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a pick six.. to close the s. it will be critical and to the side of bowman. >> and the crowd goes wild. a pick six to close it. joe vazquez at candlestick park tonight. if this was really the last game of the stick, fans certainly got their moneys worth. >> reporter: very exciting game, especially the last couple of minutes. let me show you the crowd is starting to filter out right now. they are somewhere between exhilarated and exhausted as a fitting tribute is paid tonight to the stick. what was that like? >> oh my god. it was crazy, home boy. >> it was crazy. >> it was a great game with high emotions. the last game at the candlestick history. and it's unbearable, you know, it's unbelievable. >> reporter: an unbelievable game, but also game over for
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candlestick park. the last regular season home game is finished. and with it goes more than 50 years of history. >> i've seen mays play for the baseball league. i was here at the catch in 1982. >> jerome ott is a life-long fan and was even a bartender here way back when. >> thank you. you know for the experience, for the game. for making people feel the way we did. >> maybe seattle loses, we'll be back. if seattle loses next week and the niners beat arizona, then we're going to be back here for the playoffs. >> saying good-bye again to candlestick. >> and i will be here too. hopefully you will too. >> i hope so too as the crowdstarts to go home. you don't have to go home, you just cant stay here as they are closing it up. i seriously hope that we will be back here, which means the 49ers will clinch home field
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advantage. >> we like long good-byes, right, joe? >> we do, exactly. >> thanks so much. all right, dennis, i think you owe him a cup of coffee. he called it. they were going to win by 10. >> and you said you're crazy. >> i know, i thought there would be a lot more. they were saying how exciting the game was. it was a horrible first half. >> it was. >> the 49ers scored three points in the first half. they scored 31 points in the second half. but you know what, they have the emotions, the drama, and most importantly they had the victory. now, one of jim harbaugh's best quotes this week was that he didn't want to be a part of the team that screwed it up. screwed up the final game. and it turns out he did not. it had almost close to 70,000 people at candlestick park to say farewell. 49ers cling to a three-point lead late in the 4th, but the falcons recover the on-side kick. and now atlanta in prime field position to take the lead. but watch them break up the
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pass and look at johnny on the spot. that is bowman, one of the biggest plays of his career for 89 yards to the house. and that is the play that put the game on ice. the play that will be remembered as the one that closed out, which will be the final game at candlestick park as the 49ers win 34-24. >> one of the greatest plays ever. i don't think that i have ever been involved in a football game with something that good happen in the game. >> i played right there and they will go down in history and we owe them. you know, we got a good look back. and we better say yes. >> no, it will be for real. coming to the end. and there are so many great memories. wow, it was nice for the niners for them to win the football game tonight. >> and you know, i think it was great that it was a close game. because you have the emotions and the people pouring out. >> yeah.
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>> i mean, even jeremy was tearing it up at the end of the show tonight. it was great stuff. >> yeah, it was great stuff. and for the record, he bought me a burrito for dinner. >> yeah. more than a cup of coffee. >> i appreciate it. >> the only dinner i was going to get. thank you, sir. appreciate it. see you in a bit. all right, now it is out with the old n with the new. the 49ers will move to their new home in santa clara next season. construction on the 68,000-seat stadium started back in 2012, expected to be finished some time early next year. the stadium already slated to host a super bowl in 2016. police are searching for a smash and grab robber who created a chaotic scene inside san jose's east ridge mall tonight. the suspect smashed bun of the cases -- smashed one of the cases at the jewelry store, grabbing some jewelry and ran off. a witness said that the whole thing lasted a few seconds, but the sound of breaking glass lead some shoppers thinking they were hearing gunshots, sending them running for the exit. no one was hurt.
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police need help tracking down a robber who has been targeting small businesses in pleasanton. he hit the ups store earlier this afternoon. police say the man handed the clerk a note demanding cash and then took off. a similar robbery was reported at a nearby beauty supply store last week. well the fraud fallout is far from over after the massive credit card breach at target stores. tonight we know where some of those stolen accounts are showing up. julie watts found out some banks are actually paying off the crooks to try to straighten out the mess. >> what we're looking at now is a card shop. >> and it's about as far as you can get from a hallmark store. security experts say that this is just one of the many sites now selling the credit and debit card numbers stolen from target customers from right here in the bay area. the prices? let's just say most are a real steal. >> here we have a discover card selling for $39. >> who is buying them?
