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at the dump. this is kpix 5 news. clearly not trashed. how this injured dog was found at the dump. the dead line looming to get health insurance. ice and snows reek halve -- havoc on holiday travel. who would throw a dog in a trash can. this poodle was found at the dump. if it wasn't for one employee this story would have a different ending? >>reporter: 24 hours early this puppy was on a conveyor belt. much like the scene for toy
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story 3. she was heading for the end of her life. >> the employees saw her moving around. they stopped the belt and got her. >> they picked up a recycle can with the pup in side. >> once in their drug -- truck they drove back. they dumbed it into a shoot. the shoot goes down for processing and they are hand sorting the trash and out comes this little gem. >> she has to recover from injuries to her nick and back legs. >> to see this 3 month old pup on the trash, it was like this
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isn't trash. if the owner doesn't come forward the dog will be put up for adoption. >> williams -- by the way animal welfare will try to fig burr -- figger out which -- figure out which truck she was on. >> when you have done wrong as doctor you need not assert your rights. this is not about money but human being. >> families and supporters gather today. the teenager is on life support. his moth -- her mother has been
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by her side. >> people come to just pray for her. it makes me feel better. they believe god has a final say so on my daughter. >> according to doctor they have determine she's brain dead. they have a an independent neurologist exam the teenager. they found a man on the side of the road. police have not released his man. a uc berkeley official is dead. he was biking when he sweefed -- shifted to watch out for a
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pike -- skate border. a woman lost $2,000 to a scammer who replaced his call back number with the police department. he call and told her he would take her to the police. when the woman got the called the number back she got the phone system and realize she was scammed. tomorrow is the last day to sign up for insurance. >>reporter: for the tens of thousand of california waiting for health coverage it's a week away. you have to sign up by tomorrow before it will kick im. >> do it online. go to a local agent. that's the best way to do. >> you can call the phone center but there can be more then half a hour wait.
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it will get longer as the dead line nears. enrollment doubles from october to november. last week 23,000 people were enrolling per day. older californians are enrolling more. they need more younger and healthier enrollees to enroll. >> they expected people to sign up. >> we are committed. every californian that does the right thing we'll get them across the finish line. >> tomorrow's dead line is for coverage starting on january first. you can still enroll through march 3 1 for coverage next year. california offers a verity of plans from dozens of
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insurers. to learn about your option go to our website. the latest iphone will soon be available in china. they each a deal to bring the iphone is and c. they will be available on january 17th. a unusual move today. brian web explained why chase bank open branches on sunday. >> it's not every day you see a bank open for business on sunday. chase bank open one-third of it's branches nationwide to deal with the headaching trouble and -- hacking issue. >> the move comes one day after chase told two million
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customers it would limb it their spending during christmas week. 100 in cash withdrawals and 3 hundred in total purr chasse -- purchases for any one who used a chase card at target. >> i have other cards. >> target announced up to 40 million cards were come per mysed -- compermised from thanksgiving to the beginning of december. >> they are watching out for their customer. >>reporter: whale banks keep a closer eye. everyone else should do the same. >> i have not had any withdrawals that weren't mine. >>reporter: you checked? >> i checked yes. >> target said it doesn't think
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any pin numbers were taken. some stores have expanded their hours to get people in the doors. toys are us open yesterday morning and won't close until christmas eve. >> sales have been disappointing for many retailers. winter weather is making a mess in some parts of the country. ice storms are blackening the midwest. in new york people are enjoying t-shirt weather and record high them pes -- temps for this time of year. >>reporter: if storm system claimed lives in 2 states. in mississippi they found a man
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dead after his month -- mobil home turned over. rescuers pulled 3 from a car that went into the river. flooding went as far east as vermont. this brought now to the northeast and ice to oklahoma. dan fry wonnerred -- wondered if a large tree could with stand the weight. >> you could hearing cracking. you wonder if it will fall on the car. >>reporter: the ice kept firefighters on the run. >> we go from one house fire to the next to the car reck. do what you can to protect yourself. >> 300,000 people lost power. ahead of the storm people saw
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warm temperatures. they wore shorts and central park had a record high of 71 degrees. >>reporter: forecasts think the storm will wind down tonight. retailers hope for that last minute shopping rush. >> anna cbs news dallas. this is a live look at fso. the airport has been businessdy. -- busy. one passenger said the left earlier. >> we got here 2 and half hours before our flight was to leave. >> if you are flying out or dropping off check with the airline. >> a close call that could
