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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  December 7, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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many eager to hear his stor back on u.s. soil, the veteran detained no north korea returns to the bay area with many eager to hear his story. the recent cold snap. >> and protecting people from the bitter temperatures. the growing efforts to keep the most vulnerable residents warm and safe. and the cold temperatures may be the blame for a fifth bay area death. the alameda county coroner's office says a homeless man was found dead in dublin friday afternoon. an autopsy will be done on monday. four homeless people in santa clara county died in the last week from hypothermia. >> the fact is it looks like it's just going to get a little bit worse. temperatures tonight will be cooler than they were last night. and sunday will be the coldest night of the -- of the cold snap. freeze warnings no surprise still in effect bay area-wide. temperatures will be down into
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the low 20s in the coldest inland valleys tonight. of course protect plants and pets. tomorrow night overnight lows down to 23 degrees at napa. 33 in san francisco and it will be freezing in pacifica. 33 degrees at mountain view and just 27 in san jose. livermore 26 degrees out at travis air force base. 22 and as i said it's just going to get a little bit worse tomorrow night too. the entire forecast coming up for you in a few minutes. it's been a cold and miserable week for those living on the streets. kpix 5's brian webb on the efforts to reach out to the homeless and encourage them to seek shelter. brian? >> reporter: ann, volunteers have been handing out black its and hats and socks all day long but more importantly trying to convince them urge them to come inside a warm shelter on another bitterly cold night but that's not as easy as it sounds. >> you can find them in plain
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sight all across silicon valley. in public parks and under overpasses squeezed into the cracks of society. people like jimmy. >> very hard i mean you don't know where the next meal the going to come from. you don't note where you're going to get a blanket. >> reporter: teams of volunteers took to the streets this weekend. trucks packed with flies searching for any and all of santa clara's 7600 homeless with a new sense of urgency. after four others froze to death this week. >> i've done outreach for a few years now and never open countered this many people out there ever. >> reporter: the sad irony is there are plenty of empty beds but sometimes getting people to come is the hard part. to the ones who don't want to help. >> to the point where the somebody has said no to you and closed the door in your us you just stop believing and -- your face you just stop believing and trusting somebody can try. >> reporter: many know they're no match for mother nature not on a night like this. they line up for two hots and a cot, a way to stay warm and
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alive. more than 200 will call this seltzer home at least for now. >> it's been helping me out trying to get helping back and get on my feet and straighten out my life. >> reporter: but for every shelter bed with a body safe and warm, there are many more on the street cold and alone. so the shelter has extended hours during this -- hours during this cold snap. if you would like to help they are already running low on blankets and socks and toiletries. live in san jose, brian web ebb, kpix 5. >> the icy temperatures helped set a new record for pg&e this week. customers used more natural gas on thursday than in any single day in the company's 108 yearstry. tg and e says 4.6 billion cubic feet of natural gas was used that day. the previous record was 4.3 billion cubic feet back in 1998. on an average day, customers use about half that amount. and tomorrow is the bay
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area's fifth winter spare the air alert. that's going to be in effect. that means that the use of fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves or outdoor fire pits are banned except for homes with no other source of heat. well people in castro valley were busy today cleaning you have after a water main break -- up after a water main break flooded their neighborhood. they carried furniture outside to dry. last night, thousands of gallons of water gushed into the street and into several homes. one neighbor took us inside to see the damage. >> as a home -- where i was making dinner and by time i realized what was going on, basically this whole area was couple of feet deep of water and came out of the front door and had to wade through. >> it's not clear why the pipe failed although freezing temperatures may have played a parking lot. east bay mud will help pay for the damage. early winter storm dumped snow and ice all over the state. i-5 was closed in southern
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california earlier today. it has reopened but isolated snow showers through the evening in that area. and parts of the sierra got plenty of fresh snow overnight. another foot is expected overnight and traffic has been heavy with skiers and snowboarders trying to get to the slopes. highway 50 e. is clear tonight but don't forget the chains. the 85-year-old man who was detained for weeks by the north korean government is back home tonight. merrill newman arrived at sfo this morning but as don knapp reports he wouldn't comment on the time in captivity. >> reporter: a round of applause greets merrill newman walking through san francisco's international terminal. back home after being held six weeks by the north korean. >> government. >> great homecoming and i'm tired but ready to be with my family now. and -- thank you all for the support we got. and very much appreciate it. >> reporter: newman declined to talk about his experience. later, news crews waited for
