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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  January 22, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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defeat tonight for the 49er, who had come so far-- for te first time in low snap. the kick is good. and the giants are going back to the super bowl. >> so close. a crushing defeat tonight for the 49ers who had come so far for the first time in years. their loss to the new york giants in sudden death overtime. a lot of sad 49ers fans tonight. a botched punt return in overtime cost the niner as chance to play in the super bowl. inside candlestick park with reaction from fans at the end of this very intense game. >> reporter: yeah, hi ann. a tough day out here for 49er
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fans, the weather kind of matching the mood. it was like this all day long. it was soggy, it was ugly. then the ending came that just crushed 49er fans, a very, very tough loss to a very, very good season. you could tell it was going to be a lousy day. it was muddy, cold, and windy. as the game wore on, you could see some worried looks. as the giants and niners battled back and forth, police say the crowds huddled against the wind and rain. and for the most part, behaved themselves. then it came down to this. overtime, and the giants shot to win it all. niners fans held their breath. and then, just like that, it was over. game, season, and a shot at the super bowl. >> i'm very sad.
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but we played a great season. we'll get them next year. go niners. >> we got robbed. we were robbed. man, we should have got some better calls there. but hey we did it, we got here. >> you go to overtime. we thought we had it won there for a while. but there's always next year. >> i can't even speak right now. we're going to the bowl, baby! >> 49er fans have been unbelievably hospitable the whole time. all the things we heard about it were untrue. it's just been a great experience for us. >> reporter: why couldn't 49er fans be celebrating? we had to hear the giants fan at the end there. a brutal loss. had such a great season. played well. alex didn't look all that sparkling tonight, if you know what i mean. >> yeah, but i think the 49ers. the reason they got here in the first place is because they create more turnovers than
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anybody else. today that formula worked against them. kyle williams was on special teams receiving punts, because ted ginn was injured and could not play. and williams muffed one of the punt attempts late in the game. it was recovered by the new york giants. they took advantage. eli manning back to pass. manningham for the touchdown. that turnover turned into 7 points. then, in overtime, once again, kyle williams trying to make something happen. fumbles the football as he's trying to return the punt, and that led, of course to the game winning field goal, and the 49ers end up losing as a result of two turnovers that lead to 10 points. >> crappy. yeah, i mean overtime in the nfc championship game. it's a lot of work. it's a tough road to even get here, and you get here, and you're so close. but, you know so it's not good.
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not a good feeling. >> very upset. to me, we're definitely a super bowl team. we made it this far, everyone wanted to win it. we wanted to go play in the super bowl. but we just didn't get it. >> reporter: i tell you what though, 49ers to a man played hard all day today. we saw dropped balls on both sides. alex smith, you talk about his season, dennis. here's a guy, a lot of 49ers fans were even saying, why are we brings this guy to camp this year, what a turn around for him? >> i think they were starting to make that transition after the devastating loss, but you go 13-3 in the regular season, for a team that wasn't expected to make the playoffs, get to the nfc championship game, they far outseeded their expectations. this a great season for the 49ers. i know they're going to be itching to get back to work for next year. >> reporter: their fans had a
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great attitude. we didn't do it this year, but there's always next year. kristin was talking to 49er fans, here's what she's got. >> reporter: she's exactly what we've heard, maybe next year. that's what a lot of fans are saying out here. no doubt this loss hurt. but it did not hurt into the kind of mayhem in the stands that police feared it would. there was a pepper spray incident and a few arrests here and there, but for the most part, niners fans took this hit with heads held high. the final kick. a kick to the gut for some niners fans. they had come ready for a party. wet weather be damned. >> we come through rain, sleet, snow, no matter what, we come out for this championship game, baby. >> reporter: not all of them had tickets. deon came out for the experience, knowing he would never see the inside of the stadium today. >> just to be part of the crowd, and be part of this
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historic moment. >> reporter: a one man tale gate living out a childhood dream. then there are those who made the journey from the land of giants. >> we flew all the way out from the east coast, and we're here for the game. >> we love you san fran, but you're going home today. >> reporter: prophetic words. despite an unruly few, the giants fans said their niners counterparts were gracious until the end. >> incredible. >> we still love you, niners. >> we got them next year. good job harbaugh. >> reporter: police were not able to give us exact numbers on how many people were arrested, they say they won't come until tomorrow, but we did get a twitter message from one fan who says his friend's wife
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was affected in the pepper spray incident, unintentionally, certainly some drama there. back to you, ken. >> reporter: okay, and coming back, al, look, we've got a shot you'll never see on any other station tonight. wet muddy feet. they were playing in these conditions all day long. like i a, we saw the effect of it, but you can't blame this one on the weather. >> no, i don't think it had a dramatic effect on this football game. kyle wipings, i don't want to lay it all on him. you remember when roger craig fumbled away that football in '95 on this field against these new york giants and a lot of people point to rogers being the reason. when you look back, you will find several reasons of the
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game that slipped away, and you can't pin it all on one guy. >> reporter: the fans out here were fantastic. there were a fair number of new york people who made the trip out here. everybody got along. i didn't see a lot of arguments or profanity. people listened to what they were told. >> i would guess as a result of the weather, maybe alcohol sales were down, and i'm not, that might have had something to do with it, but everybody was very well behaved. >> reporter: folks stuck out to the very bitter end of this one. unfortunately, it is a bitter end and the 49ers don't go to the super bowl. but there is a lot of promise for this club and they'll be back next year. >> i think they're going to have to try to find a receiver. i think they're going to have a lot of free agents they have to deal with, first and foremost, alex smith is a free agent. so the 49ers most likely will try to work out a deal with him first, and then several our
