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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  May 7, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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suspect to the state police custody. investigators have the evidence and more than a month later they're releasing it. new clues in the sierra lamar disappearance. intelligence agencies know the plan and a half of the bomb with the beds are now trying to find out after a spoiled flu terrorist plots. in the down side of positive growth. tens of thousands of california is about to be pushed out of the unemployment line. police in oakland are on the hunt for a burglary suspect who escaped from the back of an officer's car. sharon chin on her they're looking for. police say they're searching for a burglary suspect
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to some how bad out of his handcuffs and escaped from the back of a patrol car at about 745 tonight is officer apparently lost the suspect at 6 in. & just steps away from the jail and a block away from police headquarters. we're told the officer was transporting the six-foot 200 common to the jail when he slipped out of this can cut some minutes to open the back door of the police car and then took off running. earlier tonight we saw officers searching the area on floods near seven then jefferson and officers as part of the surge tells me they transport suspects to the jail by themselves all the time but they're certainly going to be investigating how this one got away. they're still searching for him at this hour. bitten on her face by people tonight the to year-old victim of a dog attack and the east bay is recovering at a hospital. elizabeth cook is at the girls home in concord tonight. that all is dark now
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earlier today was lit up with animal control officers and police after a two year-old girl was bitten by the family people. this is horrible. this is horrible. its misfortune it. he lives across the street from the home with a two year- old was attacked. he has in the dog's level times before. was aggressive? did we was always on the beach. so it was a surprise attack. now that dog is under quarantine and animal control after officers say the dog bit the child's face and lake. the child was airlifted to oakland children's hospital. really don't know anything right now. outside their home as a sign for beware of dog that two german shepherds guarding is somebody says he would never get it bowl. out on test pit bulls. look at the history of the pit bull. this is not not the
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first incident. it has been happening for the past few years. this is not the first incident. right now that two year-old girl was in stable condition at oakland's children's hospital. after more details surrounding the case police are still investigating in fact earlier today there were doing a lot of searching around the home and yard surrounded the home which would lead us to believe the attack actually happened to near or at that area. as for any criminal charges animal control says is still too soon to tell the will of how to evaluate whether or not that animal had a history of aggressive behavior. they view as a bit. the search for steer lamar is getting new attention tonight in the south bay. this after investigators released the suspect vehicle in the disappearance of the 15 year-old girl for morgan hill. kiddo on the distinctive features of this car. dana is not a run-of-the-
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mill car the plants and with the crowd chances are if you saw this one you remember it. the general look similar to this when i read mid-90s modeled on the difference is that it has a black color head. investigators say was seen near her home the morning of her disappearance nearly two months ago front and rear facing surveillance cameras mounted on buses as well as businesses and cut holmes caption the video several times detectives had noticed the car in the videos before but only after we interviewing witnesses did they make a connection. detectives and not thinking is more than just a coincidence that the vehicle was seen in the surveillance. it is not clear if they captured him riding in the death or even if they got the license plate. is is a good or bad news? this is helpful. her mother says a specific description made job someone's memory. i'm hopeful that we have something to cling onto. that there is something physically can keep an eye out for that somebody will
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have some memory of this vehicle and say the location anything will help. in a few weeks ago searchers found a box that was labeled with handcuffs and also use condoms knew the search area the stairs office says they are not related to the search for a steer lamar. police in the east they have released sketches of the men wanted for kidnapping a cab driver at gunpoint. officers senate to force the driver into the trunk of his cab an apartment complex in antioch. they robbed him of his cash and drop them off in the oakland hills on harms. the cab was later found that they abandon oakland. the news tonight the cia has stopped a new terrorist plot then assented to use an old technique. that loss came from all, the affiliate's in yemen. cia confirmed the plan was to destroy a large jetliner heading
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for the united states using an underwear bomb. the would-be bombers had not the target or purchase the ticket when agents stepped in and sees that device. what this incident makes clear is that this country has to continue to remain vigilant against those that would seek to attack this country. and we'll do everything necessary to keep america safe. the fbi is now examining the bomb to see whether it could have passed through airport security and brought down an airplane. army investigators did not suspect foul play in the death of a soldier who died during a video chat with his wife. captain bruce clark died just two months after deployment to afghanistan and his wife has said that her husband with shots during their conversation. but investigators say there were no bullet wounds and no sign of any trauma. her family calls a model father and has been. he was like the young man
