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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  December 14, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> the eyes of the world are on south africa where nelson mandela's funeral is about to begin. and good evening. >> i'm brian webb. this is a live look at the grounds of the mandela compound. the funeral there is expected to last several hours and after that, a select group of family and friends will walk to the grave site for burial. traditions state that mr. mandela must be buried when the sun is at its brightest. we will be live streaming the events all night on >> and the funeral procession has spanned hours and hundreds of miles draped in the south african fragment began its final journey from the nation's capital earlier today. military fighters escorted mandela's body to cunu where crowds welcomed him.
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allen shows what the funeral reserved for 4500 invited guests. this is the public's last chance to say good-bye. >> the funeral allowed ordinary south africans to say good-bye in their own, unique way. the message they sent made it clear that nelson mandela was coming back to where he belonged. >> the people of mandela's home village. now they are here to say good- bye to wish him on his way in the end of his long walk to freedom. >> it was enough for her. >> it hits home. it is where he was born. it's where he grew up. it's where he must be buried. >> in' children know what mandela did. >> i like him. >> it means that now when they head back home, it is to what is theirs. thanks to their neighbor who
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made such a long walk for their freedom. allen, cbs news, south africa. >> a memorial was held earlier today at uc berkeley. it was the scene of many protests back in the 80s, including demands that the university divest itself of financial holdings in south africa. the schools did that in 1986 and mandela later called it a turning point in abolishing white minority rule in his country. >> and we are learning more disturbing details about yesterday's shooting at a suburban denver high school. investigators say the 18-year- old gunman was armed from head to toe and was bent on revenge. police allowed students back into the parking lot at arapahoe high school saturday to pick up their cars. one day after an 18-year-old student, identified as karl
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pierson opened fire with a shotgun. critically wounding claire davis, before taking his own life. >> before we see it in another part of the world, now it has come into our home. >> investigators viewed surveillance video from inside the school that shows pierson shot davis point-blank in the head before heading to the school's library. they say he had a machete. shotgun, additional rounds of ammunition strapped to his body and three molitof cocktails. he ignited one of the devices which started a fire. that's when the sheriff deputy assigned to the school arrived with other staff. investigators say about a minute and twenty-seconds after entering the school, pierson took his own life, possibly because he was cornered. >> his intention was utilize those multiple rounds to cause harm to a large number of individuals. >> police say pierson was targeting a librarian who disciplined him after incident involving the school's debate
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team in september. >> having to end his life like that, i wish he got help. >> the sheriff read a statement that says she suffered severe head trauma. they are asking for prayers. cbs news. >> the shooting came just one day before the first anniversary of the sandy hook shooting spree that left 26 people dead. san francisco held a memorial service this afternoon to remember the victims of newtown connecticut. the event became a rallying cry to do more to stop gun violence. >> so many children and teachers. how many? how many? we vote unanimously. >> there was a push for stricter gun laws following sandy hook, but legislation ultimately stalled in the senate. >> however, as don shows us, communities around the bay area were able to use the sandy hook anniversary as a way to get guns off the street.
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>> give guns, get cash. residents of san francisco oakland, san jose, and los angeles mark the first anniversary of the sandy hook school shooting with gun buybacks. at the omega boy clubs, shotguns and rifles for $100 each. >> i work with kids. the biggest risk factor is the firearm. we can get the firearms out of the hands of folks, all better for everybody. >> club director offers a unique perspective. >> when i was a kid, there were a lot of fights, but nobody died. that's because nobody believed in carrying a gun. but now everybody believes in carrying a gun. that's why we have so many deaths. >> assault weapons brought twice as much, $200 each. >> somebody had a rusted out m16 or something like that. they threw in the ocean and somehow or another, came back to life. so he took that off the street as well. >> machine guns or full auto.
