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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  November 1, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news. >> i a right-hander. that's it. the giants for the first time in 5 two years the giants are world champions as they come powering out of the dugout. bastida in arlington texas. [ cheering and applause ] >> that says it all. good evening, bay area. and welcome to arlington texas. it's where it happened tonight where the giants did it in five games. i can't believe it. 3-1 in an amazing win. there were over 1,000 giants fans who watched it here. they came from all over. from southern florida, from texas, the east coast and west coast and yeah from the bay
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area, too. and they are partying here. they are wondering the streets of arlington looking for something to do. a guy that watched it all go down with me this time, dennis, this looks pretty good. >> i'm a native san franciscoian went to the city -- grew up in the city. watched the new ballpark get built. this isn't just about tonight. it's about 56 years. it's about willie mays. it's about mccovey. all the great players who played here and never got this championship. the amazing thing is that the giants beats one of the best pitchers in baseball, not once, but they did it twice. when edgar renteria delivers the biggest home run of his career. that was plenty for tim lincecum, who went the first eight innings then turned it over to brian wilson. >> here attention -- here it
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is. struck him out. for the first time since 1954, the giants are world champions. >> finally, the drought is over. the giants are the best team in baseball. [ cheering and applause ] >> san francisco is going nuts tonight. what do you have to say to this city? >> i can't wait to get back. they have been waiting so long for this. they deserve it. they have poured their heart out for us. >> once you have experienced it, you have an itch to want to go back. there is nobody left standing but us right now. we can rest our hats on that for the rest of the offseason and for the rest of our lives for that matter. nobody can ever take it away from you. >> did you ever envision this
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happening? >> i didn't. i got to be honest. but after i got to be with the team and know the guys the first couple of months, i knew it could happen. >> lincecum tonight? >> that's unbelievable. >> he did such a tremendous job. he stepped up. he knew he had a great chance tonight going against their guys. cliff through the ball great but timmy stayed with his thing and kept throwing the ball great. [ cheering and applause ] >> what do you think of guys like willie mays, all the legends that never got a chance to be where you are right now. >> i don't know if you can even discuss that but how does it feel. >> it's humbling. it really is. these guys are some of the greatest of all times, and the cool thing is hopefully we can share it with them. these guys are around the team throughout spring training. they are around the team
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throughout the season. it's part of what made everything click there year. everybody is pulling for everybody. >> you definitely should be proud of these guys. the city of san francisco, they are going crazy right now. and party on, baby. >> when you consider all the hall of familiars that have come -- hall of famers that have come through this city, all the great ones who never won a world series, how do does it feel. >> they deserved it and narrowly missed. we believed -- they pitched. they caught and ran the bases. they were resillient. >> i couldn't find a bottle of champagne. >> what does it all mean for your history to win this now. >> it's unbelievable. my dad passed when i was
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younger, my mom raised me. just me and my sister. my mom, there she is. come here, mom. she bought me a batting cage when i was a kid and i wouldn't be here without this woman right here. she deserves all the credit, man. >> aubrey huff lost his father tragically at the age of 6 and you felt that his father was here tonight and has been all season for him. it's a great story, great story for the giants. one file alword, the mvp is edgar rent resident. -- renteria. he gets two home runs, six rbis. that's the story of the giants. >> a couple of home runs in really key situations in the game when giants needed runs. they were a great offensive team but they needed every run to get to where they were. it was so great to see aubrey huff and his wife and his kids and even his mom, and all the giants fans from san francisco
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who came out. just fantastic they followed the team from spring training tall way through. for a couple of city boys, we're glad to be here but we wish we were in north beach tonight. >> i understand the city is going nuts. we are glad to bring you back a world championship. what an experience to be part of it. >> we're going to take you back to san francisco, since we can't be there. joe vasquez is in the middle of it. >> this is where a lot of that magic happened. the fans have taken over the intersection here. that right there, that is 3rd and king. we've seen it all here. we've seen fireworks. we've seen strangers kissing strangers. right now they are setting the toilet paper up there on fire. this is the kind of may hem we've seen since the very last pitch of the ballgame. [ cheering and applause ]
