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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  January 1, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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being treated as a crime scene. a scare in the air. the problem that sent fighter jets scrambling to escort a plane to the oakland airport. pastor pastor has and and san francisco's ashbury neighborhood. white area is being treated as crimes themed. and that are just scrambling to escort the plane to the oakland airport. >> surveillance video person of interest to more than three dozen cars in central california. police are asking for now to catch the culprit. seemed to lack of blame can be seen from the rooftops. don is there now with why it's considered our current scene. >> it was quite the spectacular fire. fire moved very quickly, damaging three houses in the 1300 block of may sonic near waller. it heavily damaged the two unit building and the larger building on one side and by two
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unit building on the other side. the three alarm fire brought out about 100 firefighters and 35 pieces of gear. >> is the two unit building with brain structure and it quickly spread to the building. both sustained significant damage. the fire spread very quickly. we declare the second alarm followed shortly thereafter by other third along. the fire is now under control. >> the fire obviously when the buildings are this close together, it's difficult which is why they jump on the spires of so many people and so much equipment to begin with. as is typical with to allow buyers, even if they don't have evidence of arson they've will begin an arson invitation. one person was examined for smoke inhalation and it's not believe that there were any other persons that were injured as they did say earlier, and there were at least 10 people
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who were put out of their homes. the fire call came in at 8:00 and it took them about an hour. they know in san francisco when the wooden structures wall-to- wall catch fire they have to jump on it fast. scare in the air leads to fighter jets scrambling to intercept the plane heading to oakland airport. it started this afternoon when the cessna was heading from santa monica to the general regulations northfield. since 9/11, radio boss is considered suspicious so that air command sent winds like these to intercept the plane and determine intent. >> intent could be something as simple as the pilot turning off their radio or having the wrong frequency. >> they say the fighters likely flew alongside the cessna were
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able to reestablish contact. the plane landed in oakland and no information has been released about the incident. the teenage raiders fan is recovering in hospital after falling from the bleachers. he leaned too far over our rail and lost his balance. eyewitnesses, witness says he was trying to get the player's attention. he fell about 10 feet and was fully conscious and moving after the fall. he was taken to highland hospital of the question. some new year's celebrations turned violent in san jose. police say there were multiple settings and shootings between 10:00 last night and early this morning. among them two people were shot at the new year's party and one is life-threatening. around the same time an endless day stabbed as he walked along the guadalupe river. two hours later 64 stabbed in the fight.
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in another incident, on assassinating any of the incidents. >> mount rainier national park in washington state is almost down tonight. the gunman shot and killed the park ranger in the shooting happened this morning at the long fire station in the southwest corner of the park. the ranger, margaret anderson was 34 years old and the mother of two. investigators believe anderson was trying to pull the suspect or on the traffic violation. police have identified this man of the subject of interest. 24 -year-old benjamin barnes believes, is believed to have military experience. tonight los los angeles police are releasing surveillance video that they say could be connected to the arson set up terrorized southern california.
