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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  December 28, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> suspected burglars busted the gifts that lifted before christmas now recovered by police. tonight, our brian webb explains how cops caught men accused of hitting several homes before the holiday. >> back home after a holiday party with friends and family, but it didn't take joe long to see something wasn't right. >> it's sad because the first thing that ran through my mind, how can they do this on christmas eve? >> a gang of grinches hit three homes on christmas eve stealing gifts and games, electronics and jewelry worth thousands of dollars. they stole christmas from a little boy at a different home by taking his bike. >> i started crying a little bit because the only thing i wanted for christmas was that bike. >> a break in the case two days later. police got a call from a jewelry store. somebody was trying to sell an engraved bracelet that seamed
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stolen. the name on it, joe kudo. >> props to her, because rather than taking it and moving on, she realized something was up. >> police recovered two tables worth of stolen stuff after searching three homes. all of it belongs to joe, except the two guns found with the bad guys. >> we are happy about it. we felt the best gift was to arrest these people. >> police haven't found all the items including the bike and even if they do, there's one thing joe will never get back. his peace of mind. >> it takes your peace of mind as much as it takes your property. >> right after the burglaries, the police and fire department pulled money right out of their own pockets to replace some of gifts that had been stolen. live in newark, brian webb, kpix5. >> police arrested threes men along with two juveniles. they are facing charges of breaking and entering, burglary and attempting to sell stolen property. a tip about a suspicious person digging through garbage cans led police to a suspected car
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burglar. broke into a dozen cars near the medical center early yesterday morning. police say he was carrying stuff from the cars when they found him. and the weather weirdness continues in the bay area in more ways than one. now in the last week of december, there's critical fire danger in the north and east bay hills. that's why the national weather service posted red flag warnings for north and east bay hills. that's all being fueled by northeast winds. we could get gusts up to 30 miles per hour. the humidity is low with northeasterlies and that's why combined with record high, dry fuel there is critical fire danger. and in addition to this, not just the red flag warning, also air quality is bad for the 11th day in a row. spare the air day has been posted for sunday already with unhealthy levels of air quality in the north bay. moderate air quality in the central coast and down through the santa clara valley.
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and all of this being ushered in by dry weather. 2013 will go down in history as the driest calendar year ever on record and records go back to 1849. kpix5 tells us in some spots, the shortage of rain is being measured not in inches, but in feet. >> skiers and boarders are -- in the sierra. no snow is a much more worry? concern for the state's water supply. snow melt -- the main source of water for the municipal district. the source of water, san francisco's sierra reservoir. it may be too soon to be worried, marin county depends on rain collected in lakes. about 52 inches a year normally. this year, the county is headed for a record low with 10.5 inches of rain. reservoirs are down to 58%. the board called for a voluntary cutback on water use and may consider rationing at
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its april meeting. the water district's reservoir is dramatically low, but that's deliberate. they put it in storage. the district has learned to save water often and early and that seems to be paying off. >> the water that fills our reservoirs, we release all summer and make sure it goes into our ground water basin so it's there in wintertime and in the spring and also makes room for winter rains in our reservoirs. >> so while south bay folks enjoy a warm, dry christmas, there's no need to worry about water for next summer, at least not yet. >> in february, it looks like weather conditions haven't changed, we'll start to talk about what changes in water use efficiency we need to call for in the community. >> even in los angeles, the driest rainy season isn't yet a concern. that's because l.a. gets water from northern california and the colorado river. and water managers say they have been socking it away, saying they have record amounts of water stored throughout the
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system. still, they are hoping for rain. >> you know, we are all mindful of the fact it's gorgeous out here. we are concerned because it will have been the driest calendar year on record. >> don knapp, kpix5. >> today unemployment benefits expired for more than a million americans who have been out of work. jeff on what one political leader says it will take to get those benefits back. >> it's not correct. no, it keeps a roof over your head. turn the water on, we didn't do anything for christmas. $50 for our daughter, that's it. >> among the nation's unemployed, out of work for 27 weeks or more, approved by congress in 2008 at the start of the recession. the emergency unemployment compensation program extended benefits, a combined total of 18 months in several states. >> the motion is agreed to. >> but congress opted not to
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include it in the recent budget agreement, ending the program, guaranteeing heated debate in the senate next month. the majority are in favor of an extension and $25 billion a year. most republicans are against it unless the cost is matched dollar for dollar with cuts elsewhere in the budget. house speaker, john boehner. >> i said we would consider it as long as it is paid for and as long as there are other efforts that will help get our economy moving once again. >> in huntington, west virginia, lisa floyd lost her job eight months ago. she found another one just in time. >> nothing aggravates me more to think the long-term unemployed don't want to work. that is just not right. >> meanwhile, mary is still looking for employment and a little boost from the government. >> i would have already have
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lost my home by now had it not been for those benefits. this isn't a burdening for me. it's my lifeline. >> the senate is thinking about a bill to restore benefits when lawmakers return from their holiday break on january 6. the white house says it supports that proposal. well, making it part of a transit system. it would extend from daly city to palo alto. shorter travel, fewer stops, and more amentis at stations. the agency says the study is still in the preliminary stages. you want to go out into the community. we want to talk to all of the communities that will be impacted. we want to talk to our writers, we want their input on it. it's something that is the purpose of the study is to get community feedback. >> the plan is part of a strategy to reduce congestion by having people travel more efficiency. california gun owner wills have to follow 11 new laws. they include a ban on high
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capacity conversion kits for ammunition magazines. safe storage requirements for handguns and new firearms possession restrictions for people who are mentally ill. other laws taking effect for the new year, teenage drivers will be banned from texting while driving. even with hands free devices. students could be suspended or expelled for cyber bullying. and the state minimum wage will jump to $9 an hour in july. and three more east bay cities will ban plastic bags starting on new years day. stores and restaurants, in richmond will no longer provide free plastic bags for your purchases. most will have paper bags still available for a small fee. have you had the flu? the number of cases is spiking. mark kelly reports one of the worst strains going around this year has already proven to be deadly. this holiday week, dr. wally has seen double the amount of patients. many with the flu, none of them armed with the flu shot.
