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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 12, 2013 4:00am-5:00am EST

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>> that is something i might do. >> i might have to go. >> or i might say i am going and then lie in bed crying. that's what i do. obviously spoken, i thought he would come back the next night and correct the record. >> bill: not true. i didn't misspeak at awesome why are telling the truth about hypocrisy on the far left regarding the killer drone situation. does the left fear this exposition? you bet they do. >> i don't think we should allow brennan to go forward for the cia directorship, hagel to be confirmed to secretary of defense. >> bill: on the eve of president obama's state of the union more discord in washington. can anything get done in this chaotic atmosphere? brit hume on that. >> i hear the ghosts of the past of los angeles police department. i hear that people think that
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maybe there is something to what he says. >> is a los angeles police department appeasing a killer this is an extremely volatile situation. juan and mary katharine will deal with it. caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the american left and national security. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. many liberal americans are finally being confronted about their apparent hypocrisy on national security issues. at issue is president obama's killer drone program. >> it will be quite interesting to hear democrats, liberals who spend half a decade apoplectic about enhanced interrogation of the bush administration up until now have been silent about a program which doesn't
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interrogate people harshly but kills them without a judge or jury or even a lot of evidence. >> bill: that is the crux of the matter. now, i think it's safe to say many conservatives support president obama's drone attacks. most conservatives also favor president bush's use of enhanced interrogation, waterboarding in particular to get vital information from captured terrorists. the left however loudly condemned waterboarding largely muted about the drone kills. >> how do you acouldn't for the difference in reaction to those two things? entirely separate or is that a curious thing? >> how about politics? >> i goal for that. and in what way? >> well, i think that by a certain point virtually nothing president bush did was going to win approval by anybody. >> bill: well at least the bush policies were condemned by the left some conservatives stood by the president. four days before secretary
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gates said that bob beckel and i discussed the hypocrisy issue. >> now, remember the outcry about waterboarding? >> sure. >> everybody jumping up and down? >> yeah. >> nbc news, i thought they were going to melt down over there. >> um-huh. >> you have heard anything on nbc about the drones? >> not yet. >> again, beckel and i discussing the waterboarding versus drone situation. not anyone reporting on anything. it was a simple talk about analysis. enter my old pal howard kurtz. echoed the distortion that i criticized nbc news knowing they had obama administration memo justifies the drone strikes. >> now, that's kind of curious given it's t. was an nbc scoop. so o'reilly misspoke and i thought he would come back the next night and correct the record. bill, the only reason there is a drone debate right now because nbc news revealed that memo. >> bill: are you kidding me,
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howard? are you killed me? come on, man. the double standard of media coverage on waterboarding versus drones has been apparent for years. you don't know that? and don't give me any of this o'reilly misspoke business. you know exactly what beckel and i were talking about or you should know. so here is the big picture. by distorting the discussion i had with beckel. the left believes it can bury the hypocrisy issue but it can't. to be fair a few committed left wing people like code pink are consistent in their objection to tough measures against terrorists, not everybody on the left is hypocritical. nbc news was handed the drone memo by somebody. and it reported the story. good for them. but has analysis by nbc commentators reflected drone disdain at the level of waterboarding disdain? not even close.
