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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  January 16, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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you're watching cbs5 on the cw. two women attacked in the last couple weeks. what is so surprising about the person police think did it. >> we go inside the evacuation zone near the crippled fukushima nuclear plant. a look at the cleanup effort. and it's cold outside. here's roberta with where it's reaching freezing tonight. >> let's go ahead and head on over to the eastern portion of our bay area. right there, the 586 corridor in dublin. we have an air temperature of 31 degrees. it is now 30 in livermore. these are the coolest locations. tonight to overnight, dipping into the 20s and below freezing in oakland. it will be freezing around the
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peninsula and this is why we have a freeze warning in effect for the overnight hours up until through the morning commute. temperatures tumbling into the teens in some of our areas and north bay valleys. we're going to talk more about this warning. how cold is it? kit is in pleasantton. hi kit. >> hello there, it is 41 degrees at this location. typically higher here in the city when you compare it to the foothills. it is cold, it's getting colder and crazy to think it's going to get down to 22 degrees here tonight. it's one of the most comfortable places to live, but there is simply nothing pleasant about an overnight low in the 20s. >> it is freezing. i cannot believe it. >> at the true value hardware store on santa rita road, there was a run on pipe insulation. >> i crack myself up. >> for maria, a few bucks now buys a lot of peace of mind later. >> is it inconvenient? >> no, i wouldn't say so. it's more inconvenient when you
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wake up and don't have any water. >> jack and his neighbors are taking no chances with the cold. he covered up his orchids with cloth tarps. the national weather service says the overnight freeze could kill sensitive plants. >> you know, he would be dead. >> at petway supply, sale of insulated dog houses have been brisk. >> some people think it may be excessive, but i find that there's a lot that get cold. there's some that have very little hair. it does work out well for them. >> owners are being warned to bring their pets indoors. >> can you imagine leaving her outside? >> no, i wouldn't. i think even the really cold weather dogs would be pretty chill first-degree they aren't used to it. >> finally, there is john clutter. possibly the only guy from miles wearing a tank top. he is the captain of a fishing boat in alaska and spends his winters in california. >> this is like a balmy day
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for you. >> yeah, it's a nice day. it was really nice. >> and so this freeze warning goes into effect in one hour. it expires at 8:00 a.m. at the national weather service is telling you to keep an eye on bridges and overpasses for black ice. live in pleasantton, contraction 5. two women attacked and sexually assaulted. police think they know who did it. a 14-year-old boy. as shocking as that sound, such a young sex offender is not unheard of. two women walking alone in west oakland were stalked and attacked. last thursday, just after 9:00, a 28-year-old woman on the 600 block of 11th street told police a stranger on a bicycle came up to her, simulated a gun and demanded her purse, then he sexually assaulted her. the suspect is only 14 years old. >> and in my experience in the
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juvenile justice system, he is not alone. >> child psychiatrist says adolescent sex offenders often learn the brutal behavior firsthand. >> at age 14 and having probably been a victim of much sexual assault himself, he's so primitive that i would probably say that he has no idea what he's doing. he probably goes to a place where he can't even tell us what he's doing. >> police believe he has done it before in the same neighborhood on january 6. another 28-year-old woman robbed and sexually assaulted. police don't normally release the name of minors that are suspects and we don't usually use them, but in this case, they consider him armed and dangerous. they are looking for 14-year- old brian glassper and they need the public's help. no photos were released, but described as an african american male born june 9,
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1997. 5'7" with black hair and brown eyes. police are urging friends or family to turn him in. in oakland, linda yee, cbs5. >> mitt romney found himself the target tonight as the five remaining candidates held the first of two debates leading up to the south carolina primary on saturday. sharon chin shows us, all the candidates scored points, including romney. >> the stakes are high, governor mitt romney has taken iowa and new hampshire and wins in south carolina if his opponents concede he would run away with the republican nomination. from the debate's opening moments, they fire department at mitt romney. rick santorum accused the romney camp of lying in a campaign ad. >> the ad that says that i said that i voted to allow felons to vote is inaccurate. it is inaccurate. if i had something that was supporting me that was inaccurate, i would go out and
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say stop it. that you are representing me and representing my campaign. stop it. >> rick perry tried to stay above the fray. >> it's a great example of the insiders having the conversation up here. the fact of the matter is this. washington needs d. c. needs to leave the states alone and let the states decide these issues. >> earlier today, jon huntsman dropped out of the race and backed romney. tonight, newt gingrich and ron paul defended the use of attack ads. >> i think that's part of what a campaign is about. raise questions and see whether or not your competitive can answer them effectively before you get to a general election. >> if you are exposing a voting record, it's quite proper. >> this is the first of two debates before saturday's south carolina primary. surveys show up to 1/3 of the state's voters haven't made up or change their minds. tonight, romney stood by his record. >> i think that if people want