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in the prime of his life and everything to live for. he was really happy at this point in his life. his body was flown back to dover air force base for an autopsy results from that could take several weeks. in a few days thousands of struggling californians will be cut off from benefits. it's all because the state jobless rate stands 11% which is the lowest it has been in three years. mark serra explains the painful side effects for nearly 100,000 californians. did weeks today has spaghetti. member grant lost her job two years ago and has been on extended unemployment benefits ever since. without assistance from a nonprofit group for some food and unemployment money she doesn't know how she would get by. it's vitally important. because i like to be able to feel secure. but grant is now waiting anxiously wondering if she might soon lose those extended benefits. the federal
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government is cutting them off immediately to about 93,000 californians and residents of seven other states based on a complex formula tied to the unemployment rate. when california's unemployment rate dipped to 11% at automatically triggered the cut off. ungraceful as long as the last and i don't want to get to negative because then the anxiety rises up and that affects my entire life loss of extended unemployment benefits is something the social services providers such as the open heart kitchen here and alicante say they are also sure to feel. last year alone we serve 237,000 meals. did we tell the newman rent free meal programs and try valley area. towards the end of the mumbai number is double. only because they're running out of cash. they're running out of the money on the food bank card. he is lucky enough to be off of unemployment that says the sudden cutoff will be devastating. did we for someone
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who is in the this is tough. is a knockout. the first benefit cuts take place on saturday. in dublin cbs five. did waves just a few months ago this would seem impossible but tonight at campaign 2012 a shocker. rick santorum is throwing his support behind irani. in a late-night female supporters santorum urged them to back the presumed republican nominee. he says that both men agree that president obama's must be defeated. could mean billions but that is apparently not good enough of a selling point. while investors are wary of going public. and it may sound like a little morbid but what will happen to your facebook account when you die? why the government wants you to give it some thoughts. at 49 square miles hosting 67 locations a love-hate relationship san francisco house with walgreen's and assigns the times are changing.
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from the weather center tequila the high temperatures go ahead take a good look at them and how they will differ from your tuesday as eyewitness news continues. pipes please on the
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scene of a double shooting there are twitter reports that a mother in daughter are involved. police are not confirming that yet or if anyone has died. their only saying that the shooting happened around 6:00 wednesday secord we have a crew had that way and will keep posted. the jury the oracle vs. google style
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is deadlocked and needlepoint. today the federal jury in san francisco will googol did infringe copyrights when it developed its internet software for mobilizes. but jurors couldn't decided to use parts of the programming system fairly under copyright law. that means that oracle probably will not win major damages and google is moving for a mistrial on that part of the case. from the wars and to high tech training field microsoft is recruiting military veterans for their management expertise might result tires almost 100 veterans a year and company says it is a win-win for both sides. better and get jobs and the company gets whistle employees. leadership skills, and discipline on the job adaptability and flexibility in a very fast-moving environment stance military folks deal with on a daily basis. cities of the intangible skills that the sorts
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of veterans will bring to microsoft. and with the words in iraq and afghanistan the military recruiter expects more veterans will soon be looking for non-military jobs. mark september was looking for a few new friends today. friends of money for his public stock offering later this month. but anthony mason tells us why experts are wary of this most highly anticipated that plo in years. these books 27 year-old ceo was mobbed like a rock star as he visited potential investors in europe today. in a video for this road show the founder of the social network says these books mission is to make the world more open and connected. already face book has more 900 million monthly users. but the initial stock offering hope will be open to most of them the bulk of the shares will go to institutions only a small fraction are expected to be
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available to ordinary investors. in colorado keith lewis an avid face the accuser had hoped to get in on the offering to buy shares for his eight month old son's college fund. at more chance of been on ticketmaster to buy concert tickets to a really hard to get concert senate can facebook stock. but some seasoned investors are more cautious about the company by the ceo warren buffett has said over the weekend i'm an agnostic on the company like this book they're the hardest ones to value these book which makes 85% of its money from advertising the billion dollar profit last year the stock is priced like companies that make 10 times as much. is this the big investment? i would not invest in it right now. he is the kernel mind capital. did we do think it's a good business? at its main impact and to be very difficult to duplicate but you always have to wonder about the price when you're
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making an investment in the price is just too high. he worries the popularity of this book will distort the price and make it too risky of investment as warren buffett put it is harder to figure out then coca- cola. we have had a fabulous weekend and now we're looking ahead a weak what happened? prima similar conditions tomorrow from what we experienced today which is unseasonably warm weather at least by 16 degrees to route our neighborhoods but stepped outside right now this is the scene the transamerica building where today we had a high temperature of 78 degrees and san francisco that is up from the average high of 64 which is 14 degrees above normal in the meantime livermore top of that 90 degrees 16 degrees above- average currently in san francisco is 55 degrees is breezy with the westerlies at 80 m.p.h. and overnight clear skies tomorrow one more day of this