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summing up on the issue of hard measures against terrorists, the right has been consistent. the left hypocritical flag to howard kurtz, learn it, know it, live it. with the the apologies to fast times at ring month high. that's the memo. now for' to the top story tonight. president obama will deliver the state of the union ar dress after the factor ends tomorrow night 8.55 eastern time. we would like thank the president for waiting until we are done. now brit flum boca hume from boca raton. >> >> how is the economy. >> not very good. sluggish. shrank in the last quarter of 2012. the debt continues to mount. there is no agreement in washington about how to approach these two problems. indeed the parties are as far part ideological as they have been in recent times. this is something the president seems not particularly interested in doing anything about because he feels he has election
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mandate to continue to do things just as he wants to do them rather than to seek common ground which he once promised to do. the outlook ahead looks pretty stormy. >> all right. now, the folks are still supporting the. poll out today gallup tracking 52% approval. interesting historical call point that going into his 5th year as you said, i think the facts speak the economy is still shaky, the debt is out of control. and the two parties don't join together to get anything meaningful done. why do the folks continue to support the president? >> they support him because in part they like him and they are proud of him. and the other party is in bad odor. but on the issues, bill, if you look at even on the -- on election day, the day he was rio elected and great mandate. people still said they thought the government was involved in
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too many things that people ought to be taking care of for themselves and many fewer thought otherwise. so you have a very mixed, i think a mixed message from the electorate. yes, the president was reelected. great job getting out the vote, which i think was heavily responsible for that and his personal job approval ratings have been bobbing around just above or just below 50% since then. and i think, you know, further division and signs of it will not help that. >> bill: well, it is widely anticipated that he will give a state of the union that is optimistic -- he has got to say unlike you, hume, he has got to say everything is going in the right way. got to say that our policies are pushing things in the right way. come up with a few things. but then is he going to basically say look, i'm not going to cut spending he is it not going to say it like i say it. not reach out, i don't think. the state of the union is
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almost going to be like a throwdown. you know, we're going to do it my way or you guys too bad. >> well, i think broadly speaking, you are probably correct. one thing to remember about a state of the union address is that it is very long comparison, for example, with an inaugural address or your standard campaign speech. so, you know, you will be able to find passages in it in which he probably will talk, at least in passing about the need to cut spending and he will say to do it in the right way or the smarter whatever way he will say it but it won't be the kind of reforms of the entitlement programs that republicans have been pushing for for a long time and which are the big drivers of the debt. the other question bill is, will he make the long awaited finally make the long awaited pivot to the economy. the buzz in washington over the weekend has been that he is going to pivot to the economy. he is going to focus on the economy because it is still weak. i have had a suspicion for a long time, bill, that this president -- is not really very interested in or by the
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economy. he doesn't really fully understand it i think that he is much more preoccupied with quality of opportunity or at least or even equality of income and with social justice than he with the growth of the economy. if the economy is bumping along at 1% or 2% growth. that may be good enough for him. i don't think he is going to go out of his way and adopt any policies that aren't completely comfortable with him to try to boost the growth. i think that's a big issue that will haunt him and his parties. >> guns and immigration stuff right where he wants to have them. i think probably press advantages. last word. well, immigration is one where he might indeed gets something done. a lot of republicans' that he will get less done on guns and i think that any chance he has of getting any new taxes passed are pretty remote unless he were to agree to some really major changes in entitlement programs.
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shown no disposition to do that so far. >> thanks very much. next on the run down, the hard left seems to be standing by their man barack obama. but there are some cracks starting to appear. marc lamont hill on that. >> being tear rides by excop serial killer. authorities may be trying to appease him. those reports after these messages.
