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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  December 30, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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her this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> i believe my daughter is alive. i don't care what they say. she's moving. >> a reprieve from a mother convinced her daughter is alive after being declared brain dead. >> things are getting worse in the area of a fiery train collision. people are now forced to leave their home. >> a winter so dry. what's been found that has been flooded for more than half a century. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. san francisco police are on the scene of a high speed chase that ended in a crash. the crash happen add happened a short time ago but speeds reached 170 miles an hour. he crashed here at stanion and lincoln. police have fired shots, but it's not clear exactly what has
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happened. we're working on details. we'll have more on kpix5 at 11:00. >> jahi mcmath is going to be kept on a ventilator for another week. the teen is still alive, andrea is at children's hospital oakland where it's been a long day with many twists. andrea. >> reporter: it certainly has. earlier in the day, you saw jahi mcmath's mother in tears out front of the hospital when it didn't look like they would get an injunction to stop children's hospital from unplugging her from the machines. then hours later, nothing but smiles. >> i'm not trying to hold on to a corpse. >> with an hour to spare before her ventilator was to be turned off, a judge put a stop to it, giving her family a reprieve until january 7. >> today was a real hard day for me. like i said, i felt like my daughter was on death row and
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no mother should feel that way. >> that restraining order was filed along with a separate filing in federal court of nearly 100 pages of documents and a video that according to her family, shows a brain dead jahi responding to her mother's voice. >> i believe my daughter is alive. i don't care what they say. she's moving and if you go in the room with your child and talk to your child and even though they say your child is brain dead, you're going to believe your child is alive. >> the attorney says jahi's family has found a facility that will take the 13-year-old, but they need children's hospital to play ball. >> we are hoping when the facility is locked in, the hospital will do the procedure or let someone come in and do the procedure. what baffles me, they say jahi is dead, but they won't give us her body. >> procedures are breathing tubes necessary for the teen to be moved. children's hospital has refused, saying they won't
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perform procedures on dead people. >> my daughter is alive. she's warm and i let her know all the time, we won today, may be a small victory. we only have a few more days. >> jahi's family has arranged for an air ambulance with a doctor on board to accompany her to the facility in new york state. children's hospital says they have not heard from the facility at all. the war continues here in oakland. live at children's hospital in oakland, andrea, kpix5. >> obviously it's a very emotional case. the medical aspect is very complex. earlier i talked to a biomedical ethicist at stanford. he said there are two ways in which a patient can be declared dead. by circulatory, meaning the heart has stopped or by neurological criteria. meaning the brain has stopped functioning. >> sometimes sounds when we hear brain death that it's not real death or almost dead, but not really death and that is not the case. this is not like many of the
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other cases of patients who have been comatose and some recovered, some not recovered. those were cases of living patients. it's really and critically important that the public be clear. this is not a terri shavo case. this person's end of life has came and went. >> jahi had a tonsillectomy. she went into cardiac arrest. three days later, doctors declared her brain dead and the legal battle began. >> doctors treating formula one racing champion, michael schumaker have a grim outlook. he fell and hit his head on a rock. he was wearing a helmet, but it didn't do enough to prevent serious injury. he remains in a medically induced coma. doctors say they are taking everything hour by hour and have not offered a prognosis. hundreds of drentzs in a
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remote town are being ordered to evacuate after an explosion sent this fire ball shooting into the sky. it all started this afternoon when a mile long train carrying crude oil derailed about 25 miles outside of fargo. as many as ten cars on that train caught fire blanketing a nearby town in black smoke. now because of the possibility of more explosions, firefighters are allowing the fire to burn itself out. no one was injured. >> in less than two months, russia is set to host the 2014 winter olympics. tonight, worries a terrorist campaign is just beginning. ail alfonzo tells us, two security breeches are worrying them about security in the games. >> russian officials say the attack killed or injured dozens of people. now there's fear of more terrorism ahead of february's winter olympics in sochi400
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miles away. people here will tell you that no one feels safe. a lot has been promised for security, but little has been done, this man says. investigators say the bombers explosives were similar to those used in another suicide bombing on sunday at the city's main railway station. at least 17 people died there. it is unclear who carried out the attacks. >> in july, militants calling for an islamic state in russia threatened. they have security experts concerned. >> everyone now needs to be more concerned about the terrorist threat that reached the russian heartland and is growing closer not only to the sochi olympics, but also affecting the transportation hub that are so important to the olympics. >> russian president, vladimir putin is ordering increased security nationwide. the international olympic committee says it is confident of russia's ability to keep the game safe. cbs news.
