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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  December 29, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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an emotional fight... couldn come to an end. a family there are no winners in this story only a lot of people walking away very, very sad. >> an emotional fight to soon come to an end. a family searches for options to keep their daughter on life support but the hospital could step in as early as tomorrow. and good evening. tonight our brian web is live at the hospital where the family of jahi mcmath is running out of options >> reporter: it's another long day in the mcmath saga. it doesn't appear there's anyone to give that money to. the clock is ticking on what's left of jahi mcmath's life with little left to stop it. >> 5:00 5:00 comes and the
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ventilator will be removed. >> reporter: for two weeks the family held on to hope after the 13-year-old's tonsillectomy and oakland's children's hospital went terribly wrong leaving her brain dead. they hoped another facility would come forward to care for her it even sparked a heated exchange between a hospital spokesman and a name lawyer that went back and forth for nearly 10 minutes. >> she's brain dead. you need to be clear. brain dead is not the same thing as death of the body. there are very different views on this that are religious views an medical views that are published in the literature. it is not convenient for the hospital to deal with that. but this hospital seems hell bent to stop her heartbeat. >> reporter: now it looks like no facility came forward leaching the family with few if any options. at 5:00 monday evening the court order keeping jahi on a ventilator expires and along with it any hopes the family might have had. >> there's no good way to end this story. there are no winners in this
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story. there's only a lot of people who are walking away very, very sad >> reporter: on friday the mcmath family attorney said he would seek a restraining order in federal court if necessary. tonight he texted me the family is together in prayer and consideration of the future. we will be here tomorrow to bring you the very latest. live in oakland brian web. >> the family tried to get two facilities in california to take her in they were turned down. the only option is a facility in new york. a man was shot and killed outside a san francisco fight club around closing time last night. it happened in the 1800 block of post street japan town. 36-year-old david guilford of modesto was standing in a crowd outside when he was hit by gunfire. no arrests have been made. >> it's not clear whether he was specifically targeted. police are asking witnesses to come forward. two people including a firefighter were hurt when a mercedes collided with a fire truck in san francisco. happened about 11:00 this morning at fifth and howard
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streets in the south market neighborhood. the fire truck was responding to a call at the time. the investigation is in its early stages but police think the driver of the mercedes is to blame. >> the fire department was going to an emergency vehicle had lights and sirens on. the other vehicle that was towed away a mercedes was going westbound on howard and apparently they failed to yield to the fire truck. >> there's no word on what kind of incident the fire crew was responding to or where it was headed. an and had building went up in flames. the fire broke out 46th avenue near the fremont memorial pool. there's no word on what caused the fire. a two week winter holiday dui crackdown in san mateo county wraps up tonight. from december 13th through tonight officers have been out at check points checking licenses and looking for drunk drivers. police say the holidays are an especially dangerous time to be on the road. >> last fall up in the city of
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daly city a family four three were killed at the hands of a drunk driver. so we're doing everything we can to educate people get the word out, make sure people are not on the streets drinking sand driving. >> and driving. there were 142 drunk driving arrests for the 15 day period. maximum enforcement will continue through the new year holiday. a landslide has caused a highway to collapse. the highway runs between ensenada and tijuana along the pacific ocean. the area is very popular with tourists. the collapse happened about 60 miles south of the u.s. border. it will take up to a year to repair the damage. so engineers are thinking about building a temporary road. new tonight at least 10 people have been killed in a bus explosion in russia. this comes a day after another blast kills more than a dozen at a train station. it's raising concerns about the upcoming olympics in sochi.
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>> reporter: a security camera captured the explosion that tore through a train station 400 miles from where the sochi winter olympics will be held in february. when the bomber detonated the 20-pound device the station was packed with people. victims were killed by flying shrapnel in a massive blast that blew out the building's doors. this woman had a narrow escape when she left the station just moments before the bomb went off. i saw people running, she said, human flesh all around shattered glass and broken doors. i saw smoke but i didn't understand what was going on. no one group has claimed responsibility yet, but many in russia suspect islamic insurgents from chechnya and taking stan. in july a chechen leader called for more terror attacks on civilians including during the
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olympics he urged his followers to use maximum force to stop the games taking place. today was the second suicide attack in just two months. in october another female bomber blew up a bus killing 6 people. the russian government insists there won't be any security problems in sochi. it's promised they will be the safest olympics in history. >> the suicide bomber detonated the bomb just before reaching a metal detector in the entrance hallway. officials say there have been many more casualties if the bomber made it inside that busy terminal. a nationwide manhunt for a suspected cop killer and bank robber ended with a deadly shootout with police in phoenix. it started on monday when the suspect tried to hold up a bank in atlanta but failed there. investigators say later that day he went to mississippi and robbed another bank. one officer was killed and another hurt in a gunfight as the suspect escaped again.