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hours at newman's retirement home for a chance to learn more. he didn't show. newman advised south korean guerrillas during the war. on october 26th as he prepared the fly -- no fly home from north korea they entered the plane and removed him. that's week they released this video of newman reading a so- called confession apology. >> with the information of the kp a and attack the communication system and killed three innocent operators. >> reporter: the north korean video signaled an impending release according to stanford's research center director daniel snyder. >> it was a stupid act on their part and as i said the good thing is they didn't keep it going and hold him forever and ever which they're certainly capable of doing. >> reporter: the u.s. tries to get the release of another american, kenneth bae held for more than a year. many have wondered why newman with his history of work with south korean guerrillas would
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have gone to the north for a visit. >> would you go back again? >> probably not. [ laughter ] >> reporter: while the korean war may be the forgotten war in the u.s., newman know nows that both emotionally and technically, the war has never ended for north korea. in palo alto, don knapp, kpix 5. >> since 2009 north korea has detained six americans all but one have been freed. kenneth bae was detained a year ago and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. he was also accused of plotting hostile act against north korea. his family released a statement saying that they are pleased that newman will be with his family for the holidays and adding quote -- 72 go today -- the japanese bombed pearl harbo hawaii... and the united st entered world war two. 72 years ago today, the japanese bombed pearl harbor in hawaii and the united states entered world war ii. today, 2500 people gathered at the pearl harbor memorial to mark the solemn anniversary. the crowd observed a moment of silence at 7:55 a.m.
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the minute the bombing began. 50 you are survivors took part in the ceremony. and hundreds of people in the east bay remembered today in a special ceremony honoring survivors those who perished and a newly released beacon on mount diablo. >> okay. let's go. let's get it on. [ applause ] >> once again the beacon on top of mount diablo shines bright, a symbol of endurance, fitting for the six pearl harbor survivors. >> i think the big honor to me and all my shipmates that were at peril harbor. >> reporter: with the survivors' stories are a chance to hear history from those who lived it and for us to remember something they will nevada forget. >> it's -- it's seared into your mind's eye and you can't walk away from it. >> reporter: after the attack on pearl harbor this 1941 the beacon was turned off and it
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was decided in 1964 that relighting it every december 7th would be a fitting tribute but the beacon was showing its cage the annual memorial was in jeopardy. until the community rallied to raise $100,000 and coordinate volunteers to refurbish it. a sign of respect for the men and their shipmates. >> they know the story of the sacrifice they gave will last on for future generations, to remember. >> reporter: and there's almost a plea in their voices that we remember the morning that changed history. the memorial's accessibility is one of the most important aspects of this tribute. >> we don't have to make an effort to go to it. you don't have to do anything other than just make yourself available. and that beacon will come to you. >> reporter: the beacon will rotate on the summit until sunrise. for a brief moment tonight, it was redirected. to point west. towards pearl harbor. >> and the annual lighting ceremony was held at cal state
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east bay this year because of the cold weather. president obama and the first lady will travel to south africa to attend a memorial for nelson mandela on tuesday. as tina krause reports, huge crowds are paying tribute round the clock to the man who changed the destiny of that nation. >> reporter: south africans celebrated nelson mandela's life into the night. paying tribute to their country's first black president. ♪ earlier in the day, mandela's grandchildren met with well wishers who shared flowers and memories of the man they call the father of their nation. he is -- >> as far as i'm concerned will always be the greatest man that -- ever lived. and i love him and may he rest in peace. >> reporter: paying their respects and the crowds will only get bigger throughout the week as the official memorial begins. children in man deal dell la's former home danced to celebrate
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his life. on tuesday, the township will host a memorial service at a soccer stadium where up to 100,000 people are expected. world leaders are headed to south africa to honor the antiapartheid leaders who spent 27 years in prison. he was a fellow inmate at robin island. >> in his illness, and in his death, the country is united. >> reporter: mandela will be laid to rest december 15th in his hometown of kunu. tina krause, cbs news, johannesburg. >> it's set for next wednesday in san francisco at 8:00 a.m. at city hall. it's starting monday the mayor's office will also have a condolence book that the public can sign. flags in the city have been ordered to fly at half staff until next sunday. and arktist plaque still has a -- blast still has a strong grip on the midwest. >> creating conditions on the roads and in the skies.
