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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CW  January 8, 2012 8:30am-9:30am PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. republican aim mitt romney before new hampshire's primary. we have a live report from the campaign trail. and several bay counties under a fire watch this week as fire crews respond to a string of fires that may have been set on purpose. >> plus, demonstrators and dynamite, what they confiscated in oakland. it is january 8. good morning. >> we have a lot to cover. new hampshire, we have a live report but we'll also have the chairman of the republican california party. we'll talk to him about what
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goes on behind the scenes. we see it on television; but what's going on behind the scenes? >> we have the swearing in of mayor ed lee and the new sheriff with his share of controversy. sean ellsburg will be talking to us about that later, but first, republicans this morning running for president have been mixing it up on live television. >> susan is live in concord to tell us what they said and whether the front-runner mitt romney has emerged unscathed. >> hi, the second debate of the week. last chance for the republican rivals to try to take away some of the leads. just ended. some of the protesters and supporters are still around, but for the most part, it's getting quiet around here. inside, a more combative tone to the debate compared to
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before. a lot more intense exchanges. they really needed to because it was the last chance to get voters before primary on tuesday. mitt romney has a double digit lead. >> why didn't you run for reelection? >> can we stop the pious? >> reporter: just two hours after sharing a stage in manchester, they went at it again this morning. >> you have a surprised look t on your face. >> reporter: romney tried to keep the attention on president obama. >> we need to have a leader to replace someone who's not a leader. >> reporter: this was the last chance for new hampshire voters to see the gop candidates side by side before tuesday's primary. >> reporter: rick santorum is also counting on a late surge.
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>> the problem is paul is all the things we're worried about, he'll do day one. can't get involved in nation building and have 900 bases overseas. >> reporter: rick perry looking in south carolina already. >> i see insiders who have been the big spending republicans in washington, d.c. >> reporter: but jon huntsman is with new hampshire. >> i want to be clear. i will always put my country first. >> reporter: he's invested a lot of time in the states and is counting on it to pay off. now, this second debate is now over. the candidate where is wasting no time now. santorum and perry are on their way to shore up more support there. the rest of the candidates hanging around new hampshire to try to get as many undecided
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voters before tuesday. ann? >> we've seen the dichotomy of voters. largely ignoring the fellow republicans. what do you think of that strategy? >> reporter: i think it helped him in last night's debate a little bit. he certainly tries to stay above the fray and concentrate on president obama and the voters. we'll see what happens in south carolina on january 21st. romney really has a stronghold there as well. tough to beat there and has the endorsement of the government there. >> susan live in new hampshire, thank you. >> thanks. meanwhile here in the bay area, ross is the new sheriff today. even after allegations of domestic violence. a long time supervisor elected this november to be the new sheriff but now a superior
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court judge supposed to administer the oath of office has not shown up because it might end up in court. there was an argument on new years eve. today marks the day san francisco will get its first elected asian american mayor. ed lee with the four year term. diane feinstein will do the oath of office. win election and said his leadership style will stay pretty much the same. >> believe it or not, a fire watch now in effect for dozen northern california counties. one of the counties is maroon counties. it's rare for january. fire crews said someone may be setting a string of fires on purpose. they responded to at least eight fires overnight, some of
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them set very close to home. there are some reports of minor property damage. >> we had about a dozen small fires started around 9:30 this a evening. it led to a dozen small grass fires in central nevada. >> police seem to be cooperating with the fire department with that investigation. they are searching the area for suspects. firefighters say now is the time to protect your home. fanning out to help people how to be better prepared during this dry weather. they're hoping homeowners will clear out the excess fuels around their home and even pay for woodchippers for debris because of a grant that the department received. in oakland, police
