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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  November 5, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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taking no chances tonight -- finding and talking to >> a good number are people we have run into and did do damage and were arrested. oakland police taking no chances tonight. finding and talking to demonstrators that have been arrested before. the preparation for the johannes mehserle sentence and how it all paid off. calls for celebration in a race that hasn't officially been call. why one candidate for oakland mayor popped the champagne. if you thought parking enforcement had eased up a bit, think again. the drivers who should expect stricter enforcement. and we hear from store employees the strikes to get you a little extra including buying something at costco without having to have a membership. >> good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastid johannes mehserle will serve time in prison but not as much as some
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expected. the judge gave the b.a.r.t cop the shortest prison sentence possible. >> we have a right. this is outrageous. this sentence of two years is outrageous. for murder. for killing somebody. >> that's not just the sentiment on the streets. for some this is what the mayor of oakland also said. >> i understand the anger, the pain, the hurt, the disappointment. >> the mayor went on to say that he hoped people expressed their disappointment in a manner that is "not destructive to our community. not everyone in the bay area shares the outrage. we took a poll and found out in all 55% of people think the jail sentence of two years that he got is either just right or a little too much. 39% tell survey u.s.a. that johannes mehserle got too
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little jail time. >> we have crews on the streets of oakland and a helicopter watching what's going on. at least 100 people have been arrested. we will get to that but first details of the sentencing. johannes mehserle got two years in prison for the charge of involuntary manslaughter. he threw out gun enhancement which would have added ten years to his prison time. he gets credit for time served so he will serve about seven months. the grant family was in the courtroom and so was our robert lyles. >> we are talking about murder. and if a man goes to prison for killing a dog and he gets four years, then of course two years is not enough. >> reporter: oscar grant's uncle could barely contain his anger following the verdict. >> the judge said it is clear
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that oscar was clearly resisting arrest. >> reporter: he is referring to the moment the former b.a.r.t cop stood in a bright orange jail jump suit and read a statement saying if i could bring mr. grant back i would. my intention was to control mr. grant with the taser but that failed and that cost him his life. the judge was perry -- mistake of fact is a defense to involuntary manslaughter and without that construction the jury could not convict of an enhanced gun charge so the judge called it out. john burres calls the judge racist. >> they will have this real sense there is no justice for african-american men that get
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shot and killed by police. >> reporter: oscar grant's uncle says he is refusing to call for calm on the streets. >> people want justice. there can't be no peace without justice. i'm here because my family is in los angeles. i have no power over what people feel their form of expression should be. >> reporter: the family say they are now taking this to what they call a higher matter and say they have contacted the u.s. department of justice. reporting from los angeles, i'm robert lyles, cbs5. >> now let's go directly to oakland where joe vazquez has been all afternoon. joe, what is happening now. >> reporter: ken, right now mass arrests are underway. this is what they didn't want to see. this is the third protest in less than two years where it began as a peaceful tribute to oscar grant's life but then took this chaotic turn into the streets. there was damage on the street lights. there was a case where a protestor took a police officer's gun and turned it on him and took off it and they
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were able to retrieve the gun. the police chief said before today began even he said they found some protestors in the crowd they recognizeed from rallies past. they told them directly don't do it this time. i have to say for the most part it was peaceful with some dramatic exceptions. >> reporter: just as soon as the peaceful protest at city hall broke up the crowd immediately surged into the street at 14th and broadway. police kept their distance. most demonstrators just chanted their anger but a few went out of their way to cause damaging attacking car windows and other things in their path like these store fronts. police walked down parallel streets and kept their distance. the opd chief said they were going to allow them to express their anger as long as they did it peacefully but officers were determined to keep people from
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getting out of hand and committing violence and vandalism. uniformed cops would confront some of the demonstrators directly. they marched down to the college. they eventually made their way to the lake merit area. that's where police boxed the protestors in. they were trapped for a good hour. >> we were here to find oscar grant. johannes mehserle was sentenced to two years in jail only and that is not enough to be accountable for murder. >> a few windows were broken. >> there were a few. if we need to work on that in the future and we need to discuss restitution with members of the community we will do that. but >> reporter: once hundreds of
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cops converged on that scene, they handcuffed dozens of protestors. some cuss and screamed at cops. the city hall protest ended two miles away. police say there was minimal damage on the streets. >> and police say they arrested more than 100 demonstrators. they say by tomorrow that number could grow to 150. the police chief a short while ago held a news conference, ken, and said he was disappointed with the organizers as they said it would be peaceful, said there might be a march to a nearby park but they didn't go to a park, they went another direction, through the streets of oakland. as you saw those were glaring examples of damage. for the most part people were peaceful. i have to say that. foothill is here. a couple blocks down that way the protestors got themselves on a regular street here, just a community street and officers converged from both sides and just boxed them in and started
