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tv   America Live  FOX News  August 22, 2013 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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d they are having high- tech problems of their own. we'll keep you updated and cavuto will have more on your world later today. heather, good to have you here. >> nice to be here and i will be become tomorrow. >> thank you for joining us, america live starts right now. >> and we begin with a fox news alert. reports of new attacks in the damascus suburbs one day after a reported chemical weapons attack against citizens that killed dozens of children. we are awaiting new reaction from the state department on the latest violence gripping syria. united nation's times are on the grouped but unclear if they will be allowed in the chemical weapons attack site. making it empossible to confirm what is going on. however, video posted on line
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syria paps a horr foying picture of the situation on the ground. we warn you that the images that are difficult to look at. body after body, motionless. if these images werept blurred, they have young faces. they appear to be sleeping and the doctor said they are not. elsewhere body bags line the streets and obviously belong to little children and bodies are made ready for burial. those who are surviving are reaching out for comfort. and others are trying to attend them. none of the victims have outward cipes of traum or cuts or bleeding. again at this point it is impossible for us to know what happened or how many people are killed. we got an interview with the man who shot the video. reporting live from the mideast
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video. leland? >> hi, shannon, it is impossible for a journalist to operate in syria and it is far too dangerous. we rely on the locals that are involved in the fighting and risking their lives to try to show the world what is going on. rebels claimed more than 1,000 people were killed in the chemical weapon's attack and posted a number of videos. the most poignant and showing is the one of all of the bodies laid out on the floor many of them children. today on skype, we caught up with the cameraman. (spoking foreign language) (speaking foreign language) .
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he talked so much about the redline, when redlines are crossed nothing happens, that must make you angry? >> the man who posted videos up there, we are going to translate the a ra bic. 2 o'clock in the morning when the missiles began to fall. when he got to the hospital there was one out, the type of drug that prevens the affects of sir an gas. when you so 200 people do i in front of you. it is the video shot of the bodies. i was in shock with all of those bodies in front of me and not able to do anything. witnesses say one of the things that added to the death toll so many people took shelter in the basement of the houses and that's when the missiles came in to that area.
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in a chemical weapon attack gas falls in the basement and many people were found dead there and today, we are till finding bodies as we are burying the bodies from yesterday. of course, there is no way to confirm any of the situation in terms of what actual chemical agent was used. it is symptoms of nerve gas and dilated puples and twitching and hundreds of bodies without visible sign of injure on it. where is the international community and world here to try to help and you say save us. do the red leans actually matter? the syria government called the claps of chemical weapons baseless and the easiest way to confirm whether the weapons are used and who fired them is to allow the un eninspection team in syria to come down 15 minutes from the hotel and inspect.
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so far the syrian government hasn't allowed them to do so. and whether they grant permission will tell us if they are guilty or if the rebels did this to rally international support. >> president obama repeatedly said the use of chemical weapons in syria is a redline or a game changer in his own words. this latest report is not the first time that we heard allegations of the assad regime using the killer weapons. critics are a cowing the obama administration of not enforcing the red lines that he set. the state department was pressed on the and she here's what the spokeswoman had to say. >> i am not talking about redlines or debating redlines and i am not setting redlines and not talking red today. >> in less than ten minutes we get response from retired
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cornell oliver north. >> new details in the truly disturbing violence on this side of the pond. chris lane, a baseball player was callously murdered out on a jog in oklahoma. they did it because they were bored. that's what one of the throw teenagers told police to killing lane for the fun of. it controversial comments from one of the young men's social media page suggested that boredom may not have been the only factor. hello garrett. >> hi, shannon, just a now months ago on a teen's twitter account. 15 year old james edward junior there was a message. 90 percent of white people are nasty hash tag, hate them. just a now days after the trial of george zimmerman's trial ended he bragged about how he
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anybodyinged out five white people since the verdict was read. he has shown no remorse and treating the case as if it was a joke. >> it is not something that is supposed to happen here and to those friends of ours in australia, we say this is not duncan, oklahoma or stephens county, oklahoma and not something that we see happening here. i will do what i can to see the three thugs pay for what they did. edwars along with 16 year old chancy luna will be tried as adults. they are facing life in prison and 17-year-old michael jones, he was driving the car when christopher lane was shot and killed. he is charged as accessory after the fact and using a vehicle in the discharge of a weapon. five days after the killing now,
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we are hearing from civil right's leader jesse jackson who posted this on this twitter. >> praying for the family of christopher lane. senseless violence is frowned on and the justice system must prevail. police are still searching for the murder weapon and the next hearings on this case are scheduled for october. shannon. >> garrett, thank you very much. beggest fast-food chains are racing for a major strike. workers are demanding higher wages and they have questions about how widespread it will be and whether the movement will expand in other industries with low wage workers. lisa mcdonald has details. >> we are hearing from the a fcio there could be work
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stoppages next thursday in fast-food chains in 35 cities. we have seen a flurry of one day work stoppages and potentially on thursday, we could see a walk out in mcdonalds, burger king and wendy and a push via- social media to do's walk out in department stores. fast-food workers are paid 9 or $10 an hour. and they want $15 an hour. one in four of the workers are parents and annual sal row is 15,000 to 19,000 a year and excutives at fast food make 25,000 a day. they are taking aim. and the profits are 200 billion. here's the problem, shannon. fast-food chains are run by fran
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chies and franchises have to buy their supplies and food and beverage and give a chunk back to the parent company and they operate on thin profit margins. they are saying they can't afford to raise the hourly pay for the workers. we are seeing a break out of a fight not only tone the workers but between the franchise operators and the parent companies. that would be coming down in companying weeks. i will send it back to you. >> thank you. >> horrifying video of dozens and dozens of children killed in a syrian weapon's attack and raises questions about the president's pledge that these weapons are a redline. oliver north will join us in three weeks. and a man who wants to live as
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a woman behind bars. and we'll see who would pay for it. and rush limbaugh pointed to the coverage of the chris lane murder and it was a classic example of how mainstream media is detrying american culture. >> there is more outrage in the mainstream media and more attention paid in the mainstream media to the stupid clown story in the missouri state fair than to the wanton murder in oklahoma. ♪ turn around
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>> this is a fox news alert. the department of justice announcing plans to sue the state of texas over the voter iowa d law. the feds claim that the purpose of the law was to denotiy the
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minorities to vote. the administration is against texas and they are butting heads a lot in the last couple of years. back to the top story, administration reaction to horrifying images after what is alleged to be a chemical weapons attack in syria. the next video is a tough one to watch. it is images that are blurred out. kids and adult struggling to breathe and a tiny victim wrapped in a sheet. no name just a note unknown number 27. all of this reigniting the debate over whether washington should intervene. when the journalist ask if the president's comments on redline is time to act now this is how the administration reacted
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yesterday. >> i am not talking about redlines or debating red lines. i am not talking about red today. we have talked about that and litigated that and white house made announcements about that a couple of months ago, we are focusing on all reports and pushing for the un investigative time to have access. >> that is a state department spokeswoman after being pressed. we'll talk about retired lieutenant oliver north. >> what do you make of the response from the administration? >> it certainly locks like serum gas or nerve agents are the kinds of things that you are seeing in those who survived. there is no chemical analysis.