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brutality ends in six arrests. marched at 14th and broadway, the site of the october clashes. police put tear gas in the crowd and made international news. tonight, protesters carrying signs to denounce the police department. they head up to police headquarters. police say that protesters were arrested after conflicting with police and face charges now including assault, vandalism to police cars. also confiscated a dynamite from one of the protesters. financing for a new ballpark for the a's. the baseball team has made it more than clear it wants out of the old coliseum, so according to the oakland tribune, now
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raising money that allows foreign investors. reached a deal with great america over parking and now may have a battle. there's a battle to hulk the whole plan to build the stadium. last month, they passed a financing plan including a $9 million bank loan. some were misled by the price. there's a referendum on the loan saying it's not the same plan voters approved in 2010. >> now that we have a contract, it doesn't match what we're told, so we need to have a chance to vote. >> wants to collect
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signaturings by january 16th. the vigil will start soon for the anniversary of the shootings in tucson. set to ring in 11:00 this morning, the same time of the shooting. giffords and her husband set to attend. the plan is leaked. for more on politics, del is joining us live in the studio next. plus, we have a whale rescue caught on tape. helped the marine mammals survive at high tide. front runners, will it last? our political insider sounds off. the off shore winds keeping
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kicks off tuesday in las vegas. fans have been waiting all year for this. the consumer electronic shows kicks off in las vegas. one of the highly expected is expected a $100 touch screen tablet this week. rescuers in new zealand hope they succeeded in saving pilot whales. part of a group that was stranded on a beach in south island. seven died but rescuers were able to get them off the tide. the whales then headed toward deeper waters. it is 8:42 now and our weather forecast. boy, it is looking gorgeous,
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albeit dry. >> the looks of things now, clear and warm. off shore winds now in the mid 40s to low 50s throughout the bay with the exception of santa rosa. dips to the freezing mark. warm conditions for the rest of the day as we look across the bay. off shore winds calm down here through the afternoon. sunny and slightly warmer, continued dry through the week. more patchy frost likely in the north and east bay valleys, skies clear with dry conditions expected through the week which now, looking at a red flag warning when the winds settle down. gusty off shore winds. 20 to 30 miles per hour gusting to 60 in the high country and
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very low relative humidities. that's where we're at. mostly clear and dry through the day. temperatures mid 60s at the beach. upper 60s around the bay and low 70s popping up as well. slightly warmer than what we saw yesterday. looks like a beautiful day throughout the area as a result of the off shore winds which allows the high pressure system to the east and bring cooler temps into the area for next week. temperatures in low 70s. storm tracker to the north through the day and through most of the week with a glancing blow on tuesday but will be remised. very dry year so far. not talking dry yet. that will take a couple of seasons before we speak that word, but in a dry pattern here with the glancing blow on
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tuesday. more clouds in the area but not much of any rainfall. see some drizzle at the beach. temperatures peak in the lower 70s and mid 60s back at the beach and cooler yet come monday as once again temperatures drop off midweek a few more clouds moving into the area. continue dry and mild through the weekend. possibility of light showers on sunday. but that's really a long shot at this point, so we won't hang our hat on this one yet. time to check with phil and get the latest in politics. >> jim, this is crazy. 60s and 70s. heat is on in sacramento. laid out the 2011 and 2012 plans. he wants voters to approve tax
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hikes, about $7 billion worth with a surcharge and half cent increase on sales tax. here's john. this looks like a replay. i've seen this before. what do you think happens this time? >> i think they're going to turn the taxes down. this is a 20 year growing problem. we're doing the same old stuff. we have a revenue problem in this state because we have a million less people working than a decade ago. if you want the break the cycle, bring jobs back to california instead of scaring them out with tax increases. >> that's been the hope in sacramento is that the economy as the level rises will get the state back on. >> it will never get it back to where you do those million jobs, as long as we have this tax structure and regulatory burden. it's false to say republicans are against more revenue, they just think you do it by