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since i was fours years alleged i've been -- 34 years are -- 4 years old i was a giants fan. i've been waiting. (honking ) >> world champs. all right. whoooo! [ cheering and applause ] >> we did it. we did it. we did it. we did it. >> watts going through your head. >> we're getting our first victory here. we love it out here in san francisco. i hope all giants' fans are going ballistic. [ cheering and applause ]
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and the madness continues here at at&t park. the crowd still going wild. look at this, dana, world series champions. they are very excited to be here. >> you can't help but get caught up in the enthusiasm. >> it's hard not to. >> we will talk to you in a little bit. [ cheering and applause ] >> the butty of it is that -- beauty of it is that the fans are having a wonderful time. it's positive. it's not like many of the stories that we've told over time. fans are everywhere. they also flooded market street. >> reporter: all up and down market street, it's a parade starting tonight. there may be an official parade later, this is the parade tonight. people are high-fiving bikes going by and cars going by and so far everybody is polite. this is the most controlled
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chaos i've ever seen. an older gentleman said it was like this on vj day. i do remember the 49ers super bowl. this is crazier and it is controlled chaos. >> what a good complainings. if they couldn't be at the game thousands of fans in san francisco, the next best thing they gathered at civic center by watching it on a big outdoor screen. the crowd is finally gone there. they are everywhere else in the city, though. >> there are a few more here. you can still hear them screaming and yelling. but it did feel like we were at the ballpark watching this game live. but it was a tv screen with thousands of my closest giants' fans all together here anticipating and then tasting victory. [ cheering and applause ]
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they were crazy. thousands of fans who shared the triumph on the big screen television at san francisco civic center. >> "let's go giants." >> it's awesome, to celebrate with all these people. >> it's been a long time and we finally got what we wanted. we went through colorado, san diego, philadelphia, texas, we are champions. [ cheering and applause ] the controlled chaos spilled out onto the streets.
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>> i think it's the greatest thing for the city of san francisco right now to wait all this time for the giants to come through, to see the city happy and everybody love and together. [ cheering and applause ] >> great night to be a giants afan. this was a long time in coming. let's go back to arlington, texas with a quick look back. >> reporter: yeah, very much a long time coming. that's kinds of the theme this whole world series. it took years and years, the team came to san francisco and there was a drought. they tried to get a world series championship three times around, it didn't work out. after this one in game 5, the world series is ours and san francisco can claim its own world series crown. >> willie mays, 1954 the polo grounds.
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the catch would be the turning point in the series the giants would go on to win over the indians. but it would be the team's last world series' wins for 56 years. there would be other chances. but all would end in disappointment and defeat. the 1962 series against the yankees with mccovey at the plate. two men on, a line shot to second baseman bobby richardson. it would end the giants' chances that year. >> i think -- started his wind up before he could get back to where he would normally play. that's where i happened to hit the ball. >> the giants win the world series. >> everybody plays -- he was actually in a position where you would play a right-handed pull not a left-handed one. >> reporter: they wouldn't make it back until 1989 against the a's. a series marched by the
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earthquake. attend ---- a 10 day delay in play. the giants swept away. then in 2002, another chance for the giants, but once again victory is denied as they fall to the angels. critical game 6 on a homer. the anaheim club would go on to win game 7 and the giants would go home. it would take eight years before they would come back. >> "that's it. for the the first time in 52 years, the giants are world champions ." >> yeah, it's just and amazing win. it's going to take a few days for the shock to wear off. everybody in san francisco will be part i didn't -- partying. the security, they are on their way home. we are bringing them back to you at about 2:00 in the morning. i'm sure people will show up at
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the airport. speaking of flying. weaver going to -- we're going to take you out with these great shots from chopper 5. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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races for days. many election day is -- election day is tomorrow. however we may not find out some of the results for days. that's because less than 40% of the 6.7 million mail i didn't know ballots have not been returned as of tonight.