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someone who understands how the economy works, having him work in the real economy, i'm the guy that can best post up against bough. >> a cnn poll shows romney and president obama all tied up in a general election. if congressman ron paul were the republican nominee, he would also be in a statistical dead heat with mr. obama. >> oh the numbers. sharon chin, thank you very much. checking bay area headlines, a sniper shot him while he was at a railroad crossing. he told police that the shock came from a rooftop and went through both his legs early this morning. a train operator found the man at 3:00 a.m. police search the area, but didn't find anything. san francisco's mayor says the sheriff will stay in office for now. ed lee said he has no immediate plans to suspend the sheriff. he is scheduled to be arraigned
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thursday. 70 volunteers began painting the safe passage mural in san francisco's tenderloin today. a day of service to honor martin luther king, jr. children can follow the miniyellow brick road to schools and community centers. two of the 11 blocks of that mural were completed today and organizers are looking for more volunteers to help finish it. san francisco mayor heads to washington, d.c. tomorrow for a mayor's conference. he can settle his bet with the mayor of new orleans who owes a king cake after the 49ers big win over the saints. and new york mayor, michael bloomberg will set up their own little friendly wager. niners fever is heating up as they prepare to take on the new york giants. des monday howard has been on cloud 9 since this.
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>> who has it better than us? nobody. >> for ever faithful since he was a kid, desmond was lucky enough to see the game, some are calling the best of all time in person. >> what's happening right now is very special to everybody, just because it brings out the kid in you and reminds you of the good times. it's our year. it's our year. >> if you thought those tickets were hard to come by, it's going to be tougher to snag a seat to watch the niners battle the new york giants on sunday. >> the anticipation is aging me. i can't wait for this game. >> instead, he is gearing up to buy the ticket to the ultimate game. >> it's tax time, i just got my w-2. i'm going to wait and get a picture of this one. if the niners win, i'm going to get a ticket to the super bowl. >> tickets officially go on
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sale at on wednesday at 10:00 a.m. for season ticketholders and 1:00 p.m. for the general public. they range from $170 to $470. hundreds of people on craigslist are offering tickets and stub hub also offering tickets for no less than $3. $75. for more information about the 49ers and how to get tickets. go to and click on sports. coming up, disaster at sea. the fatal errors the ship's captain may have made that caused an italian cruise ship to keel over. >> first it was smart meters, now this. miles of pipe in tens of thousands of bay area homes. >> plus, in the radiation zone, a rare look at the cleanup efforts inside the fukushima nuclear site.
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it has been three dais since the cruise liner ran a ground leaving six dead and many missing. many blame the captain. he says he is not at fault. this is not the first time that ship has gotten too close to land. >> hope oche finding any survivors, including a missing american couple is fading fast. divers have been risking their lives to search flooded passages and compartments. the rescue operation had to be paused today. the captain claims a luxury
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liner was torn open by a reef that was not marked on his chart. something officials say it's not possible. this coast is just too well charted. >> it's incredible to think a liner cames this close to shore. that rock behind me is what the ship struck. it tore 160-foot gash in its hull. and the ship has come in close before. this amateur video shot a few weeks ago doing sailing by the horn, showing off by coming close and blowing the ship's horn to impress passengers. the ceo of the cruise company blamed the captain. >> we believe it has been a human error here. the captain did not follow the authorized route. >> when the ship ran aground, passengers were frantic. the evacuation drill had never been run. the family from alaska knew they were on their own. >> i grabbed a few thing.
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mostly pajamas. >> they made their way to a lifeboat. >> they wanted to be the first on the lifeboat. we were up close. we didn't get on the first lifeboats and they were gone and there we stood. >> only way down was a reap ladder that are hanging over the side. >> coming down the ladder was a scary part. >> there are other people coming down the ladder and we're hanging 50, 100 feet on the air and there they are, you know. >> that was scary. >> and so ends what was supposed to be a holiday aboard what only a few days ago was one of the most luxurious cruise liners afloat. >> the captain's lawyer says he is pained and overcome with the loss of life. cbs news, italy. pg and e is assuring
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customers that its new gas pipes are safer than the old ones. some are wared worried about the plastic pipes that are being used to replace the copper versions. they worry the new pipes won't be as strong. >> earth, placic would be more brit tall. the plastic is very strong, very durable. it's more flexible. if there is an effort quake, it will move with the earth and not break. >> independent analysts have also confirmed that the plastic pipes are stronger than copper. all metal distribution piping in the bay area is expected to be lace. >> as we know the one year anniversary. the japanese government is hoping that the thousands who lost their homes can eventually return. lucy craft shows us, many still may not want to.
