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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  November 27, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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asass. "he demonstrated very early on a serious, committ a solemn march and remembrance tonight as san francisco looks back on one of its darkest days in its history. public. but a teenager he demonstrated from very early on a serious committed determination to commit jihad. >> he was never a danger to the public but a teenager wanted death and destruction in a car bombing plot that didn't go off. artillery fire is heard. people warned to take shelter as tension escalates between north and south korea. i think the stuff they saw here is a little bit more special in a way. >> and shopping -- holiday shopping on a smaller scale. the push this season to make sure mom-and-pop shops aren't forgotten. a vigil tonight to remember a tragic day in san francisco history. mayor george moscone and
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supervisor harvey milk shot to death inside city hall 32 years ago today. and our don knapp is in the castro district where both men were remembered tonight. >> reporter: plead decades after the city hall mergers, the annual march and vigil drew significant crowds and they found they still have significant issues to talk about. >> quietly, respectfully, the marchers moved from cash one market not to city hall where the assassinations occurred but around the castro to the camera store that was once the business of the man called mayor of the castro, harvey milk. >> mayor moscone and supervisor harvey milk have been shot and killed. >> reporter: 32 years after the assassinations, the scenes and painful memories persist. former supervisor dan white had quit his seat on the board of supervisors, then changed his mind and asked mayor george moscone to reappoint him. moscone refused. white went to moscone's office
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in city hall. they argued. white pulled a gun and shot and killed the mayor. then went to supervisor harvey milk's office. the march ended at the storefront that used to be milk's camera store for a moment of silence and to consider new challenges. >> so please join me now as we take a moment to reflect on harvey's legacy and what that means to us tonight and the future. >> reporter: the founder of the aids memorial quilt was milk's protege, cleve jones. i think he would be proud of how far we have come but devastated among the ongoing suicides among our young people and foot-dragging inning congress. so -- dragging in congress. we have a long ways to go. i wish he was here. >> reporter: cleve jones said milk's advocacy was felt not just here but around the planet. don knapp in san francisco, thank you, don.
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a group that opposes gun violence picketed a meeting of open carry activists in the east bay. they met at nation's giant hamburgers in pleasant hill. they support their right to carry unloaded hollistered -- holstered weapons for self- defense. but members of the brady campaign to prevent gun violence say open carry is aing danger to the community. they want stronger gun control laws. >> common sense tells you when you have that many weapons in one place, and you don't have people who are accountable to anyone, that the odds for an incident or an accident are pretty high. >> the open-carry group says the brady campaign should focus their efforts on crime and criminal activity instead of targeting a great that is obeying the law. lot of a somalia-b set off a bomb in the middle of a crowded christmas celebration. that was the deadly plot of a somalia born teenager who authorities say wanted a quote, spectacular show of terrorism
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in oregon. the fbi secretly worked with the suspect for months as he planned that attack. >> reporter: this christmas tree lighting in downtown portland was where 19-year-old mohamed osmond mohamed tried to blow up a bomb with explosives. but the bombs with a fake supplied by fbi agents as part of a sting operation. >> he demonstrated from very early on, a serious committed determination to commit judgment jihad. >> mohamud a naturalized citizen born in somalia came under scrutiny because of a tip from someone concerned about him. investigators say he was under surveillance since 2009 when he made contact with someone in the northwest frontier of pakistan, a known haven for terrorists. he also wrote several articles for jihadist magazines, agents worked with mohmud for months as he prepared to activate his plan going so far as testing explosives in a deserted area. >> this was very serious in
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terms of how far, how serious the intent was. the only missing thing was that he happened to get hooked one undercover agents. >> reporter: officials say mohamud was acting alone with no guidance from terrorists organizations u.s. citizens and residents orchestrated several attacks in the past year. in times -- mohamud was registered for classes at oregon state university but dropped them in october. he told investigators he wanted to create a spectacular fireworks show and he didn't care if he killed shin. on the threat of home- whit - - children. last night's terror arrest is refocusing national attention on the threat of home- grown terrorism. whit johnson now with a look back at other foiled attempts. the attempted portland bombing is just the latest in what has been an eye-opening year-and-a-half of home-grown terror plots designed to kill
