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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  November 27, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> surveillance cameras capture a hit-and-run. hear the victims describe the few seconds that left him out of commission. >> getting out of town. how early some headed out to start their thanksgiving holiday. >> and skipping the turkey and stuffing. the deals that have these people camped out instead of reaching for their stretchy pants. >> i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. >> the car that hit him at 13th and harrison did not stop. but kristen ayers shows us sur vie lance cameras shows us everything. >> the guy that was hit was walking out of his job on 13th street in oakland. he walked across the street here just as a car came tearing around the corner. it hit him and kept right on going. >> i stepped outside to walk
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across the street to my car like i do every night when i leave there, and that's when it happened. >> surveillance video shows bryant seconds before he was struck by a passing car. from this angle, we see the suv, a dark porsche make a wide, unsteady turn and moments later -- >> i realize it was too late, so i braced myself for impact. >> it hits bryant. watch again at the top of your screen. bryant tries to get out of the way, but he falls to the ground. the porsche pauses and takes off. >> i can't believe they don't have enough love for their human brother to go out and see if they are okay. if they are even alive. >> crash left bryant with a broken femur and intense pain. also painful, the mounting medical bills. doctors had to surgically insert a titanium rod in his leg. >> i got a couple screws in here, a couple screws up here. >> he'll be off the job for months and he doesn't have
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medical insurance. his only hope that the person behind the wheel will come clean. now bryant thinks there may have been windshield damage to that car. it was a porsche, possibly a dark colored car with tinted windows. oakland police are saying if you have any information on the accident to call them. live in oakland, kpix5. >> tonight, an east bay teen who was set on fire on a bus is home just in time for thanksgiving. kpix5 on 18-year-old, sasha's recovery. >> sasha sits in the front passenger seat of the family car pulls into the garage. he's back home after spending three weeks at the st. francis burn center. his father, carl, says the 18- year-old is making a speedy recovery. >> sasha is excited to be at home. just walked up the stairs. >> sasha was able to walk now. smiling in his bedroom.
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you can see both of his legs are wrapped with bandages. >> sasha is tired in general, just physically and emotionally. >> earlier this month, 16-year- old, richard thomas, sent the skirts on fire aboard a bus, causing second and third degree burns to his legs. the suspect did it because he is home phobic. but sasha's family says the attack won't stop him from wearing skirts. in fact, he wore a black one today. >> people realize that you can wear unusual clothing and it doesn't mean that you have a right to attack them. >> what will change is sasha won't be riding the bus alone. >> i'm sure sasha will ride the bus again. probably with friends. >> both parents say it's been a tiring ordeal juggling between work and hospital visits. they are just glad sasha can go
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back to his normal life. >> he has been smiling a lot. >> sasha could return to his high school as early as next monday. in oakland, i'm don lynn, kpix5. >> despite the allegations in this recent case, attorney general says hate crimes in california are actually declining. last year, the number of reported hate crimes dropped nearly 13% from 2011. >> seen on the delta today, looked like a scene out of breaking bad. a sheriff towing away the remains of a floating meth lab. two fishermen were found dead inside that houseboat on monday. in the back waters, there was a small cooking operation set up in the gally of that boat. >> it's dangerous from start to finish, whether it's in a house, on a boat, anywhere. >> think of things that people are doing that not only harm the environment, but themselves and others is pretty painful. >> still unclear exactly how
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the pair died. the boat and the area are being checked now for possible toxic leftovers. >> contra costa county investigators will not be filing charges against the person who sparked that fire in september. the d.a.'s office says there is no evidence the fire was intentionally set. the fire burned more than 3,000 acres in and around the state park. about 75 homes were evacuated. a veteran san jose police officer faces felony charges after prosecutors say he wrote bogus tickets. 51-year-old, george chavez allegedly used his police computer to find information about his two victims. he then wrote several fake tickets targeting a man he sued five years ago and chavez's own attorney in the case. if convicted, chavez could spend six years in prison. >> on this day before thanksgiving, rough weather disrupted air travel and
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created ripple effects at hubs across the country. heavy rains, gusting winds, 60 miles an hour caused delays. about 300 flights had to be canceled in cleveland, philadelphia, new york, newark, 2.5 million people were flying today. that is 30% more than on a normal weekday. here in the bay area, heavy traffic clogged major freeways in the late afternoon and into the evening. in the time lapse video, you can see the cars moving along 580 in dublin and 880 in oakland. and there were more signs of the thanksgiving get away around the bay area, san francisco, the approach to the bay bridge, packed by mid afternoon. airports were busy including manetta, which is projecting a 5% increase in holiday travel. some people opted for the train instead. >> why pick the train as opposed to driving? >> i don't have a car and it's easier and everyone driving is
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leaving later. i'll await all the traffic and it's cheaper and less carbon footprint. >> thank giving is amtrak's busiest week of the year. tonight is the first night of hanukkah and the first candle of the national menora was lit this evening. the ceremony happened on the giant ellipse of the park near the south lawn of the white house. sang music played by the u.s. air force band. the hanukkah celebration continues for eight days and nights. and tonight, there was also a lighting of the large menora in union square. it is named after bill who paid for construction in 1975, every since then, the lights cast a glow on the square. so, what did you forget? the cranberries, butter, pumpkin pie? the registers were ringing up