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making arrests. >> thank you. joe vazquez reporting. >> oakland city council members were among marching last time. tonight jean quan is popping open champagne bottles and kiet do explains why. >> reporter: for oakland mayoral candidate jean quan this is her idea of being cautiously optimistic. >> this is to all the people that knew we were crazy but stayed with us anyway. >> reporter: she is ahead with 47% of the votes. >> we are leading 51-49. but it looks like with 10,000 votes to go we will probably hold that lead and if so it is a real victory. >> reporter: oakland has adopted so-called rank choice voting. it is where voters pick their top three choices and a
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computer algorythm picks the best one. there might be a rehearsal of fort. we are unclear of alameda county's process. the mystery of rank choice voting conditions. our cbs5 political analyst said quan couldn't have gotten this far without rank choice voting. >> is it fair to say that superstar candidates do not like rank choice voting? >> i would imaginein because it gives the underdog more of a potential opportunity to upset it. >> reporter: quan is now poised to be the first female asian of a major american city but with a looming deficit of $50 million she should enjoy the champagne while it lasts. nancy pelosi announced today that she is running for minority leader. her bid for house minority leader faces opposition from a
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handful of democrats. distressed by the losses in the house including a north carolina congressman who may challenge nancy pelosi for that position. allies say she wouldn't run if she didn't feel she had the votes. san francisco police arrested the man they say posed as a utility worker to rob and kill a san francisco socialite. police picked up gary holland about 10:00 a.m. this morning. they say he was going door-to- door last week pretending to check for a gas leak before he killed kathleen horan in her russian hill apartment. they won't say exactly how they linked him to the murder only that they found him during a check in a park. >> the investigation, as the contact went on, obviously we were able to put some information together and realized that he was our suspect. >> horan was a well known publicist in san francisco. police won't say exactly how she died. holland was already on parole
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for attempted murder. another man under arrest for robbing an elderly woman of her purse and her dog. it happened saturday in alameda. two men confronted the 80-year- old woman as she walked with her yorkshire terrier. one man grabbed the dog and the other grabbed her purse. a second suspect is still on the loose and so far no signs of that dog. watch your parking meters. one bay area city says it has been easy on drivers lately not handing out parking tickets as usual. tonight the city says no more mr. nice guy. don knapp shows us. >> reporter: can't imagine parking tickets that is more aggressive here. >> now it is parked right there. there were no signs and i got a ticket for the meter being out.
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>> reporter: but the metropolitan transit authority says people who park in the city have been getting a break from fines. they can thank a summer of big events especially giants games. >> when we have those kind of large crowds in the city you may see, in addition to a police officer you may see a parking control officer helping to control traffic at the intersection. >> which means they are not giving out tickets. >> reporter: expected to bring in $267 million this fiscal year. the first quarter budget came in seven and a half million short of projections. a big chunk is from violators that got a ticket. >> i think it is terrible that people would come into my office or visit any of one of these jewelers and face almost city retribution. >> reporter: if you park in the city you can expect more aggressive ticketing by the parking control officers. >> i think the bottom line is you want to generate people to go into the stores and if you start ticketing them every other minute they won't go into
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the stores and you won't get the sales tax and who loses but the city. >> reporter: that's now -- that's not how the city sees it. >> it certainly is an important part of revenue. >> reporter: kristin says there is a way to avoid the fines. when you get out of the car look around at the signs. sometimes the rules about parking are pretty complex like up here on broadway after 8:00 p.m. on a friday and saturday night, your car gets towed. so look around and save some money. >> yes. it is a lot of money. >> not just the fine but the towing. a commercial jet makes a landing without its landing gear. that's coming up in one minute. what you can buy at costco without being a member and other tips only employees know. the freebies that you have been missing out on at other stores and the best way to get them.
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and a little later it is cheaper to stay above ground. the trend for people who can't afford funerals. we have all heard about it now. rain moving into the bay area but i'll nail down the hour you should anticipate those rain drops on your rooftop as eyewitness news continues rights here on the cw.
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without its front landing gear. security video shows the 737 skidding down the runway. the pilot managed to bring it to a stop. this plane came in without landing gear. the 737 skidded down the runway. the pilot managed to bring it to a stop and nobody was hurt. a couple things your favorite stores don't want you to know. tips on freebies, ways around the rules. we found them on the consumer watch. julie watts explains [ no audio
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] >> obviously we are having a little problem with that piece of video. and we are going to bring it to you as soon as we can get it reracked and brought back up. in the meantime we are going to talk about your weekend. roberta is here. >> we will start out with letting everybody know that first up we have got mostly cloudy skies out over coyt tower. you can't see it because it is nighttime but winds in overcast skies. temperatures won't be as cold as they have been in recent nights. one thing i wants to alert you to is daylight saving time. it comes to an end tomorrow night. set your clock back one full hour at 2:00 a.m. on sunday. remember to replace your battery in your smoke detector.