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players they're going to have -- other players they're going to have to deal with. >> reporter: we'll toss it back. tears or rain? we'll let you decide. back to you. >> i think the rain is like mother nature's tears. she's clearly a 49er fan, right ken? >> reporter: i'm guessing so tonight. at parties, bars and homes all over the bay area, fans of both teams shared the excitement, and yeah, the agony of the game. john nap is in san francisco where the 49er faithful are already saying wait until next year. >> reporter: obviously, the 49er faithful hated the ending, but certainly they loved this exciting season right down to the climatic final chapter, which they got up for early today, and were out there waiting for it. an hour and a half before game time, new york giants fans are lined up outside ace's bar on sutter. inside, the mood is already intense, as the fans borrow a
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local cheer. [ chanting let's go giants ] >> reporter: pity this one 49er fan in this new york crowd. remember, this is an hour and a half before the game. these are 49er fans, and hour before the game, and the sports bar on polk. it was body to body inside. outside, laura and derrick were looking in. she's a patriots fan, he's for the niners. they started out at 9:00 a.m., for the patriots/ravens game. >> we were there all day, then we went to rex for a drink or two. but now we've got to find a place to watch the niners, but every place is packed, so we might just go home. >> reporter: at kickoff, the excitement was uncontrollable. even for those who weren't paying attention.
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but energy drained away, when a giant's overtime field goal ended the game, and the dream. >> i feel we got robbed. that fumble was a fumble on the 30. >> reporter: hope for the future is still alive. >> you know what? the game ended, next season, we're already getting ready. harbaugh? just gotta. >> reporter: the fans gave it all they got, and almost got it to the super bowl. there was another game today to decide the other team for the super bowl, it was the afc championship game between the patriots and the ravens. with 11 seconds left in the game, the patriots won when the ravens missed a field goal attempt that would have tied the score. they move on to the super bowl for the 7th time in franchise history. so, once again, so close for the 49ers, but they couldn't hold on in sudden death overtime, so now eli manning and the new york giants will face off with tom brady and the new england patriots in super
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bowl xlvi. it will be played february 5 in indianapolis. turning to other news, a sweet 16 birthday party shattered by gunfire. several young people hit. the sign something ominous was going to happen. i have more work to do on my recovery. >> she survived being shot in the head. today, congresswoman gabrielle giffords decides she's stepping down. plenty of clouds and showers now picking up, and the winds starting to gust too. it is going to be a very stormy night. we'll have details coming up. ,
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16 birthday party that enden a sour note. dozens of young people gathered in ant bay city it was a sweet 16 birthday party that ended on a sour note. dozens of young people gathered in an east bay city for a celebration. then the shots range out. a flier was left at the house, warning something was going to happen. >> i think what it was, it was just a party that got out of control. we just saw everyone running and screaming. it was just total chaos. >> antioch police say they had to call for help to secure the scene. the most badly injured, a 13- year-old boy, and a 21-year-old woman. a neighbor says they hope those involved don't return to retaliate. he was the winningest coach in ncaa history, less than two
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months fired for failing to report sex allegations, joe paterno has died. >> reporter: fans lit candles and say goodbye to the man known as joepa. >> hearts go out to his family. >> reporter: paterno's family released a statement saying he died as he lived. constantly reminded everyone of how blessed his life had been. penn state fired the coach during the middle of the season amid scandal surrounding jerry sandusky, his former assistant coach. sandusky released a statement saying nobody will be able to take away the memories we all share of a great man. paterno won 409 games. more than any other division 1 football coach. fans here at penn state are remembering him for his accomplishments off the field
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as well. >> people will remember what a great man he was, and how much he did for this university. not just the football program, but the entire university. >> he was a coach that just stood for more than just football. >> reporter: more than 250 of the players paterno coached went onto the nfl. even students who were not athletes looked up to him. >> he was like a father figure, a role model. >> reporter: paterno is survived by his wife, children, and 17 grandchildren. cbs news, state college, pennsylvania. congresswoman gabby giffords who was shot in the head a year ago, says she will resign from congress this week. >> i have more work to do on my recovery so to do what is best for arizona, i will step down this week. >> giffords is expected to attend the president's state of
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the union address tuesday before she steps down. arizona's governor will set up a special election to fill out the rest of giffords' term. there is more rain on the way. >> it's just really starting to pick up out there. we're starting to see gusts, 20 to 30 mile-an-hour plus gusts out there now, and stronger winds are on the way overnight, and heavy rain too. picking up on some of that rainfall right now, it's really enhancing over the last couple of hours here, and will continue to do so over the next few. we've got a weak system pushing onshore, but the one on the back of this, probably going to push it through with heavier amounts of rainfall. heavy amounts of rain in yellow and orange popping up around the bay area. let take you in for a closer look. in the south bay, more showers increasing. still staying fairly dry into
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san jose. that is all about to change. a little further to the north, heavier cells near concord. in along the peninsula, you've got pockets of heavier amounts of rain, just north of half moon bay there. also montara, seeing cells move in your direction. a lot of the heavier amounts of rain so far found in the north bay. everyone is going to get plenty of rain overnight tonight. not just rain, but plenty of wind. also, much of the san mateo county coast, we're expecting strong, gusty winds. some of the gusts running 40 to 50 miles per hour. outside right now, cloudy skies. the 49er red, but the raindrops starting to become more ominous outside. the first band moving in right now, that will enhance the rain, but i'm watching this guy on the back side. that's going to give the system a kick here. that should enhance the rain, especially into the latter part of tonight.