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>> it's never too late to get the flu vaccine. >> this year it's more than the sick, children, and elderly getting the flu. it's also the seemingly healthy and h1n1 may be the culprit. >> we are thinking that might be it. when we first got the h1n1 in 2009, that's when we first saw otherwise healthy people coming down with severe flu. >> people like dustin wright, the 30-year-old texasan got the flu the week before thanksgiving. doctors said wright had the h1n1 flu strain, also known as swine flu. he never got his flu shot, december 5, the husband and father died. >> we are worried about my son getting a flu shot. we are never worried about the two of us because you don't hear of anything like this. >> according to the cdc, 45% of americans got a flu shot last year. this year's shot includes vaccination as well as influenza a and b. flu season
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typically peeks in february, but doctors say the best guarantee of not getting sick is lining up for your flu shot now so you're not lining up for the emergency room later. >> for now, from what i see, it may be well contained this season. >> in san francisco, marc kelly, kpix5. >> the flu is easy to get. the virus can go airborne through sneezes and coughs. >> there's a new way to make you think twice about your snack choices. a lot of vending machines will have to display calorie counts. under new federal labeling laws. it's intended to help consumers make better choices. the fda is expected to release its final rules early next year. companies would have a year to make the changes. a scary situation for riders on one california horse trail. >> all of a sudden, we turned the bend and there's a stampede of horses. >> what led to more than a dozen horses running out of control and tossing their riders? also, full military honors for a man who died decades ago.
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why his homecoming was delayed for 60 years. and stuck for days. how social media is helping scientists pass the time in the middle of a frozen waste land. coming up. ,,,,,,,, a subaru...
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california park today. it was a frightening few minutes for horseback riders and others on a trail today. all it took was one horse to get spooked by something and then the rest of the horses followed suit. all the horses charged back to their stables losing some of the riders along the way. six people ended up hurt. >> i was on the ground and i saw these horses running by, that's when i lost my mind. i completely, it was terrifying. >> it must have been. none of the riders injuries are life threatening. they are all back at the stables. a koreaen war veteran who died more than 60 years ago was finally layed to rest near los angeles today. as art reports, his widow is glad that the long wait is over. >> i pray to the lord, let me live to receive my husband. >> the passage of time has not
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tarnished his love. at 94, this is a day she waited for. >> my husband was a wonderful man. he was a good husband. >> with the american red, white, and blue draped over his casket, the remains of first class, joseph grant, passed by the riders and a american flags. >> i remember him because he was so helpful to this young green harn greenhorn as they called us. >> the p.o.w. was captured in 1950. he died in march of 951. >> this is the greatest gift i could have, to see a wife receive him back. >> it's a homecoming for a man awarded numerous medals, like the purple heart and bronze star. >> this is something very unique, very special for this lady to have her husband come home after 60 years of not knowing where he was at. it's a special, special
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occasion. >> but this is not just about a celebration of his life. it's a celebration of a love affair, you see, clara never remarried. >> i had a lovely time in being a married woman. >> the remains of sergeant first class made it here to his final resting place at englewood cemetery. honors clara patiently waited for. >> that was art baron reporting. returning p.o.w.'s reported in 1953 that gaunt died in custody, but remains have only recently been identified. china is easing its one child policy for the first time. couples will be allowed to have a second child if at least one parent is an only child. since 1980, couples were only allowed to have a second child if both parent were only children. the change comes about because officials were worried the strict controls were hampering economic growth. they are literally on ice.