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but the united nation's team is requesting to recover this even and others over the last year since the redline comment was made. here's the problem, the fact that we have a president who said repeatedly in the past ad- libbed to the aides that there was a red line and moving and using chemical agents is a game changer and a change in his cal can youulous. there is no evidence of that. what you have is grave uncertainty with our allies and adversaris. this administration is making it more difficult for the outcome in syria and doing the same thing from ei didn't want and i got back from afghanistan a few weeks ago and this weekend,
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friday night at 9 o'clock p.m. we'll have a special on general joe dunnford on fox files. the difficulty that is created by the uncertainty in the administration makes that task with americans on the ground in combat far more difficult. not just for folks at home but those in the battle field. >> it is similar to the points made by gop senator john mccain. he talked about the red lean, and to folks in the region, his words ring hollow. senator mccain believe its is time for military strikes to take out assad's capabilities. but the general said it could put the u.s. in an open- ended war. >> this is the third year of the civil war in syria. the administration began all of this with the so- called arab
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spring promise. holopromises and uncertainty to do about the disasters you can so all over the middle east. if you are a israel right now you have to be terribly worried and think about jordan and what king abdulla is facing. and we haven't made up our minds to which side we are going to come down on in egypt and you have the same in the persian gulf and emirates and ba hrain. >> how much is iran influencing assad ability to hang on. >> no doubt it is operating in syria and have a major hand in it. they are rekrauting suicide attackers from hesbollah in lebanon and now you have a movement of jihaddist from the
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battlefields of iraq and other places in syria to take sides and clearly not helpful to the united states and the eventual outcome. if the administration finally decides to act on the promise of changing the cal can youulous which side? friday 9 o'clock pvm on fox files, you can see the problems that this creates for people like general dunnford who is the focus of our profile. >> we'll set our dvr's. >> thank you. >> new fallout over the news that obama care money is going to planned parent hood. it is despite the excutive order to prevent money to go to those providers. >> three teens targeted a young man out jogging because they were bored.
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we'll update you. just minutes away. >> this is cold- blooded first-degree, recreational for the fun of it because they were bored murder. and you have two black guys and a white guy in the group. no matter where you look in the media, it is not a racial event. hey linda! what are you guys doing? having some fiber!
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>> we're hearing from the california teenager police say was kidnapped by a family friend suspected of killing her mother and brother. 16-year-old hannah anderson, using her first public interview to clarify details about her communication with the suspect james dimaggio and revealing
1:25 pm
about where she could be picked up from cheerleading practice and explainedlers found saying she wrote them a year ago when she had trouble getting along with her mom. >> in the letters, were from like a year ago when me and my mom werept getting along and we would talk about how to deal with it and i would tell him how i felt about it. they were not bad but just help me through tough times. >> hannah not giving details about the abduction saying she was had no idea she was in the center of a manhunt. she was rescued in idaho this month after killing james dimaggio. >> outrage over the plans to give federal money to planned parent hood. critics are upset that the government wants to give funds
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to clinibs that want to give abortion, molly. >> this is over $60 million effort to to use tax dollars to promote obama care. it will go to planned parent hood in iowa and montana and washington d.c., and help them enroll in the programs. president obama promised that no federal dollars would go to those providers. >> the president signed the executive order and now we see a breaking of that executive order. there is money that is going to be given, over 1 million to planned parent hood and in three states and also in the district of colombia, this was said by the president it would not happen. we see there is a break of what is said and deputy by this administration. >> congressman black said there
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is no way to verify that the grant money is not used for abortion services. planned parent hood said they will abide by the law and reach those signing up for obama care. these grants have nothing to do with abortion and will not be used for abortion services. it reflects the qualityive preventive health care and many of whom lived in medically underserved communities and no where else to turn. ncongressman black introduced a bill to stop the grant program that aims to promote obama care through planned parent hood and other groups. >> thank you. >> and the man just sentenced to decades in prison for spilling america's secrets wants to live
1:28 pm
his life behind bars as a woman. how would that work and who would pay for it. >> chris lanes murder and rush limbaugh pointed to the coverage and said it was a classic example of how the mainstream media is helping to destroy american culture. we'll show you what makes him so angry. >> there is more outrage in the mainstream media and attention paid to the stupid clown story in the missouri state fair than there has been to a wanton murder in oklahoma.