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well anyone can. but right now some of the primary customers are the banks themselves. trying to limit the damage. >> and they sell them to not the highest bidder, but any bidder. it is like a kind of ransom. >> reporter: but it's not the only thing that hackers have exposed. they also show how vulnerable the current generation of the credit card is to fraud. >> it is very old technology. >> reporter: here in the u.s. all of our card information is stored on these magnetic strips, which could be easily compromised and duplicated. but in europe, they use smart card technology known as chip and pin, the card generates a new card number with every swipe. >> and it is much safer because it's got a sensitive timing computer on board, which has security mechanisms. >> why aren't we using them here in the u.s.? well it comes down to money. it would cost billions to replace each of these card readers, not to mention new cards at $3 to $5 a pop. but considering the costly fallout ouch creasingly -- fallout of increasingly common
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thefts, it would be a small price to pay. >> we need to get there. >> i would love greater security. >> i don't think that anything will be secure enough. and they wonder if they do this. >> julie watts, kpix 5. the 13-year-old will remain on life support at children's hospital for a few more days at least. on the family's continued fight for her life. >> reporter: on the second floor of children's hospital, 13-year-old is undergoing a series of neurological test. ordered by a judge to determine if she is, in fact, brain dead. >> i feel like my daughter is on death row. because i never know when they will pull the plug. >> reporter: today they granted the family the gift of time. she will stay on a ventilator until at least december 30. while an independent physician, this man dr. paul fisher evaluates her. >> the family is very relieved that their child will not be killed on christmas eve. >> reporter: she has been on life support for 10 days now, declared brain dead after a
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tonsil surgery went awry. her family is fighting to keep her alive, even as the head of pediatrics at children's describes her condition this way. >> we are very sorry about the complications which lead to the death of your daughter. >> reporter: the community has rallied behind the girl's family. stating small marchs at children's hospital. they want a doctor of their own choosing to evaluate the girl, speaking outside the hospital a short time ago, her uncle said no matter what doctor fisher says, the family will not give up. >> i believe my sister will want to keep fighting. >> reporter: the results of the test that are still ongoing tonight will be revealed in court tomorrow morning. the family says that if all else fails, they are looking at placing her with a research facility, possibly out of state. in oakland>> reporter: that hearing starts tomorrow morning at 9:30. the judge will also determine whether or not the doctor the family has chosen can examine her. you have a little less than two hours to enroll in cover
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california if you need health care. but showing you right now that's easier said than done. >> reporter: you would never know it from the nearly empty california call center in concord. but with the deadline looming to have the health care coverage right after the ball drop on new year's eve, online enrollment has soared and left many out to dry. there have been online backups and dial tone hangup, saying they will make case-by-case exceptions to get people signed up, even after tonight's midnight deadline. >> and if someone calls in to say this is what i was in and i got bussed off, we will try though the individual. >> reporter: as of sunday, 400,000 people had already signed up with cover california. and enrolling at the clip of 30,000 a day. many procrastinated, leaving to the christmas backups, not unlike the lines for santa at the mall. >> our line in the sand is to help every consumer that has made a good faith effort to get across the line to have it
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start on january 1. >> and now the deadline is on midnight tonight for the coverage starting on january 1. but you can also set it up tomorrow, but the website will be closed on christmas day. live in the newsroom, kpix 5. now if you do not enroll by tonight's deadline, the latest you can get coverage will be february 31 and you'll need to sign up by january 15 for that to happen. both sides are claiming victory in a landmark pension case out of san jose. a judge ruled today that the city can't force employees to pay more towards their pension. but the city, they can reduce their pay to get the budget savings they need. voters overwhelmingly passed measure b last year, which would reform san jose's pension system. several unions sued, challenging the measure. today's ruling is expect today be appealed. welcoming up, the one big holiday tradition you may not be allowed to keep this year. plus. >> it might be like the puppy big enough out of the bag and i could see it trying to move.