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>> we started at 9:00 and cars were lined up about 7:00 this morning. so they were eager to get rid of their unwanted guns. by early afternoon, san jose police bought back 470 guns. lilly got $100 gift card. >> get one more gun off the street, it could help somewhere, sometime, it's a good program. >> having an old rifle sitting around, i don't eyes it around. for safety reasons, get rid of it. >> i have six guns and $600. thank you. >> probably going to turn them in and buy gifts for christmas. >> kpix5. >> san francisco says it collected 74 guns at today's event. >> it is starting to sound like a broken record, maybe because it is a record. the 8th straight spare the air day has been issued for tomorrow. you know the drill by now. all wood burning is banned indoors and out unless it is your only source of heat. and paul says expect more of the same for the next couple of
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days. >> brian, we set this record with six days and we may likely double that before we finally get a change in the weather pattern. here's the setup. when you put 7 million people in a close proximity. we're going to make some pollution. the question is, does that scatter out in the atmosphere or get stuck where we are breathing isn't the answer is, it's stuck. you can see that film, that haze over the south bay from our mount hamilton time lapse. it is also the east bay which will fall into the unhealthy air quality which prompts that spare the air alert. with a big ridge of high pressure over top of us like putting a lid on the atmosphere. the pollution can't escape that way and we have an offshore wind. the pollution can't get pushed into the san joaquin river valleys. we are stuck with it and we will be for a while. now, when that ridge breaks down, we are also going to get a chance of rain fall. we'll talk about which day will most likely be wet. that's coming up. >> more than 1200 flights were canceled today because of a
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huge snowstorm. half the country and parts of new england could see more than a foot of snow by the time the front moves out. there were plenty of accidents on the road throughout the midwest and in northeast. and a live look at sfo, feeling the effects of a storm, officials there say seven scheduled arrivals from the east coast and four departures were canceled because of the weather. >> san francisco firefighters are getting new training in response to the deadly asiana airlines crash. commanding officers in the fire department will receive 40 to 80 hours of advanced instruction next year. the additional training will focus on how to respond to airline crashes. and federal investigators are expected to release a final report monday on the fire last year at chevron's richmond refinery. they are expected to include recommendations. it caused thousands of people to seek medical treatment and city of richmond filed a
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lawsuit. protesters in pittsburgh took to the streets today angry at a big oil company and its plans to expand operations. mark kelly reports on the so- called toxic tour and how protesters hope to get the public on their side. >> highly explosive materials. >> this is no leisurely tour. it's called the toxic tour and it's got people fired up. >> what are we doing to make sure we are being conscious and mindful of the environment? >> it only takes that one mistake, that one car to blow up or one spill to go into your drinking table and it is bad. >> these folks fear the oil companies expanding will refine dirtier crude oil, thereby harming their health and the environment. saturday, a mix of people, sierra club and locals included drive to several locations, they say, pollution can destroy. >> a lot of environmental groups have come forward,
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enough is enough. this stuff is toxic. it's poisonous, it's next to homes. >> several large scale projects. they include installing rail. upgrading the west pack oil terminal in pittsburgh, and modernizing the chevron refinery in richmond. the companies say demand for oil from american soil and upgrade aging facilities are the incentives for these projects. the companies have tried putting the public's fears to rest. chevron released this statement saying the project will quote, replace older equipment, reduce air emissions overall, and create 100 local construction jobs. more jobs has labor unions lining up behind the project. for folks on board the toxic tour, there are plenty of unanswered questions. >> how are we going to reduce pollution levels by revitalizing a plant that has been out of commission? >> in pittsburgh, kpix5. >> senator, dianne feinstein's
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approval rating is now at its lowest level in years. that's according to a new field poll. it came in at 43%. that's a significant drop from a year ago when it was 53%. meanwhile, senator barbra boxer's approval rating has improved to its highest level since 2010. she is slightly ahead of feinstein. as for congress as a whole, it's approval rating is 11%. all right, bert watch your back at one bay area shopping center. >> christmas time crooks trying to trick people out of their money. we'll tell you who they are targeting and how it works. >> one of the places you don't want to be caught drunk. it's a dui check point. they are all over this holiday season. we'll tell you about that coming up. ects dela. >> and another live look at south africa where the world is saying its final respects to nelson mandela. we'll be live streaming the funeral event all night at
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four people are dead after a police chase and fiery crash. l.a. county deputies tried to match a car to match the description. the driver sped off, but the chase didn't last long. struck another car, then slammed into a wall. the three people inside died as well as the driver of the other car. >> if you soaked up a little too much holiday spirit, bay area police are ready and waiting for you. don knapp is at a check point in daily city. don. >> and the best way to avoid a place like this is not to drink, not to do drugs, and drive. so this is not a very happy place for anybody who does that. comes under the influence tonight. it's a check point here and a half dozen or more in san mateo, and solano counties. here is the daily city police department. >> last fall, we had a massive accident off the block where three out of four family members were killed at the hands of a dui.
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the bottom line is to educate them, have fliers where we give drivers. the message gets out there. >> besides big check points, there are dui patrols, all part of a region wide crackdown during the 20 day winter holiday. now these check points remain up and checking throughout the night and into tomorrow morning, 2:00 a.m. dui drivers who miss check points have to worry about other drivers who are asked to call 911 and report drunk drivers. the idea is to not make life miserable for drivers, but to try and save lives from drunk drivers. reporting live, don knapp, kpix5. >> police have a warning about shoppers trying to scam elderly men. three reports have come in from the city shopping center so far. in each case, a woman approaches a man claiming he hit her with his car. the woman and an accomplice demand money for medical treatment and when the man refuses, the suspects run off.