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>> it soaps like time is slowing down for family and victims of the fort hood shooting trial. remember hasan was working as an army psychiatrist in november 2009 when he went on a shooting spree that left 13 people dead 30 injured. he shouted god is great in ara bic according to the witnesses. hasan who represented himself will not be making a closing argument. he rested without calling a single witness for the entire trial and all that is left is to wait for a verdict. we'll bring it to you and get reaction to the victims who were
1:33 pm
forced to stay silent until the case officially adjourned. and we'll stand by for that and bripg it to you when it happens. >> fox news alert. new developments on the kress lane murder just moments ago. he was a respected college athlete fatally shot. teenagers reportedly did it because they were bored. fox news spoke with the prosecutor handling the case about the charges against the three teens. we showed you james edwars had racist messages on the twitter feed and hated white people and calling them nasty. the prosecutor said he will not focus it on the shooting being a hate crime and he will focus on the murder charges. how the mainstream media is covering the issue of race. in the most part shying away two
1:34 pm
killers were black and the victim white. that is what rush limbaugh. >> this is trayvon martin in reverse. this was not self defense. this is cold blooded first-degree recreational, for the fun of it because they were bored murder. and you have two black guys and a white guy in the group. no matter where you look in the media, it is not a racial event nothing about it. it is the epitome of media irresponsibility. this is a classic illustration of what role the mainstream media is playing in the destructition. there is more outrage and more
1:35 pm
attention paid to the stupid clown story in the missouri state fair than there has been to a wannon murder in oklahoma. >> what dow think. monica crowley fox news contributor. and bennard whitman a democratic strategist. welcome to you both. >> as passionate and rush so manied he knot a lot of heat from what he said. media outlets that leap to the left that said conservatives dragged the case ineracy territory and it didn't belong there. >> we are waiting for a lot of details to emerge. we don't know whether or not these tlooi three teen ailers acted out because of racial animist. the facts need to be sorted out before we make judgment on that. media coverage, that is
1:36 pm
a different issue, media in this case have been limited in terms of the coverage and the coverage that they have given is circumspect in terms of identifying the suspects and three thugs and theireracy. they have gone to grate, great lengths to conceal the racial ideptities. two are black and one of the suspects is white. you have to dig in the stories whether on fox. and when they do cover it, you have to dig to find other elements. anti- white racist tweet. that is attributed to one of the suspects or one of the suspects posed with a rifle on social media or one of them is losly associated with the crips gang. you have to look at the media outlets to get the details and plush it out. if roles were reversed and you had three white kids and killing
1:37 pm
a black man, you would know those details fast. >> benard you think that is true? >> no. the story underscores the scourge of gun violence and that is the real story. it is a terebl acts of violence against an innocent kid. tones 15- 16 and 17 having access to guns. >> we don't know where they got them? >> this comes after multiple trag tee and underscores the need for congress to act here. >> we have a lot of gun laws that are enforced. and we don't know what they broke. >> we need to pass background checks. >> you think any of them would go get a back grouped check? >> what the untold story of this is, the guy who turns in the game. james jaups johns, his son was rekrauted by these individuals
1:38 pm
to join the gang and the son refused and came back and told his father. the kids showed up at his house and the father called the police and that's why they were arrested. we are telling a story about gang violence and gun violence. it is not the ponent of the stories. >> those are conversations and factors we need to have. and certainly, this is part of a gang initiation. but do we white wash the rest of the story? would it treat it the seam weigh, can you include some facts and pick and choose. and some may be upcan have theable and they may be afraid of getting burned if they bring up the issue of race. >> this shoes the bis and power of the media it set a narrative. you have them creating racial. and their parents and lawyers
1:39 pm
said there was no racial animist. and the media created a raeshl narrative where there was thought one. and perhaps those facts and the race of the gunmen is racial he inconvenient. and so the media doesn't want to want are them. you are doing a transfer of responsibility away from the perpetrators and their personal crim this will behaefr. >> theyed not be aenl to kill hem if not an okay to guns. >> if and i this is no reason to pass the bahs. >> what if it could go from the states to the federal reggist
1:40 pm
row. and we have to understand the causes of gun violence and these can help limit and prevent the situation. i think the med why though will have problems because two are black and one is wheat. >> it is not about the gun. two days before three criminal saying they intended toicle two pole in twoiors. anies kress lane. it is not the continues. and>> i am the presidenty they would not want to be on on >> tracking counsel on to iltell legal it is issue to if the the fib feb looked at the zimmerman and trayvon case. and there is one investigation
1:41 pm
and that is in their purvow. you think to investigate if this was abouteracy. >> the facts on the case merit that and would and should be. >> it is hoik the depending on the facts of the case. and are of commre ket it. nfshgs makes it we are in the dpning of examining the if there is a racial element yes, it should be investigated. >> i agree. i don't necessarily think it is going to happen. wol so. system jesse chapgs chaks i was heart uponed it thus he we'll
1:42 pm
share them. >> yeah, and get action against the guns. >> and thank you very much. monica thank you very much. >> and breaking news from california. police are now on the scone of a tour bus crash. these are live pictures coming in near passa denna. everybody is off of the bus. you can see. we have no word of injuries tlooks like a lot of folks out there needing treatment. we'll get it to you in the next two minutes. >> one day after being sentenced to 35 days in preson in our nation's history. brad he manning wants to live his life behind bar. and cutting spouses in order to deal with the obama care costs and a major university doing the
1:43 pm
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>> this fox news alert out of the california. there is a crash involving a charter bus. it left multiple people injured there. some were trapped and not chlor right now. 40 people were on the bus when it flipped on its side. a lot of phones, about 15 emergency vehicles on the ground. someone on a stretcher. you can so the personnel
1:47 pm
treating the bus. and soon as we get more information on what caused this. we'll at this time you know. temperature developing nows in the bradley manning case. one day after being sentenced to 35 years in prison and giving classified information. manning wants to live his behind bars as a woman named cherylsy. >> it is a co part of his defense. and he was wearing a wig and lipstick. the army doesn't provide hormones or sex surge row that can cost 10,000. we have a former prosoutor and joins us now. >> good to so you. army said it doesn't provide hormones or sex reassignment surge row and manning's attorney said he will fight to get the
1:48 pm
appropriate care. >> there is a lot of layers here. first and foremost don't ask don't tell was repealed and stated that it doesn't open the dorto gender reassignment. and that is incompatible with military service. a lot of people don't realize it? even though he would be convected and 35 years in the military pressure. there is a code. east mj. and it is part of the service. and military orders say no goal on this. and we'll go after that and say military regulationed say what they want to say. and he's subject to prohibition and denying this to him and
1:49 pm
arguing cruel and unusual punishment. >> it was not a military issue. but a federal judge said that they had to cover the cost of gender reassignment surge row for the inmate there in the state prison. it was based on federal arguments that apply to manning if they go after this and said no adequate medical treatments and he didn't have severe issues. and you think there is a lawsuit in the works? his attorney will do what it takes to press the issue? >> i think there is litigation and it comes down to say look, he's not and he may be subject to the ucm j and he's in a federal prison and the eighth amendment is the eighth amendment. you don't surrender your constitutional rights. that is what they will go after. and the position of the federal prisones is, that civilian
1:50 pm
prisoners, if you have begun the treatment they will maintain you at the same level. if you are undergoing estrogen treatment and. >> who pays for it? >> under that, the taxpayers pay for it. >> what about the taxpayers. >> if they were forced to here, it would be public money. >> it's all taxpayer money at the end of the day. manning's issue, even if he can get past this notion of it's prohibited under military guidelines, gender reassignment. he hasn't begun the process, this is aspirational. and the question, do we have to maintain his treatments. >> so people know there are costs. it adds up quickly. $100 per month for hormones and therapy, $100 and average cost, up $220,000.
