada. six times congress has passed an entry exit system. we think 40% of illegal aliens are visa overstays. we still don't have it. each time congress has backed off the bureaucracy resisted. congress mandated abortedder fence for most of the border. it is still not completed. anybody who thinks there will be enforcement is dreaming. the amnesty comes first and that is it. >> just a quick programming note before we go. i will be on "fox news sunday" this sunday so please check your local listings. and don't forget my new radio show. thank you you very much for watching us tonight. i'm laurie dhue in


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