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police caught up to him yesterday in phoenix where they say he robbed yet another bank. >> i heard one boom boom boom. >> the officer was trying to retreat and take cover and at that point the detective drew list service weapon and he fired at the suspect. >> the suspect died. nobody else was hurt. tonight a russian ship remains trapped in ice off antarctica. people onboard play soon be getting a break literally. >> reporter: a helicopter from the chinese icebreaker snow dragon flew over the stranded ship to get a closer look at the problem in frigid antarctica. weather experts say the thick ice that has trapped the research ship since christmas eve is beginning to crack by itself and more help is expected soon from an australian icebreaker. the aurora is more powerful than the chinese very that has
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been unable to reach the ice bound ship. >> to see what the bet route may be to come through. >> reporter: while the international rescue effort unfollowed 74 scientists tourists and crew members have been making the best of it. some have been sending video diaries back home over the internet to their loved ones. >> just saying hi to let you know we're going to be a little bit late. the ship is stuck in heavy ice. >> reporter: the passengers hope to continue their expedition once the ship is set free. cbs news. >> . officials say the vessel had plenty of food and supplies. the obama administration says it saw a surge in sign upper for the new healthcare plan but fell short of its goal. the number of people getting insurance surpassed a million. experts say if you add in the numbers from 14 states like california that are running their own web sites the number should be over 2 million but the original goal was to have
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3.3 million signed up by the end of the year. in pennsylvania a pregnant woman says she was fired for refusing to get a flu shot. the woman had two police carriages earlier in the year. she didn't want to risk a third. she worked as a registered nurse and her company required all employees to get vaccinated. recreational marijuana retailers in colorado are getting ready to start selling their products on flu years day. that's when colorado becomes the first state to sell pot for recreation legally. 20 states including colorado already can sell medicinal marinate but the rules for selling recreational pot are different. >> it will cost more. only people over 21 can buy it and amounts are limited. the new year brings hundreds of new laws to california new rules on the road tougher gun control. mark kelly has some of highlights. >> in 2014 gun owners will see new regulations on long guns, handguns rifles and shotguns will also be tracked. the department of justice will
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store the make model and serial number of your gun. the laws fired up some gun owners. >> these are law abiding citizens these aren't people who are trying to beat the system or anything like that. they are people who just don't want to be tracked. >> reporter: for california's workers more rights in 2014. july 1 starts the minimum wage bump to $9. $10 by 2016. and those in agricultural landscaping will have required rest breaks working in the lot california sun. teenagers can no longer text and driver no exceptions. not even with hands-free voice activated technology. only adult drivers can use that. >> when you're under the age of 18 you need to learn how to drive first before you can introduce any distractions into your sort of sphere. >> reporter: one of the headline grabbing laws accommodates transgender children in public school.
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it allows transgender students to choose which restroom they like to use and whether to play on the boys or girls sports teams. another law makes it easier for a transgender person to update their birth certificate following a sex change operation. just a sample of the hundreds of new laws facing californians in 2014. in san francisco mark kelly, kpix5. >> governor jerry broken signed 112 bills into law in 2014. this bay area water has been calm almost too calm. the dry water is keeping away one of nature's yearly attractions. >> not only has it been dry but we have certainly seen our fair share of record warmth here in the bay area. tomorrow we'll pinpoint the cities that could see more record highs. . looking for her big break how help this northern california singer get a grammy
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tomato florentine soup, it took a little time to get it just right. [ ding ] ♪ but finally, it happened. perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, salvador began spewing smokd more power outages as a snow st the sn . parts of the east coast are preparing for more power outages as a snowstorm moves
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in. the snow is already falling in maine the latest one is expect todd bring 10 inches of snow or more to new england it comes week week after an ice storm knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people in the upper midwest and northeast. and the snow was too much for a historic building in minnesota it collapsed narrowly missing a person who had just walked underneath. people were inside the building fire wedding reception and some guests say it was like an earthquake shook the building. around here it's been so dry cal fire is suspending all open burning in several countying starting tomorrow. alameda contra costa santa clara and san mateo are among the counties affected. campfires will be allowed only in designated campgrounds with special permission on private property. dry conditions are also affecting co-hoe salmon they are usually swimming upstream this time of year to spawn but a perfect storm of problems has led to the lowest fish count in years. >> reporter: it's almost a
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marin county holiday tradition. a visit to the fish viewing area. >> the last one i saw was like this big. >> how big is a co-hoe salmon? >> like this. >> wouldn't that be something to see it today? >> reporter: you might see endanger co-low swimming to the tributaries where they were born and swimming around their gravel they were where they will sawn spawn and die. >> you didn't see any fish are you disappoint national guard. >> no. still pretty new out here it's worth coming. >> i would have liked to have seen some fish. i've never seen the fish spawning before. so it would have been nice. >> reporter: the number of co- hoe returning from the sea is one of the smallest in years even though the water district has been releasing water from its dallas keeping the creek flowing from here to the ocean.