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unseasonably warm weather but then we go into a little bit table before we bumped up for mother's day will have that 70 forecast tonight is very mild into the 50s and absolutely nothing is going on the area of low pressure to the north us that is its. but with our warm weather are pollen count is extremely high and if you suffer from allergies you know what i'm talking about. it has been a nightmare the past two days. so tomorrow the wind lesson of the south and southwest 10 m.p.h. is the air mass becomes a little bit stagnant and we had that pollutants closer to the surface of the air quality will be on the moderate side to address tomorrow are not moderate at all '70s on the peninsula and the bomb but today's around redwood city and los altos low 90s in morgan hill today was 93 in gilroy if you degrees cooler and '90s also in print lead and there you have the temperatures from the '60s to 91 degrees in
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the north way we had the return of the marine layer on wednesday that local list down the just- in-time for mothers say the bomb but those temperatures and that is your penpoint forecast. things roberta. did we can never thought about what happens your online profiles lawyer gone? will the fencing he said. the government's estate planning recommendations now advise people to make plans for their social networking pages. the government suggests appointing someone they trust as an online executor will to close e-mail addresses profiles and clogs after you die. the fda says 14 life-saving drugs for children are in short supply in this country. 15 months ago democrats and republicans introduced bills in congress to solve that very problem but dr. john reports of those laws still have yet to pass. when you are 10 months old and fighting leukemia this is
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what a good day looks like. 80 percent of children with her kind of cancer can be cured with the right medications. but two months ago her dad was told a chemotherapy drug was running a house. see you just pray that that stuff is handled by the professionals and that people do their jobs and get done. but it's not getting done. dozens of cancer drugs are running out. the reasons include manufacturing problems and reduce production due to lower profits with generic drugs. the industry has not be afraid to let the fda no it they had a problem so we can get in there and work with them to fix it before a results showed up. the fda says the two bills that have been languishing in congress will help to fix the problem. your sink in that sponsors of legislation. if you have some industry life-saving if both parties agreeing and yet it cannot get to vote to a vote i'd never seen
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a congress where it's more difficult to pass legislation i think you should call the leadership so we did. we set up at the weekly press briefing. the congress is getting ready to move the bill. but i will also last where is the administration? whereas the president and is said to talk to about leadership. the committee process began over a year ago. she's a to
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soften key most toxic effects. typically things take a long time that's when someone's been a governor in the state to come to congress and ask what's going on. could you notice someone say move along? for small things have happened. it's a step in the right direction. but there is no way that fire anyone else to explain how slowly things move in the senate. it's been that way for 230 years. cbs news new york. the city
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known for embracing diversity is giving less than a friendly welcome to a familiar face. the reason behind the cold shoulder. find the walgreen's. how many can you put in one town? one city? the answer to that is 67 estimate there are in the 49 square miles of san francisco. why? because apparently would like to spend their money there but it doesn't seem to be enough. rebuilding?
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a walgreen's. a day in columbus san francisco 68 walgreen's is in the pipe works. testing azt walgreen's before that once done you can come here this one is two blocks away. this one is five blocks away. they're taken over now. and as you choose the one to shop from you make them profitable or not. i'd rather see a local business. it's going into the old tower records store was last sold record six years ago and because san francisco is busy planning codes you can build a chain they walgreen's here decanter over here. that's ok. this isn't. sell a lot of drugs here don't wait san francisco come and get your drugs. algren's did not return our calls but we do know that this one sells fresh meat and produce
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as well as drugs and will have a parking lot with his gold in this town. by the way there are more than 50 starbucks in the city and probably more because i stopped counting and seven trader joe's. did we've never had to any trader joe's. or walgreen's apparently. the giants losing pitcher for 100 games the news got worse as the evening wore on will explain next. saw giants
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reliever has been suspended 100 games for violating baseball's drug program he's been for 50
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games for positive test at in 2006 the giants are getting their first look at magic and the dodgers a jealous blew through the line instead fair and bounce into the corner one run scores buries you tell given three runs in six innings. for one dog is in the eighth of by james and put it to first any inning in his five more wins 91 sloppy sloppy game by the giants. the nba playoffs turns it over i'll be back in goes the other way. the easiest to points of his career and the spurs win 87 to 81 and sweep the jazz. the nhl playoffs this is a great one the rangers scored with six seconds left to tie it they won its in overtime taking it 32 series lead and the coyotes finish off the creditors in five games to advance to the western conference finals for the first time in franchise history when a
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match up that is. in a completely unexpected and will take on the l.a. kings.
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