1:51 pm
ambassador power skipping yesterday's security meeting and just ahead why samantha power could not make it and why critics are calling her out for that. ♪ with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. and the more i focus on everything else, the less time i have to take care of me. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes. glucerna products help me keep everything balanced. [ golf clubs clanking ] [ husband ] i'm good!
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well, almost everything. [ male announcer ] glucerna. delicious shakes and bars. helping people with diabetes find balance.
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'70s teen heartthrob david cassidy is in serious legal trouble accused of drunk driving not for the first time. julie banderas has the latest in new york city. hello, julie. >> you know, david cassidy sure has changed a lot since i was in love with him at the age of 6. the former star of the partridge family was arrested for drunken driving after blowing a .80 in the breathalyzer.
1:55 pm
the legal limit is ..088. the 63-year-old was released on $2500 bail and scheduled to appear in court accept 26th. this isn't cassidy's first time hitting the battle before getting behind the wheel. he plead no contest as a first time offender in florida where he lived. paid a $500 fine, attended dui school while his driver's license was suspended for six months. cassidy became famous in the 1970s. he played the eldest of five children on-screen with his real live stepmother, shirley jones, a family of musicians that traveled in a school bus. he launched his own career and launch launched songs like "i love you" my first purchase as a kid and still floating around in my mom's house. i'm a bit of a pack rat.
1:56 pm
>> when did david cassidy get to be 63? >> i don't know. i saw that shot and he was really really cute. >> shawn was the one for me. >> i will take him back then, not now. we're hearing a verdict could come quickly in the ft. hood shooting rampage after psychiatrist 2345d d-- nadal hasan refused to speak out in the shooting that killed 13 people and injured dozens more. in a security meeting about the attack that killed over $100, our ambassador didn't make it to the meeting. announcing big changes to health care coverage to deal with the cost of obamacare. wait until you see what one major research company found whether it it asked countries across the country what they
1:57 pm
planned to do about this very same issue. hey linda!
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a fox news alert on a frightening new prediction for obamacare. just one day after one of the biggest employers in the country announces it is cutting insurance coverage for spouses, a research company has a chilling survey for employers. i'm shannon bream in for megyn kelly. the university of virginia, the very latest to announce it will no longer offer health care to working spouses of employees as of junior 1anuary 1st, followin similar announcement yesterday's from u.p.s. in a decision that will affect an estimated 15,000 workers. now, the consulting firm towers watson estimates 40% of all the companies it surveyed are going to make similar changes. this all flies in the face of the president's promise under his health care plan you would get to keep your insurance.
2:01 pm
>> our proposal builds on the current system where most americans get their health insurance from their employer, so if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. i don't want to interfere with people's relationships between them and their doctors. >> but is that exactly what's happening? let's ask editor and host of fox power play. joining us live from washington. what do you think, chris? >> there was like an asterisk. you couldn't see it but the president was making an asterisk when he was saying that about keeping your plan and later the white house would clarify, nepresident himself would clarify there is nothing the white house is going to do to take this away from you, it's just going to occur as a sequence of the law. the consequence is basically if you make parts of the law -- if you make parts of insurance more expensive, in order to keep the
2:02 pm
baseline you're going to have to shuck others. as we talked about yesterday in the case of unionized work forces they will protect union pensions particularly under fire with this law with special taxes and special provisions and non-union workers for a company like u.p.s. will see their benefits diminish. this is the time of the year hr departments will reanalyze what they will offer in the coming years you will see a succession of these announcements that higher costs force changes. >> do you think it's interesting these companies, some not blatantly and some blatantly, uva saying it is specifically because of the president's heth care law we're making these decisions. do you think they want to make sure they don't take the heat for what they're doing and want to assign blame elsewhere. some of these people j. we have another union in nevada saying we don't like this either. across the spectrum, people who are allieds for this or against it now saying this specifically
2:03 pm
is the reason we don't like it. >> afl-cio, that's harry reid's home team. no one is more responsible for this law than harry reid. that's his home team. the unions who got him re-elected said this is terrible and will ruin the 40 hour work week, what a disaster because the law was designed to narrowly target very good health insurance so these people would have to pay a cadillac insurance tax and all that stuff. the reality, and we know this to be true, some of this is by design because the disruption inside the private insurance market is going to force people or push people into exchanges under the president's law that are going to sort of make people part of the government system and as time goes by, and we heard this from harry reid himself, we heard it from other democrats, this is a process that takes you to government health insurance. this is how people are going to
2:04 pm
transition into this. this is, for many of them, it's not a bug, it's a feature. >> as the folks on capitol hill are finishing up their august recess, whether you tie efforts to de-fund obamacare funding to keep the government open. i see senator pat roberts out of kansas has signedton this effort spearheaded by mike lee and some others. while some say it's disastrous and will backfire, seems like on the senate side it's gaining steam. >> it's gaining steam but losing a little steam. people are speaking of it with less ardor, becoming more of litmus test, will you say you will go with this, yes, they will go forward. the question is this, house republicans are looking for maximum leverage on this and get the president to delay the individual mandate to match his delay for big corporations he already gave them to provisions of the law? what can they force the
2:05 pm
president to give up? remember, this is his signature law, this is his legacy project. getting him to cough up anything on this to meet republican demand is going to be hard. they're looking for the children in the armor and the place they can get in and the mandate may be the one. >> chris, we will see you on the web and the fox news first note every morning, folks can sign up. thanks, chris. if you want to check it out, it is simple, put your e-mail there and it comes to your inbox with all chris's wisdom and the top stories of the day. sign up, it's easy. president obama hitting the road today on a college bus tour pushing an agenda to lower tuition rates. sounds good, right? those are proposals the white house already admitted may not be popular with everyone.