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>> bizarre and an incredible rescue out of the bay area recycling plant. hear from the guys who saved a poodle pup just in the nick of time. boy, it would take a nick of time to make a dent in the rainfall this month, which is not much. this week we are high and dry as we look live to the bay bridge and the current numbers. we're usually warm. that will set a trend. we'll have the forecast numbers for you right after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what he saw: a puppy c onveyer belt. don a man working out of a bay area recycling center couldn't believe what he saw. a puppy coming down the belt. we spoke to the rescuers who saved the injured pup from certain death. >> he's improving. the five-pound poodle is eating as her wounds are healing and she is probably trying to forget the unbelievably close call with death. she's been tossed into a debris box holding construction material and dumped here at the san francisco ecology center. and you can see the wood, real heavy stuff. it is difficult to know how they survived, the movement of this material. >> reporter: he also survived a
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giant bulldozer, loading her and the debris on to the conveyer belt. the machine that will violently shake everything and then dumps it all on to the belt. just 20 feet from where they will dump that down the shoot. they saw the pup and pulled the switch to stop line. >> my co-workers, they climbed on top of the line. at that time i could see the puppy's head out of the bag, as it was trying to move. >> reporter: they thought it was a stuffed animal. >> i went outside and i saw the box. and a perfectly folded blanket right next to it. and i just dropped it off. it was all wet. >> reporter: they cleaned up the dog's wounds. calling animal control and then found some spare ribs, fried rice, and cut up pizza. took a picture with the cell phone. after word got out, the phones started ringing at san
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francisco animal care and control. >> we're getting a lot of people calling in, wanting to adopt her, offering donations for her care. >> how many folks are calling? >> we've got, we have received over 100 telephone calls this morning in the three-hour window span. >> everyone wants to adopt her? >> yeah. feeling pretty good about their role in the rescue. >> it's a miracle. it's a christmas miracle. and that's what it is. >> reporter: investigators are trying to learn who may have thrown away the pup like trash and why. donthe lucas, kpix 5. >> she will stay in animal control in san francisco until she is better, then placed in the foster home until she is ready for adoption. another dog rescued. this one in massachusetts. a golden retriever named crosby fell into the ice into the charles river yesterday. and that firefighter jumped in after him. breaking the ice by hand as you can see, the fellow firefighters are the ones pulling the pair to safety as they say that crosby will be
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okay. well, crosby isn't the only one having a rough time with the wild weather to our east. dodging falling sheets at a mall in oklahoma. downed power lines in the northeast left hundreds of thousands without power and heavy flooding in indianapolis caused roads and left people trapped in their homes. the weather is also causing delays at many major airports. all right, forget about the log. i don't know if anybody roasts chestnuts anymore, but you can't do that either. no wood burning this christmas in the bay area. the air quality management district has issued another spare the air day for tomorrow, which could be a call for christmas day. and the district refs say that dry staggering air keeping pollutants to the air creating an unhealthy haze that you see. but this is the 17th spare the air day this season. well for the first christmas in centuries, there are two living popes. so naturally they will exchange that there. >> paying visit to the pope in vatican city today.
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the two embraced, exchanging the christmas greetings and then prayed together where the former pope has been living in the near isolations since stepping down in february. when pope francis left, he said merry christmas, pray for me. his predecessor responded, always, always, always. well it will be praying for some rain here, brian. >> yes, we need it. >> we are in the air as the former boy. i would think that you would have it. >> i try. >> yeah. >> okay. but i don't know, man. apparently we don't have enough. >> keep praying. >> we just did. it will be high and dry. we've got extended models that work out a couple of weeks and beyond that and there is nothing on the horizon coming in. there's a little wrinkle coming in on saturday, but even if we got a drop or two, that will not put in a dent on anything. there's the numbers right now as we look out towards the bay bridge with plenty of sunshine, sunny and mild as the numbers will continue above 3 to 8 degrees. and in distinct contract and what's happening back in the great lakes region.
