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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  November 17, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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you're watching cps 5 eyewitness news on the cw. a ban -- strikes again. who is pooting -- footing the bill for the reward? think of it as a really big office pool. the site that allows you to pool your lotto money across the state. is it a cause or cure? benefits women say they get from eating dirt and charcoal. you already know that you can shop over the internet, did you know you could actually mary marry your partner over the internet. who would do that to an animal? another bird trapped in a collar has turned up in the bay area. it's a federal offense and
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tonight the reward to help catch a suspect in the case has grown. linda shows us wildlife rescue crews are already collecting evidence. >> this sea gull is the latest victim. it's one of possibly five sea gulls seen around the bay area trapped in this torturous death grip. >> that's awful. it's not human to kill animals like that. >> they say the beer can won't necessarily kill the bird right away. >> it's allowing the bird expowers you are to the elements, it will kill it slowly. >> earlier this week, volunteers were able to catch one of the gulls and cut the can off its neck.
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this was in san francisco. >> this is a really horrible way for an animal to be suffering. it's no longer able to put its feather in a linement and groom. it could hut its ability to feed, certainly to swim and bathe. >> who would do something like that. >> willed rescue and the -- are offering a $6,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the people responsible. >> we are treating the birds and the cans as evidence. there is a potential to pick up fingerprints and/or dna off the cans. >> one of the victimized sea gulls was found right here at fish alley. they are asking the public's help in spotting the other four sea gulls with a beer can wrapped around its neck. they want you to just report it
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if you spot one. go to the once -- go to the website. don't touch or catch these birds. just report the sitings. >> the reward is $6,000. >> yes. >> thank you. playing the california lottery is easier than of these days. all you need is a computer and your credit card. >> reporter: buying a good old- fashioned lotto texas in person is just so old-fashioned. a new website now let's you buy them online. we spoke via skype with james. >> what we're trying to do is take the age old institution of the lottery and bring it into the 21st century. >> you can increase your chance of winning by joining a giant
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pool. they don't take any of your winnings but using this service costs 10 to # 0 -- 10 to $20 a month. >> why do we have to travel to the convenience store to get our lotto tickets. >> the commission issued a written statement saying lottery tickets can be purchased at no extra charge at retailers across the state. the california lottery is trying to determine whether this complies with the law. >> this ticket is your ticket. we never own the ticket legally. it always belongs to the user. all our employees are background checked. we are interested in creating a
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platform that's usable that's run legitimately. >> here at a meeting, recovering addicts criticize the website. they say it brings gambling to your doorstep 24/7. >> it's a dangerous situation for people with tendency to be compulsive gambler. >> we are live here outside of maximum's liquor where the mega million jackpot is $25 million. what you're looking at here, these are my eight tickets that i got online and i have pooled these with about eight other users, but if this thing works and i win that $25 million, the drinks are on me. >> how do you split it up, though, with eight other people? who is going to tie care of
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that. >> -- take care of that. >> they figure it out for us. >> everybody gets a check. >> more or less. >> thank you. an oakland congregation is mourning the death of a man gunned down outside their church. leon wilson was trying to improve his life by taking classes at church e was in class yesterday when he received a phone call. he then went outside and was shot and killed. his death came just as the church received a $430,000' grant the fight violence. >> this event, as tragic as it is, reinforces the need for us to provide programs in this community and in fact we see it as something that even courages us rather than discourages is. >> they say they have a lead in
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the murder. san jose police warned the public about a kidnapping for ransom plot involving five fake police officers. they pulled over a businessman two weeks ago and took him to a home. at 1:00 in the morning, the victim's family received a phone call demanding $1 million ransom. the family waited six hours to contact police who were able to track down the victims and the suspects. a vigil tonight for a vacaville teenager struck and killed last week while riding his bike, only one car was involved. tonight, the victim's friend is telling a much different story. ron jones joins us now from vacaville with a tribute to that teenager. >> reporter: that's right. first of all, i have to say that the friends and family are very impressed with the love and support they saw here. however, they are not impressed
