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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  December 6, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> snowplows put to use. rain spreads across the entire bay area as the cold snap turns deadly. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich in for elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. first, we have developing news tonight. meryl newman is on his way back to the united states. this is the 85-year-old palo alto man arriving in beijing just a few hours ago after being deported from north korea. a few days ago, north koreaen television aired an apology for newman who is a koreaen war veteran. we're told he will fly from beijing directly to san francisco. >> we will have more on that story in just a moment. first, rain is coming down all over the bay area and here is paul. >> it is heavy rain fall in
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many locations. it's a soaking rain fall from the south bay all the way north. you see pink and white below the banner there. that is the east bay hills south toward mount hamilton. we are picking up snow. look at all that yellow, orange for you in the santa cruz mountains. that's heavy rain fall. richmond, san ramon, concord, fair field, vacville, north all the way up to winters. also on the peninsula, burling game and hillsborrow. it is snowing heavily up and down our mountains here in california. so, we have a winter weather advisory in effect in the north bay, east bay, and south bay. 1500 feet is the snow level in north bay. 2,000 feet elsewhere. 2 to 4 inches of new snowfall before this low pressure area moves out. so we have the rain. we have the snow. we actually have a lot more cold weather coming. find out when the next freeze
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warning is up. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> the cold weather has turned deadly here in the bay area. in the past week, four people have died from the freezing temperatures. betty tells us authorities are joining homeless advocates to prevent another deadly night. betty. >> this cold weather shelter is accepting people throughout the night. right now, there are actually about 70 open beds. since it opened on monday, it has not reached full capacity. that's why homeless advocates are hoping that news of those latest deaths will convince more people to show up. >> that there is for tonight. >> julia angel won't have to search for a warm place to sleep tonight. shivering in the cold is part of her dailritual. >> i will be hiding in a friend's garage with no heat, no nothing. >> she knows a night at the shelter could be life saving. since last week, four homeless men died of hypothermia
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according to the sheriff office. one died in a zaire saratoga garage. >> our goal is to turn nobody away. >> life builders runs three cold weather shelters in the south bay. to help prevent another death, they are adding beds and handing out blankets to those who decide to brave the cold. >> i have friends that are sleeping out. it scares me. >> i would rather have a nice warm place, warm food, a bed to sleep in, you know, shower to take. >> there are many more homeless people. >> there are 7,000 homeless and there's no way that will be enough. but we still have to be sure that we ask people to come inside. >> we have a very cold weekend ahead of us. workers will be back out at the encampment tomorrow. in the meantime, if you'd like
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to help, bring donations in the form of money or blankets right here to the center on little orchard street. live in san jose, kpix5. >> the frigid temperatures brought treat to some places in north bay. we sent joe vasquez out to one of our region's highest points. >> at the peek, a wintery postcard. snow fell this afternoon and some of it actually stuck along highway 29. about five miles north of calastoga. as the windy roads. how much snow? not enough to make a snowman. the temperatures bounced right back up as quickly as they dropped. by 8:30 tonight, snow had turned to a moderate rain and as you can see, not much left. just tiny little drips. just melting away. joe vasquez, kpix5. >> so while you're bundling up inside, the thermometer is
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dropping and causing problems for bay area cars and homes. the cold spell has plumbers working around the clock to fix pipes that have burst. in martinez, one water main ended up looking more like a water fall last night. a plumber we spoke to tells us how to keep the pipes from breaking. >> try to keep the circulation going. turn on your faucets. let it run through. >> temperature plunge is setting off a lot of tire pressure sensors to prevent that from happening, keep your tires inflated to the proper pressure. check the pressure first thing in the morning to get the most accurate reading. >> back to our developing story now. he'll be coming home for the holidays. a few hours ago, meryl newman was released from north korea and is in beijing tonight. he was held for more than a month and concern about the 85- year-old's health. andrea is at sfo and that is where newman will fly to next. andrea. >> juliette, that's right. meryl newman is back in the hands of the state department
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and u.s. custody tonight and apparently told gathered reporters in beijing, china, he cannot wait to get home and see his wife. you're about to see video of newman arriving at the airport in beijing, china. the 85-year-old koreaen war vet was apparently released or in the words deported by kim jong- un because of his age and medical condition and reading off a confession. in newman's old neighborhood, the yellow ribbons are up in support and neighbors thrilled to hear that he is returning home. >> we got a chance to speak briefly with meryl after having arrived. he is in excellent spirits and eager to be reunited with his family. >> he seemed to have gone there with every good wish and intention and it just seems like one of those missions.