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creating more jobs. >> i'm in sacramento and listening to both sides. with the democrat side, they tend to reach more let's get money as fast as possible and favor regulation. on the flipside, the republicans vote no on everything. they don't even vote for the cuts they advocate because they don't want it on record they voted for cuts. it's going to happen anyway. i have yet to hear much from them on how they plan to fix the deficit either. >> connie put a budget proposal. my proposal with the democrat and republican leaders, pick a program. i don't care how small it is. sit down, everyone knows programs need reform, come to agreement and write in there,
8:48 am
vote on it, create the reform and keep it and build trust. >> i couldn't agree with you more. >> did i say something wrong? >> no, one of pet peeves is one of the big expenditures is prisons we have and we pay far and above more than other states. i have yet to see a democrat or republican and say, let's get a committee and see how to fix this. both sides rather do legislatures about cell phones in your car or something like that, don't want to get into it. >> in february, usually the democrats and republicans don't talk until june. i want to do it in february, start building trust, no matter how small the reform. week by week by week. do something. jerry brown said we'll cut the world if you don't raise taxes. last year, didn't come to bears. >> i'm not going with the
8:49 am
draconian cuts because we might not need them. >> might be interesting but republicans, bottom line, are we going to hear anything out of them other than the word no in sacramento? >> i told you, last may they put forward a budget. i expect that this year if brown continues down this path. the problem is getting enough media attention and throughout the state to cut back on the bureaucracy we proposed $2.5 billion to cuts in the bureaucracy. wouldn't do it because it would reduce the workforce. we have less people today than we did a year ago. that's wrong. we need the government to trim its sales as well. >> in sacramento, the problem is that they ship the problem to the city or county and either way, you and i wind up picking up the tag. >> they'll mark the tax
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increase. >> tom, i want to thank you. it's always challenging and interesting. we'll be right back.
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candidates duked it out in concord, new hampshire, this morning. here's a political debate to think about. >> dish it out in concord, new hampshire this morning. >> more people tune in to the
8:53 am
debates and paying more attention. sat down with willy brown and garrett foley. he was on the ground in the iowa caucuses and there were questions about how does this process work? ask joe, okay, how does thing work and why does it seem to be so confusing? is it us or the process? >> i saw that. they literally give you like a post it note and say, write down who you want. they're in the shoe box, and said, this romney or rick perry. let's pass it around. passing around the ballot in san francisco, see you do that. >> yeah, they do. >> someone said, okay, let's vote on it. the representatives of the campaign, it was 3-2 romney. this was the way -- this is how we elect the president. >> why is it taking on such importance or it's the media
8:54 am
show? >> media show, totally and completely. >> also a testing ground. the series of debates that were held leading up to this so- called caucus vote. there were people who could not have any impression. >> that's what it was about. the debates. >> and without those debates and without the caucus, rick perry would still be a viable candidate. >> what's the line-up now? michele bachmann? >> newt is a threat at this point. get mitt romney's face. he spent several million dollars of negative ads, not romney but his super back, his friends in the back room. >> his numbers are just staggering. mitt romney was in that state for 5 1/2 years. nobody else stayed that long. spent over $25 million in that time frame.
8:55 am
newt spent $2 million and was in there five minutes. newt's numbers are really better per vote than romney. >> rick is not going to be around for long. too much to the right. >> quickly, on to new hampshire. >> santorum, first and second in my opinion. >> finish second in new hampshire in my opinion. but the conservatives won't consolidate by the time they get to south carolina. you may see newt resurrected as the ideal candidate for the conservatives on a consensus basis. on ron paul won't join that group because he's turning out to be the antiwar candidate among republicans. >> so it looks like the road show goes on, huh?
8:56 am
>> the obama administration. >> now that reception that ron paul is what shocked me last night. even was bothering to talk. he's not going to emerge as the republish can winner, but a lot of time spent on him. >> in these early primaries, a lot of it is on the conservative time of the spectrum. they are all trying to get the votes. they have to cut from the right and ron paul is one of the leaders on that. so, yes, we're hearing more about the conservative side and more attention than on the overall general. i think they actually want news out of ron paul because it's a better chance he'll say something. >> there's also the question of will ron paul run as a third party candidate? >> that's it. he's the flavor of the month, or the week, or the day. we'll be right back with more of our flavors, all right?