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have been life ending. thousands of dollars wort of gifts stolen. how they keep the christmas spirit alive. we have the important holiday forecast coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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out over air jordan shoes. there were long lines at th milwaukee shoe store -- whe just eight pairs of the "air jordan 1 shoes were once again violence breaks out over air jordan shoes. only 8 pairs of the shoes in the store. a money opened fire. both shooters were arrested. look what happened at a store in stockton were another fight broke out over some shoes. this this case the brawlers were gone by the time police got there. a pair of glasses saved a girl during a drive by shooting. she had followen asleep on asleep -- fallen asleep on the couch. when butt let that would have
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broadcast -- bullet would have hit her in the head. she was not the target. the wish of a dying girl came true last night. doctors say she just has days to live. thousands of people showed up to sing for her. >> i believe this is something they should make her family proud. >> she was too weak to see her wish come true. they posted this photo to show she was there in spirit. a grinch told presents to a soldiers family. the community rallied to save the families holiday. >>reporter: after 18 months he saved enough money to buy every
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thing on his family's christmas gift. he mailed the gift. his family dpidn't -- didn't know he planned to be there. they destroyed the holiday. >> a burglar stolen all of the gifts he bought. he let his wife know he was coming home. >> it was really stressful. there is nothing you can do. >> notnot only was every thing of value was stolen but now reworried absents -- worries about his family's savety -- safety. >> they came through heroin dough -- her window. >>reporter: the response was
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over well ming to the family. they still have the christmas spirit. >> we are not letting this get our home -- hopes down. >> done -- donations help replace 75% of the gifts. one last time. today was the final day of racing at hollywood park. this was a place for movie royalty to be seen. taking it's place is a shopping center and condos. you can watch the 9ers take on the falcons right here. in the stadium extra officers will be everywhere for any one trying to steal a piece of the stadium. theef thieves -- thieves will be arrested on the spot.
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>> fans should stay in their seat past tomorrow games. no word on the plans. we are counting down to that final kickoff. our live coverage starts at 5. our special look back at the stick. looking for fresh local produce but don't have time to hit the market. there is a app for that. good eggs is connecting food di di -- fooddies. the startup is preparing expansion to new york and other states. clear skies over most of the state right now. we are 43 in concord.
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temperatures are above average tomorrow. inland will be 65 degrees. for tomorrow and the rest of the country look at north dakota. 5 below. 20 degrees in chicago. by the time you get to the south east you will get thunder thunderstorms. 83 in miami. for us we'll have a sunny and mild christmas day. temperatures on that day will range to about the mid 60s. also by the way the 49ers will play the falcons on monday night. it will be 57 degrees. it will be nice for the 49ers to go one last -- time at the stick. the high is just not moving.
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it could be dry into 2014 and beyond. there is no rain on the ray far. -- radar. san jose hit a record today. the avenue temperatures san francisco will be 6 degrees above average. tomorrow rerange from 3-8 above average temperatures. sunshine all this week, in terms of rain we don't see any. that's not good news. we are only a quarter of average rainfall. let's hope it doesn't come at once. 66 in montaray. airport tomorrow 61 degrees.
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las angeles 75. san jose will sit 64 degrees. mid 60 for pleasanton. poses apply hay ward will be at 42 degrees. we won't have any clouds or rain. the weekend looks sunny. >> that's okay. a big san jose price for byonce fans and how she spread christmas cheer. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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over the weekend, she stoppy a massachusett's walmart to promote her new album -- whh beyonce has enjoyed playing santa over the weekend. >> she went to a wal-mart to promote her album. then she offered something special. >> for everyone in the store your first $50 is on me. >> she knows how to get a crowd going. she had a $37,000 tab. she san jose -- s u v v -- surprised fans by releasing aal
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lam -- an album on i tunes. they have asked people to stick around at the stadium tomorrow. some mention the paul mccarthney, it could be fireworks. the game means more then a post game store. how manning made history again. up next. ,, a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru
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could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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picture.. start the clock... terrelle pryor looking over playbook from the bench aga. rs outscored oakla nothing to play for but the
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raiders knocked them out. a touch down and a 4-yard pass. he had four interception. this was the one to remember. the cardinals win 17-10 and still alive in the play off race. peyton manning made a record today. . they haven't won a road game this year. at a game high 20 points the bears lose and fall to 8-4. this years bears not quiet ready for prime time. steward had a career high of
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29. >> tony bennett. we are holding paul mccarthney to it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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