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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  April 24, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news on the cw. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon. >> suicide is such a terrible thing. a young man with a big heart. how a bay area teen is using music to help stop gay bullying. it is meant to help track down criminals but today a police helicopter in los angeles becomes a gunman's target. >> we are alive of the our neighbors are alive. and our son is alive. and so we are okay. homes destroyed but no lives lost. tonight the cleanup continues in st. louis after a powerful tornado leaves a path of destruction. and royal preparation underway in england. what prince william is expected to stay about his late mother. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. ann notarangelo has the night off. a concert in san francisco tonight has a special purpose. it is part of the it gets better campaign to end bullying of gay teens but the organizer
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is not an industry professional. as linda yee shows us he is a 13-year-old dynamo with a cause. >> thank you so much for coming out. >> reporter: he is only 13. but don't underestimate noah's determination. his cause, education against bullying. he was deeply affected by news of the gay rutgers student delivered to suicide. >> stu side is such a terrible thing. and i felt like suicide is because you are being bullied for being gay is just so ridiculous and should not be happening but i really needed to do something to help that. >> reporter: so this 4'10" mini mogul in the making organized this concert tonight. the money will benefit the trevor project, a nationally recognized teen suicide help line. >> it started off with fund- raising. i e-mailed out a power point. >> reporter: getting the rock band was even harder. >> i was really worried at
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first because a lot of the bands e-mailed me no, we are busy. we are touring. we have a recording session. something of that sort. but, yeah, when i got the first band to sign up, it really just let me know, oh, okay. so maybe i can actually pull this off. >> reporter: he got three bands to play. >> really well put together, isn't he? >> he is very, very polite and asked us to come up and do the show and we are thrilled to do it. >> reporter: this eighth grader from palo alto also has some professional goals. >> i think i want to be an entrepreneur, work around here in the whole silicon valley world. i mean, it is a great place to be. >> reporter: he is off to a great start. he sold 300 tickets tonight and raised $20,000 in sponsorships. >> it is safe to say that his first benefit is a success but he doesn't start here. he is already negotiating this venue and figuring out how to line up the bands for next year's fund-raiser.
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in san francisco, linda yee, cbs5. a police helicopter in los angeles forced to make an emergency landing. the suspected gunman is in police custody accused of firing at the chopper and hitting it. no one on board was hurt. but given the proximity to the fuel tank to the crew the outcome could have been much different. he shot at the fuel tank. >> it is actually very close to the cockpit where the air crew is located. so we are fortunate. it did come close to and could have hit one of those crew members. >> the family of the 20-year- old suspect helped officers with his capture. they say the young man was upset over the recent death of a friend. the st. louis airport is now back up and running after a powerful storm system roared through. it was the worst storm in that
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area in 44 years. more than 750 homes were damaged or destroyed. and as dan simon shows us, most people are just thankful to be alive. >> reporter: an emotional event seeing their home for the first time since the tornado hit friday evening. they have a 15-month-old baby who slept in what was a nursery on the second floor. >> we are alive. our neighbors are alive and our son is alive and so we are okay. >> reporter: they are okay because the bakers were out of town in texas. today they grabbed some boxes, pack up what they can and begin to think about what it will be like starting over. >> dining room table, couch, love seat, t.v. and stereo. >> reporter: laura walter can't believe her bad luck across the street. she shows us why pointing to the side in the front yard. the house was for sale and had gotten a buyer. >> when were you supposed to
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close? >> thursday. this coming thursday. >> has that person been informed? >> i don't know. >> reporter: this is the st. louis suburb of bridgeton, the tornado cutting a path down this entire street. >> tell me about your house. >> gone. roof was sitting on the vehicles. or out on the street. inside the house was open to the storm. the back portion of the house was blown out. >> reporter: ironically chuck green lost his emergency service business too since he worked at home. >> today i calmed down my wife, have a good meal and regroup tomorrow morning. start over. >> reporter: one person finds humor. a foresale sign in front of a destroyed vehicle. dan simon, bridgeton, missouri. an encouraging progress report today on congresswoman gabrielle giffords. doctors say she can now speak in short sentences, stand on her own and walk a little. she has also been cleared to attend her astronaut husband's
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launch on friday. giffords was shot last january in the head in an assassination attempt. mark kelly says giffords can't wait to get back to work. >> when you ask her what she wants to do, one thing she frequently comes back to is going back to work and going back to her office and how important it is for her to serve her constituents. she talks about that all the time. going back to tucson. i mean, she wants to get back to tucson. she wants to get back to her district. she wants to get back to washington. >> you can see more of that interview with mark kelly tomorrow night on the cbs evening news. raise our taxes is what people in california are saying. according to a new l.a. times poll 60% of those surveyed support an election to vote on proposed tax increases. governor brown hopes for a vote in the fall. many republicans say we don't need an election, just cut more