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i'm very glad he's back, or coming back. >> now newman's return to the united states apparently brokered by the swedish government, vice president joe biden was in south korea and offered newman a ride home on air force 2. newman declined the flight and said choosing for a commercial flight here to san francisco international airport. it's unknown exactly what time on what flight he might come in, but there are in fact two flights from china arriving tomorrow morning. live at sfo, kpix5. >> and since 2009, north korea has detained six americans released five of them. the only one still being held is kenneth bay. there is a mountain of flowers and candles outside the home of nelson mandela. a steady stream of mourners stopping by since learning of his death yesterday. a public memorial is being planned since tuesday. after that, his body will lie
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in state for three days. the funeral is set a week from sunday in mandela's hometown. leaders from all over the world are expected to attend the service, including president obama and the first lady and former president george bush and his wife laura. san francisco is planning its own memorial to the former president of south africa. it is set for wednesday, december 11, at 8:00 a.m. at city hall. mayor's office will also have a condolence book starting on monday. the public can sign that. flags in the city have been ordered to fly at half staff until next sunday. and tomorrow, we will air a special one-hour tribute to the life in the work of nelson mandela and you can see it beginning at 6:00 on our sister station, kpix5. >> these two teams, they don't like each other. >> hoping to avoid a scene like this. bay area police come up with their game plan attack. any trouble at candle stick
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this weekend. >> ice storm working its way across the nation turns deadly. the main focus covering 800 miles of road. >> at risk, bay area kids on a mission they never thought they would experience. what they are learning to give them a head start to their future. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at a minivan ful this scene sparked national outrage in new mexico police officers shooting at a mini van full of children. tonight that officer is out of a job. the state police fired montoya days after suspending him. he can, however, appeal the decision. the video was taken at the end of october. the driver had been pulled over for speeding and twice tried to take off. no one was hurt. the driver and her son were arrested later after stopping at a hotel. >> heated rivalry will be renewed this sunday. candle stick park, 49ers face the seahawks. fans can expect very tight security. police have increased presence ever since the fight broke out in the stands two years ago during a 49ers raiders game. so, this sunday undercover
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officers will put on seahawks gear ready for unruly 49er fans. >> we always have police officers dressed in rivalry team jerseys, hats, whatever. they will be out in numbers this time. >> and police will also be paying close attention to the parking lot outside the stick. tailgaters will either have to go in and watch the game at kickoff or they will have to go home. a man suspected of throwing a woman's two cats into the bay has been arrested. eric leroy patterson was taken into custody by san francisco animal control. the cats along with the woman's belongings were tossed into the chilly water last monday near pier 14. both of the cats died. surveillance video helped identify the suspect. patterson faces two counts of animal cruelty. it is not clear if the suspect and the woman knew each other. and the sai know sai
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sonoma -- he will remain on a desk assignment while the investigation into the shooting is completed. outrage over the shooting spread through the county and many demanded the deputy be charged with murder. >> one man in oakland is on a mission to show troubled kids a world beyond their own. kpix5's kristen ayers with the program that is giving teens an unexpected set of skill st. >> a handful of west oakland teens walk on to a boat in the jack london square marina. >> at risk kids on a boat, on the bay. no one would have believed it. >> some of the kids are dropouts. other haves been to juvenile hall. many have never even seen a boat up close. let alone, learn to skip one. but matthew, a systems engineer is teaching them. >> what we didn't want to do
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is duplicate the classroom or duplicate the environment they walked away from. >> the program is called oakland youth first and he is on a mission to show these teens a world beyond the inner city, by sea and by air. >> today, he, the bay area black pilot's association and members of the airmen are teaching the kids how to fly planes using top of the line high-tech simulators. the kind used by professional pilots. >> we teach them everything from instrument reading, how to control and speak to the tower. >> this is about as close to a real cockpit as you can get. instructors say after five hours on this simulator, students are ready to fly a plane. >> those numbers, they are getting ready to land in san francisco. >> in a few months, they will co-pilot a real plane. leon robinson says he picked up more than just sea and air skills. he learned his passion. >> i like the environment,
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like the air. you get to see. it's like being on the water. i don't know, there's something about it. that's something i can do long- term. >> how does it make you feel to hear kids say something like that? >> it really reaches you. >> grieves the former foster youth himself is fighting to keep the program funded. he bought the boat and built the flight facility with private funds. he'll need more to keep the program and kids afloat. in oakland, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> they are part of the annual parade of boats tomorrow night and you can make a donation to oakland youth first. we have a link on our website, click on links and numbers. >> we're feeling plenty of cold weather here, but much of the country has a lot worse with a deadly ice storm. from texas to ohio, sub freezing temperatures are settling in, bringing ice, snow, and sleet. freezing rain fell across texas
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causing accidents on the dangerous roads. transportation workers have trucks. in arkansas, snow is forcing drivers off the road. >> my windshield wipers quit working. >> it is getting to be awful. it's rainy, very rainy, very wet. chilly. >> everyone is flipping around and becomes a mess on the roads. >> at least ten deaths nationwide are being blamed on the storm. the nasty weather is expected to continue through sunday. bay area airports are feeling the ripple effect from this major ice storm at sfo, 12 flights have been canceled. nine more at san jose, the bad weather has also caused up to 30 minutes flight delays. and take a look at this. below zero temperatures creating an eerie effect on lake superior. the whisps are called steam devils. they happen when the water temperature is much higher than the air temperature which was the case today in duluth,
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minnesota. the professor is shaping his head, i know what those are. >> the biggest prewinter arctic outbreak we had in more than 40 years. >> at least we are getting a little bit of it. >> we are getting a glancing blow and much-needed rain fall. we are in the rain deficit. i know we like to talk about the snow in the higher el visions, but this is much- needed rain fall. timing not so great, but here it is. look at that radar lighting up. the boundary itself, the front is through the north bay. you have seen the market decrease. you have to go through the boundary in concord, louisiana fayette, san ramon, and richmond, also picking up a lot of showers. vallejo and look at the south bay. look at the radar down there. in san jose, palo alto, fremont, union city, there is heavy rain fall out there and heavy rain still to come. one place getting a break would be on the other side of that boundary. you are drying out a bit.