2:06 pm
ed henry is traveling with the president. he joins us streaming live, very cool technology from the bus in upstate new york. hey, ed. >> reporter: good to see you. you always wonder when either political party use as bus like this as a prop whether they will really spend a lot of time on the bus or a tactic. in this case, the president was in buffalo talking to college students and now over two hours to syracuse spending a lot of time on the bus hoping to use this to not only talk about college affordability and reignite his political base, neyoung people who re-elected him twice and get going on a second term agenda pretty stalled right now. he also needs young people to sign up for those health care insurance exchanges. they have to sign up by october 1st. you were just talking about health care. interesting new poll from gallop saying young people the president is speaking out to are actually the least familiar with the new health law of all the age groups, only 10% of 18-24
2:07 pm
year-olds saying they're very familiar. 55 and over, that age group says 18% of them say they're very familiar as well. the president was talking college affordability. he did bring up health care to this crowd of college students earlier in the context of what you were talking about, charging republicans want to shut down the government by connecting it to health care reform. take a listen. >> we've seen a faction of republicans in congress suggest that maybe america shouldn't pay its bills that have already been run up, that we should shut down governme government, if they can't shut down obamacare. that won't grow our economy. that won't create jobs. that won't help our middle cl s clas class. >> now, the president specifically unveiled a plan
2:08 pm
that at its center would set up a new ranking system that would tie federal financial aid to how well various colleges and universities are doing in terms of bringing down tuition costs and other measures. republican john kline, chair of the republican house education committee actually had praise for the president. praised him for innovation, trying to bring down college costs but also raised skepticism saying i remain concerned imposing an arbitrary college ranking system could curtail the very innovation we hope to encourage and even the lead federal price controls. that's a sign this plan may be popular in some corners but very unlikely to pass-through the republican house. likely the president's aides are acknowledging he will have to push this through on executive order something we have seen him to use on education, health care and other items. >> a tool this president is not afraid to use. thank you. big developments in the rising scandal of nsa.
2:09 pm
rising serious questions about the scope. secret court documents unclassified showing the nsa was rebuked in 2011 for collecting thousands of e-mails that had no ties to suspected terrorism calling into question why the nsa would ever be gathering that info. kathryn harris with answers. hi. >> reporter: these newly classified documents shown two years ago the fisa court determined the nsa collection program violated existing statutes and constitutional protections. in one opinion, judge john d. bates wrote for the first time the government advised the court the volume and information the nsa is collecting is fundamentally different from what the court had been to believe. administration officials describe it aztec call and the bundled communications focuses on foreign e-mail. a bundle communication can be as simple as opening up your
2:10 pm
personal e-mail account. if one of those messages was the target of an nsa tracking program, all your messages would be targeted because the nsa apparently didn't have the technicalabili technictec technical ability to separate the personal from the other e-mail. they treated to salvage the data and in the end took a conservative approach and purged a three year collection upwards of 75 million communications. collective action breaks into three areas, new technology including filters to exclude data belonging to u.s. citizens. data that can't be filtered is subject to new restrictions and the nsa can only hold the data for two years no longer five. the incident two years ago was apparently not the first according to the judge. the court is troubled the government's revelations regarding nsa's acquisition of internet transactions marks the third instance in less than three years when the government has disclosed a substantial misrepresentation regarding the
2:11 pm
scope of a major collection program. a leading senate democrat and nsa critic, ron wyden describing the declassification of the documents as long overdue and the collection of data as a quote serious violation of the fourth amendment. shannon. >> kathryn, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> in the last hour we updated you on the disturbing alleged thrill kill of a promising young baseball player. now, we will examine the larger questions brought up by this shocking case and speak to panel of experts how we've gotten to this place, where teens could just go out and kill someone for fun. plus the families of 13 americans killed are awaiting a verdict in the courtroom of the ft. hood shooter after we learned major nadal hasan is not going to make comments. a centuries old church that survived the ages is now
2:12 pm
destroyed. up next, coptic christians under attack under the cover of chaos in egypt. >> when you deter and terrorize the cops from going to their centers, what they're thinking about is leaving the country. it's an indirect form of an ethnic cleansing. t energy or even my mood. that's when i talked with my doctor. he gave me some blood tests... showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% testosterone gel. the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy increases testosterone when used daily. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinuandrogel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child, or signs in a woman, which may include changes in body hair or a large increase in acne, possibly due to accidental exposure. men with breast cancer or who have or might have prostate cancer, and women who are or may become pregnant or are breast-feeding, should not use androgel. serious side effects include
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and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together. new fears the chaos in egypt is concealing the christian coptic church of the virgin mary that sued near the nile since the fourth century nobody is really sure. it survived the romance, world wars and ravages of the biz zen tin empire. last week, an angry crowd burned it to the ground. coptic christians are being targeted and this video shows one of those attacks. it was lit only by the fire ransacking a church outside
2:16 pm
