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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  December 16, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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desperate effort to keep thr little girl on life support before the hospital lets he. good evening i'm elizabeth . and i'm ken bastida. joe vazquez is at children's hospital oakland where stras have gathered to support the family. joe. nats these are people that's more than a hundred people e still out of thier homes
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tonight.. after this nasty wildfire forced them out. the so-called "pfieffer fir near big sur has already bu 15 houses.. including one
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belonging to the town's fire chief. the fire has charred more tn 500 acres inside the los pa national forest. marissa schwartz is there: "the firefighting effort continues tonight in big sur...marissa schwartz..." what a difference a week makes. a few days ago.. we were freezing. today -- it felt more like summer. it was a perfect beh day in santa cruz. paul -- if only the air quality wass nice as the weather.
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{paul quick hit} {paul quick hit} {paul quick hit} it's already the most expene bridge in the world. but thw eastern span of the bay bridge isn't done y! caltrans just installed ano 23-hundred lights on the tor to
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help make it stand out. 800t the base -- which aren't on. and 15-hundred at deck leve they're being tested now, wh hopes of having them all ony the end of the month. san jose mineta is still dr out after a major flood shut do "terminal a" earlier today. hot water main ruptured in e ceiling.. flooding the bagge claim and security screening areas. departing passengers were diverted to other terminalsl but two screening lanes are back open in terminal a. the woman accused of causina horrific crash that killed a teenager is now charged with manslaughter. 58-year old jennie zhu is ao charged with 2 counts of reckless driving causing in. police say zhu was driving miles an hour when she slamd into a minivan at pine and h st injury. police say that chu was driving 80 miles an hour when she slammed into a mini van in san francisco. this was back in september. 16-year-old, kevin san was in the van and was killed.
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his mother and sister seriously injured. through an interpreter, kevin's father says he still doesn't know really what happened. >> i want her to reflect deeply on herself. why has this happened and the cause the devastating consequence to my family. >> chu will be back in court on friday. if convicted, she faces seven years in prison. likely unconstitutional. that's what a federal judge calls the nsa surveillance program that collected millions of americans phone records. sharon shin tells us it's the first ruling since edward snowden leaked details of the controversial program. >> federal judge says the surveillance program is an unreasonable search under the fourth amendment. he said i have little doubt that the author of our constitution, james madison, would be agas. the government doesn't need to listen to your phone conversation to violate your privacy. trevor, the electronic frontier
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foundation said they maid the argument for years and now a federal judge agrees. >> if it's collecting all other information around that phone call. who calls you, who you call, when you call them for how long and from where, the government can paint a detailed picture about your lives that even your closest friends and family don't know. >> the judge said the nsa must stop collecting phone records of two men who challenged the surveillance program. but he is holding off enforcement and awaiting the government's appeal. the reporter who broke the edward snowden story says the court decision vindicates the whistle blower. >> i think it's not only the right, but the duty of an american citizen to come forward at great risk to himself and inform his fellow citizens about what his government is doing. >> ecf is challenging the program. they are studying the judge's 68-page ruling. >> it is a great harvenger
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for things to come. a critical tool for the war on terror. but the government never gave evidence they stopped an imminent terror attack. a spokesman for the justice department's national security division said the nsa program is constitutional as previous judges have found. president 'bomb ma 'obama will meet with executives. the nsa ruling is expected to be a key talking point. many tech companies are urging the president to curve surveillance programs as they work harder to keep user data private. the president is expected to discuss ways the government and technology can work together to grow the economy. the meeting will also focus on ways to repair the problematic site. three major paint companies are being ordered to pay $1.1 million to remove paint. a judge found nl industries,
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con agra marketed paint they knew was harmful to children. they were banned in the u.s. back in 1978. millions of homes painted before then still pose a health risk. paint companies say they will appeal. is a vitamin a day throwing money away? julie watts on why popping that daily pill could do more harm than good. >> from a to zinc and everything inbetween. >> i take vitamins. >> i take fish oil. >> a group of studies just published could be a bitter pill to swallow. >> they have been unable to show benefits. >> the doctor worked on the studies and authored an editorial headlined, enough is enough. stop wasting money on vitamin