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he was captured coming out of the parking grudge and investigators are hoping that someone can recognize him. >> we are interested in meeting with this person of interest in having the conversation with them and interviewing them and seeing if they have some information that could be helpful in bringing this investigation to the conclusion. >> investigators spent much of the day analyzing this but investigators are not sure buyers are the work of one person with the line of copycats. >> the third straight night, los los angeles neighborhoods in flames. cooper's apartment building was one of the latest hit. >> they have people celebrating and halflings shooting. >> police believe the fires were set intentionally but have
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yet to make an arrest. >> it makes you uneasy. you don't know where or when it will happen to you. to be relaxing and hear someone scream, fire. >> this woman was brought to tears after seeing the second story home destroyed. >> it's terrifying and heartbreaking to think that i almost lost my life and so did my family. >> in nearly every case the vehicle set on fire were parked like peaceful and flames to spread quickly entered much of the structure into asked, ash. but someone said by throwing some type of molotov cocktails through the window and some exploded with the device underneath. >> for now it remains to dangerous mystery, one that has
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yet to claim many lives, but it has damaged hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property. >> the new ban on plastic shopping bags went into effect in san jose today. some retailers give away free reusable bags today and others to stores offered reduced prices on reusable bags. $25,000 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest in the shooting death of the five -year-old oakland boy. gabrielle martinez junior was at his family's taco truck in east oakland friday night when he was shot. gabrielle is the third child killed since august. >> and, oh water main break happened on willow avenue near interstate 80 in hercules. the break has been capped, and
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that happened near the sea and ate sugar factory. the squirrel monkey could not consent san francisco zoo is back home tonight and recovering from his ordeal. and in the msn was returned last night by the man who says he found the tiny monkey in the park. some are saying there might be monkey business involved. >> is the top of the monkey cage. >> we were emotionally ill- equipped to deal with this. sort of like my worst nightmare. >> the nightmare is over. and in the is back after 48 hour ordeal and in good health. >> that's mean, you shouldn't do that. >> i don't know why he would do that. >> apparently someone cut the couple of holes in the back of
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the squirrel monkey enclosure and 17 year old banana stand, one of the oldest in the group, was taken. >> unfortunately the exotic pet trade is ill functions and in this country or california is illegal to print it out to pet. >> police say that all they know someone called them with the animal last night. >> the guy is looking at stern grove is assumed that he spots the squirrel monkey so he bends down and coaxes it over and the monkey comes. he takes it, if his backpack, puts them at the and the backpack and then called police. >> it was dangerous. but despite that can infect your ones right away. they are not easy to handle buy picking up of lost dog or cat.
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>> police to identify the monkey man only to say the investigation is ongoing. they do not rule out that the seemingly good samaritan may somehow be involved. can you put an bends on lex. >> this season may have to replace the entire back fence and they say security has been beefed up. banana sam is in quarantine until officials make sure that he's ready to be out in public. and hard they are trying to make sure no one else but he's their way in. >> the last push in iowa. how candidates are relying on the higher power to help get them votes. despite recent reports of an ailing pope, he appears strong today and what he says is the key to peace. >> gorgeous weather on this new
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year's weekend. clear skies and warm temptress giving way to increasing fog and there will be spared the air alert up tomorrow. i will have your details coming up next.
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presidential hopefuls took their campaigns to churches today. the latest des m in the final weekend before the iowa caucuses, republican presidential hopefuls to their campaigns to churches today. the latest des moines register poll shows that tightening race. but from the hopeless when we come up with rick santorum has searched to third place with 14%. as daniel nottingham reports his strength lies with
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evangelical. >> republican governor mitt romney is shaking as many hands as he can to keep his momentum going. >> en masse from time to time how i enjoyed this. >> the latest poll shows romney slightly ahead of the pack. bob paul is right on his heels and rick santorum is urging banks to his appeal to social conservatives. >> the right,. >> eclipses fourth-place slide on bobby's campaign war path. >> three and half million in negative adds, you tell me. >> they are still undecided or could change their mind. that includes many iowa evangelicals who turned out in huge numbers in 2008. across crossroads church in rome, tom krueger is
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considering rick santorum and michele buck. rick perry tried to drum up support among conservatives that the church in west des moines and michelle bought been reached out to evangelicals from the pulpit in oskaloosa. >> we are dependent upon the word, and you'll will. >> we are telling supporters to have faith come tuesday. daniel nottingham, cbs news, des moines iowa. >> bigwigs in iowa, but we care about the weather here. >> i was the first week shaping up clark's. >> would you be disappointed if i said it would be like that today but. >> i realize we should be talking about during this time of year but down on the horizon as we enjoy the spectacular weekend weatherwise. they have clear and warm conditions tonight however we will look for some increase in the fog bank