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tomorrow, only 14 degrees. in boston, just 36. as you go down to florida, 82 degrees in miami and in texas, 61 in san antonio. christmas is nice and mild in the bay area with more sunshine. we'll see if that spare the air alert will be developed on that day. no reason why it wouldn't. because of the high pressure putting a camp on the pollutants, it's not easing up, as long as they don't die, they will be looking for more dry weather. and the near-record highs as they set a record there today. and in san jose, setting up a record yet. all it took was 67 degrees. but it is pretty warm as we could be dry, right into 2014. and so here is what's next, to sum it up, sunny and warm, sunshine coming up this week and dry weather possibly through 2014. you can go back a long way and never find a calendar year where it will be raining so little. on average, we'll get 22. about 22 and a quarter of an inch of rain in san francisco during the calendar year. this is the driest year on record. with just less than san diego gets it there.
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about 5.5 inches of rain, always backed up for 2013. the pinpoint forecast is heading out of the bay area, finding warm weather. 71 degrees. 51 at tahoe and 47 at yes mite, also a heat wave for them. if you are heading out of the bay area. our airport won't slow you down, but elsewhere, there will be a few problems for them out there and the huge ice storm over the weekend, which is finally beginning to move o. leaving cold weather behind chicago. hitting 18 degrees tomorrow. overnight lows tonight, 33 degrees in santa rosa and napa and fairfield. and we will see the readings tomorrow, mostly in the 60s. 66 degrees at san jose. and 66, sorry about that. but 67 in pittsburgh and 67 up in napa in the mid-60s. for the north bay tomorrow, in the counties, they are looking awfully nice with 64 in sonoma. and 67 for mill valley and the up in the far north, we will see them hit 69 degrees with a look ahead. nothing, but sunny side up all
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week long. and on saturday and sunday with a few clouds leading to chance of not much. maybe if that is possible that we will get a drop or two over the weekend, but that will be it and then look what happens on monday, more sunshine to replace it, so we should see. the only thing that i worry about when you get an extended period like this when it is dry, dry, dry. >> right. >> guess what could follow it. wet, wet, wet. when you know it. you need to break it up. with the opposite screen. >> right. we need rain. let's not hope that it will come up gradually. >> right. we shall see. >> okay, good. still to co. where you could find this awesome bay area -- still to come, where you could find this awesome bay area holiday help and the one thing that you could do when you get there. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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care of their lists tonightt the frem the rush is on to get the gifts just in time to get them under the tree. we found the shoppers taking care of the list tonight. and if you didn't get your shopping done today, then you better hurry. many of the bay area malls are closing early for them tomorrow. well a home in newark has more than captured the christmas spirit. >> you've got to check it out. this big display. came up with the idea in the spring. he started building piano in june. that took other the homeowner said he came up with the idea this spring. started billing the piano in june. and took another two months for them to do the guitar. and the inspiration? a certain theme park. >> it is almost like disney land for the adults. and my friend likes to analyze this a lot, which i figured i would bring something like this. >> here is the deal, they said
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that their neighbors, they don't mind. in fact some of them stop by every night for their kids to dance while the display does its thing. then you're going home. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> unless they open up 364 of the days of the year. >> yeah. >> and it will be the difference whether or not you like it or not. >> yes, exactly. a deadline at candlestick park. and again that was the final game. but what a way to go off. 49ers, with one more incredible candlestick moment next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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more than just the final rer season game at candlestick.t was also jim harbaugh's 50th birthday... christian, stare clock " " the falcons were informs also jim harbaugh's 50th birthday. christian, start the clock. and it was the best birthday present that i have ever gotten.
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second to being born. and that was awesome. >> the falcons were marching in for the go ahead touchdown. but he knocked that ball loose and of all, bowman was the man on the spot for 89 yards. the 49ers went 34-24 clinching the playoff run. they could still win the afc west with a win next week and the seattle loss. amazing. dennis allen announces that the raiders will be going to prior as the starting quarterback against denver. oakland has lost five out of the six for them as the starter. brian shaw on the first season as the nuggets head coach. hitting the big three for them late to put them up by five. with 12 points. the warriors would win. did anybody see that game? they score the game tieing goal with 19 seconds left. the sharks would go on to beat them in a shootout.
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>> i knew that you said that. >> it is a shark day. >> well, yeah, that's all right. it's a good day. >> good weather for the 49ers. ,,,,,,,,,, good. good answer.
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