cairo. here is a tally of coptic houses of worship from alexander to the sinai wiped off the face of earth. home tos and businesses reportedly marked with a black x and paint literally on the building raising fears we're witnessing ethnic cleansing, the state department facing that yesterda yesterday. >> do you have anything to add up to 220 christians under attack? >> i don't have anything but that there is no place for violence moving forward but i don't have anything new or specific for you. >> a pulitzer prize winning journalist and fox news contributor. general jack keane, fox news contributor and four star army general. thank you for being here. we were talking before we got started, this is not anything new. certainly accelerated but these folks have been under
2:17 pm
persecution a long time. >> to be a christian in egypt is to have great faith. when i lived there and covered egypt day-to-day, the coptic pope was in prison under mubarak in the gold old -- good old days. we have never seen anything like this violence in my lifetime. >> general, is there anything that can be done, a call to those outside. they are fleeing and don't seem 0 have other options. >> their homes are being targeted and churches being burned. the security forces have to protect the facilities an got to protect these people. interesting what's happening. the muslim brotherhood always had a problem with cops because they believe they're awareness influence and also resent them because of economic prosperity i
2:18 pm
think is exaggerated by the muslim brotherhood and also because the mubarak regime, to a degree, protected some of them. this has been here a very long time. we have seen something like this before in our history where a very vocal political organizati organization, nazis, were trying to leverage a majority population, the german people, and persecuted and went after the jews to do that. this is when they were seeking power. this is much about that. the muslim brotherhood do not want to publicly admit the truth that the overwhelming majority of egyptians are against the muslim brotherhood and morsi regime. >> that's what we saw when they took to the streets, not just unemployed young people, people across the spectrum said this is not what we want for our government. we don't want a constitution that writes everybody out except
2:19 pm
the muslim brotherhood and didn't want a dictator. >> that's right. that's why they're being blamed for the ouster of president morsi. you can rebuild churches but you can't reconstitute a community. this is the largest christian community still left in the middle east. they are 10% of the 90 million egyptians. about 100,000 have already fled since president morsi was elected. we really need to do more. where are the police? why are they not protecting christians. >> i would guess they're so stretched at this point with the unrest we're seeing in the streets, they're under a lot of pressure. are they stretched too much to provide the level of coverage these christians need? >> no, i don't believe they're stretched to in the, a question of priorities and this is lower down. they have the resources. this is a formidable military force and have a large amount of
2:20 pm
resources. they would have to decentralize this not like going a square to deal with violence. >> all across the country. >> this is significant. they have to put a plan together to do it and make sure the police are protected as well. it certainly is within their capability. >> james rose srosen, our corre said this is the largest under-reported human rights violation in the world today. >> i think we may have to quibble whether or not it's in syria right now or egypt. it is surely one of the worst. it is something i wish our president had spoken up about sooner. it's true there was a lot going on. at the ouster of a duly elected president even if people didn't like him any longer. still, this community was always in danger and needed and deserved more protection and more outrage when they began to be attacked from the president of the united states. no thank you for coming and lending us your expertise.
2:21 pm
>> thank you. >> always good being in. >> big developments in the case against former new england patriots star aaron hernandez accused of murdering a friend. he just appeared in a massachusetts courtroom moments ago. we will tell you what happened in minutes. new questions about the shooting death of a young college baseball player by a couple of teens who reportedly told police their motive was boredom. what is going on in our society that any could think that that is acceptable? do we devalue life that much? we're going to discuss it with our panel coming up. >> this is not something that's supposed to happen here. to those friends of ours in a , australia we would say this is not duncan, oklahoma, not stevens county, oklahoma, not something we see happen here. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn?
2:22 pm
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this is the fox news alert. big developments today in the murder case against former new england patriot, aaron hernandez. the grand jury indicting the former football star on first-degree murder charges in the death of his friend. he is accused of killing a 27-year-old former semi-pro football player shooting him several times execution style. the lawyers say the case against him is all circumstantial and they are confident they can clear his name. he will face life in prison if convicted. a wildfire outside one of america's most beloved parks has now more than tripled in size. it's threatening about 2500 homes, hotels and camp buildings near yosemite. the fire is only 2% contained, down from 5% the day before. it's one of dozens burning out west. adam is live in los angeles with more. >> hi, shannon.
2:26 pm
triple the number of firefighters on that fire on the rim of yosemite national park. very large, not threatening the more iconic areas of the park but burning up oak and pine and access to i-20. tremendous video coming in. you can see how dry it is. these trees are going up in a matter of seconds literally and flames are leaping tree top to tree top making it very difficult for firefight others to get in. tough terrain and tough access. the latest acres is nearly 54,000 acres burned. more than 1300 firefighters on this fire, a drought driven fire and most are drought driven because it's been so dry this last year. at one point, the fire actually turned and came toward the fire camp where they go back and get their rest and base a lot of equipment. they didn't have to evacuate. take a listen. >> it's one of those things you don't want to evacuate the camp.
2:27 pm
it looks dicey, this is the safest place. we put a lot of hardware on the road with visibility diminishing not knowing which way it would turn, we put our folks more at risk. >> they got a handle around the west. four new ones started, now 53 active fires, northwest getting the worst. eagle fire one of the new ones in washington. more than a thousand acres burned. 10% containment. 600 fires in idaho and in central idaho burned pretty expensive homes there, 46% contained. getting a good handle but 100 bu burned, the size of an island in barbados. in a complex fire, 11,000 acres burned, steep canyons and wind issues as well.