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that the vacaville police department is handling this investigation. >> at the vacaville state park, it's a celebration of life. >> if we didn't have this, i don't know how we would get through this. >> reporter: the short life of this 14-year-old, an avid bmx enthosist, was struck and hit by a hit-and-run driver last thursday. >> you wouldn't wish this on your worst enemy. >> reporter: family members say two friends were with him. >> wesley mason was one of them. he says alex was hit and carried on the hood of one car, rolled on to the the pavement. >> another car didn't stop and ran him over. >> reporter: and another vehicle struck alex a second time. both vehicles kept going or did it happen that way? >> there is two different
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stories from eyewitnesses. >> reporter: police say only one vehicle struck alex and that has friends and family outraged, especially wesley who was there. >> i don't know how they are going to say that. i saw it with my own eyes. >> reporter: family members want police to work for two suspect vehicles and not just one. we made numerous attempts to get answers from vacaville pd about the second vehicle but they have not returned our calls. >> it's every parent's greatest fear. >> reporter: they say they are not only celebrating alex's life but want to shine a brighter light on two hit and run drivers on the run. >> this shouldn't happen. for anybody to go through this, it's unbearable. >> reporter: well, right now they are passing out these fliers throughout the entire community. the family wants to put the suspects behind bars. we are waiting to hear from
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vacaville pd. >> hopefully they will have a statement soon. about 300 protestors mostly students clashed with police outside of the board of regents today. demonstrators tried to cross police barricade where the regents are meeting. one officer had to draw his weapon after protestors grabbed his baton and hit him with it. they used pepper spray to control the crowd. >> they kept -- my hands were down. >> 13 protestors were arrested, at least two officers were also hurt. the board is set to proposed on the 8% hike tomorrow. das are suing over for its price comparisons. they are accused of making up list prices to compare to over
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stock's discount prices. for example -- the sight said the list price was worth $1,000. but it arrived with a wal-mart sticker saying it was worth $250. taxpayers are expected to make a lot of money tomorrow when one of our investments pays off. general motors may end up with the largest public offering in history when shares go on sale tomorrow. taxpayers are expected to recoup about a quarter of their money. that means that small investors will miss out on the profits. shares of newly traded companies jump 10% or more in the first day of trading.
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what may have cost meg whitman the governorship. she meant more than s 40 ---- $140 million to get elected. how a same sex couple living in a at the time that does does not allow marriage managed to tie the knot. we're looking at the return of the rain, the day it will affect the bay area and how much to expect. your opinion point forecast as eyewitness news continues on the cw.
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engaging in a strange behavior. it's an irresistable urge to devour chunks of earth as well as other unconventional substances. dr. kim mulvihill repo some people, are quietly engaging in a strange behavior.
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it's an urge to did he vow chunks of earth ddevour. >> reporter: three star chef jennifer whips up an intriguing dish, a plate of dirt. but the earth here is identify -- edible. >> while the dirt is dollarsling diners around the world, at this very moment, hundreds of thousands of other people from all walks of life are craving and eating the real thing. the phenomenal is called pica, it's an intense craving to eat nonfood items. >> i had a woman once confessing that she ate toilet paper. she couldn't control it. >> there are women here in the united states who are eating
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two up to three boxes of this a day. >> reporter: she has studied this around the world. her research he involved into a landmark study. >> you see pregnant woman more than anyone are loving this stuff. >> reporter: they found a staggering 68% engaged in pica. >> we're addicted to these things. it's like rum. it's like openium. >> >> women are seeking out clean dirt. >> where do you find clean dirt? you can buy it over the enter knelt. >> you can buy this online and have it delivered discretely. >> these women are as sane as you or me. it's like -- >> she believes it may have he ---- evolved a biological
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purpose. >> with this lining, it's harder to pathogens to permeate your gut. >> it can be dangerous. >> it ca been fear with -- it's can interfere with absorption. >> she sees patients with pica. let your doctor know if you are doing it. >> we can help people redistrict their appetites -- redistrict. >> as for doctor young, she wondered if she, too, woodreeve earth. she did not. >> it didn't speak to me in the same way. the legal drama involving meg whitman and her former housekeeper came to an end in sap hose today. -- san jose today.