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rain and wind along the bay area, especially on the coastline and inside the bay. tomorrow, probably starting out wet early on in the commute. then, i think by the afternoon, we'll begin to see more sunshine outside. it looks like a stormy night as the system is going to kick on through. the cold front moving through right now. the core of the system, driving through later on tonight. computer modelles picking up -- models picking up on it on the. 3 or 4:00, we'll see the core of the system move by. then things begin to taper off just a bit, and becoming partly cloudy as we head into tomorrow afternoon. rainfall totals, probably pretty impressive. some of the north bay mountains could see over an inch of rain. temperatures in the 50s, and 60s. and then it looks like over the next few days, we're going to see, well, a return to some spring like weather. temperatures getting near 70 degrees toward the middle of the week, so if you're getting sick of all the rain, and i know there are people that are, you don't have to wait long. just have to hunker down through tonight, and by the
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middle of the week, it looks like spring. >> flirting with the 70s. >> i wouldn't be surprised if we see a couple 70s out there. thanks very much. we'll be right back.
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the vampire action saga "underworld awakening" tooke biggest bite out of the box office this weekend, doing n better than expected. the vampire action saga underworld: awakening took the biggest bite out of the box office this weekend. the 3d movie took in more than $25 million in its opening weekend. opening in second place was red tails from producer george lucas. the real life drama about the first black fighter pilots to serve in world war ii. contrabrand, extremely loud and incredibly close and haywire rounded out the top 5. tonight in their moment of sadness, there's not a lot of places they can turn to for comfort, but mike sugarman is in new york to provide a
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sympathetic shoulder. >> reporter: it's finnerty's bar in manhattan east village. it's the place they gather to get out of the new york state of mind. >> it feels like home. with the crowd here, everyone is from san francisco. >> we had 100 people outside at noon. stopped letting in people at 4:00. >> six hours before the game. >> there's nothing liking about a 49er fan! >> reporter: there maybe nothing like it, but it can get crazy. niner fans open their homes to the like minded. >> i'm definitely not a giants fan. i'm wearing my red today to support the san francisco 49ers, because i am a diehard packers fan. the enemy of my enemy is my friend. >> reporter: irish nachos made
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with potatoes went down as smoothly as the beer. anchor steam of course. >> i have an important meeting on monday, but i will be wearing this. >> reporter: because i raised him right, still a niner fan. meantime, back at the bar -- a sad ending, and it didn't go down so easily for some niners fans. some took it harder than others. >> i'm going to go home and cry. big, fat tears. >> reporter: mike sugarman, cbs 5. [ male announcer ] for andy, tracking his spending with citibank
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is as easy as... making breakfast. omelet? sure. scrambled eggs. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. citi financial tools. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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of the great upsets in nfl ♪[ music ] welcome back everybody to a rainy candlestick park and the super bowl xlvi is set. it will be a rematch of one of
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the greatest super bowl upsets in history. start the clock here in candlestick. a great start for the 49ers. still clicking this postseason, davis catches the deep route and outruns the giants defense, 73-yard touchdown. 7-0 san francisco. tie game in overtime. kyle williams, stripped while returning a punt. he fumbled twice on the night. the giants recovered deep in san francisco territory. splits the uprights from 31 yards out. new york ends the 49ers cinderella season. in the afc, tom brady did not throw a touchdown, but his leap gave the patriots the lead. going for the end zone, it's punched out for the former raider practice squader. no catch, that would have won it. billy condit to try to send the game to overtime, and a 32-yard
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field goal, no good. heartbreak for baltimore and brady is headed to his fifth super bowl. with that, both harbaugh brothers are eliminated. thanks, we'll see you at 11:00 on cbs 5. good night. ,, ,,,,
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