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in the impact segment tonight. president obama expected to give a rather partisan state of the union address tomorrow as we mentioned. standing by his big government approach. so far the left has held firm in its support of president obama. will that changes specially now with the drone situation heating up? joining us from downtown manhattan dr. marc lamont hill who teaches at columbia university. this drone thing, i just see
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it as an issue that the left just doesn't want to deal with at all. am i wrong? >> no, i don't think they want to deal with it i didn't know anyone on the left who is supportive of drones. i think the problem is we have convinced ourselves that obama's drones are somehow kindler and gentler than bush's drones. >> bill: is that true. >> oh yeah fuzzier and cuter. we refuse to hold president obama accountable for drones the same way we would have under the bush administration. in some ways we did under the bush administration, obviously drone technology has ramped up under the last four or five years back in 2003 and 2004 when we first started seeing zones. they pinned it on bush. the moment obama that comes no office. >> basically saying that your crew is hypocritical on the issue. >> my crew hats contradiction here. i think all parties have these types of contra dixz. right now of the left is absolutely not holding obama basically greater good is served by having the president do the other things that
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please the left? that why? >> i think that's the argument they give. whenever i talk about drones. even during the presidential campaign of the last year when i would hold obama accountable for drones or afghanistan or proxy wars or all this other stuff. it would be like no, no, wait. we have got to get them in office bigger picture we need to think of that's just part of it, bill. the other part of it is i think people have convinced themselves that obama is much more reasonable and dubbish on war issues than he actually is i don't think it's just strategy. i think we are wrong. >> bill: people can convince themselves of anything. that's not my concern. when you have this outrage over waterboarding where no one died. only pee people were waterboarded, all right. and then you have nothing. when all kinds of people are dying including an american citizen, you know, you just -- look, why don't you just be honest as i think you are being here tonight, you cries are hypocrites on the issue and just say the greater good is ignoring this and walking away from our, you know,
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belief system and because we like him. all right. be that as it may. >> one quick correction here. you misrepresented the torture regime under the bush administration. not just that three people were waterboarded. enhanced interrogation caused many deaths. eye gouged out last week. >> bill: really really ignited the left's dismay. now, the state of the union to you, do you think the economy is in a good place? >> yeah, we are doing awesome. i love it over here. i mean the economy is not in a good place. we are moving in the right direction. obama's challenge tomorrow night is to convince the world that he has a plan that the republicans jump on board with without sounding too partisan. if he sounds too partisan he loses popularity. >> >> bill: you want him to talk about economic plan in fourth year because he has had an economic plan i guess and that hasn't worked very much. >> i disagree. i they we have seen steady growth. what we need is more growth.
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brit said we need a wider range of growth. >> bill: you are happy we ever moving in quite the direction? >> i want more -- i need more revenue raised. >> bill: i know you do. you want to seize my house. we know where you are coming from. you can't be happy about african-americans because their unemployment rate has gone up and their take home pay has gone down under the president. they are not moving in the right direction the african-american situation. that's going in the wrong direction. is it not? >> i have never been happy with -- african-americans have had double digit unemployment forever. >> bill: stay on the obama economic plan not helping african-americans. you can't' happy about it? >> of course i'm not happy about it i don't think you are happy about it either. >> bill: i don't think you can justify it as going in the right direction. it's going in the wrong direction. >> we are in agreement on that. targeted jobs, bill. focusing on how we can increase employment for african-americans. how we can create a stimulus plan of sorts. we need investment in key
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areas and the president talked about that during his last state of the union address. i hope to hear more about that the problem is oftentimes president obama is unwilling or maybe even afraid to stay black people's names in public and that for me can be frustrating. >> doctor, thanks very much. always interesting talking to you. brand new bill o' poll question for you. do you support presidential authority to use killer drones? yes or no? do you support presidential authority to use killer drones? and here are the results of our last week's bill o' poll. we asked you did the taco bell super bowl commercial insult senior citizens or was it perfectly fine? more than 20,000 of you voted. more than 53% consulting to seniors. 47% perfectly fine. close. thank you for voting. excop serial admiral los angeles achieves a propaganda victory kind of. we'll explain. later bernie goldberg on the liberal media being caught in a bine over the killer drone president obama situation. we're coming right back.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, the police department says it will reopen investigation into the controversy that led to the firing of former los angeles police officer christopher dorner. >> dorner has murdered three people in revenge for that firing he says was racially motivated. the dorner accused training officer of kicking a suspect but the l.a.p.d. found that was not true and fired dorner. a judge upheld the firing. so now the question is did dorner achieve a propaganda victory by having the case reopened. >> i hear the ghost of the pass los angeles police department people think that maybe there is something to what he says and i want to put
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that with to rest. review what has already been reviewed at multiple levels. >> joining us now from washington mary katharine ham and juan williams both fox news analyst. and you say, juan? >> i think this is a smart move by the chief. on two levels, two quick points, bill. one is i think that if he can lure dorner in by making dorner think there is some way that his name might be cleared or he can get justice. if he can get him, it's a tremendous hostage negotiation tactic and i understand it point number two. you remember the o.j. simpson case. i think that verdict. nobody thinks o.j. was isn't innocent. that was a verdict against the lang police department and their history of police brutality. here is the police chief saying i know about that that's when he is saying when he says ghosts of the past. is he no martyr to any racial cause. is he a terrorist, he is a
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killer and we are going to get him. >> bill: all right. marry catherine, you say? >> yeah, i think it's a little dangerous to do this. unfortunately it adds credence to the quarters some places on facebook on the left of ache it at this vistas who are thinking look, this guy is some sort of folk hero who is bringing flight a subject. no allegedly murdered in cold blood three people. and we have though keep that in mind. i do think this sort of sets up a narrative where you're rewarding bad behavior and if there is not a belief that you can actually communicate this with him and have some kind of negotiation, i'm not sure that that's a smart situation to be in. >> bill: do you think, juan, that reopening an investigation, that was pretty thorough, i mean, i read through it today. an independent judge, i just want to tell the folks, look. when some police departments investigate their own, some, forget it. they white wash it i have seen that through the my career. all right? some police departments are good at it.