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nickie diaz attending a meeting today. they claim that the couple owed her between 8,000 and $10,000 in unpaid wages. she settled for payment of $500. -- $5,500. news that she had fired her shortly before her run for governor may have helped derail her campaign. pelosi will remain leader of the house of democrats. she will become the minority leader in january. she survived opposition from other democrats. same section marriages in texas. but two men found a loop hole that allowed them to tie the knot. they got married last month in dallas via the internet. though the marriage may be legal in dc, it won't be
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recognized in texas. >> people see that you've taken that extra time and effort, there's a little more closer to commitment and promises of being legal. >> the couple does have a real marriage certificate, but it won't be recognized as we say in texas. all right. it's wednesday, i know we always look forward to the weekend, but now it's going to be poopy. >> especially by saturday night because that's when the winds will pick up with the cloud cover with the widely scattered showers and with a very cool temperatures. this is the team tonight over berkeley. 87% -- it will be entirely full moon on -- the temperatures took a huge nose dive into the 40s. overnight tonight, temperatures pretty much -- santa rosa 48
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degrees. we do have the return of a very impressive marine layer. that's how you wake up tomorrow morning. area of low pressure to the north of the bay area. he will see a little bit of a wave move into our area let's say by thursday night, tomorrow night at this time with a slight chance of rain. other wise the enhandsment of the marine layer brings us back the fog. now let's try to clock it. look at your friday, everybody is wet by the evening commute. that's why we are saying widespread. rain showers from about friday night all the way through sunday. the main headline is not the rain. we're going to see about an inch to an inch and a half between friday night and sunday night. generally anywhere from a half an inch to three-quarters of an inch. what will be the headlines are
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the temperatures. huge nose dive. tomorrow also numbers coming down. 50s to mid-60s. take a good look at the forecast again. the development of showers on friday, widespread showers saturday and sunday. cold temperatures. gusty winds by saturday night and then we do see a chance of some rain showers by monday and tuesday lingering around the area but the local snow drive will drop down to 2500 feet. >> all right. i'm glad that's going to happen because i have some good news. >> oh, yes, you do. >> i bet you do. >> blue kitty is home. there she is. she's cleaning up after the mess she made. i want to thank my neighbors. they brought her home tonight and my other neighbors, all my neighbors got involved in finding my cat. my daughter has found out about it. she did call me and she was very upset, but now she's very
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happy. >> blue kitty is home. thank you all for caring and e- mailing me. >> thank you to the facebook people out there. >> yeah, thanks for the twitter.
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trash for the last year has something to report. well, the city that has been regulating every bit of your trash for the last year has something to report. marty in san francisco wants to know, how is san francisco's year-old recycling effort working out? that's tonight's good question. >> reporter: san francisco's mandatory composting and recycling ordinance went into effect a year ago. by all indications, it's off and running. >> how does this city rank up with other major cities in terms of recycling. >> we have a diversion rate which is the nation's highest. 77% is the nation's highest so we are leading the pack. >> mel any, the city's director said san francisco set a goal of recycling at least 75% of
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its garbage by 2010. it has surpassed its own projection. >> san franciscoians have almost doubles the amount they are composting. to almost -- >> much of that organic material is being shipped off to vineyards. at this facility, about 700 tons of recycables comes in daily to get sorted, separated and then collected and get shipped off to suppliers. the city has now set a goal of zero garbage by 2020. >> i need your good questions. send them to me. aordinary craf. we fill them with amazing technology. and we fill them with inspired design.
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favored by a touchdown and has big game set for saturday.
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>> we will go up this year and we will try to make a game out of it and do the best we can. don't listen to him when he says he's going to try to make it a game. that's a bunch much bs. -- bunch of bs i know what he's telling his team. >> you got that right. sharks and moves. paul -- mavs. they go to overtime. when kevin porter gets a break away. scoring the game winner. colorado wins 4-3. the a's traded outfielder davis. he stole 50 bases last season. despite his team struggling down the stretch -- won the manager of the year award. votes were cast before the
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postseason. 49ers signed -- today. he was on the team during training camp. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ great work everybody! now freshly remodeled, your target has never been better.
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