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>> russia's health ministry says 58 people are still hospitalized from the attacks. many in grave condition. >> a blizzard kept rescuers from freeing a research ship stuck in ice in antarctica. the remaining options to help the dozens of passengers on board. >> thick ice and poor visibility forced an australian ice breaker to turn around before it could get to the russian ship that has been stuck in the ice since christmas eve. rescue teams are hoping the weather will clear on tuesday so the australian ship can try again. a helicopter from a smaller chinese ship may also be used. >> the aurora can't get through the conditions, we would be looking at using the helicopter from a chinese vessel. >> chris spoke with cbs news on monday. he says there's also hope that a u.s. coast guard ship can come to the rescue. >> there's a possibility, the american ice breaker, which is four times the size, is going
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to be in the area in the near future and if that were to come into play, that would be as well. >> all 74 people are in good spirits and for now, they have heat and plenty of food. cbs news. >> the u.s. coast guard ice breaker that could come to the rescue is 400 feet long and underwent a renovation. bay area shores are expected to be hit with unusually high tides and king tides. that will be over the next if u days. these are those ultrahigh tides. they often mean flooding along the shoreline and wetlands. sharon chin on what people are being asked to do. sharon. >> reporter: we are at the brandon street wharf where you can keep track of the tides that bob up and down according to the levels in the bay. each thick stripe represents a foot of water. right now the tide is about 4 feet above sea level. in a matter of hours at high tide, it will soar to more than
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7 feet. >> that's big. >> walks along the pier at low tide tonight. he says his boat is ready for the king tide. >> aware of it and make sure your dock lines are good and you check the boat. >> king tides produce extremely high and low tides once a year when the sun, moon, and earth align to create a strong gravitational pull. oyster point marina workers experienced flooding this morning. >> it gets up to the street there and you'll deal with the salt water on the cars. >> the king tides are expected to sweep in more than 7 feet above sea level tuesday and wednesday morning and fall to about a foot and a half below sea level later in the day. some scientists are forecasting a 1 to 2-foot permanent rise in several decades so san francisco bay is asking the public to share photographs of the king tides for shoreline planning. >> with sea level rise and
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climate change, the next 30 or 40 years, we might actually be looking at tides that are normally this high. >> if you miss it this time, the king tides are expected to return the last three days in january. sharon chin, kpix5. >> and sharon pointed out, we have another big tide tomorrow. this time of the year, because the earth is close to the sun and so the gravitational pull means we get bigger range in tides. tomorrow morning at 10:00 to 10 to 10:00 in the morning, and correspondingly, we get a low tide of 1.5 feet. 7.1 feet above the mean lower low tide level. and so you know, you will get flooding along low lying areas and it happens every january in the bay area. happen tomorrow t will happen again on wednesday. i have the forecast, too, and we're going to focus on dry. so will allen, actually. >> yeah, that line is so dry.
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the water level dropped so much, george warren shows us that it revealed something that has been buried for more than half a century. >> every once in a while, folsom lake reveals its secret. 60 years ago, lake water flooded what was left of the gold rush island. portions of which have emerged. >> it's a shame that the lakes this low, but it really, really interesting to see. >> we've been talking about coming down here for years, and the lake keeps getting lower. >> it appears visitors have largely respected the state park's prohibition. recovered art facts like square headed nails have been neatly placed on stones and tree stumps. >> what do you think? >> pretty cool. >> the good weather and the break from school has turned the dry lake bed into a popular family field trip. >> we wanted to show the kids. we've been here on boats and had fun water skiing and
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everything, but we've never seen it like this. it's a little erie to be honest. you have to see it with your own eyes. >> who knowings what else they have to reveal. >> that's an avalanche. >> a skier's camera is rolling as he races to dig his brother out from under an avalanche. >> more problems at target. why some customers are now having a hard time returning what they bought. >> and it only took six seconds, how beyonce managed to insult victims of an american tragedy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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avalanche. his the colorado skier jumped into action after his younger brother was caught in an avalanche. they were skiing when edwin got caught up in that snow slide. he was buried up to his head. his brother was able to find him and dig him out. edwin escaped with only a knee injury. evacuations are underway
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near an erupting volcano. this is the first eruption of the volcano since 1976. thick, black clouds blew five miles into the sky. flights are canceled as the clouds moved 45 miles downwind. and mt. edna is also at it again. it spewed lava and ash into the sky today. those explosions were also heard. no one is in any danger. edna has been quite active. more fallout from the target credit card. the lats problem, returns on purchases made with those canceled cards. >> julie watts explains how one woman got kicked out of a target store when she tried to make a return. >> i was very frustrated and i thought other people should know. >> this woman isn't concerned about the target credit card breech. she canceled her car. rather, she's upset how she was