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it's too late to mail it in you have to take it to a polling place. >> they can do it at any polling place or if they are going to be going to the polls, make sure they go to the a signed polling place because they are going to have issues on the ballot that they are eligible to vote for. if they go to another precinct they may be voting on things they are not eligible then we would have to make sure that we handle that differently. >> some of the races that may be decided by the mail in ballots are attorney general races and -- with an election special 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. that's right here on cbs 5. an east bay woman was given a clean bill of health after being screened for colon cancer but she still died from the disease. she did not get a colon os could by. the risks you need to know
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about my mom died as a result of them not looking, not screening like they proclaimed to do. >> in 2005 doris went to ---- went for a screening test. it uses a flexible tube with a camera to examine the lower one- third to one-half of the colon. >> her doctor tolder when that she was good to go for ten more years. >> but there's ra problem with those. it doesn't reach the upper colon and that's where her cancer was hiding. >> she died three years later. >> the frustrating part of this is knowing this was so preventible. >> because a more complex procedure examines the entire length of the colon and might have found her cancer. so why did they use the other procedure. >> it is faster. it is cheaper.
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it uses fewer personnel. >> they profit by that. certainly not the patient. >> it is a very controversial topic. >> reporter: he says it's considered the gold standard of care. >> it's much more difficult to do one. >> he says the procedure requires a bigger staff, more preparation, drugs for sedation and carries more risk for the patient. there aren't enough resources to screen everybody using that procedure. >> there are lots of other good ways to screen also. >> he heads up the cancer screening program for northern call. he said -- enable them to screen more people, find more cancers and save more lives. >> the best screening test is the one that patients will get
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done. there's not enough evidence to say one test is better than another. >> some screening is better than no screening. >> what about the people they missed. after much digging, they did find a possible precancerous growth. the doctor let the matter drop without ordering a full procedure. >> he gambled with my mom's life and i was wrong. >> they never -- he was wrong. >> they never admitted any mistakes. they were awarded maximum damages of $250,000. her cancer would probably have been cured or at least curved with a -- could -- >> izar says it does not deny
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treatment based on cost. you can find out more about this on our website. we will be right back. [ jogging ] [ breathing heavily ] whoa! [ male announcer ] sometimes you just don't see it coming. that's why we have some of the largest doctor networks in california. blue shield. [ smack! ] [ insects buzzing ]
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good evening on this first day of the month of november. high today 6 ---- tonight overnight with clear skies. 45 degrees in santa rosa. the winds are offshore northeast. i want to show you this. it's low pressure north to the bay area. we are under the influence of high pressure and an offshore flow, but this will cause some very high surf. it will generated out of the northwest out of 25 feet so we do have a advisory in effect tomorrow morning 11:00 a.m.
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until 3:00 p.m. you notice a little bit of the haze tomorrow but it's still an offshore flow. temperatures going up tomorrow, warmer than today from 69 in -- 80 degrees in fairfield. low 80s toward brentwood. the warmest day will be on thursday. chances of rain from friday through monday. keep those great giants' pictures coming. it's a great night here in the bay area and stay with us. the giants coverage continues right here on the cw right after this. ,,,,
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moment san francisco giants fans have been waiting more than 50 years for... here is another look at the moment san francisco giants' fans have been waiting for for more than 50 years. >> wilson worked with two outs. bases were empty. they held their brett and then went crazy with celebration. the game being hundreds of
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miles away -- fans gather outside of at&t park to cheer the team. it was a wild scene in san francisco's mission district as well. fans poured out into the intersection to get that party started. >> what was it like for the giants' fans in texas? there's two of them right there. [ laughter ] >> you smell like champagne. >> i've got a few bottle on me. >> it was nuts here. we had 1,000 giants fans. we never saw the ends of the game. we had to look at it in videotape. this is a story that started a long time ago. >> this one guy -- i don't think giants fans should over look. he kept the giants from leaving san francisco. he built the best stadium in baseball. the former managing partner found his way into the celebration tonight. >> i was at that '54 series. 57 years i waited for this.
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all the close calls we ever had, 1962. 2002. all of the bad them rice from that, now they are totally forgotten. >> i don't believe there is any bigger giants' fan that peter and i feel very, very -- i got a soft spot in my heart for him. i'm glad for him that the giants won tonight. >> him and the other guy i was thinking about tonight was willie mays. we understand he's been under the weather bit and mccovey and you listened to them at the beginning of the broadcast. it's an amazing history. it's a great thing for the city. >> we're going to see you at 11:00. the giants won the world series. >> i know. at 10. >> i don't think two greater fans could be there at the game. the party will continue with when -- when you get home. >> we will bring the parade
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