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and mineral supplements. >> the report found most multivitamin supplements are ineffective and long-term or high doses did not protect against heart problems or cognitive decline. it also says in some cases, taking too much of a vitamin can be dangerous. >> one good example would be vitamin e. >> registered dietitian says rather than popping a pill, eat a healthy, balanced diet with whole grain and lots of fruits and vegetables. >> we can get all of our nutrients from food, and we should. >> five full cups a day of fresh food. >> reality is, eating healthy and eating healthy is a full- time job. >> julie watts, kpix5. >> one big exception, prenatal vitamins are still recommended. google has another secret. why they are snatching up robotics companies left and right. >> she hit the record button and never stopped. >> why old news is a big story
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in the bay area right now. >> and sweet dreams are made of this. where you can find this spectacular bay area gingerbread house. >> by now, you probably know we've been dry this year, but coming up on the heart of the rainy season. radar is clear tonight. any chance of rain over the next seven days? if you want an answer to that question, i implore you to hang on for like, eight minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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life-like machines.. to bui google is on a robot buying binge. life-like machines to build a fleet of the future. betty shows us what that future might look like. betty. >> we know that google has enough money and resources to experiment with this kind of futuristic technology, but we don't know what exactly behind this latest interest in robust. what looks like a scary creature is actually part of google's new robot dream team. >> these devices can run, they can walk, they can go through forests, they can get through snow. the mobility and the fact they
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do have animal-like qualities to them is both exciting and scary. >> these realistic beast-like machines like big dog and pet man were built by a robot maker. it is the 8th robotic company google has bought in the past six months. what google plans to do with its robotic collection is top secret. the head of its division told the new york times that the company is looking at commercial purposes. cvs news analyst says think factory or delivery work. >> a roadblock could sit in a vehicle and deliver a package much as the posted man or woman or ups person does today. >> he believes this kind of reality is in our not-so- distant future. >> by the early 2020s, we will see robots in our communities delivering, serving, doing various functions. >> in mountain view, kpix5.
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>> google says it has no plans to become a military contractor on its own, but it will honor boston dynamics existing contracts. >> mid market just went high- tech. the city flipped the switch today on free wifi along market street. san francisco, it stretches all the way to castro street. you can access it under the name, san francisco free wifi. >> a one-of-a-kind film project is getting underway. >> the taping started 38 years ago and a lone librarian started recording the news. john ramos shows us, she never stopped. >> behind a gate in richmond inside these containers may be the single most astounding time capsule ever created. it's thanks to a little librarian in philadelphia named mariem. >> her dream was that television news must be preserved for the future. that people have things to
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learn from it. >> so in 1977, when vcr's were just becoming available. she began recording her local and national newscasts. every newscast every day. and she continued for 35 years. when she died last december at the age of 83, mrs. stokes recorded 140,000 tapes containing roughly 800,000 hours of news. >> i mean, the scale is just stunning. >> the internet archive in san francisco now has the task of digitizing the tapes for the public to be able to access online. and if you're wondering why go to the trouble? who is going to want to watch this, look what we found when they popped in a random tape from 1989. >> this is a cbs news special report. there has been what both the associated press and united president describe as a strong earthquake. strong earthquake rocked san francisco this evening. >> watch ling the immadges as
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they happen is like a trip back in time and the fact that closed captioning was preserved means in the future, researchers should be able to search for video using keywords. but that future may be a ways off because the archivers say here if they ran 400 taped machines 24 hours a day, it would still take two years to digitize mrs. stoke's collection. john ramas, kpix5. >> that internet archive is asking for donations to pay for the project. >> i bet it wouldn't be too hard to look for a guy that had a distinctive mustache. >> a couple guys running around in that storage unit somewhere. >> i have a feeling there's some legendary footage. >> the mustache of the mid 90s. >> it's all in the archives. >> wants to come back. >> both the wife and boss say no. two most important in your life. >> better for everyone. >> let's go outside tonight.