2:28 pm
they had help with mother nature and in oregon, they have the wind and everywhere across the west, it's dry and area around yosemite getting it the worst. >> thank you for the update. breaking news next on the syrian chemical weapons report. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and why she was mia for a very big meeting of the security council for syria yesterday. growing questions about the shooting death of a young innocent college athlete in oklahoma. how do we end up in a place where teenagers decided to kill someone like life means nothing just for the thrill of it? [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made o
2:29 pm
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2:32 pm
if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. the soldier on trial for the ft. hood shooting massacre has just declined to give a closing argument in his own defense. now, we're waiting for the military judge to hand the case to the panel and then hand down a verdict which could come at any moment. mayor nadal is accused of killing 13 people when he opened fire inside a processing center when he announced while shoot i ing, god is great. >> reporter: fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride. this is the minute we've been waiting for. in just about 15 minutes from now is when the jury will finally get this case or panel called in this military court-martial. the lunch break is just about
2:33 pm
over. the judge ordered everybody back to the court at 1:45 texas time and 2:45 eastern. that is when the 13 panel of senior army officers will head into closed door deliberations. things moved rocket fast this morning because major hasan passed on giving a closing argument. this happened after the prosecution spent about an hour and a half reiterating how the evidence presented a well planned and premeditated attack to kill, because major hasan quote believe he had a jihad duty to kill as many soldiers as he could end quote. in those closing arguments, the government replayed a chilling 911 call made by a woman who was inside the medical processing building when the shots rang out. the panel was also shown, for the second time, a video tour of the crime scene recorded by the dpib fbi agents showing broad soaked
2:34 pm
floors and bodies scattered throughout. the family of victims got emotional as a that was shonn, some crying. hasan faces first various charges between premeditated murder and attempted premeditated. it could take the panel some time to go through all those charges individually. we are on standby here at ft. hood. >> thank you so much. a fox news alert on the crisis unfolding in syria and allegation of yet another deadly chemical attack. it prompted an emergency meeting among members of the u.n. security council. absent was newly minted to the u.n. samantha power, suggesting power was on a scheduled trip at the time and was being briefed all throughout the meeting. the spokeswoman would not go so far as to say whether power's
2:35 pm
absence was for personal or business meeting and asking whether-hour absence was the best call. a fellow for project, good to see you today. >> you, too. >> when an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council is called, how crucial is it the u.s. representative be there? >> first, you have to understand the security has a schedule every single day. lots of pro forma stuff. usually a couple days beforehand we get the schedule. it's all known exactly what's coming up. it is rare for there to be an announcement of an emergency security council meeting. it doesn't happen all the time. i've been on vacation in the hamptons when an emergency security meeting is called. you have to come back. it is a situation where you're not always planning for the situation to come up, but you're surprised by it.
2:36 pm
we all understand samantha power is very busy and has pre-scheduled meetings. when an emergency meeting is scheduled she has to be there because it's about the action on syria. that's what we're doing. >> we're not asking for any of our domestic agencies to take a lead on this and are deferring to the u.n. if the u.s. doesn't show up when we say we're relying on what they're going to do, i wonder the message it sends to our friends and our enemies. >> exactly. it's a powerful message when the top u.s. ambassador does not enter the room on any negotiations let alone an emergency session of a top u.s. priority issue. the state department is backgrounding reporters and saying other ambassadors, like the russians and the chinese did not have their top ambassador at this meeting as well, this
2:37 pm
emergency meeting. i would say to that, all the more reason to have the big dog show up from the united states and actually big foot everybody and push through a u.s. priority issue. it didn't happen. samantha power has been on the job for 20 days. i would argue she's probably on vacation right now, a personal vacation. who gets a vacation after 20 days? >> this time of year, you know washington, seems like most people are on vacation, folks away from the hill and the president has been away, back now. she at a vacation scheduled. the administration says she was always in contact and always knows what was going on and being briefed. do we give her a break? >> no. it's a phony argument. i've been inside the security council and been there eight years. it doesn't matter if there's somebody calling from afar from the phone checking in. the person sitting in front of the placard that says united states is the one in charge and
2:38 pm
the one responding to other countries when they're pushing back. if you're not there, you're not a part of the conversation. >> you have seen the video, we can't confirm it, it's not possible to do that although our correspondent spoke with leonard vitt ard, who said he took this about chemical weapons. and our edadministration spoke about a red line. if accurate, there's no excuses. in k incomprehensible. i know samantha power has made a name for herself speaking out against atrocities and repeatedly gone to bat. and talking about that has to come under control. here in syria, a perfect example of her experience and background and causes she has lauded and cared about the most. is this a missed opportunity for her to use that expertise in a situation that seems to be an exact match for her qualifications. >> i would almost argue she's
2:39 pm
built her whole responsibility out of the idea we must protect the vulnerable. the fact she doesn't show up for an emergency meeting for the security council on syria when it is the venue for u.s. policy, i think will scar her career. it's a terrible way to start off. i don't think she will recover from this. she didn't show up at the most important meeting. >> are you worried about our ally in that region? about israel and their ability to rely on us and to know when there are big events like this, we're there in the room representing their interests as well because they're virtually surrounded by people and interests that don't want them to exist? >> you know, i really think syria is becoming yemen. it's becoming the place where radicals are having a safe haven. it's not good for israel. it's not good for lebanon we're seeing over the last couple of days. certainly not good for jordan, which the king is beginning to vocalize his need for help. now, we're seeing turkey, a nato
2:40 pm
ally really starting to experience some of these problems as well. the region is in peril. we need to step up and we need to understand that syria right now is ground zero for fighting the radicals. >> our best to you. good to see you. >> thanks, shannon. outrage, growing over the deadly shooting of a young college student. gunned down while he was out for a jog by three kids, according to police, because they decided to go out and kill somebody because they were bored, didn't have anything to do. how did we as a society, get to a place kids can believe a human life has no value? our panel is next. >> my parents rang me up the day before and said, have you heard about this australian that got killed not far from here? it hits home pretty hard. too big.
