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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  February 10, 2013 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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twitter. that is it for this show. to the panel and all of you watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. >> on foox foxnewswatch. >> these strikes are legal, they are ethical and wise. >> jon: the white house goes on the defense to be judge and juror and executioner using drones to take out terrorists including americans who are an imminent threat. how did the media reacted to this news? did the press ignore the hypocrisy. the biased coverage of the gun debate ramped up and president takes his pitch to the public. by the agenda media misleading americans? a democratic senator fires back accusing the press of buying into a fake website. is this story fair game?
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have the liberal media gone overboard criticizing chris christie in being overweight. >> on the panel, judy miller. cal thomas, jim pinkerton and ellen ratnor. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now. >> jon: nbc news has got a document that lays out the legal arm to justify president's use of drones including in some cases u.s. citizens. >> reporting details of a 16-page memo outlining the legal justifications for the obama administration's unprecedented use of targeted drone strikes against al-qaeda suspects in
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foreign fliagsz, including american citizens who pose an imminent threat. the white house went on the defense following that report. >> i want to be clear, legal justification for killing american citizens without any trial. >> i would point you to the ample judicial precedent for the idea that someone who takes up arms against the united states in a war against the united states is an enemy and, therefore, could be targeted accordingly. >> jon: what the hypocrisy here? >> you might be thinking of david jackson's piece in u.s.a. today, what if this was bush's drone policy? and the ren dig in guantanamo and all the things that happened in the bush administration where main stream were fired up and now they have been quiet. you leave it to folks like jon stewart to say, the obama people said that we would be fully
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transparent the bush administration. >> not at all. it is shocking to me if this had been george bush 43 or 41 as the liberal press would have had it front page of the newspapers. they would have been hitting at him all the time. i'm shocked they haven't gone after him. >> jon: the numbers tell the story. there was so much angst about water boarding and horrors. three people were waterboarded? >> now, we have killed more american citizens with drones than were waterboarded at least as far as we know. we have killed four american citizens with drones. look at the overall number of attacks. there have been 400 of these drone attacks, most of them under the obama administration with absolutely no transparency.
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this has killed roughly 3,000 people and according to the stanford university report that was just issued, some 800 of them may be civilians including women and children. it is finally time that congress the senate this week finally stop being brain dead and started challenging this the administration on its patently absurd explanation how this legal a, ethical and wise. at this point we're going to have the debate because barack obama has been doing it. >> jon: so for president conducting, it's tough for the liberal press to cover? >> it's after the fact, after the election. you are now starting to see criticism ratcheted up by the likes of the far left mother jones magazine and even the "new york times" editorial wrote in this week. it brought back, said the writer memos written by george w. bush
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to justify illegal wiretapping, kidnapping abuse and torture. now, the "new york times" is starting to compare the obama administration to george w. bush, this is significant shift. >> the other thing even the nation's gregg mitchell did not make the issue about the drones and the drone bases in saudi arabia as much of an issue which i thought he should have. particularly because 9/11 was supposedly, according to some of the terrorists, because we had bases in saudi arabia. that whole thing was totally looked over. >> cal put his finger on it. after the election. they weren't going mess up obama's bed before the election. now, that the partisan mission of getting him re-elected is completed they can go back to being liberals and worry about due process and where is the aclu. it has been a field day for left wing papers like mother jones
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and guardian has been on this. they had these reports years ago that the "new york times" and "washington post" weren't interested in. >> what they are focusing on is the wrong thing. they are under report wagon is going on in the middle east nations that are harboring the terrorists. what they are saying and what they are in the press and mosques and propaganda films and teaching to young children, this is being minimized and into this fictitious notion, reaching out and touching them is going to bring reciprocity. >> jon: one was harboring a drone base. saudi arabia came out in the "washington post", the ap, the administration had asked them to keep that secret. should they have? >> the press has been debating this and "new york times" and they said no, we shouldn't have done it. maybe we shouldn't of.
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you know what? i'm in favor of respecting the constitution and keeping americans alive. the fact of the matter is, it is embarrassing for america's ally saudi arabia to have that base there but when people complain that we couldn't get to benghazi in time because we lacked the' sets and then complain about doing everything we can to expose our bases there -- >> there was no analysis in the press the comparison between keeping saudi arabia quiet and the things that supposedly load from the 9/11 people that bases in saudi arabia. i'm not sure that is one of the things. >> that is one of the reasons that osama bin laden gave in his attack. >> if we withdrew every american from saudi arabia at some time do you think that al-qaeda would stop targeting us? >> i don't know, but i think to keep something like that secret in the press, a base -- we're not talking about one
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one of these mass murderers showed. their family and teachers, they all knew they were crazy but we didn't stop them because we were worried about hurting go their feelings. >> jon: that is rocker ted nugent. there was basised debate in this country about the gun debate. is that represented in the mainstream media? >> not that much except when piers morgue who he thinks is whacko and puts him on. anti-gun crowd held a news conference and two featured speakers was chris rock and tony bennett who had a new wig apparently laugh race. >> chris rock said that the obamas are like mom and dad out there. he is the boss of the country. so we better do what he says.