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storm in san jose. it's the same all over the bay area thanksgiving shoppers picking up the last few odds and ends for tomorrow's gut- busting meal. some were just getting started. >> what started your strategy before thanksgiving? >> we are always last minute, to be honest with you. it always turns out great. >> many grocery stores were also planning to be open tomorrow for the extreme procrastinators. >> the turkey is not cooked yet and shoppers are lined up to catch a deal. andrea is in pleasant hill. andrea. >> reporter: take a look behind me, you can see the tents lined up and it sure seems like christmas is coming just a little bit early this year. twas the night before thanksgiving and all through the bay, people were sitting on concrete waiting to pay for cut rate electronics on turkey day. >> getting all these rubber
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bands and these dvd's. >> probably an ipad. i really want an ipad. >> an ipod. >> the tents were lined up on the sidewalk with care in hopes the deal fairy would soon be there. when from corporate america, there arose such a clatter. shop on wednesday, what's the matter screamed so many, santa has won. >> ho ho ho. >> thanksgiving is dead. >> hey, can you buy me something? they all want a piece of the action even though they are laughing at you. >> on cranberries on green beans. how can a holiday about family be reduced to smith reins? >> funons. take a step back, adjust your eyes, family time is here, just in disguise. >> reading and eating snacks.
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>> it's kind of like thanksgiving. >> pretty much, yes. >> without the turkey. >> now, we are, of course, out here at the best buy in pleasant hill. people lined up. the earliest we could find a store opening tomorrow is at 6:00. best buy, wal-mart, they open at 6:00 at night and of course, macy's and target will open tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. but there is family time still happening out here. it just looks different than what we imagine on thanksgiving day. live in pleasant hill, kpix5. >> you get happy calls in that way. >> a dispatch trainee gets to be part of a major life moment. how she helped a woman who just gave birth on the side of the road. >> a rare sight. why so many whales are hanging out off the california coast and what they're giving up to be there. kpix5 high deaf doppler is
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dry, now we have thanksgiving. hanukkah coming up tomorrow. we'll talk about when we are dry. that's coming up next. ,,,,,,,,
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at the thanksgiving table. a san jose fire dispatch trainee will have quite the story to tell at the thanksgiving table. tiffany got a call from a couple who had to pull off highway 87 to deliver their own baby. she walked them through the next step while they waited for help to arrive. stevenson has only been on the job a few months. she says this was a nice change of pace. >> you don't always get to have the happy calls that end that way, so it was nice being able to work last night knowing a little boy in the world, and he was healthy. just confirmed that, i'm glad i'm here. >> san jose fire dispatchers helped deliver four bays. >> dolphins, pelicans, you name it, all showing off. ben tracy shows us why they are sticking around longer than usual. >> on california's monterey bay, you don't need these to
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see these. >> oh my god. >> humpback whales, dozens of them are everywhere. >> wow, they are right on us. >> blowing away even avid whale watchers, such as karen. >> it's never been like this. this is phenomenal. >> do these whales make you feel very small? >> absolutely. >> there are also dolphins and hundreds of sea lions. they are chasing an unexplained explosion of anchovies. killer whales showed up to hunt the sea lions. tourists and scientists have never seen anything quite like it. >> there's easily over 100 to 200 00 whales in monterey bay. >> nancy black is a marine biologist and captain of this whale watching boat. she says most humpback whales should have left for their winter breeding ground, but could not pass up this fish feast. >> is this a question of when
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the need? breathing or food? >> it's a struggle. which one? >> sea lions help the whales feed. the whales simply open its mouth, swallowing up to two tons each day. >> i'm trying to tell the people how lucky they are to witness this. >> she knows this show will eventually end. for now, she says, just enjoy the view. ben tracy, cbs news, monterey bay, california. >> he saw the whale and in a normal season, visitors are lucky to see one or two humpbacks, but last week, more 60 whales were spotted. >> looks like the beastie boys won the fight. pull the remake of the girls have this vibrant video ad. goldy locks argued fair use since the song is a parody. the company decided to back down after learning about a
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clause in adam's will. specifically, the music in advertising. >> homeless people in richmond let l get a thanksgiving feast tomorrow. the restaurant will be serving a traditional dinner. the cooks are getting ready to feet 1300 people. the ordinary reason says she feels a special connection with her homeless guest. >> i was one of them. 984, i was homeless. >> the plans to hire five homeless people to work in the kitchen and this is just one of eight places honoring free turkey dinners tomorrow. >> some people say forget it on those crazy black friday lines and try to find the best holiday deals on the internet instead. but jo lie watts explains just because you are click or pay, doesn't guarantee you'll get it. >> we got flooded with the
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same deal. >> i went online thanksgiving night. >> i put my credit card information. >> got an oared confirmation. i don't have to look for any other tv's. >> days later -- they sent out an e moil saying the item is no longer available. >> they had some type of technical error which allowed more tv's to be purchased and they would not be honoring those oarsd. >> it's a common problem and inherent pitfall. >> it's happening so fast, that sometimes they can't keep up with the inventory. >> that was a problem in 2010 over sold limited online door duster deals. eventually, all three stores made good on the offers and honored the sale prices.