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americans. the good news is the fbi is doing its job. the bad news is you have american citizens still trying to blow up their fellow citizens. >> last month a virginia man was arrested in a federal sting after being accused of plotting to bomb the washington d.c. subway system. in may, pakistani born american citizen faisal shazad failed in his attempt to blow up an suv in times square. in november 2009, the massacre at fort hood. 13 people killed, 30 wounded after nadal hasan allegedly opened fire on his fellow soldiers. hasan was linked to anwar al- alaki. there was also najibulla zazi who cone -- conspired back pack bombs in the subway. >> you have american citizens
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planning attacks against their fellow citizens even in portland, oregon. >> this 2009 report says that u.s. citizens are lucrative assets for global terrorists are organizations and that some arrested seem to harbor the belief that the united states is at war with islam. which worries islamic experts. >> we are running out of time. we are running out of time so we have to run much faster to close the gap between muslims and anonymous hims. >> akbar ahmed has studied islamic communities across america. he says the problem will only get worse unless muslim leaders launch a rigorous program to steer young people away from radical influences. >> if they are caught at the airport terminal it is too late. they need to be stopped at source which is the community, the mosque, the home. >> reporter: since 9/11, security experts say better intelligence has helped the fbi track down terrorists elements here at home. they also say with some of these thwarted or failed attacks we're more lucky than
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good. whit johnson, cbs news, washington. a fresh round of artillery fire is being heard in south korea tonight. but none of the rounds landed on yonpyeong island. this comes four days after four south koreans were killed in a north korean artillery attack. protesters and south korea's marines demanded the government to retaliate. despite high tensions the u.s. and south korea have launched joint war games in the yellow sea which they say were planned well before the attack. eight russian crew members are dead following a fiery plane crash in pakistan. but authorities say the death toll could have been much higher. the plane narrowly missed several densely populated apartment buildings. it crashed into buildings that were under construction. witnesses say one of the planes' engines was on fire before the plane went down. just a day after president
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obama got a busted lip while playing basketball, he's headed back to the court. this time he just watched. obama took the first family to howard university where they watched the oregon state beavers defeat the howard bison. his brother-in-law is the coach for oregon state. the president got 12 stitches yesterday after getting accidentally elbowed in the mouth during a basketball game with friends and family in washington. hunting them in yellowstone park. ouch. well, back from the brink of extinction. grizzly bears. why one wildlife manager supports hunting them in yellowstone park. don't forget about the little guy. why a global financial company is making a push for your holiday dollars at smaller, local businesses. ski resorts give thanks for a holiday weekend like they haven't seen in decades. and showers coming to an end in the bay area. the sunshine will be coming up. just how warm it will get in your neighborhood, coming up.
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manager had his way. back in hunting grizzly bears at yellowstone national park would be legal again if a wildlife manager has his way. back in 1975, the number of grizzlies there were so low they were placed on the endangered species list. now there are 600 roaming the park. in order to manage the grizzly population the supervisor of the wyoming game and fish department says he favors hunting. he says the best habitat areas are full and bears are now moving into other areas. holiday shoppers today found stores busy but much less frantic than on black friday. in spite of crowds yesterday shoppers spent only a little more than last year. store traffic was up about 2% from 2009, but sales rose only 3/10ths of a percent from last year. in dollar amounts, shoppers spent $10.7 billion. that's a new record. but barely. pping malls. push to lure well, not all shoppers are braving the crowds at the big box stores and the bustling
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shopping malls. today a big push to lure customers into the mom-and-pop stores. ann macovich shows us deals offered by bay area businesses. >> reporter: it is small business saturday, and owners are hoping it will become part of the consumer calendar encouraging shoppers to try out smaller local stores. >> you're competing against a lot of people with a lot of advertising money that -- and a lot of times people just think of the big box stores first, or only -- >> reporter: but these customers say think twice. >> you go to bigger stores, you can get lost and they are quite busy. >> reporter: business was steady at all the stores we visited in downtown menlo park but nothing overwhelming. >> i think there is some time to build. >> reporter: they are excited about the extra promotion. >> just watchening it on tv, small business saturday. hey? we're taking part in that as well. so a lot was done by american express. >> reporter: a credit card company well known for charging
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businesses large fees when customers use the card. >> yes, that's true. and they are obviously a big corporation themselves. but a lot of times i think it is just kind of getting the -- getting the awareness up. >> reporter: but no matter what method of payment you want to use a lot of stores are offering free gift wrapping today or other special deals. customers say it is the experience that keeps them buying local. >> here, the kids can lay. they can play for a long time. >> i think the stuff they sell here is a little more special in a way. >> reporter: in menlo park, ann makovich, cbs 5. shoppers who went to computers instead of malls on black friday gave online retailers a boost. they had a 16% spike in revenue compared to last career. researchers say the average order for each customer also rose by about 12% this year. this report comes out two days before cyber monday one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. the number of drunk driv