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the fight for the republican nomination continues in new hampshire. another debate for presidential candidates this morning. you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. continues in new hampshire. another debate this morning for presidential candidates. several counties under a fire watch as fire crews respond the a string of fires may be set on purpose:
9:00 am
what may be a unique force for oakland. welcome to the weekend early edition. it's 8:59, i'm phil matier. >> and i'm anne makovec. we're glad you're joining us today. we have a lot to talk in the next half hour. including the new sheriff in san francisco and of course, that comes with some controversy. >> that's right. we also have a new district attorney. so we're going to sit down with sean ellsburg and talk about the challenges right out the gate. >> politically, a lot of the talk over the last 24 hours, republicans running for president. they have been very busy debating. >> that's right. taken part in actually two in the last five hours? >> yeah. >> mitt romney trying to stay above the fray in both of those. concentrating his attacks on president obama. meanwhile, rick santorum went on his background trying to
9:01 am
discount them. >> the ceo, has to lead. people who spend their life in washington don't understand what happens out of the real economy. >> now, romney has been having a comfortable lead in new hampshire so far, with about 20 points and that's pretty comfortable in tuesday's primary. the others are fighting for second place and looking ahead for south carolina for the primary there on january 21st. ross mcrhee knee is said to be sworn today even after the allegations of domestic violence. mcryany is a long time supervisor. now a superior court judge who was supposed to do the oath withdrawn from the ceremony. grabbed his grabbed wife's arm
9:02 am
on new years eve. will be sworn in for a full four year term. senator diane feinstein will administer the oath of office. lee, of course, who has been serving as interim said his style will stay the same. a suspected arsonist has been keeping firefighters busy all night long. fire crews in nevado. some very close to home. there are reports of property damage to planter beds. >> tonight, we had about a dozen small fires that started around 5:30 this evening with dumpsters and in the ignacio
9:03 am
area. in central and central nevada. >> police officers cooperating with the fire department in the investigation. they're searching the whole area for suspects. the first red flag warnings in effect. firefighters say it's now time to think about protecting your own home and in the city of heyward, firefighters are trying to say how to be better protected. hoping homeowners clean the fuel out of their own house. one resident said it isn't too easy. >> weeds gets six or seven feet high, sometimes higher than that. and i've got to call and call and fight with them. >> the fire department will even pay for woodchippers to remove the debris. a rally to protest police brutality resulted in arrests. protesters carried signs denouncing the police
9:04 am
department and taunted police officers before heading to headquarters. protesters face charges including vandalism to police cars and vandalism on a news van. a quarter stick of dynamite from one of the protesters. oakland city officials now eyeing a program as source of partial funding for a new ballpark for the a's. made it more than clear they want out of the coliseum. considering raising capital for a program that involves foreign investors who are willing to pay for a green card and then partner with developers. major jean kwan has been talking with chinese investors. increasing price tag and some
9:05 am
taxpayers say it's not quite what they signed up for. >> debbie, spreading lies and rumors for a year? >> put your hand up when you're done so i can answer. >> it's a debate many thought was over. should santa clara build on land near the great america theme park? passed the finance plan including $1,800,000,000 bank loan. >> we want what's right. >> collectingcollecting signatures, saying it's not the same they passed in 2010. >> now that we have a contract, we need to look and vote on what has become, not what was portrayed. >> reaction at the farmers was mixed. >> they're for the it. >> dozens signed their name.
9:06 am
>> what did you decide to sign it? >> because i trust these people here. >> a lot of information, the same misinformation they were getting before and i'm sure after this goes, if all this comes to pass, it will be something they continue to say. >> in fact, the city isn't even sure a referendum on this vote is legal. >> we're still researching it. reluctant to say anything. >> if they can't figure out it's illegal, i don't know if we have the right city attorney. who's he working for, us or the 49ers? >> wants to collect 6000 signatures by january 17th. one of san francisco's oldest and best marijuana dispensaries is closing shop. >> at least temporarily. leaders will be shutting down
9:07 am
doors tomorrow. this is in response on crackdown for landlords who rent to dispensaries. >> the grand opening of the dispensary in union city may be a bust. was supposed to open last friday. employee closed saying the center will be closed until further notice. no cannabis clubs will be allowed in union city. as we mentioned, mayor ed lee will be sworn in this morning. more on that next. survivors and victims of the shooting rampage in arizona last year. today will mark the anniversary. painful budget cuts for several california institutions. our political insiders sound off. another beautiful day taking shape around the bay. clear and breezy conditions, look at temperatures to approach record levels in the mid to low 70s.