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parts of little rock, arkansas appeared frozen in time. they became solid sheets of ice overnight. >> and thousands of travelers were left stranded at dallas fort worth international airport. more than 1,000 flights have been canceled since thursday leaving many to spend the night on cots. well, sharing personal information without being asked to. how california's health care exchange says the move is meant to help consumers. >> and no sill rans to fight this -- villains to fight this time. the mission that brought bat kid back the san francisco today. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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weren't expecting. california if you've looked into getting health care through covered california, you may get some calls that you weren't expecting. california's health exchange is giving insurance companies the names of tens of thousands of consumers without them knowing. the "l.a. times" reports the state provided names addresses phone numbers and e-mail addresses to insurance agents. those consumers researched coverage online and didn't ask to be contacted. head of program says it's intended to make the program
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easier for consumers. oakland a's baseball fans aren't the only ones that want them to stay. bud selig said he was credit not satisfied with the club's relocation proposal. the owner has been trying to move the team to the south bay for years. the city of san jose is currently suing the mlb for the rights to the franchise. a neighborhood plagued by gun violence is trying to make it safe for their kids to play. east oakland neighbors have organized two community safe play dates every month. today they gathered at a skate park to enjoy sports, arts and crafts, music and space to play. the group is try to raise fund to increase the number of play dates. san francisco's favorite superhero returns to the city today. anne makovec reports bat kid is helping other children with his celebrity. >> reporter: 5-year-olds miles scott made headlines around the world when the make-a-wish foundation made his dream to become bat man a reality.
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miles battled leukemia for most of his life but on november 15th he fought evil villains, thousands came out to support him in a bat mobile for a series of staged crime fighting events. and today -- bat kid returned for brave the bay. a fundraiser for make a wish including a 5k walk/run which he led at aquatic park. >> if he can help anybody by just dressing up and being bat kid that's what we want. >> reporter: it's a reality that the scott family the still trying to process. >> we didn't expect him to be a celebrity or anything. >> reporter: miles is more than happy to oblige. >> how do you like being bat kid? >> it's good. >> reporter: the 5-year-old's leukemia is in remission and he ended chemotherapy in june. miles lives in sis cue county in northern california and on today's trip to the big city, he proved again to be the strong and silent type. >> if you can say anything to anybody, what would you say to them right this second?