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74 people aboard a research ship are waiting to be rescued days after their vessel got stuck. as coem shows us, their mood is far from frantic. >> winds died down in the southern hemisphere. >> it's our fourth day trapped. >> this research shift left new zealand one month ago, but blizzard conditions left crews surrounded by sea ice. now an international rescue mission is at a near standstill. but there's plenty of movement aboard the academic. >> you are smiling through it all. the organizer behind the voyage says, support by a social media is keeping spirits afloat. >> i'm blown away. they tell me the rest of the world -- >> three ice breakers free the russian ship, a chinese vessel had to turn around. a french flag ship aborted its mission. there's hope an australian ice breaker is the charm.
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it's expected to arrive sunday. >> in the meantime, they'll continue posting updates and comparing observations to a century old expedition they hope to follow and finish. >> we want to come back and do more work. for the moment, we are concentrating on getting out of the here and getting family and friends reunited. >> already, they had quite the journey. c oh , coem for cbs news. >> taking walks on the ice and doing other things. one of the bay area's natural treasures opened to the public after six months of renovation. marin county has been closed since july while construction workers built a parking lot, a bridge, and new restrooms. a path has been moved out to protect plants. a more natural flow of water to the area from the wetlands. >> it's pretty spectacular. done quite a job. >> it's fabulous. it's great to see so many
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people here enjoying this great weather. >> the $4 million restoration was largely funded by settlement money from the 2007 costco oil spill in san francisco bay. all right, now let's have a look at what numbers look like. we're in the 40s. numbers tumbled. we're looking live. it's 41 in concord right now. santa rosa 43 degrees. santa rosa will get down to 45 tonight. clear skies. wind speeds not much to speak of, but they will be picking up later tonight and that's why we have red flag warnings posted. right now, they are out of the dry easterly direction. by the time we get down to the surface, there's not much left. that's where the stronger wind velocities are. for tomorrow, we're going to look at numbers in the mid 60s for the most part. inland areas 67 degrees. along the coast, on the chilly side. low 60s.
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oakland raiders, that's the pirate. 65 degrees, sunshine and mild. kickoff at 1:25 p.m. i've done news, weather, and i have not done sports, it's clear why. new year's eve night, 53 degrees at 9:00 and at midnight, the numbers will tumble. it will be a great night for fireworks. and looking for something to do, that's always fun. you couldn't ask for better weather. we could use rain, not going to get any. not in the forseeable future. high pressure parked in the pacific. it will be sunny and warm. numbers near record highs again for sunday and a spare the air day posted for the 11th day in a row. red flag warnings posted as well. up top, up in the east bay hills and the north bay hills at higher elevations and sunny and mild all week. future cast, what happens to the winds, we're starting out calm and along the coastline, they pick up pretty good. and the ridge tops by midnight.
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tomorrow morning, they will ease off. pinpoint forecast is calling for sunshine all over the place from eu rerks ka and lake tahoe. beautiful day. 35 degrees in santa rosa. 34 for livermore and 42 in san francisco. 37 at redwood city. your normal high will be up to 65. these numbers are as much as 10 degrees above average for this time of year. so tomorrow, we'll see 63 in the city. 64 at livermore and 64 degrees in san jose. 64 at fair field and the extended forecast, nothing but sunny side up for the most part. clouds, but no rain. the numbers approach 70 degrees for highs. so, we're going to continue sunny and warm and unfortunately, we're going to continue dry. well, a tradition shattered. the city scrambling to replace its new year symbol now in pieces. ,,,,,, [ laughter ]
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starting january.. many the restaurant bill might be getting smaller in the new year. starting in january, many restaurants are expected to get rid of that mandatory gratuity for parties of six or more. treats those mandatory tips like regular wages. that will mean more paperwork for restaurants and less money going to the servers because mandatory tips will be taxed at a higher rate. a new year's eve tradition in pennsylvania was shattered four days before the big night. an 80-pound illuminated strawberry that lowered at midnight in downtown harrisburg fell three stories during a
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practice run yesterday. a faulty harness is to blame and all the kings horses and all the kings men will not be able to put it back together again. too bad. >> the los angeles dodgers in trouble with the law and usf pulled off late game heroics. the minute is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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broke his own leg on a kick ending the match 1:16 into e ufc is in the books. chris retained his belt when silva broke his own leg on a kick ending the match. just a minute and 16 seconds into the second round. the full monte hosting a matinee.
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the bears dominated from start to finish. dye roan wallace from beyond the arc. had 18 points, including wallace. a 90-60 win. santa clara in search of an upset. they were tied in the second half, but david stockton, son of john was too much for the broncos. usf if portland, chris adams off balance. gets it for the tie. yes, in overtime. gavin hoffman with the baseball pass, throws it down. 87-81, usf wins on the road against portland. and from the world of baseball, dodgers sensation, puig, was arrested earlier today in florida for speeding. puig was caught going 170 miles per hour. i'm sure that just saddens so many giants fans. >> i can imagine. >> thank you, that does it for
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us at 10:00. the news is always on if you want to do it the traditional way. we'll see you in 30 minutes on channel 5. thanks for watching. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald one of the greatest plays i have ever seen. i don't think i have ever been involved with a football game or something that good happened in a game.


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