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from state services. just 33% of poll responders support that alternative. state parks may stay open even if governor brown slashes the department's budget. the governor's plan cuts $11 million from the state parks system. a new proposal would prevent that. this week state lawmakers will consider two bills to give cities and counties a chance to take over park operations if the state closes them. they are designed to kill in order to protect human health but soon the most toxic rat poisons will be banned in the u.s. animal experts in san rafael track wildlife for poisoning. they say the most toxic rodent poisons do help control the rodent population and curb filth and disease but secondary poisoning has a deadly ripple effect on california wildlife. >> what happens is the rodents
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consume the poisons, they are then a poisoned food source. in comes one of our beneficial predators like a barn owl, they consume a poisoned rodent they have the same horrific effects of eating it. they hemorrhage to death. >> the new regulations go into effect in july banning some poisoning baits. checking other bay area headlines. vallejo police are asking for help in identifying the man seen on a 7-eleven surveillance video two weeks ago. investigators believe one may be connected to a murder of a man who was shot in a car in a store parking lot about the same time. anyone with information is asked to contact vallejo police. a week long dispute over native american burial grounds could be resolved this week. a federal mediator will meet tomorrow with vallejo city leaders to resolve the standoff. a native american group has been camped out at the waterfront park demanding
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vallejo change its redevelopment plans. they don't want bathrooms or parking spaces added to the site. hiking the cost of its popular youth pass to deal with a $21 million deficit. the pass provides kids 18 and under unlimited rides on the local buses for $15 a month. but administrators are looking at raising the pass price to $20 in august in the first of several steps of increases. the proposal will be the subject of a public hearing wednesday in oakland. young men and women with bright futures. how these bay area students are defying the odds. >> essentially looking at westminster abbey. how people in london are preparing for the royal wedding. talk about an unexpected guest for easter. how this gator snuck into a
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home. i'm lawrence karnow in the cbs5 weather center. rain coming our way. when will spring finally show up? we will talk about that coming up.
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witnesses say up to four nato missiles or bombs exploded in tripoli. the blasts injured at least four people and damaged at dings. it's air strikes pounding moammar gadhafi's compound today. the blast injured four people and damaged at least three buildings. it is not known where the libyan leader was at the time. the attack comes a day after gadaffi forces attacked rebels
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in libya's third largest city. at least 32 people died but rebels still claimed victory in that city. in syria thousands of mourners layed protestors today. they shot them during antigovernment protests today. they are stepping up their violent crackdown, tracking down, arresting or killing opponents of the president. the unrest in syria claimed more than 120 lives since friday. christians around the world celebrated easter today celebrating what the faithful believe was the resurrection of jesus christ three days after his crucifiction. >> reporter: a tornado may have battered their community but easter worshipers at holy
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spirit catholic church outside st. louis came to mass with their spirits in tact. >> god was shining on us. >> reporter: she lost power from the storm which hit the area friday evening. she said those who lost their homes to the twister were on her mind. >> it is really, really hard and i haven't lost my home. i can certainly sympathize with them. we all look to family and friends and we can replace possessions. >> reporter: president obama also went to services. this is his motorcade arriving at the baptist church. it was founded by three black citizens in the 1850st. at the vatican pope benedict celebrated mass in st. peter's square. as part of his traditional address the pontiff spoke of the civil war in libya. >> the diplomacy and dialogue take the place of arms. and may those who suffer as a result of the conflict be given access to humanitarian aid. >> reporter: speaking at the
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uprising across the middle east in general the pope called for peace and an end to hate and violence. and let's send it over to lawrence with a look at your workweek forecast. >> at least we didn't have to worry about those chocolate bunnies melting today. it was cool. damp early on. managed to squeeze in sunshine and breezy conditions by the afternoon. now clouds moving back in. yes, folks we are talking about another storm system. this one going to be a little more substantial than the one that went through this morning. you can see rain falling already. some will creep into the bay area tonight. looks like a wet commute tomorrow morning. so let's plan on it. looks like rain becoming likely overnight tonight. into tomorrow morning. the good news is is that it will move through early on and then i think about the afternoon similar to today we will start seeing a little sunshine showing up with some cloudy skies. a lot of 50s out there under partly cloudy skies at this time. looks like we are going to see a chance of showers around much of northern california for
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tomorrow. plan on rain. even into redding. the high country you're going to see a mixed bag. you're going to see a mixture of rain and snow. pretty typical for this time of year. then we are drying things out on tuesday and wednesday. looking like mostly cloudy skies. milder temperatures by the middle of the week. storm system racing n jet stream dragging almost over the bay area. allowing the system to slide in here. not going to be real strong and likely to see some rain drops overnight and into tomorrow morning. let's try and pinpoint this a little more for you. as we roll the clock forward. skies will be mostly cloudy by then. the rain still a little bit off. becoming more apparent the rain will start in the north bay and spread to the south. so the commute tomorrow could be a little bit wet around the area. be very careful early on. but as we head through the day you'll notice the showers move on through then it looks like things begin to settle down a bit and skies may part towards the afternoon and we start sneaking in sunshine and winds will kick up behind that cold