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by this afternoon, your forecast is coming up.
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welcome back. it is ten minutes after 9:00. >> in just a few hours,
9:11 am
survivors and victims mark a somber anniversary in a shooting rampage in tucson. >> marks the first anniversary of the shooting that led dozens led, six injured, including congresswoman gabbie giffords. church is set to ring at 11:00 a.m. this morning, the exact time the gunman began shooting. giffords and her husband is set to attend. kim jong-un. that's always a show to watch, what they're bringing out over there. >> yes, it is. but the show here is the weather. how's it going to be out there? >> another clear and warm day across the bay. remember last time, last year
9:12 am
at this time, thankfully all full. ground water still well saturated as we are indeed halfway through a very dry year, but you can't complain too much about this kind of weather around the bay. clear skies, warm temperatures, a lovely weekend taking shape once more. off shore keeping temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s with the off shore breeze weakened. we'll see a cooldown in the beginning of the week here and tonight, we'll look at chilly temperatures with patch and frost likely in the northern east bay valleys. dry through the week with mild temperatures prevailing. we have a red flag. northeasterly winds on the slopes of the sierra. some gusts to 60 and very dry, low humidity out there. it's unusual we're talking red flag warnings this time of year, but nonetheless, that's what is taking place. warm temperatures back to the
9:13 am
beach. mid 60s there. upper 60s in the bay. scattered 70s and could set a new record for this time of year. normal is low 50s to 60s. high pressure in the east which will continue to block the warm air. disturbances and more clouds than rain expected from that. slightly warmer today. cooling monday to intrude the week. it will drop back in the mid to low 60s with more clouds on tuesday. rainfall with the cloud cover. most of the valley, low 70s. in the north and east bay valley for todayful again, we'll see temperatures very
9:14 am
warm. the week will have the seven day forecast showing here. drying through the week with temperatures in the mid to low 60s. again, it looks like this dry and mild pattern will be with us through mid month, at least, as once again, we can expect things to continue in this and it's time to check back with ann and phil. >> thanks for that. this morning, ed lee will be sworn in for a full four- year term. >> sean joins us. this has got to be one of the strangest inaugurals i've seen because this guy has already been in for a year. we're going to inaugurate and get things going. it's quite a style contrast between him and gavin newsom. what do you say about that? >> this time he's coming with the support of the people of san francisco, so it's a little more significant. style point, no question.
9:15 am
we'll be in and out of there in a couple of hours. if this was gavin newsom, there would be events throughout the city and party at night. if it was mayor brown, we would have had parties all weekend. we're in and out in a few hours, get a little policy and we're on our way. >> what about style for the rest of his tenure? four years. you look at a guy who calls himself a nonpolitician who presumably won't be running for state office next as we've seen with the next couple of mayors. why do you think that will be different? >> not so sure it will be. he's got the people behind him with next four year term. he has to make the appointment to the board of supervisors. this is a highly political decision. this is someone who's got to get elected in november. right away gets into the
9:16 am
politics. >> what he has to deal with is a bit of a bureaucrat for a 20 years plus, he's worked within the city and government. now he's the boss and i think he's had a tough time with the transition because wants everyone in the room to agree. sometimes you have to say, no, this is the way it's going to go. i think the first political decision isn't the hiring of people, but the firing of people. that's going to be when the rubber meets the road. >> in the next six months, every labor contracts expires except for police and fire. we have $250 million plus deficit, negotiate billions of dollars worth of contracts. can't do that by saying yes to everybody. have to say no and ask for concessions and keep in mind, this is the first mayor in generation who has been elected without significant labor support. this is not someone beholden to labor and he'll have a strong
9:17 am
hand to both contracts. >> sometimes not involved with the board of supervisors. >> that's what you hear from the board. that's sort of traditional. >> also, a mayor of san francisco, because we're a business city and basically tourism and tech city, has to be a salesman. >> say what you may about gavin newsom and feinstein, they were salespeople. sold this city to the world. mayor ed lee, look what happened in the last 48 hours. the big sales force. that was a bit of city government selling for pro business, about creating jobs and attract the tech community. i think he can do it. >> what are the biggest three challenges out of the gate? >> labor contracts undoubtedly.
