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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  April 13, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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his son tyler so. perhaps now tyler before you got to the a's first pitch we have the very special guest her whole life to
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preserve the bastille her at this town we direct your attention to the video board as we're joined by the satellites by brian and his mother and. thank you for all the bands for showing brian in their family all of your love and support for this past year. we had hoped that brian would be there today with you but he is here working very hard on all of his therapy is. but we couldn't be more excited for the person filling in for brian his son tyler. tell your dad when to hinder and the military's help your point to graze. the luck son. good job tyler.
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was a little emotional. it was nice to see it brine still is doing better. it's amazing what he has been through and to see him there with his mom, and designed to be out there in anything that at the brought the whole team out, and to celebrate its. there was a time when customers went to san francisco strip clubs. i don't like in this neighborhood. when i see its i don't think it is this especially lewd. to find an obscenity may have stopped supreme court justices. i don't think there's
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anything going on in the world for new bring about a late a vehicle palas the fbi i don't it appropriates the house lights come truck but the battles of the medellin ago. there's no girls in there. not now but the girls are in cited both friday and saturday nights. there's nobody intended for the legions of tourists to share the ex-wife, zones. even the tourists will be aware tires for the night and so does the truck driver. broll broll monday is in putting on the brakes at 37 avenue and balboa and some neighbors are outraged. city supervisor eric says, fast and furious because it was half a block from the moment elementary school so the truck was towed for expired tags. some women can
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dance around dispenser even though they drive around on the street. the chap took a hiatus that much flexibility in back this time the 42nd in theory. it is frustrating. it is a game of cat and mouse. he said the we're not calling to allow this to be back in our neighborhood and they said you have to talk to my general manager. he didn't call cbs five back i they're perhaps they know there is a 2012 law that forbids vehicles commercially advertising on public streets. even if they do not. to double this in our neighborhood samaras is argued in new law that tells any and all to inflation. in san francisco art while cbs five. they're supposed to be protecting the president but tonight to a dozen secret service agents have been relieved from duty amid allegations there were involved of prostitutes the associated press received an anonymous tip that the agents were accused of misconduct and involve and
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prostitutes president of, is in colombia for the summit of the americans the secret service would only confirm that there have been allegations of misconduct related to activity before the president arrived. the kidnapping suspects couldn't kristen it shows us the at this that he thought this might fool officers. and massive dragnet in downtown oakland in the suspect arrested dried. it was a surprise when the suspect he wanted brawl the donned a woman's blouse to escape a manhunt in jack london square. he spotted the man and his girlfriend this morning reportedly stolen car that had been linked to a kidnapping and assault and all the me that.
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this gave for hours halted amtrak service along the embarcadero that is an police say thing is that weird and said the motel. did ways they did try to disguise his appearance to evade police to text and in the entire place on lockdown an hour into the standoff are the girlfriend of the cuts. demand and armed assault weapon that it now appears his only weapon was a wardrobe change. broadway reopened an amtrak was running again acted with it police did searched the motel for any sign of an assault weapon unclear when they turned up in no plans cbs five. the stanislaus county sheriff has a body found in a burned out apartment this afternoon is the gunman who killed a sheriff's deputy and a
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locksmith yesterday the apartment went up in flames just before 10 last night during a 12 hour standoff with the suspect investigators say the gunman shot the deputy robert paris and locksmith clinton and byrd yesterday morning when the debt be was trying to serve the gunman with an eviction notice. they have not released the gunman's identity. this time last night here in the middle of a very spectacular lightning storm roberta shows us that the nominal spot was making headlines around the world. is remarkable there's 750 letting strikes across the bay area at amateur photographers got out their cameras in the crazy thing happens when they applied their photos to the internet. photography is just an expensive hobby for me in his high-rise apartments he casts the lights and aimed at the bay bridge. as cited for its december shots and that its goal for a couple hours. hundreds of