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new york city, they are tough. you get out of line in new york city, you pay a price. other police departments in the surrounding metropolitan area, i'm not going to name them, forget it all right? they rally around their people. and they are going to protect their guys. and the unions have a lot to do with that but here, juan, we have a police chief who i think is an honest guy. he is trying his hardest, showing a little bit of weakness. instead of saying look, we did this the right way. we had a judge independently look at it on appeal. there is no corroborating evidence that the officer kicked anybody, there is no physical evidence on the victim at all. none that he was kicked. all right? so, sorry what we did was the right thing. this guy is a murderer. he is insane. we're going to punish him and that's that. >> well, you have got to remember two things as i said to you. one is the public relations. >> bill: you really believe
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that police hate the police that they would justify murdering three innocent people? >> people already are. >> bill: do you believe people say oh yeah now i trust the l.a.p.d. cop haters are cop haters. >> am i talking to bill o'reilly or bill o'reilly? you know rap music they glorify gangster rapper killers of all kinds killing children. come on. the idea that cops are corrupt and brutal, i think that i think you know that that is the reality. >> bill: they are not going to change their mind by any investigation. unless the investigation would say oh, yeah, dorner got hosed and we were wrong. this is never going to happen. >> they might think it's racially justified and it's not. by the way, you should know the victim in this case, allegedly got kicked was a white guy. so i mean it's out of -- it's out of the question. it's somehow racial but dorner is trying to justify it in that way and the chief is undercutting. >> bill: i don't know if the police sending the right message. mary katharine, go. >> i think there are already
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people justifying his behavior and being sympathetic to him based on his manifesto. >> bill: they are haters. they will hate the cops no matter what. >> i agree with you. leading them down that road and giving them something to believe they are in the right is a bad idea. and i'm not here either to bash the l.a.p.d. or hold them faultless because certainly in this pursuit already two civilians have been injured by the police while trying to catch this guy. they are certainly not faultless. >> bill: it's not the l.a.p.d.'s fault. >> actually yeah that can be the l.a.p.d.'s fault. >> bill: no, it isn't. >> my point is we are not here to hold the l.a.p.d. completely faultless. >> bill: i am. i'm holding the l.a.p.d. completely faultless, mary katharine. that's what i'm doing right now. you know why? because there is no evidence to the contrary. >> on this investigation that's fine how to have that point of view. glen ace police forces go. >> bill: everybody makes mistakes. >> that's what i'm saying we don't want to justify his
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behavior by saying that. >> bill: i don't understand why the chief is doing it i'm not going to condemn the chief for doing it i think it sends a message of weakness and i don't think it's going to change anybody's mind. >> why not put out the report but not reopen an investigation so people can see what happens. >> o'reilly, you are co-jack, man, you understand he is making a sucker out of dorner. ultimately if dorner is caught. this is could be a good tactic. >> maybe we will see. mary katharine, juan. thank you. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. karl rove will be here to advise senator marco rubio. bernie goldberg on left-wing media in a tight spot over the killer drone program. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: this story is affecting everybody in the south land as they call it out in california. correct? >> yeah. first thing that's affecting me is his picture. he looks like barry sanders. >> bill: i thought he looked like barry white. little chubby for barry sanders. the late barry white. >> barry sanders in the off season. when you graduate from the police academy deasm. need to take one picture for you. one saved a baby from a burning building and next picture will be one on