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we have a live look. not much traffic out there nor do we have much cloud cover. a beautiful sunrise, beautiful sunset, and moon rise. that moon is the smallest moon of the year. we are the farthest from the moon than we are at any point in time for the calendar year. 50 tonight for san francisco. san rafael 40. fremont 37. so away from the water, it will be another chilly one. tomorrow will be another mild one. what's going on? 80 today in santa cruz. north, northeast wind it comes off the santa cruz mountains. that air heats up and heads toward santa cruz. that's why you were in the upper 70s, but a huge summer- like ridge of high pressure. this is what we typically see in august, not a week and a half before christmas. sneaking through that upper level area of low pressure will be a tiny little low pressure area. this is key for us, because on wednesday, not tomorrow, but wednesday the winds come out of the south. a south wind will give us better air quality and knock
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those 60s and 70s back down to 50. then wednesday night, we get a glancing blow, but that is about all we will get. wednesday night, your one chance of showers early thursday morning. after that, we're dry for another week. likely all the way through christmas. one more warm day tomorrow. cooler weather, better air quality is back on wednesday. a few showers are possible wednesday night. look at these highs. up near 70. also san jose, you'll get there. los altos. 66. dublin, mid 60s tomorrow. oakland, you will hit 67. and 66 degrees with sunshine for cloverdale. we'll be cooler, cloudier on wednesday. back down to the 50s thursday. we'll have a slight chance of a morning shower. highs in the 50s. look at the weekend before christmas. sunny, dry, mid 60s. ken's mustache would approve of that forecast. >> he gets the stash of
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approval. >> it is shaped like a mustache. after all these years, it comes back to haunt you. >> i know, more kenny. the bay area real estate market may be red hot, but this house takes the cake. >> and we're counting down to the niners last regular season game at the stick. you can catch the game next monday night over on kpix5 and then stay tuned for fifth quarter and bye bye baby, it's a special look back at candle stick. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that's what m talk about eating yourself out of house and home.
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>> that's what most of us would do if we lived here. take a look at this. this life sized gingerbread house is on display at the half- moon bay. the sweet holiday entrance, as it's called, serves as a gate way to the hotel restaurant. the ingredient, 570-pounds of gingerbread. 165-pounds of royal icing, 228 chocolate bars and 112-pounds of candy. until kenny gets there anyway. >> it is all edible. it's all different colored gingerbred and cinnamon sticks, ewe name it. m and m's, it's on there. >> looks amazing. it took pastry chef and a team of elfs 267 hours to complete. >> ticket sales for megamillions are soaring, so is the jackpot and now stands at $586 million.
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that's the second largest jackpot in history. check this out. if no one hits its big tomorrow night, the jackpot could swell to a billion dollars by christmas. ho ho ho. your odds of winning are not the best. you have a better chance of being killed by an asteroid, believe it or not. >> thank you for that. the 49ers lose a key piece on offense. i'm dennis o'donnell and this was a long, long field goal attempt. you're not going to believe what happened. ,, a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event.
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by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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to to have a chance at defeg o thriller, lions and the ravens, give it to me. john harbaugh happened to be
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under a dome. matt stafford down by 5. the back of the end zone with just under 2 minutes left after a missed two point conversion. the ravens lead kicker, justin tucker with a 61-yard attempt with 38 seconds left and baltimore wins 18-16. he can't believe it. bruce miller will likely miss the rest of the season for the 49ers injured shoulder blade in the fourth quarter. miller is valued most, but he was third with 25 catches with the 49ers. kpix has you covered monday night beginning a special one- hour show. coverage from candle stick at 4:30. a sixth rank stanford cardinal and this one was over early. scores 13 unanswered on her own in the first half to put the game away. she had a game high of 31. stanford wins 75-41. tough news for the 49ers losing
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bruce miller. >> very exciting game on monday. >> see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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marge: ooh, careful, homer. homer: there's no time to be careful. we're late. ( singing "oh, little town of bethlehem") excuse me. pardon me. hey, norman, how's it going?


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