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but when the same thing happened to best buy customers in 2011, the retailer refused to honor any over sold deals, siting the website's condition of use, which says it can cancel any order for any reason. >> so, just because you hit checkout, does not guarantee that you own that item. >> by the time they alerted meshings i alerted me, i missed all the black friday sales. >> the first in line when the doors open. julie watts, kpix5. >> we need more than a dorm buster, we need a storm buster. open the storm door, maybe we should get in the front of line. >> they keep coming and coming. love them. >> not for a lack of storms out there, but they keep missing us. that will change for next week. that will be good news for you.
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we have been cloudy, we will stay that way through thanksgiving and hanukkah. tomorrow, a lot of you heading out of town. sacramento tomorrow, partly sunny, 66. ukia up near 70. slight chance of a shower, 56, heading up to tahoe. the reason why we have more rain fall to the south, more sunshine. it's only a couple hundred miles goff shore. we're going to miss out on the rain fall around here, but we will be cloudy. thanks giving will be slow through and southern arizona. so, missing e us, what moves in after that inform another big ridge of pry pressure. the pressure will come back which has been a dry month. we had two days of rain fall. it will be a dry end to a dry
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november. it's going to get wintery, in the form of cooler weather. rough surf tomorrow, so watch out for that otherwise. a benign weather day. san jose 66. palo although 65. mid 60s for you. pleasant tone 65. heading into the city, 63. alameda 64. sai know ma 63. happy thanksgiving to you, 66 degrees. sunshine back on friday, mid to upper 30s. starting to get cool on monday and then look at the middle of next week, mid 50s for highs and a chance of showers and a dropping snow level. maybe, just maybe, we'll get rain around here, but not this week. oh maybe. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> microsoft wants gamers to watch their mouths. the penalty who puts foul language online. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ad. the gap is garnering praise for the way it's handled vandalism of a new york subway ad. the ad is part of gap's make love campaign and features an entrepreneur. a vandal replaced the words make love with make bombs and the picture started circulating on twitter. when gap officials learned about it, they decided to feature the ad more prominently on their twitter and facebook pages with a statement emphasizing diversity. >> xbox is putting a lid on foul language starting on monday, gamers that include cursing will be forced to go
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dark for the network for 24 hours. microsoft wants a clean, safe, and fun environment for everyone in its online community. a bear and coach makes history. which way would the puck bounce to the sharks tonight? the minute is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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history..and she added to h just might be the most successful coach in bay area history and she added to that impressive resume tonight. beat florida gulf coast in mexico for 900th career win. it's a shame the game wasn't
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televised. the only 8th coach in division one mens and womens to reach the 900 club. the mavericks hosting the warriors who were down as much as 17 at one point. trims the lead to 4, but ellis comes through in the end. one of his ten assists, that man. samuel of the slam, warriors lose 103-99. richard sol men out for the second day for cal. they could have used him in the middle. dayton that i cans takes one right down the middle. this just in, there's darryl, coach of the l.a. kings, but it is danny boyle in the shootout who just ended for the san jose sharks. they win in the shootout. victoria is in l.a. the kings took him down, as we all recall. big one for the sharks. >> yeah. >> all right, san jose sharks. >> there you go.
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see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ñzçzçzç
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