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homicidal rampage just to have them on file. >> bill: right. different poses. now, you know how hard it is to get angelina's attention because people in los angeles are always driving in traffic and they are going to in and out burger and they got really important stuff to do. but here this is galvanized everyone, correct? >> yeah. well, for me, it's not like, you know, statistically the chances of him coming to my house and shooting me are very low. >> bill: is that true? i thought you were on the manifesto right between the eyes? >> no. probably 35, 40%, maybe even less than that statistically. the point is i don't like all the personnel going to mount pinas or bear mountain to look for this guy that leaves my house open for gang bangers. you call 911 in l.a. they put you on hold right now. >> bill: that's interesting. you know this actress kristin
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chenoweth, nice woman, a texas girl. >> bill, you and i are the same way. we are junkies for musical theater. >> bill: very talented. she has this dog that she takes everywhere. and she wanted to take the dog on a flight. american airlines flight. and they gave her some jazz about it. are you upset by that? >> almost every flight i have been on has had a dog on it lately i don't like dogs on airplanes. you can't have peanuts on airplanes but you can have dogs. to me it just speaks to a bigger picture which is she has narcissistic disorder. she doesn't have anxiety disorder. she wants to travel with her dog and she doesn't care if we inhale its dander and its gas on our six hour flight to new york. and, by the way, if you have anxiety about flying, there is a cure for that. it's called the chillies in the airport and you have a shot of yeager meister and you wash down a xanax and fall asleep on the plane. where does this end, bill?
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hey, i have a service pelican named gilligan that i insist on flying with. how about that? >> so you are not sympathetic i guess to ms. chenoweth's and other dog owners who want to travel with their dog? no? >> you know what we need at the airport? we need bomb sniffing dogs and narcissism sniffing dogs. these people have as far as as far asistic disorders. it doesn't exist six months ago. it's on now. every flight from this point on is going to have a dog on it. >> bill: so much the airlines are giving the dog frequent flier miles which will encourage more the madness. >> nobody likes your crappy little mangey dog, kristen leave it at home. >> bill: that's carolla, not me. dennis miller and i are leaving a free ticket for can a carolla at bolder fresher show. want to see it at the nokia theater it's going to be a blast. washington on april 26th.
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west bury long island june 1st. 80% sold out there. denver at the buel theater june 21st. 80% sold out after four days. kansas city the next day june 22nd, 70% sold. better hurry. info on bill o' when we come right back, bernie goldberg on the liberal media in america being forced to shoot allegiance of. bernie is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. weekdays with bernie segment. as we told you in the talking points memo many liberal measures and left-wing media in a conundrum word of the day over the killer drone program. as you may know president obama says he has the authority to kill any suspected terrorist, even an american. and if you watch the factor, you also know that the left has been muted about the situation to say the least even though they went wild over president bush and waterboarding. joining us now from miami with his perspective bernard goldberg. what's the headline of the story for you. >> when you say the word headline, that implies that there is some bulletin here that there is something new. the real news is that there isn't anything new. this is a continuation of what passes for the mainstream media's double standard and hypocrisy when it comes to covering barack obama on one hand and any conservative republican on the other hand. you correctly said that the
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media, the so-called mainstream media was outraged over waterboarding. you are absolutely correct. nobody was killed in waterboarding. but with drones, not only are a lot of bad guys, terrorists killed which is fine with me and everybody else. but a lot of innocent people are killed, too. including children. now, you would think that liberals both in and out of the media could be concerned about that because they are the sensitive once i know that by the way, bill, because they keep telling me how sensitive they are. and, yet, they are outraged that they showed with bush and waterboarding it just went poof it just disappeared into thin air when it came to barack obama and drones. i think there are two reasons for this. one reason is there was no controversy over it. conservatives were on board with president obama's drone policy. so the media figured no controversy, we don't have to cover this. the second reason, which is the reason for just about