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s in the bay area some people are getting a little too much into the holiday spirits, literally. the number of drunk driving arrests in the bay area since the start of the thanksgiving holiday weekend is up over last year. the chp has arrested 177 people for driving under the influence. that is compared to 137 during the same period in 2009. state wide, arrests are also up 975, compared to 904 last year. that crackdown continues through midnight tomorrow. area lawmaker. san mateo and the crackdown on underage drinking aboard those party buses is now being proposed by a bay area lawmaker. san mateo assemblyman jerry hill says there is a loophole in the law that requires stricter enforcement in limos than buses. it is in response to the death of 19-year-old brett studebaker earlier this year. he had spent several hours drinking on board a party bus.
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and a holiday tradition lit up the night sky for the 15th year in a row. it all began with two neighbors wrapping a couple of trees in lights. well, now it has grown to a giant display with 88,000 lights and even a snow machine. i hope we have pictures of this to show you. about 75% of the lights -- we don't have it. i can tell you about 75% of the lights are energy efficient. the display is free. but for the past eight years, the families who organize it have collected donations for the second harvest food bank. everyone is getting into the holiday spirit. >> the way you explained it i could vishallize it. >> -- visualize it. >> good, good, good. >> showers are winding down. a lot of snow in the sierra nevada, that is starting to take a break as it looks like we will start drying out around the state. it looks like we will try to warm up the temperatures a little bit, too. in the meantime, a good cold front moved through earlier
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today. you may have been caught in some of those downpours around the bay area. reports of hail and gusty winds to go along with that. now the sky is beginning to clear and the temperatures cooling off. 37degrees, right now in santa rossa. and40in fairfield and 43 in livermore. if you plan on traveling around the state tomorrow, you will find a lot of sunshine in many spots, although the hike still lingering low up there. we will see clearing skies in the bay area but still a lot of clouds in the hike. bring your -- high country. you might want to wait one more day and then after that smooth sailing up there. in the meantime, it will be cold outside tonight but not as cold as this past week. remember we had record-breaking temperatures in the 20s and 30s. overnight low will be chilly and down to the freezing mark in santa rosa. 32degrees in the napa value and inside the bay you will find 30s and 40s. so it will be chilly but nothing like we had this past week.
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in the meantime as we look towards the afternoon, we will sneak in a little sunshine, and between a couple of clouds, that will bring temperatures up to the 50s in most spots. kind of a cool, brisk day in many parts of the bay area but it will stay dry, and that will be a trend that will continue into monday, as high pressure begins to build into the bay area. temperatures should begin to warm up more so. how about 60s. yeah we could see that happen as we head in towards tuesday as that strengthens. in the bay area we could see showers mainly north of the golden gate bridge, a better chance of rain will come next thursday but looks like we will catch a break and the temperatures will warm up just a little bit. >> good, because it was freezing tonight. >> very cold out there tonight. >> you saw me shivering. thank you, lawrence. this long thanksgiving weekend, skiers in the sierra are grateful. last week's storms dropped about 100 inches of snow on some peaks. that set up the biggest snow fall in years and more fell today. all allowing some resorts to open lifts in terrain that
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normally don't open until after the new year. a total of 13 parks opened for this thanksgiving holiday weekend. we have all gobbled down our thanksgiving meals. now it is time for the beast feast. sp rs served it today, the grizzly bears got their special meals at the san francisco zoo. platters. zoo workers say chefs prepared the special holiday spreads and keepers served it to the animals on silver platters. zoo workers say the food the bears eat is pretty much the same thing -- pretty much the same stuff we like to chow down. >> they love the corn, sweet potatoes, apples, fish -- well, and they like to dig up grubs. i'm not sure you would like the grubs, but that's -- that's similar to what you would have on your dinner plate. and today's event wasn't just for the bears. there were special menus for the chimps and meerkats and birds, too. the feast continues through tomorrow afternoon if you want to check it out. well, this went on display
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in the lobby of the fairmont hotel in san francisco today. the hotel claims this is the biggest ginger bread house in california. the house is 22 feet high and it is constructed with 5500 pieces of ginger bread and 850 pounds of icing. the house even features a room where kids can write letters to santa. it will be on display through the holidays. that is cool stuff. you can walk in it. all right. still to come. it is the end of an era in one east bay city. also ahead, busted. why willie nelson was arrested when his tour bus pulled into a rest stop.