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>> we thought we'd come uptake a look but unfortunately the fact you guys were here was not a good sign. >> reporter: the shortage of water is only part of the proper for fish swimming upstream the other part is how the water smells. the fish out at sea it may not smell like home. the fishery manager says it takes a good rain and runoff to collect the unique chemical arena of the water watershed that identifies the streams. >> they are imprinted on that water quality signature. they knew that as a cue to say this is my home stream there is where i want to go and spawn. >> reporter: they will release more water from the dam on new year's day and on the following two days. hopefully it will smell right to co-hoe waiting offshore for the chemical signal to come home. in marin county don knapp. this is kind of exciting. it happens 2, maybe even
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possibly 4 times a year it's called the king tied. >> big tied. >> we actually can have traffic come to a stop in the secretary of stately to area where we can experience minor flooding. let's try to explain it for you right here. first off you get the moon and the sun and it's in complete alignment with the earth. so what happens is you can have anywhere from several inches to 2 feet high tide above normal for this time of the year. and it really doesn't cause any problems you'll notice a little bit of a higher high tide as early as tomorrow morning beginning at 8:00 a.m. we ask you to document, take a picture of this if you see it and send it to us at this is our live weather camera looking out for the bay bridge currently oakland 49. just west of the bay bridge it's 54 in san francisco to the south san jose at 47. check out santa rosa to the north already in the 30s. mountain view upper '40s. here's what you need to know. another high and dry day for your monday. a few of our selected micro
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climates will be in the mid and high '60s. typically this time of the year we should be sitting around the mid 50s. our numbers are averaging 5 to 10 degrees above normal for this time of the year. you can expect tomorrow a day with near or record high temps. we had a record today. 73 in oakland. better air quality tomorrow. yes, and we'll remain dry all the way through the end of the year. high pressure firmly in place. storms to the north of us few of those clouds are going to ride that high pressure. mine while 60s monday across the central valley minus the fog. it was gorgeous across monterey bayda 66 tomorrow. 54 degrees on the south shore after a high of 48 degrees. again, 50s south shore, no snow in the forecast. dropping into the teens, they are making the snow and that
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does not hamp ernie hamper any of the travel. tomorrow's high couple of degrees cooler than today. southeast breeze 15. so air quality will be pristine and here you have the extended forecast. we do call for very little temperature change each and every day. you'll notice becoming partly cloudy by new year's eve. new year's day will be mostly cloudy with few sunny breaks. we'll up the cloud cover over next weekend as well but we'll keep the rain chances north of sonoma county. >> what you've got on wednesday. >> it's a clear day. i know the fireworks are supposed to go a on new year's over but it's new year's day. >> thanks roberta. foreign california woman is
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trying to win the gig of a lifetime. >> yes. she is one of 40 finalists competing to perform during a grammy week concert. contest, she'll get to openr ood" . >> katie eakin characterizes her music as pop oak indy. if she wins the contest she will get to open for the band the neighborhood. >> i think it would be a great experience, and then the connections that you can make through it. i think that would be really great because it is kind of hard to get yourself noticed in la. i think that would be a really big steppingstone. >> the winner is collect selected by public votes facebook and twitter and voting ends on january 10th. we watched the times square ball drop signaling each new year but find out how the 2014 design is unique and its special message. ,,,,,,,,,,,, a subaru...
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...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities
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that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. today "spiderman" helped wi the annual "confet . they are at the timeing confetti. the count down on to new year's eve in new york city today spiderman helped with the annual confetti test at the hard rock cafe'. what do they think the confetti was going to do? >> what are they testing. >> i don't know. one ton of confetti will be released in new york and it looks just like confetti. >> it flies through the air. >> of course the highlight is the dropping of the ball at midnight. >> this is the largest crystal ball in the world. it is dropped into times square every year since 1907. this year the crystal triangles have been installed in a new pattern the theme is the gift of the imagination. also new this year people can
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play-offs... ...san francis? . nfl here's the set up. the arizona cardinals needed to beat the 49ers to get to the playoffs. san francisco at kick off if the plan et cetera were aligned just right still had the division in its sights. jim harbaugh had to sweat it out in the 4th quarter. all tied up late.
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closing seconds of the game kaepernick somebody had to make a play and quinton fad ena 29- yard pickup good enough to set up phil dawson with two seconds left. dawson was the hero from 40 yards away and the 9ers escape 23-20 finish the season at 12- 4. they will play mr. aaron rogers and green bay next sunday. look at rogers airing out for randall cobb. beats the bears 33-28. raiders hosting peyton manning broncos record setting day 4 touchdown passes. single season yardage record in one half. denver wins 31-14. seth curry stops pops, yes sir. long 2. curry had 29, warriors beat the cavs for the 6th straight time. 108-104. logan couture 100th career goal against the ducks tonight.
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they snap anaheim 10 game win streak. >> that's going to do it for it. we're done. >> we'll see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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