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treated when she tried to return a few items she purchased using her now canceled card. >> i thought target would be able to give me a cash refund. >> her returns only amounted to $27. but joe says after talking to two customer service reps, a manager told her she was out of luck. >> he said there was nobody else i could speak to. >> he offered her a gift card and when she insisted on a refund. >> he told me i would have to leave the store and called the security guard over and he physically blocked me from walking through the store. >> she was so shaken up. but what joe didn't know and no one bothered to tell her is she could have had her purchases refunded back to her card. >> your card will do bridging. the old account with the new account. >> greg mcbride explains why you can't make purchases, you can still use it for returns and any credit will appear on
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the replacement card. if you don't have a receipt, they may have to scan your canceled card, so it's a good idea to hang on to it. in joe's case, she had her receipt. >> nobody suggested that. >> when we accompanied joe back to the store, she couldn't comment on how joe was treated the first time around, but she apologized and happily agreed to refund joe's money. but joe says she is still waiting for an apology from the first manager who had her escorted out over a $27 refund. >> now target has not returned our request for comment, so it's not clear why under the circums it wouldn't agree to just refund the $27. the u.s. is getting greener. want proof? electricity usage has fallen to 2011 levels. this is the third straight year electricity usage has declined. cfl and led lightbulbs use 70
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to 80 percent less power. newer model air conditioner uses 20% less electricity and a switch to tablets and smart phones. they take considerably less power than desktop computers. the famous new year's eve ball set to drop is energy efficient and ready to ring in 2014. the ball has 672 led modules to light up the more than 2600 waterford crystals and weighs in at almost 12,000 pounds. crews gave it a little trial run today. this year's supreme court justice will have the honor of starting its decent. she is a bronx native. a million people are expected to fill times square tomorrow night. anybody here been in times square? >> yes. >> have you really? >> what's it like? >> it's incredibly crowded, but it's very exciting and fun. it's cold. very cold. >> i'll watch from my living room. >> much more comfortable.
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>> and it's fairly nice outside tonight. temperatures for this time of the night, not too bad for the latter part of december. we have 44 degrees in liver more. some low clouds along the shoreline. we'll still have a mostly sunny day tomorrow. santa roe say is down to 40 degrees. tomorrow, the numbers recover into the mid 60s. high clouds, but aside from that, things look nice. mostly clear and chilly, but a great night for fireworks. the temperature in the city about 49 degrees. here's what it looks like out in the pacific and even though there are more clouds out there, it's lacking the energy. it's lacking the support and it's all because it's all colliding against this persistent dome of high pressure that will keep us fair and mild all week. so we get clear and chilly tonight, sunny and mild this week and it looks like no rain for a couple weeks. there's a few wrinkles. in the meantime, there's nothing definite coming in, let's put it that way. we'll be looking at numbers
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east of the bay area. in the 60s in the central valley. those numbers look like april. yosemite, 50 degrees. pinpoint forecast, 55 degrees in santa rosa and 35 degrees at concord. that's par for the course, but the daytime highs unusually warm. 10 degrees above average. in the east bay with san jose above average. lovermore at 65. and the extended forecast, as far as i can say, partly cloudy skies. toward the weekend, 70 degrees by friday. this is nuts. and as we get towards sunday and monday, more sunshine and temperatures in the 60s. there's not any sign of changing. >> go to new york if it's like this. >> right. something festive. >> you'll find out what winter is like. >> thanks, brian. >> we'll be right back. ,,,, female announcer: sleep train thanks
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she used audio of the 19-86 challenger explosion in her song. ""flight control very carefully at the former nasa astronauts are calling beyonce sensitive. >> she used audio of the explosion in her new song. >> looking very carefully at the situation. obviously a major malfunction. >> that is the actual nasa radio transmission seconds after the challenger exploded january of 1986. beyonce says she used that line to quote, remind us that unexpected things happen and to appreciate every minute that you have with those who mean the most to you. ahead, a local high school stunt you will only, only see
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right here and why these two players will not collide this sunday in green bay ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's been happening like an annual tradition. the day after the nfl regular season and the fire sale of head coaches. in the case of cleveland, they couldn't wait until today. >> you're fired. >> black monday. mike shanahan let go by the redskins. jim schwartz in detroit. lesli frazier from the vikings. greg gone in tampa. and sunday, the browns fired rob after just one season.
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carlos rogers has an injured right hamstring. he did it at some point, yesterday's win. we don't have the results, but his status for sunday is uncertain. for week one, we play matthews, out of bounds. not likely to happen again. matthews will be out sunday. best defensive player has a busted thumb. retiring mack brown, coach's final game. two pick six's thrown by the quarterback. the damage, number two in oregon beats texas 30-7. fare well to mack brown. the turnover to oliver. to grant high school star was a tournament mvp. 61-58 at marin catholic tonight. i was shooting it and the floor shook. >> boom, boom. >> that does it for the news
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at 10:00. we'll see you at 11:00. >> always on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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