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snowed earlier today. now overnight tonight with the cloud cover, it will not be as cold. widespread 30s, but not a freeze. another freeze is coming tomorrow night. vallejo tomorrow morning. redwood city 49. there's a strong area of low pressure which has hopped aboard the jet stream. we established the jet stream to the south in mexico before coming up through texas. so, aboard those train tracks is this area of low pressure. it's moving down the coastline and we are seeing a lot of snow and rain fall right now in the bay area and this will last for a few more hours. by the time you wake up, that area will be passed us and moving away and you'll get sunshine tomorrow. but watch what happens after the low moves away. it will then drag down even colder air than we've had over the past couple days. it was chilly. 10, 15, 20 degrees below normal. the stuff we get over the weekend may be colder than that. you won't hit 50 for highs
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andover night, we'll have two more nights with freezes. tomorrow night and sunday night. so the rain will tarp off by sunrise. the weekend will be sunny and dry and with the water on the ground, not all evaporating. we'll have a lot of icy roads. if your travels take you out, plan on it being very icy, especially if you see anything resembling water on the road. chances are, it will be ice. highs tomorrow, cold, livermore. sunny vail 48 degrees. sunshine for you in the afternoon. san ramon 47. only 49 in san francisco tomorrow. rain is gone in san rafael. a high of 48 tomorrow and lake port, 40 for a high. not even winter yet. talk about highs in the low to mid 40s. mainly sunny, highs around 50. then we get back to normal. wednesday we're back to the 60s. another rain chance coming up on thursday. now this has been already five days of cold. about three more to go.
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this is long for us for this time of year. >> that's right. we are so soft. >> we are weather wimps. embrace it, enjoy it. we are weather wimps. >> we got rain. >> that's good news. and snow in the sierra. >> thank you. >> play the lotto tonight? well, don't bother checking your ticket, because you lost. you'll have to wait until next tuesday for a chance to win the megamillions jackpot. tonight, $297 million up for grabs. no one. nobody matched all five numbers and the megaball. i like the people who say somebody has to win. new york city they don't. this could go on for ever. the multistate lottery has not had a winner since october 1, so there. winning numbers are 11, 29, 44, 63, 64, and megaball 3. nobody got it. the jackpot is expected to grow to $334 million for tuesday's drawing. >> did you have fun reading
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that? we'll be right back. ,,,,,, a subaru...
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stocks soaring today after surprising jobs report. labor department says employers added 203,000 workers last month. that is 20,000 more than expected and that brought the unemployment rate down to 7%. it was just the thing that investors wanted to hear. dow soared to nearly 200 points. the nasdaq, s & p 500 also up. >> it is officially the christmas season at the white house. >> three, two, one.
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>> president obama and the first family huddled in the rain to light the national christmas tree. the ceremony was hosted by actress, jane lynch and featured performances by mariah carey, and others. all right, wow, ahead, the warriors deep in the heart of texas. fate or fortune? and the new york yankees, they may have a big name, but tonight they made it rain on a one-time giant. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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carlos beltran is going bac to re-up with the all right, got a minute of friday night sports. carlos beltran, going back to new york. playing outfield for the yankees, he has 45 million reasons to do it.
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tonight the former giant agreed to a three-year deal. beltran comes, robinson cano goes. the mariners, ten years, 240 million to be the face of their franchise. jeremy lin sat this one out and tear the war yores apart in houston. rockets blew the warriors out of the building. double digit lead. off the block. no answers for james harden with the easiest slam. 105-83. rockets beat the dub. the bad two days with the sharks. they blew a 2-0 lead at carolina, but tied it up. and then the hurricanes came right back. deflects one. game winner. sharks lose 5-4. first time all season they had back to back regulation losses. >> worn out from that win.
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