4:42 am
everything that they do since he has been elected president is that they fell madly in love with him in a way they never fell in love with any other president, including jfk. and that effects how they cover everything that may make him look bad. >> bill: all right. but this is a core issue that stems back into almost every liberal cause. i mean, have you guantanamo bay,. >> exactly. >> they were screaming about that as soon as president obama took over. there was no change in guantanamo bay. but then all the screaming stopped. all right. you can almost accept that. >> patriot act? >> yeah. >> predict patriot act 2. >> when you get to the extreme. this is the extreme. here we have one man, the president, who has the authority so he says to execute anybody in the world at any time, based upon evidence he he does not produce to anyone. that's an enormous amount of power. all right? and the point i was trying to
4:43 am
make that howard kurtz had to know because beckel was on here for the expressed purpose of debating this apparent hypocrisy because beckel is a fervent leftist; is that right all right? that's why he he was here. as they always do bernie. you know this better than anybody. the left-wing media knows it's in trouble. they know what they have done. and now they try to make it an issue about whoa, nbc news broke the memo story. we're not talking about that at all. reportage was not involved in that discussion. it was analysis from the very beginning that was in play. and so a guy like howard kurtz picks this up. he has got to know. and by the way howard says he is going to come on here on wednesday. do you think he is going to show up? >> yeah. i think he will. but, look, i made contact because i'm a reporter, you know. in addition to being a commentator on your show. i made contact with howard today via email. and there are two things that came out of it i'm going to tell you what they are but
4:44 am
please let me finish the answer before you tell me what a stupid moron i am, okay? >> it's going to be hard for -- but go ahead. >> i know. the first part is he said all i was saying to bill is that it would be fair, this is where you are going to jump in. please don't. it would be fair if he had said nbc broke the story and then went on to do his analysis about how the media, for the entire first term of barack obama's presidency didn't show a lot of interest in the story. it would be fair if you -- bill, if you had said they broke the story and then went on, you wouldn't have had howard kurtz on your case. so i think he makes a point worth considering. the second point, which is much more important, howard kurtz runs a media show. a weekly media show. i said to him, have you ever talked on that show about barack obama's drone policy versus george bush's and the apparent hypocrisy between how
4:45 am
the media covered both? he he said i think it's worthy of debate but i have never covered it. this is where howard kurtz failed. he runs a media show. and just because the media is not interested in that story, howard, that makes it a big media story. i'm not accusing him of being a lefty. he may be, i don't know. but what i am saying is he is an establishment journalism who lives in the same bubble that the other people he covers live. in they didn't care about this story. and, therefore, in the four years that obama was president and four years howard kurtz has been doing the show. those four years that overlap he didn't ever talk about this. he dropped the ball in that case he failed. >> bill: all right. i'm not so concerned about him talking about it. look, the nbc news thing, i didn't even think it was that big a story. somebody handed him the memo and they put it out there. yes, i guess i should have mentioned it but it didn't
4:46 am
occur to me because we were not talking about the reportage. you have got to understand when beckel is here i'm like locked in, right? >> right. five seconds. >> bill: governmental if fox had broadcast that leaked memo, the story would have gotten little to no coverage because it came from fox. and benghazi is a a good example. fox owned that story and the mainstream media didn't pick up on it. >> bill: all right. bernie goldberg, everybody. karl rove on deck. we'll ask what what senator rubyee should say tomorrow night to president obama. factor tip of the day. information about the newest medal of heroin recipient. we'll be right back.