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front. temperature wise we will keep you cold coast size. 50s by the beaches. a lot of 60s. maybe even some mid-60s in some of the interior thoughts then as we look look out over the next few days. looking like the rain will come to an end on monday. by tuesday we are talking about some mid-70s around the warmest part of the bay area inland. probably even warmer as we head into wednesday. thursday there are some partly cloudy conditions expected in the bay areas. another weak system going to try to move on by but that will cool us down a little bit before we start to warm things back up on friday and into saturday. more clouds rolling in next sunday and chance of rain late next weekend. but looking like after tomorrow things will settle down finally going to see some spring weather. >> don't put the umbrellas away just yet. >> we have got some more. >> all right. not out of the woods yet. thank you, lawrence. >> you're welcome. it is a spring ritual for high school seniors to tour colleges they are interested in attending. one group that returned from
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their college tour and it was much more than that. as anne makovec shows us it was a look at their history and a promise of their future. >> reporter: a lot of fanfare for a 16-day trip but it is one that may well have changed lives. >> it was wonderful. it was a great experience. >> reporter: these are some of the pictures this group of 29 students took on the 11 state tour of sites from the civil rights movement as well as colleges across the u.s. >> reached back into our history because we know that once these kids know who they are they have an obligation to do this. >> reporter: it is part of oakland's young scholar program which encourages higher education. >> yes, there are many people that i know that aren't choosing colleges. what is so wonderful about this program being around people my age who are interested to going to college and succeeding. >> reporter: she was accepted into 13 schools during the trip and offered five scholarships
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as well. >> where are you going to go? >> i'm not sure. i'm still debate about it. >> reporter: but once they get there they will need motivation to stay. only 34% of african-americans that enter college graduate. 20% lower for whites. among black men only 36% who enter college finish. >> everything and the foresight of the future is education. you have to have education in order to survive. >> reporter: this family has her back. >> i just want to follow in her footsteps. do every single step she has done and it will be good. >> reporter: and program founder jacqueline rushing is ready to help the next students along. >> these kids have good grades. they do everything right. but we spent all of our time talking to the more challenged students and no one was doing anything for these kids. >> seeing people like me get into schools and get scholarships and it was really empowering. >> reporter: as sfo anne makovec, cbs5. the royal countdown has begun. the last minute preparations
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going on in london tonight. but first, a woman getting quite a shock this weekend. her frightening encounter just after the break.
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imagine coming home to find this unexpected guest inside. certainly isn't the easter bunny. it is a 6-foot long alligator. a florida woman saw the creature as soon as she walked in her front door this weekend. her first concern her pets. >> i thought my cat was eaten. there was blood everywhere. >> reporter: the blood was actually from the gator itself. wildlife crews trapped it in a bathroom and released it back into the wild. so how did the gator get into the house in the first place? experts believe it crawled from a pond into the backyard. then through the home's doggy door. by the way, the cats are a little shaken up but otherwise just fine. excitement is building in britain with the royal wedding now just five days away. as charlie d'agata reports,
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last-minute preparations are underway across london. >> reporter: the brass bands are practicing their marches with military precision. workers are sweeping and polishing every inch of westminster abbey and the choir boys are on key excited about the royal wedding of the century. >> they will be looking on us and westminster abbey. so that's very exciting. >> reporter: at least 600,000 people are expected to descend on london to witness the wedding of prince william and kate middleton. >> what a great backdrop. it is a love story and it is the perfect stage for that. so we are really looking forward to it. >> reporter: here at buckingham palace construction workers have been busy building broadcasting booths for thousands of journalists attending from all over the world from here getting a great view of the palace balcony where william and kate will share a post-wedding kiss. during his speech at the wedding reception people magazine says prince william
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will say his new wife shares many of his mother's qualities especially princess diana's kindness. with so many people sharing in the celebration thousands of surveillance cameras, packs of sniffer dogs and elite sniper teams will be tracking every potential threat. security teams say they hope to strike a balance providing protection without stealing the spotlight on william and kate's wedding day. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> central london will be in lockdown for the wedding. that's a good thing because the bride will have just 9 minutes to get from her luxury hotel to westminster abbey for the start of the ceremony. beyonce's -- beyonce and her husband you jay-z might show up to do a number at the
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reception. the royal wedding plans are still own known for them. giants will be in washington for the royal wedding.
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innings in the 10th. atlanta scoring three in the inning to beat the giants 9-6. the champs have lost four in a row. as in seattle. a rocket to center field. coco crisp racing back. doesn't slow down until he hits the fence. called on for an amazing catch. did it on offense scoring three runs. josh willingham broke up the 1- 1 tie in the 7th with a double down the left field line. as win 5-2. hornets chris paul gets an elbow in the eye and kobe bryant turned his ankle. final seconds. dishing to jack. tough jumper in the lane. new orleans wins game 4 evening the series at two. for the first time in their franchise's history the national predators win a playoff series. eliminating the ducks. the sharks of course tomorrow night and blackhawks force a game 7 against vancouver. >> big stuff coming up. thank you, kim. >> that does it now for eyewitness news at 10 p.m. remember the news is always on
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