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anyone with information is asked to call police. >> a string of robberies near the uc berkeley campus has police on alert. there have been five thefts. uc police increased patrols in the area and they are working with berkeley police on a joint robbery team. uc officials say robberies on campus are down from last year. >> fewer young people are signing up for cover california that ensures that hope only 21% of enrollees are between the ages of 18 and 34. although they make up 25% of the state's population. a health fair in sacramento tried to encourage more signups and organizers say the biggest challenge is making young people aware that it isn't really an option anymore. >> even though at that age, we often think we're indestructible or don't have any health problems if something comes along that is serious, you certainly want to have health coverage. >> this wasn't available, i probably, i don't even think i
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would be doing anything about healthcare. >> nearly 120,000 people enrolled in covered california in november. that's nearly quadrupled the number of october and more than a third of the new enrollees are between the ages of 55 and 64. >> san francisco's neediest citizens will sleep warmly tonight. members of the bay area handed out 650 new blankets. the group has been collecting blankets for the past few weeks. the event is one of several give aways, including groceries and toys between now and christmas. >> that's nice. i remember that cold snap well. >> that was a long one for us this time of year. eight days. that's something you see in other parts of the country. we were below freezing 7 out of 8 nights somewhere in the bay area and winter starts in about seven days. we're not even there yet and we're going to see chillier
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weather. no more freezes. every morning, even though it's mild during the afternoon, it will be chilly. one of the chilly spots overnight tonight will be the south bay. many waking up on the upper 30s. let's take you to a much nicer picture. still backed up at the oakland touchdown of the bay bridge. we are better now. san jose 45. obviously oakland and san francisco did not update because they are not in the 60s. instead, you are in the mid 40s. speaking of the 40s, we'll stay in the 40s for oakland and san francisco. 34 for fair field. check you out in concorde. 36 degrees. fremont 39. and santa rosa currently overnight tonight 34 degrees. a chilly morning, but we will avoid a freeze. north bay, your rain fall deficit is approaching 2 feet. that is huge. 8 inches of rain fall instead of 31. san francisco, more than 15 inches in the hole when it comes to rain fall and san jose, you are encrouching on
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ten inches. this is the time of year we see the rain fall. december, our fourth wettest month. but not only are we getting the bad air quality, but this will block any storm from heading in our direction. rule of nature, wind always flows from high pressure toward low pressure. wind is flowing out from high pressure. storms can't go through it. it doesn't work that way. they have to go up around and down on the other side of ridge pressure. sitting over top of us, it will rain a lot of other places, but not here. that ridge is not going to move, so it is hazy, it will be hazy, but it's not going to be rainy. we had that in september and october which is normal. have this in december is abnormal. the ridge will move toward the end of next week and the area of low pressure will develop to the west. all indications are, 99% of the rain fall stays offshore. what it will do, it will change the wind direction, great for the air quality and cool our temperatures down. we'll go from the 60s to 50s, but that's still several days
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away. lots more spare the air days on the way, including tomorrow. temperatures ranging anywhere there 8 to 15 degrees above average and not a drop of rain fall in sight. at least for the next five days. highs tomorrow, sunday, 65 degrees. good weather to get outside. may play soccer in the backyard with the kids. san jose 65. maybe heading down, that great light display. good day for that. sunshine, 63. san ramon, 64 for you. fair field 64. 62 in the city tomorrow, which i'm sure will be crowded. sanoma 62. extended forecast, upper 60s, close to 70. we begin cooling off on wednesday. that's a change, there may be a slight chance of a shower, but nothing significant. air quality will be better and we stay dry next friday and saturday. need the rain, want the rain, deserve the rain. >> where's the rain? >> i feel guilty enjoying it.
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i feel guilty saying, i enjoy these days. >> it's nice to get outside, but we have long-term impacts. still to come, why the bars of san francisco are simply swarming with santas tonight. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but their idea of the holid sp kind of spirit santa had plenty of helpers out and about in san francisco today. >> their idea of the holiday spirit involved a different kind of spirit. the kind you drink. and maybe a lot in some cases.
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the so-called santa con bar call has people in all sorts of festive costumes. many impersonating the elf. the event started in new york city, but taken up all over the world. it's held in 44 countries. >> college football's highest honor was given tonight in new york. will history repeat itself? wait patiently. the answer is coming up next in sports. ,,,,,, did you get chips for the party? nope.
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before casting their ballot velope please. many voters waited to be cleared of criminal wrong doing before casting their ballots. the envelope please. and the winner is, jamis winston, florida state university. >> 19 years, 342 days is the
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youngest heisman trophy winner ever. winston was in jeopardy, but cleared as sexual assault activation. navy beat army for the 12th straight time. one of the three rushing touchdowns, quarterback runs with 29. navy rolls 34-7. the road trip with a dud. victor with the shot pass. the sharks got, but joe can't get the puck in front of the net. sharks lead the predators 3-2. chris williams, first touchdown on the game, and john ran for four scores. right now, it is 45-17 in the fourth. rolling again after a 52nd of open championship. >> all right, thank you so very much. that's it for us at 10:00. >> the news is always on
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the 49ers embraced the arrives and gave rivals and beat them. >> take that from us, we have to defend it, you know, and that's the team that you want to defend it against. >> number 21 made it happen and led san francisco to victory number 9 th


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