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>> i don't know. >> reporter: miles also reunited with police chief greg sir who played commissioner gordon last time around. congratulating that kid after he foiled diabolical plots. >> it's really just all about making wishes come true for kids that have gotten a tough draw. >> reporter: part of today's fundraiser? a dive into the cold san francisco bay. >> energy's great. it doesn't feel cold. it just feels great. it's a great warm feeling and anything for kids. >> reporter: the goal of today's fundraiser, $75,000 made easier by miles aability to once again save the day. in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the scott family also recently established the bat kid fund to support make a wish and round mcdonald house charities which also help miles during his treatment. and a beautiful sight for skiers and snowboarders. fresh snow and piling up in the sierra and several lake tahoe resorts are open including
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heavenly. the mountain resort got more than two feet of powder overnight and it opened two more runs today. and kirkwood is sals open this weekend after getting nearly three feet of new snow last night. the resort opened new runs and has plans to open more later this month. well, and dead on cue we have more cold weather in the offing for california and let's pick it up where we left off showing you the overnight lows tonight. we'll get down to 22 degrees in santa rosa tonight. 27 san jose and down to 23 degrees at concord. and with clear skies, that will bring it will numbers down as well. we're looking at readings just above freezing around oakland and livermore and concord right now. santa rosa dipped below freezing though at 30 degrees as we look live to the bay bridge from the roof cam. wind speeds too. ic cause me they were imto -- out of the northwest at about 15 to 20 miles an hour earlier and they are now beginning to relax and that's going to let temperatures go down more as you get windier conditions and the numbers don't get quite as
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cool. but now the wind are down under 5 miles an hour for the most part. and temperatures tonight by 8:00 we're already down into the mid 40s. and for tomorrow, we'll see them recover to about the near 50-degree range along the coast. but still around the bay and inland we're from 10 to 15 degrees below average. we'll see highs only in the mid 40s tomorrow. so it's happening is that low that was over california is now moving into the desert southwest. and that's going to spread ice storms all across parts of the south. and in texas especially that cold air is still over parts of california. there are freeze warnings posted around the bay area. the high pressure eventually builds back in though and when it does, it will warm things up by tuesday. and tomorrow is going to be a chilly day and we'll see sunshine but the temperatures will definitely be on the gelatin side. ooh gelatin. freezing lows through monday night. warming trend begins on tuesday and we'll be back to near 60 degrees by thursday. with plenty on sunshine around
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the bay area, most of the week, and look at those numbers out in most of the country. up in minot a degree below zero. albuquerque just 38. pinpoint forecast if you're heading out of the bay area, they have hard freeze warnings posted in the central valley. the numbers there only in the mid 40s as well. here, we are about 10 to 15 degrees below average. san jose tomorrow only 47 degrees and supposed to be about 62. south bay tomorrow mid 40s for the most part. 49 at cupertino. in the east bay mid 40s again. 45 concord and 46 at livermore. 44 brentwood. up in the north bay. numbers warmer than that. upper 40s and in the far north, santa rosa after the low tonight of 22 recovers to a high of 47 degrees. and extended forecast we'll begin to swelter, well sort of by the end of the week with numbers recovering back to the upper 50s by wednesday and thursday and friday will be back to pretty much near normal but the bad news is that's not a drop of rain in the forecast. >> nothing for tonight.
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or you can be nostalgic and sentimental. >> the app also links the facebook and twitter so of course you can share your life sounds track with friends and family. all right, the warriors were walking in memphis and tiger woods was doing what he does best in so-cal and it went to a shootout in the mls. oh, yeah can't forget about the championship game in the desert. stanford and asu for all the roses, highlights coming up in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,
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to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. clock roses are red and violates are blue. stanford had no problem with asu. sorry i had to do it. all right hit the clock, the pac 12 championship went around to the rose bowl. stanford rolled through arizona state. gaffney 22 carries 133 yards and three touchdowns. you know i dependent with. the defense just as good. late in the game.
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stanford going to the rose bowl for the second straight year. 38-14 over arizona state. enough. on new year's day they will be playing the spartans this is why. michigan state pulling off the upset against undefeated ohio state. jeremy lankford sealed the deal with a 26-yard run. 34-24 over the buckeyes. all around big night for the blue jerseys. they blow the grizzlies out. how about tiger woods? shot a 72 and finished 11 under heading into the final round in thousand oaks, he leads zach johnson by two shots. tiger getting it done. and for the mls, cup, palmer hits the cross bar on the penalty kick shootout. no good. and spartans -- sporting that is kc outlasts real salt lake. for the championship. >> all right there bego. >> got ahead of myself there. got it all in there. >> more sports at 11:00 on kpix
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♪ pillsbury cookie dough. make the holidays pop! the venue changed but the tune was the same against the rams a team that was supposed to be jumping into the fray. it was a masterpiece for the 49ers one that even a van gogh fan could appreciate. and now, it's not hard to hear the seahawks coming.


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