2:41 pm
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folks talk about guys they really like or have favorites. chris was one of my favorites. he was and always will be. he will be deeply missed by everybody. >> so chatty and could talk to anybody about anything at any time. amazing. i was always the shyer one that never had anything to say. he could talk to a wall. he's such an amazing person. i'm going to miss him. >> honestly i thought it was a joke. i thought the former player was joking. i couldn't believe it. when i called him back i was in absolute shock. i still am having a hard time wrapping my head around this. >> and the girlfriend there. people are still watching this case with horror. a young college baseball player, christopher lane, out for a jog and gunned down purportedly for the fun of it. that's what police say the suspects told them. we're asking them how did we get to this place in society where
2:45 pm
three teenagers, kids, 15, 16, 17, would go out and kill somebody just because they didn't have anything else to do? what drives the seeming disregard for human life. we have a panel today. rabbi, president of caucus for america. and executive director of priests for life and a child psychologist. welcome to all of you. doctor, i'll start with you. the psychology of this is so hard to understand, i don't know where to start. >> we're really talking about antisocial, psychopathic behaviors. they didn't just choose this person in a random way, which was horrible enough because they were bored and believe me there are many many emotional factors here we don't yet know about these young men. we are being told one sang and
2:46 pm
danced as he was being brought into jail. when we talk about the utter disregard for human life, how disgusting this is and how we've gotten into society we do have young people like this in some ways are part of a culture where we have excluded them, where there are the issues in the world that lead to people not having opportunities, but they have to take personal responsibility. and their families have to look at what was going on with these young people that allowed them to turn into these monsters. >> one of the attorneys connected with the case talked about the fact from what he knew of the situation, the kids didn't have involvement of the parents. one the mother may be in jail and the others said the fathers weren't the type of role model they needed, playing violent video games and basically running around unchecked. does anybody pour into these kids? how do they end up where they are. >> we have to end up with the fact since 1973, these kids are survivors and could have been aborted.
2:47 pm
>> they're post roe v. wade. >> post roe v. wade and a thing called a psychiatrist syndrome. a doctor says just the fact you could have been aborted could affect you as a survivor of roe v. wade and you mentioned the lack of parents' involvement. video games and violence on tv, studies have shown that a child by the time they're 13, watches over 100,000 episodes of violence on tv. by the time they graduate to high school it's over 200,000. picture the violence psychologists said there was no parental involvement with these children. it adds to it and they feel disconne disconnected. also goals. the gentleman tragically gunned down he had a scholarship and goals and as expirations. what were their goals? and the little bit of parenting there was. had three daughters in their 30s
2:48 pm
and i raised children myself and never let them go out with what are you doing and where are you going? and parents should be keeping track of your children and how you are monitoring the media in your home. they have cell phones. are they watching pornography? what are the kids doing? parents should do a media check. parents use the video games and violence on tv as a way of keeping the kids quiet. >> rabbi, do you think all these things factor into the effect life is not -- the special gift ways not valued the way it was years ago. if you have games realistic you can pretend to kill people all day and maybe donald rumsfeld and extend to a real kill is the only thing that would get you out of this funk you're in? >> that's absolutely correct regarding this specific instance. and more involved is our culture. we were founded originally as
2:49 pm
judeo christian culture, culture based on virtues and taught our children virtue, what is life and responsibility and instead evolved into a culture of entitlement, indulgence. we're here many believe just to gratify people. it's not a virtuous society, one where people want to have fun and don't realize what they're doing is drastic to life, they don't appreciate it, not taught that in the schools. many of these children are screwed up because many of the adults have their priorities mixed up. they see celebrities come in and trash places and yet celebrated and see all types of immoral things happening and these people are celebrated by the newspapers. it's a whole skewed value system. we used to be a society based on virtue and accountability and devolved unfortunately among many into a society based on entitlement, what's good for me and indulgence. >> a lot of people will say if
2:50 pm
you try to bring issues about morality and people say you can't preach and impose your morality on others, are there some we can say okay, like thin. >> greatest moral value is learning to love yourself. what i see with young people like these boys who allegedly did this, they don't get love in the home. we talked about the parents having their own issues and those parents perhaps were not loved. if you don't love yourself, if you don't value life you're not going oval someone's life. >> in social media one of these suspects said come get me i'm not afraid 0 die. >> the greatest moral value is to treat other people with dignity and know thing sanctity of life and how one should live with civility and provide to others dignity. not just love to your self. >> think rabbi, we're saying the
2:51 pm
same thing. if you love yourself you love life you respect others and you want to treat others the way you're respected. >> it comes down love your neighbor as yourself. >> which is a good place to end. we'll be right back.
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
whoa! >> yeah. that reaction when marijuana was made legal in colorado, but do not expect to see a whole lot of pot stores opening up any time soon. state lawmakers voted to approve legal marijuana last november and there was all this celebrating. but cities have the option of prohibiting store front marijuana sales. it's already been done in colorado spring. and denver's mayor is calling for a temporary delay in how many people can open stores
2:55 pm
there. >> reporter: hi. it hasn't been quite the party here just yet. recreational marijuana law passed in this state by a wide margin. so far out of the 335 counties and municipalities that make up colorado, more than 70 have either prohibited or put a moratorium on retail sales. right now in both colorado and washington state which also passed a similar law, anyone over the age of 21 can possess an ounce or less of pot. buying it is another issue. colorado is still hammering out its retail rules, places like colorado springs have said no thank you. the second largest city here relies on defense contracts and tourism which the city council decided would suffer. >> the input of 3.9 million dollars of that recreational marijuana would have given us compared to the loss of tens of millions of dollars in either
2:56 pm
military or tourism just didn't provide a balance sheet to me. >> reporter: under the law all municipalities and counties have to decide what they will do by october 1st. the city of pueblo embraced retail marijuana and one of their commissioners she hopes they become a hub for lab testing and new jobs. >> as we transition through these difficult times with washington and colorado leading the way on recreational marijuana it may set the precedent for the u.s. congress to finally take up tissue in a safe and public safety driven manner. >> it's important to note that citizens of this state 21 or over can still possess marijuana in those communities. they simply won't be able to purchase it from a store. >> reporter: now, washington state's law does not provide an option for cities to try to opt-out. however, it hasn't stopped some from at least trying. >> all right. thank you so much. we're back with more news after this break. .
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