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>> bill: senator marco rubio of florida set to deliver the republican's response to the state of the union address tomorrow night. joining us from austin, texas for some advice for the senator karl rove. historically nobody pays attention to these people. opposing party after the state of the union. senator rubio got some traction. covered time smag green. people started paying attention. what does he have to do to break out to get people to listen to what he has to say? >> well, first of all. this is a terrible assignment for anybody to get. democrat or republican. you don't look generally good in comparison to the president of the united states. but i think it sin destructive to look back. last year we actually had a pretty good response from mitch daniels and what the buzz was he had articulated a positive vision that caused people to say why isn't this guy running for president? so i do think that marco rubio has two assignments that any of the state of the union has to do. one is he has to critique in a thoughtful, straightforward
4:51 am
manner what it is that the president of the united states incumbent has done wrong or right. and, second of all, he needs to articulate a vision for the future that's optimistic and hope on behalf of his party and fox. this is a difficult assignment. the good news is in rubio, the republicans have got probably one of their best communicators since ronald reagan. and if what has been saying and doing on his stump is any indication he is going to it approach this pretty fine spirit. >> bill: who picks rubio to do this? >> generally a discussion between the -- if you are in the minority, if you don't hold the white house then it is generally in response to the minority leader, majority leader of the senate and minority leader speaker of the house. in this instance speaker john boehner and mitch mcconnell and i suspect' republican national chairman prebusiness had a discussion.
4:52 am
>> now christie is the other guy who is getting a little bit of attention. obviously four years away. got plenty of time. christie looks to me to be in play. he is raising money. i think you know that he is doing shows like letterman. won't come on the factor by the way. i guess he doesn't like me. i don't know why. >> we have got to work on this bad self-image thing. just because somebody doesn't come on the show doesn't mean they don't like you. >> bill: i don't have a bad self-image. >> so obvious to the rest of the world. you have got to work on this. >> bill: i will. i think karl rove is right. i will get into therapy right away. >> we actually called rove's office and said is there ever a time when you would come on this broadcast and they went no. so, my self-image i don't know whether that has anything to do with it, that's really unusual. biggest audience traditional americans in the history of cable news right here.
4:53 am
and then you have got a guy right across the river would send a big caravan for him if he wanted. he could even do it in trenton on a little bird. you know but he doesn't want to do this. now, i only mention that. >> i see i have made a mistake. i have sent you off in a tirade here. >> i wanted to make a point between the difference between rubio and christie. you hit on it. do you want to tell me what the difference is before i do? go ahead. you hit on it. >> well, look, rubio is a great communicator. >> bill: no, no. a specific thing. one specific thing that's different between the two men. >> he will with if i were -- if i were chris christie, i wouldn't want to give the state of the union response this year when i'm up for election in new jersey. >> bill: the difference is, that rubio is much more positive than christie. christie is best when he is slashing and burning. getting his critics and just banging them. all right?
4:54 am
that's when he he shines. whereas rubio is much more conciliatory and you pointed it out that he has to put the g.o.p. this that term. that's why. >> i have a slightly different view. i think christie is a great counter puncher. you are right about rubio. i remember in 2010 talking with jeb bush, governor of florida. told me he was watching marco rubio on the campaign trail. he said i have never gone to so many events in which a candidate for office in that instance the united states senate could give a speech. never mention his opponent by name. never say anything negative about his opponent. instead talk about a positive vision for the future and have grown men crying at the end of his speech. he is the american experience. a rise from relative, you know, from relative poverty. i mean, his father worked a bar, worked served drinks at a motel bar at geneva conventions and so forth. he has a great line. >> bill: no doubt about it good choice.
4:55 am
we will see if the media picks up anything that rubio has to say which probably they will not. mr. rove, thanks very much. factor tip of the day in a moment. give you some information about the nation's newest medal of honor recipient. the tip 60 seconds away.
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framing, a tremendous deal. the mail, gary millbrook, new york, bill, are you insane? you'd have compassion for soto who cursed out a judge. through judging should be tempered with mercy. the judge made the point. cutting the jail time is the right thing to do. jay from philadelphia. you're a hypocrite, bill, you talk tough, but backed off the punishment. andy mitchell, georgia, your talking points are right on. kids are raised to be self-centered, goes hand in hand with the nanny state. steven, south carolina. lou dobbs can laugh about gas prices, to working people, it's no joke. dobbs is laughing
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