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by tomorrow morning. the subtle shift in the wind blow brings an more normal push into the area which will help cool things down through the beginning of the week as we continue to try and buy up for the foreseeable future. i pressure continues to prevail and other result we have another spare the air alert out. or tomorrow air-quality approaching the healthy levels in the north bay and santa clara valley. finally wednesday the should see some mixing in the lower levels of the atmosphere which will help to mix out some of that particulate matter. daytime highs today, 68 in santa rosa and fremont as well as san jose. moffett field setting the record there, 61 in san francisco. also 68 pacifica today. some of that valley fog working his way through and the bulk of that will increase through the night was the more fog dense
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fog into the north. he space-bar late and the best of the research moving from the south. we will be fogbound most of the day tomorrow and expect warmer temperatures tonight. after 30's and the 40s there, but fog sticking to the golden gate. here is that search working its way up the coast and moving his way into the bay to the powers of the morning. as the storm track here is very close, but will miss us, it will continue to go by to the north and stay entrenched in the great basin and will likely sit there all week long keeping us high and dry if not slightly cooler. no real measurable precipitated out of this pattern with the exception of the possibility of some drizzle along the shoreline, but even that won't amount to much. spoke very to the fog will be
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cooler, and low 60's throughout the region and that trend will continue through tuesday. come wednesday they should see over the more mixing is mentioned in the fog bank and then into the weekend we can expect once again the high- pressure system to set up, temperatures will warm and i'm sorry to say we will have another lovely weekend to deal with and continue cartwright trend here into the beginning of the year. >> at tech visionary, the legendary movie star, an middle eastern dictator in in the blood, jim. those are just a few of the well-known people who died in 2011. here is to look at some of the people who shaped the world and left last year.
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"mission impossible" was a
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mission accomplished this weekend. "mission impossib only took the nu the latest mission impossible was the mission accomplished this weekend. in the compost host protocol not only to the number one spot in the second week, and also managed to revive the sluggish box office. sherlock holmes gave us shadows and how an image of monks, shipwrecked or the girl with the dragon tattoos out of the top five. despite reports that pope benedict held this week the 84 -year-old seemed in good shape as the lead up to our past. the church dedicates new years day to world. the pope urged people to practice forgiveness throughout the new year. after the massey addressed the crowd in st. peter's square. >> i invite all of you to join me pray earnestly for peace,
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because the nation is giving us an era of conflict and pushing our resources. >> i think it's important that the pope addresses peace because if you think about it, all the world leaders, we could name -- there are very few who do you think of as more looters. >> the pope who is believed to have arthritis was wheeled up on the rolling platform. the vatican says it's to help save his strength and allow more people to see him. talk about plunging into the new year. >> could be swimming in the new year in water that is 50 degrees or less, i'm very proud of that. if i win it and do well that's just extra icing on the cake. >> dozens of swimmers braved the temperatures are they out of charleswood. dozens were from adults and club or the rowing club and they swim regularly.
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>> and i'm dennis o'donnel. the raiders needed just away awaited to join the 40 niners. the sportsman that is next.
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infront of packed house at the >> beat the chargers and the raiders win the aid deceive the west. that was incredibly packed house at the coliseum. the biggest english he jackson and the raiders in nearly 10 years. the raiders defense could not hold the chargers. after the 40-yard, third .99 yards and the raiders lose 28- 26 emulators are out of the
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playoffs. tim tebow needed it, along with the broncos closing seconds of the first quarter, the raiders got the time. the chiefs went up seven- nothing. they went seven-three. patrick willis was back after missing three games with the hamstring injury. the second quarter, alex smith, working-seven intent on cisco and they played 3427 so they get the second seed in the playoffs. aaron rodgers resting up for the playoffs and, last went to the franchise record with 480 yards passing and six touchdowns against the detroit lions. the packers finished the year 15-one. most likely i think it will go on the way to the super bowl, but is looming. showdown between the saints and 40 niners.
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if it happens, it happens in candlestick park. >> all right, that's it for us, thank you everyone and, goodnight. sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing. carol's son got over 12 million views on that dancing squirrel video. don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. try something funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months
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