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photographs later. had this. did we get close to the method your page from a foot go to diane and liquor within minutes was in the hundreds of used and when the and i got a call from the u.k. asking the to putting a paper people live treated me and texting me and called me and i'm trying to keep up is overwhelming. blocks away david jones and his camera on a bed of towels and opened fire. two lines shot right in the middle of a fight no right for was looking and this is saw the preview on the back of the camera and i thought that is pretty awesome. and then the response. he's a people and twitter and e-mail the civil from different media outlets and one person as he wanted to printed out for their wall. delays today's lesson is social media. i didn't have any idea that something could explode like
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this. so it's fun and but it's equally overwhelming sell a want to thank everybody and track her down the sides of the nice but it's going to take me days to do all that. 83 year-old in the nra? by rick santorum and his wife just got their daughter a membership. diving in to save their neighborhood pool the sacrifice one bay area community is making. and brad know more the california wonder not too far from here that will be opened up to the public for the first time. right and that he owns
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guns. but he got a laugh when he said that his wife karen has away more guns than he does. and that is not all. karen and i are live members of the nra wants to announce today that i talked to chris and now bella is a life member of the nra to. the hope is a long life. degrees ballett and sandworms three year-old daughter suffers from a rare and fatal genetic condition. surprising tax revelations today from both the white house and campaign trail, he called for attacks extension the commander-in-chief and actually paid to a lower tax rate than one of his staffers lisa sylvester takes a closer look at the base over the high-profile returns. who is texting high
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rate the president, ms. brown or the present secretary? it is actually the president's secretary. she makes $95,000 a year the obama's administration confirms our tax rate is higher than the president's 20.5% the rage he paid, and $674 unit made last year brahmi's projected tax rate was even lower about 14% yet his projected salary was more than $20 million last year democratic strategist says the tax rate cap is an argument that is hurting romney. did we did look good to people for years after a terrible recession and most people in this country is struggling to make ends meet snow he has a serious optics' problem around his tax returns. president obama's has been driving the point home with calls for congress to pass the so-called patrol that would increase taxes on people whose earnings top $1 million mr.
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obama's who made less than that it wouldn't be included based his 2011 returns neither would joe biden last year made about $379,000. but the romney campaign is firing back spokeswoman andrea says " it is no surprise that the worst job creation record in modern history that president obama's which tried to distract americans from the real issues with a series of sideshows. ron is a lower rate on taxes because most of its income comes from interest investment is stating is as opposed to earn income from a paycheck conservative writer stephen morris says romney has to do a better job explaining my personal success shouldn't be penalized. at in the rodney has to make the point that my money was investment encompasses from saving investment we need more of that for quite have a growing economy and to raise taxes on the investment that people put into businesses is not a way to create jobs. to equate rummies
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under pressure to release his returns which the campaign says he will still democrats want more though they want him to release tax returns going back into the last decade. governor brown has a tough message for the state legislature man that. that is that we told the radio station the legislature should deal with the state deficit and make spending cuts. he says the deficit is like like large and on the previously thought to democrats have fought many of brown's proposals to slash spending. it's been a neighbor had favored in the east bay from us 50 years. and now the community is diving in to save their neighborhood pool. share in june shows us what they're willing to do whatever it takes. it is seen or swim for the swim club. did we would be really sad the 48 year-old pool has a waiting list for public swimming lessons and graduation party is already booked for june that
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will has been a second home to live apart as one team member josiah. to come here in the morning for a swim practice and i don't leave until probably 9:00 at night a families who are members of the swim club say it is all but one of the only neighborhood pools left that house the swim team that can win is for about 100 kids under 18 like joycelyn were. i would not do during the summer because my parents were so is the home. the pull close the supporters don't raise $80,000 by may for major repairs and operating costs. it is an overwhelming responsibility. they have raised more than $18,000 members who already paid nearly $400 a year per family are being asked to pay $250 more for new plastic plumbing and electrical systems still cool to dive into deep debt. to save money 50 community volunteers are pooling their talents and doing a lot of the initial work plan off the old plaster. all the cement has been carried out and bought it by