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that's how i keep track of mine. a couple of different storms. not just one. this one right here, banks up against the ridge of high pressure. center, the low right offshore. so that's been busy down to the south. a few rain drops banging up against the coast but that's about it. otherwise, this is the system that contains a lot of precipitation associated with it. try to break it down like this. pinpoint forecast watch your sunday and then look at the heaviest rain before lunch hour sweep into the bay area. here is your 1:15 oakland radar kickoff against the kansas city chiefs. it will be raining. we will have the rain beginning to taper off during the game but i would prepare to get wet during the football game. it is a mud ball. all right. looks like by the time all is said and done by sunday night we will have 2 inches of rain north of the golden gate bridge. the lesser amount across the santa clara valley. a half inch of rain across the
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bay area. meanwhile tomorrow's temperatures, 60s and low 70s. 72 degrees in san jose. meanwhile, the extended forecast does call for that rain event on sunday. partly cloudy on monday. a chance of a north bay shower on tuesday. then dry skies wednesday through veteran's day all the way until friday. meanwhile, my pick. i'm telling you, we have had some amazing sun sets the last three, four, five days. pacifica sunset. robert outdid himself. you're shocked. you look at me. that's beautiful. we have had a lot of clouds coming in from the sub tropics. autumn sunset. we are getting the reflection of the sun off the clouds. very pretty >> iphone is not working. won't set itself so i will have to call you. >> i'm going to need a phone call. thanks, roberta. he got on one flight as one person and he got off that same flight as somebody else.
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how he pull off a dramatic deception. a booming business born from a rotten economy. how medical students are benefiting from people choosing to stay above ground after they die. ,,,,,,,,
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can it keep an eye out for itself, literally show and tell you where it is when you don't even know yourself ? droid can with lookout mobile security, one of thousands of free apps for the droid x and droid 2 by motorola. available on the ever-expanding android market. when there's no limit to what droid gets, there's no limit to what droid does.
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and ways around the rules. we found them. on the so we will recue julie watts' piece on things some stores don't want you to know. >> reporter: these days every cent counts. so when we found this website where employees of stores shared some things. sam's club. member's only big box store. when it comes to buying, there is no membership required. and sure enough it worked. not only did she bypass the $40 membership fee but got a great discount on wine and as it turns out this little secret is not exclusive to their club. you can get into costco as well. >> in the state of california they must allow the purchase of alcohol without a club membership. >> reporter: the marketing
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expert says this is one of the many perks consumers can enjoy if they know what to ask for. >> these are things which they don't want necessarily to be broadly known but they are out there to satisfy consumers. >> here is another little known secret for sears shoppers. if your kids wear out their clothes before they grow out of them they will replace them for free. an employee secret reveals if you buy a bowl you can order up to four extra toppings on the side for free. that's enough for an extra meal. but when jessica tried it out. >> i was charged for these two. which was the total of 3. 90. so we didn't get all the sides for free. >> reporter: still not bad. and she says you may be able to snag even sweeter deals depending on who is serving you, how nice you are and if you're a regular customer. >> the lesson is that you should ask. >> really let your imagination run wild with you in terms of what you might be able to get.
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>> reporter: she suggests asking for senior and student discounts and even trying a new parent discount and of course don't forget those birthday discounts. julie watts, cbs5. a young asian man being detained in canada after disguising himself and then boarding a vancouver bound flight in hong kong. here is the dis hong kong -- here is the disguise. he was arrested after the plane landed and made a claim for refugee protection but it is not clear what his reason is for making that claim. a tough economy is forcing people to do something else with their bodies when they die
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rather than bury them. the trend is turning into donating bodies to science. the university of southern california gets as many as 60 bodies a year for medical students to study and the reason is pretty simple. because it is all about costs. >> we are getting a lot of people calling up and asking if they can donate their loved ones. the funeral is very expensive and we are looking for a cheaper alternative and donating your remains is free. >> the reason they want to donate is they have been diagnosed with an illness or have a fatal degrees. >> it requires a donor to consent while still alive. >> we will be right back. ♪ [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. ♪
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lack there of... bruce bochy says the team won't tolerate him being out of shape next season... the giants were exactly thrilled with san his shape.
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>> we had his food brought to him. we educated pablo and his family but at some point you have to do it in yourself. if he wants to play in the major leagues he has to get into better shape. >> stephen curry spinning into the lane and slipping it up and in. 20 points for curry. the warriors beat the jazz 85- 78. the sharks will be without their captain for a couple of games. joe thorton was suspended for two games following this hit last night on blues left winning david braun. swab cup. nearly ending up with a hole in one on 16. it lands three feet from the hole. he taps it in for eagle. he is the leader. missing practice with a high ankle sprain and is doubtful. of course that game on our sister station cbs5.
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>> we need him. >> need him. >> be there in the rain. >> see you at 11:00 p.m. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: lie worried when i watch the games, because they could hurt themselves... and doctors are so expensive and...what if -- [ umpire ] safe!! what do you mean he was safe? he was out!!!!! i just want to make sure they're okay, you know? [ male announcer ] we know health coverage isn't cheap. that's why we offer a wide range of plans to fit your family's budget. blue shield.
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