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>> reporter: to get inside the government designated no go zone, we had to put on biohazard jump suits, face masks, and detend geyser counters. >> silent now since 90,000 residents fled the nuclear disaster nearly a year ago. our duster in, 10 miles north of the nuclear plant. out of sight to see a demonstration. >> the plan is to rid building of rough road yo act i have particles. radiation levels remain dangerously high. >> this is an area around 3. unlike other airs. this is probably residential. >> michael measured the amount
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of radiation in the air. it's up 55 times higher than acceptable levels. radioactive can collect in twigs and leaves. rooftops, another radiation trouble spot were tawerred with water. but it was the cleanup of a primary school that officials are worried about. >> the top inch is highly contaminated. >> this time in the playground. the last of dump sites means hazardous waste. >> a spokesman for the agency told me by lowering the radiation, we hope to convince parents parents. >> despite the risk, many families say they'll never come
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back. >> as we exited the no go zone, everyone was thoroughly scanned for radiation. nothing out of the ordinary was found. the government says it will begin a full scout effort. drbs news. fukushima. >> we have a freeze warning going into effect. a very busy week ahead. we'll pinpoint the days affected as eyewitness news continues on the cw. ,,,,
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well, this week is going to keep roberta very busy. >> i have been doing the happy dance all day in the weather center. first off, because we have some very cold air mass that is the coldest night so far this winter season. so far this year. outside in santa rosa, the air temperatures already near freezing and people are bundling up. let's head to the coldest spot, however, right now at this hour. looking out towards dublin, the trivalley where currently in
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livermore, it dropped down to 30 degrees. it is below freezing in stan rosa. san mateo in the mid 30s. 44 overnight in san francisco. well right now, overnight dropping down to 38 degrees. so 20s and 30s. most of our reporting stations will be freezing. as some of these temperatures actually dip into the teens. isolated areas. so tomorrow morning it's going to be a very cold morning commute. the extepidded call beginning in the north bay. thursday for the remange portion of the bay area. the difference between this week and last week, a zonal flow. last week it was veering to the north of us as it had this ridge of high pressure. so watch our rain future cast.
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this helps you plan your midweek. you see the edge of the rain in the far reaches of the green bay and slyly sliding to the south. temperatures tomorrow for your tuesday. everything is spue the 50s. the outside number will be 54, 55 degrees. tops at 56. today we only had 54 as an outside number. let's walk you through this extended forecast. there you have the rain arriving far north bay. the bulk of wednesday is going to be dry. everyone is wet with periods of heavy rain on thursday and on friday. a secondary systems its way on to saturday. a third one. it's too far oat to tell if it will be out of here, at 3:30 as the 49ers play host to the giants. nevertheless, it will be a wet weekend here in the bay area and that translates into snow in the higher higher
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illustrations. >> people make plans. i think people are already leaving. >> they are going to go watch the game or go skiing. >> i'm jacked out of my mind. referring to my broadcast partner. the 49ers are still on cloud 9 after saturday's comeback win. here's what his players came up with that lacquer room right after this. >> davis with the plank of his life.
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well, the sunday game was the high point of what has been a rough and tumble couple of years. >> sunday game is what put the 49ers against the new york giants. the win on saturday is interesting because alex smith and vernon davis have really been symbolic. each have gone through so much. for those two football players to be involved in something and putting them on the big stage was great stuff. now he is a hero for his cat that put the nfl into the championship. here's a look at the speech game speech following saturday's win over the saints. >> third down. touchdown. touchdown 49 49ers. >> congratulations. >> game ball vernon davis.
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game ball. >> who has it better than us? >> nobody. >> so, bring on the new york giants who are coming back to skill for the game. it will be rematch. justin smith batted down. 4th down. who would have known then. watching the two best seats in the nfc. >> surprise a lot of people that the giants and had theres in the gym. >> we got a pretty good team here. >> we play with the pest and boot l the mess. >> it will be 3:30 is the kickoff and you heard roberta talk about the weather. it might be damp. i never thing weather is a haj far tore, because both seem to play on the same field. >> the adrenaline, if it's
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rain, they won't notice. >> do they have a trance for the shovel dance? >> it's called the iggy shuffle. i'm just kitting. 1989. niners beat cincinnati.
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