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hand from kids six years old all the way up to older people. since march the contractor has long sought out his work as your% interest taking on the campaign to keep the pool flows in hayward cbs five. it is considered one of the most beautiful stretches of california coastline the coast there is landed as of tonight is it will stay that way. nearly 7,000 a. of undeveloped lands north of santa cruz are now permanently protected from development that is under a deal with the state coastal commission. the 6,800 a. are part of a former spanish land grants that surrounds davenport's. that includes redwood forest and agricultural field goals of last several watersheds were previously closed to the public will now everyone will get a chance to see pristine lands that will never be developed. is great and the waterways are willie fun to explore and there's a lot of very here i
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haven't seen just because it's always been farmland and we haven't had access. the seven and half mile stretch of land one of the top three largest pieces of private coastal property between the golden gate bridge in the mexican border it was once considered prime real estate for new homes. the rate is now finally beginning to wind down across the bay area but not before we have reports of a funnel cloud will talk about that and your weekend forecast as eyewitness news' continues on the c.w.. from the weather
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center in san francisco good evening and reports of a final parting of the grant to lead it tracy antioxidant oakley area just after 7:00 tonight live not liable to confirm that but i was pretty much the last of this system that rolled to the bay area have a look at our live doppler radar to the modesto area reported that fall clouds that cluster activity over the delta earlier this evening are live have doppler radar does indicate that things are beginning to dry up the this
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week he had some help the totals as far as rainfall is concerned we had record rainfall yesterday look at oakland's now 76 percent of normal set as a last week at this time was at 36% and san francisco increased by 9 percent in the past 24 hours alone this area of low pressure now taking a nose dive toward southern california dropping some flooding rains and drought southland even some light snow in the grapevine meanwhile we are on the backside of this area of low pressure so high-pressure is quickly filling in giants baseball tomorrow at 605 clear but breezy but let your heading to the ball park and go giant party clout is that skies 47 degrees livermore the winds are still parisi was delayed 18 some us up to 25 sfo partly cloudy fares saturday sunny and warm air sunday night santa rent rolls back into the area by wednesday tonight overnight into the '30's and 40's and the
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sunshine and temperatures into the '50's and into the '60s much warmer than today with the outside number was 60 in richmond the extended forecast is a string of sunshine days from saturday through monday and then increasing clouds tuesday will be to that potential rain on wednesday and enjoy your weekend here's can the sports is the mariners began that third series of the city and big daddy kane merely makes history on opening day since she part next.
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somehow come with this principle
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recital debut district police say the incident was in the intersection of kurtis street
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and pola one person is confirmed dead two was entered not my injuries so far no suspects but i crew the giants returned home the third most runs in the majors but lacking in quickly reminded everyone that the genus scilla strength of the team. christian said o'clock. was suppose to get a standing ovation and two bridges later hit the fan is back on their fees the manila does not yet to settle for an rbi double the giants would scored twice in the first and that was plenty for big daddy kane he allowed one base runner all day a signal from james a. donald in goes the distance giant the par-5 nothing because in and locked in like this this is as good as his band and the above one hits the the matter. it would ingrates do
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not give up a head this but that is azine mayors meeting again this time for opening day in seattle it didn't hit any home runs but he did last allow their part to let tosses seven shutout innings for his second with a disease and the atms force and nothing really an interesting year for them in with five times in seven days and tokyo you talk about that series in oakland and now and seattle. duckweeds they're getting to know each other is the spice of life. am surprised haven't fought morning around each other some much. this data report is all there. are dead. it was an exciting opening day for the giants and for the sharks. did with the sharks continues tomorrow and there is it was not held tomorrow for the giants. so keep it going.
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duckweeds a lot going on. ,,,,
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