9:18 am
tied to that, the city budget. and then becoming his own man. he's elected by the citizens of the city. he's got to create his own legacy coming from under the shadows of the mayors he's worked for. the appointed position he's in. he's got to establish his own situation with ed lee. >> there's kind of a cloud because of the scandal with the sheriff elect and domestic violence. what do you make of that? >> first and foremost, my thoughts are with the family and just expect the district attorney and police department to handle it as any other investigation. >> there's a cloud over the sheriff elect. >> san francisco, that's the way it goes.
9:19 am
unusual happens but you can beth it's going to happen here. sean, thank you so much for joining us. this is going to be a heck of a an interesting year. >> i look forward to it. >> we'll be right back.
9:20 am
9:21 am
for painful cuts. that's after we got a look at his proposed budget. we turn to former mayor willie brown an >> prepare for more painful cuts. >> we turned to willy brown and joe went and asked him if this looks like a budget you just might want to get out of town just as quick as you could. here was the mayor's take. >> no, and it's clearly reflective of a continuation of cut, cut, cut, that started with the recall of grey davis some years ago.
9:22 am
brown is almost identical what would have had to happen in any administration. >> is he trying to hold voters hostage? some people say no. if you pass my tax in november, everything will be halfway okay, at least with education. if you don't, you're going to lose 3 1/2 weeks of school. >> absolutely. you rarely say my budget cuts money for the blind and schools and this is what we need to do. it's insane, but that's what he is essentially doing. this is what we have to do to this budget unless we raise more revenues. >> joe, the cuts on the blind and cuts on welfare and that collection of people on the medical side are legitimate cuts. but with schools, he's increasing k through 12, holding the university. but if there is any need to not pass taxes, the next whack goes
9:23 am
at them. >> he's getting the california teachers association on board for the taxes. >> exactly. but in my opinion, he won't be able to hold them because stein steinburg. he said we'll wait and see if things get better. ordinarily, yes. gives you an opportunity to recast your figures and in the old days, to recast the figures may not have been rooted in reality you didn't have the geniuses compete with their computers. and after you're gone, someone
9:24 am
else will have a problem. >> that's what we have this time. >> i'm gone. >> well, he did manage to get out of town before the economy came down to cut, but he does have a point. when it comes to economic projections on these cuts, whether state or local, they tend to be rosy, but the cuts up being real because when the money doesn't show. that's what you have. we were talking about this. the transference to local governments was astounding in this budget. expect the local counties and cities to pick up all the money. and they do don't have the money. >> welfare, education, a lot of things drift downstream. >> that's scary. coming up next, one last look at today's top stories. stories include an arson investigation following a string of overnight fires. ip-o. more people do that, security would be like --
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this is live look at ano welcome back and here's a
9:27 am
look at this morning's top stories. >> take a look at mitt romney in new hampshire for the primary on tuesday. the candidates had a debate this morning in new hampshire and during the debate, romney denied that he was a career politician. >> that's right. and in nevada, police are looking for an arsonist involved in a string of fires that happened there overnight. responded to at least eight fires so far. lucky so far, the property reports minor. >> with the dry weather, the fires certainly a concern. dry weather continues but so will the clear skies. back on the peninsula, cooler in the east bay as you would expect but look at the dry and mild pattern through the week. in other words, it's hard to complain about this kind of
9:28 am
weather but dry it is. >> evenful year for the english langage. the word of the year was the old word that acquired a new meaning, occupy. >> beat out charlie sheen's use of "winning!" and tebowing. >> people who fake humility on facebook and bit twitter. then a kar dash, a unit considered of 72 days that was the length of kim kardashian's marriage. >> they'll be so yesterday. >> but occupy, i'll go occupy my bed and. >> that's early edition. >> next newscast on cbs 5 and enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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