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my favorite line was from tony bennett, who dredged up hitler in nazi germany and said the nations could come to judge us if we don't start controlling guns. tony may have left his heart in san francisco but he left his brain someplace else. >> jon: so obey george and laura bush. >> and he dropped the "f" bomb on bush and said the worst president he ever had. >> jon: that ted nugent interview was the same day that obama took his show on the road pushing for more gun control. are the white house and media seeing it the same way? >> as jeffrey dickens pointed out the network coverage is more than 78 to 1 biased in favor of gun control position. >> jon: the president, judy, says he handles weapons from time to time and if fact they released a photo of the
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president shooting skeet at camp david. immediately afterwards, david plouffe sent this tweet -- attention skeet birthers, make our day. let the photo shop conspiracies begin. in fact, there were a lot of questions about the accuracy of that photo. >> some of the press are not convinced about president obama's birthplace either. those people i don't have a lot of time from. i thought that when david said he could disembowel a dear and some people would not believe he ever shot anything. so people have their minds made up. they hear what they want on to true, 's tjim, i agree with you. the press is biased because they do reflect the american people who in this instance want
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something done. >> anything about the picture, anything that knows 'skeet shooting, the disk is launched in machine and they follow the ark with the gun. she -- arc with the gun. >> he was aiming at the cameraman. [ laughter ] >> i object. gene williams calls it skeelt gate. why does everything have to have a gate after it? >> that became a media creation. >> in the defense of people that curious, it's not that anybody doubts that he actually fired that gun that one time. as he said in the interview, we shoot skeet all the time. this is something that happens every weekend. it was news to everybody including jay carney. >> jon: media research center they added up the numbers that nbc and cbs and abc slanted
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their coverage in favor of his gun agenda. 8 to 1. do you have reason to dispute that? >> i think it probably is accurate but there is a consensus that we need to do something. whether or not the president's proposals is what we should be doing is a separate issue. >> consensus to d.c. and new york news rooms. >> jon: next on news watch, new jersey governor chris christie gets bullied by the media over his weight. >> how now, how is your health. if you went to the doctor today, what would he say. >> david letterman grilled them on his health. was the question in fun or part of a liberal media to defame the g.o.p. prospect?
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>>. that right wing blog has been pushing since the election and that is totally unsubstantiated. it's amazing to me anonymous, nameless, faceless individuals on a website can drive that type of story into the mainstream. >> jon: that is new jersey democratic senator bob menendez, object go to questions about encounters with underaged prostitutes in dominican republic. what about his protest. should the mainstream media leave it alone. >> you are always innocent until proven guilty.
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the interesting thing the daily caller allegations about prostitutes, now we've gone on to the issue that menendez admitted he had to pay back the $58,000 to get to the dominican republic which does raise questions what he was doing there and now we're beyond that his relationship with the doctor open mostly gist in florida has something illicit to it. >> the story in the daily caller yet to be examined completely but it did lead one jim. he had to repay the money that he would have paid to fly down on the doctor's jet. then i'm showing the wrong side of the paper. [ laughter ] >> and apparently the senator has tried to help his friend who has been facing allegations of medicare fraud? >> i think you have a phenomenon
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here. i share his pain about the bloggers and things that appear on the internet, defamatory and outrageous, it did trigger a broader investigation into his practices. what we're finding is not reassuring. i think bernard golberg on o'reilly, i was cautious about this, it's true. for those of us, remember the finger, i did not have -- we've seen this pattern so many times. stalwart denials are not enough. you have one of the prostitutes coming forward, not exactly reliable witness but ask eliot spitzer how he feels about this. >> unnamed sources as well. >> jon: moving on another new jersey political figure getting big coverage this week. governor chris christie made an appearance on the late show, david letterman and expected putting the focus on christie's
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weight. he played along with the jokes and the media took the concern. and former white house physician a doctor said i worry he may have a heart attack. he may have a stroke. i worry about this man dying in office. the governor reacted. >> my children saw that last night. she sat there on tv and said, i'm afraid he is going die in office. this is irresponsible stuff. people who have a medical license, the privilege of having a medical license should be more responsible than that. if she wants to get on plane in new jersey and wants me to examine me and review my medical history, i'll have a conversation about that. until that time she should shut up. >> jon: more blunt speak from the governor. >> he added what was essentially a snooze story, a late night story and added by going after her in a press conference.
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he should have left it alone. then it just gave the press more reason to focus on a non-story. >> jon: do you agree? >> i have to agree when chris christie makes fun of himself and his weight, that is good. this is the new reimaging of chris christie nice kind and like your uncle or husband. the real truth is when someone else says it he loses the veneer and bully comes out. >> jon: william taft spent time in the white house at 300 pounds. >> before television. listen, i think christie played it brilliantly on letterman however, it is crazy to have doctors on television diagnosing it's not their prevention and they should wing it on tube.
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>> jon: take a look at new poll, his approval rating, 70%. does that scare the media and are they going to this issue up? >> absolutely and there are double and triple standards. the body image is a major scandal. young women are outraged and properly by this. there was a story on michelle obama's behind and the "washington post" had a major uptick on it whether this was racist to speak of her body image. can we get back to what really matters, it is what is in your brain and philosophy. >> jon: i'll go with that. and the obvious video of white house skeet shooting. yes, it's coming up.
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>>. >> jon: we talked about this still photo earlier. president obama shooting a shotgun at unseen pigeon at camp david. now, we have the real video thanks to david letterman. >> the white house released footage of president obama. [ laughter ] that is right. actual footage, president obama skeet shooting at the white house. look at this. actual tooth aj. >> jon: that is how it is do


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