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today firefighters and tis the season of giving and people injured in fires are not being forgotten. today firefighters and volunteers collected money from drivers in san jose. members of the san jose san jose firefighters burn foundation and the valley medical center burn unit were at blossom hill filling boots with donations. >> anything we collect is going to be a plus on our side. but, you know, we're hoping we
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will get a good draw out here. this is one of the busiest intersections in the city of san jose. we have always had good support from this area. we hope for a good draw. >> the san jose firefighters burn foundation started this effort several years ago after the red cross put out a plea to help raise money for burn victims. over the years, the foundations have raised thousands of dollars for the cause. well, after a nearly century touchdowns and tackles, a piece of college sports history is being closed for a facelift. today cal played its last game in old memorial stadium. starting monday, the 87-year- old structure will undergo a major renovation, including an earthquake retro fit. next year, cal will play its games at at&t park. the project should be done in time for the 2012 season. the stadium opened in 1923 thoron were were -- honor were were 1 participants who lost their lives -- world war 1 participants who lost their lives overseas.
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the world's largest solar powered boat is making a pit stop in florida before heading to the bay area. it will be docked at the miami beach marina until tuesday. it is making its way around the world using the power of the sun. no fuel necessary. as we said, among its planned stops, san francisco. the boat is meant to raise awareness about renewable energies. it cost $17.5 million to build. country singer willie nelson has been arrested for pot in texas. nelson and two others were taken into custody by the border patrol when nelson's tour bus pulled into a checkpoint in texas. agents smelled marijuana and searched the bus. they found about 6 ounces. nelson claims the pot was his. well, he was held briefly, paid a 2,500-dollar bond, and he was released. stanford tries to do two things it has never done
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before. win 11 games and go to a bcs bowl. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bowls... jim harbau oregon state was all that stood between stanford and a spot in one of the five bcs bowls. jim harbaugh saying hello to his son jay on the oregon state staff. stanford shut out oregon state 38-0 to pick up the school record 11th win. cal fans enjoying the view from tightwad hill. one final time before they
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renovate memorial stadium. bears up 13-10 with two seconds ago. but chris pope scores with time expired. washington wins 16-13. cal finished the season 5-7. david lee back in the warriors pulitzer prize scored 10 points in 43 minutes but the night belonged to darelle wright. he knocked down nine 3s and scored a career-high 40 points. the warriors beat the timber wolves 104-94 to snap their losing streak. the sharks bounced back from last night's 6-1 lost in vancouver. danny heatley scored twice in the second period and the sharks held on to beat the oilers 4-3. and we have the fourth quarter coming up at cbs 5 tomorrow. the raiders and dolphins. all right try to get it all in. >> do we have time for this story? we will show you ice sculpturing really quick. in austria hundreds showed up for the unveiling of this huge nativity scene that has been a tradition since 1976.
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ice sculptors and technicians worked for five days carving the ice by hand. the ice for the sculptures is specifically created in huge vats. so beautiful, and then it all melt. have a great night. ♪ ♪ great work everybody! now freshly remodeled,
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your target has never been better.


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