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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  January 6, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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and the crooks used the fa's own car -- to get into their house. back-to-back home invasions leave a bay area family badly shaken and the crooks use the family's own car to get into the house. good evening i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. new tonight on the simple way that the thieves found their opening. >> reporter: it started as one crime in the pittsburg parking lot. they are taking a more direct route. right into the store. for this woman who didn't want to be identified, the trouble began in christmas eve where the car was broken into while shopping. >> i noticed that they had a compartment, which was a concern to me because my dress was in the compartment.
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>> reporter: when she finally got home, she put the pieces together. >> as i approach the driveway, i went to reach for the garage door opener and it was missing. >> reporter: with someone in the shower, the thieves struck. >> i had a tv sitting over here right here. and another tv. >> reporter: along with the jewelry including the mother's wedding ring. she filed a report moving on until this past friday afternoon when her daughter was home and the crooks used the magic button again. >> the same individuals, they came back to my home, opened up the garage. there was one individual walking away. >> reporter: this time her family fought back, shooting this cell phone video of the getaway car. and snapping the license plates. >> did you change the code? >> i thought i had changed the code, but for some apparent reason it did not change. >> reporter: now she doesn't
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feel safe in her own home. police have two solutions to make sure that you don't get victimized like this. don't keep the garage in plain sight. >> reporter: while the law requires you to have a copy of your registration in the vehicle for the police officer, if you are ever pulled over, there is nothing that says to block out your address. >> reporter: and police, they are reviewing the cell phone video and pictures of the license plates. police found a 7-year-old kidnapped victim just hours before her abduction. they say that the target employee helped them crack this case. joe joe spoke to them tonight. >> reporter: the 22-year-old and the security specialist here noticed the man acting very strangely. wrote down his license plate number and then later when the amber alert was sounded, she called police and said i think that's the same guy and that lead to his arrest. >> he was actually walking
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through the apartment. you know, seemed a little odd, you know, you get back there when someone is there and it happens. and then i kind of lost visual with him and i came into the office and started video surveillance. i got him walking out the store and, you know, he didn't seem right to me, so i followed him out to the parking lot and he was just being weird, like his activities were not normal. he was pacing back and forth. he was like changing his clothes in the parking lot. he started messing around with his backpack and at one point he was sitting in the car and like shaking his steering wheel and it was kind of scary. i didn't know about this guy. i was going to write down the guy's license plate as it felt funny to me and i wrote it down. >> reporter: fast forward you found out a little girl was kidnapped and it was you writing down the license plate to help lead to the arrest. what goes through your mind? >> i was like in shock, like i couldn't believe it. i'm more happy that the girl is with her family and happy that
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she gets to live the childhood that she deserves. and i hope that she puts this tragic thing behind her and that the family is able to put the pieces back together and able to live a good life. >> reporter: police told us today after she called them, they were able to get the man's name. they found out where he might be hanging out and made that arrest very soon afterwards. reporting live in pittsburgh, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> the fbi made an arrest in the new year's day attack on the chinese consulate in san francisco. you can see how bad it was damaged. but the chinese national, they called police, confessing two days later. but they told authorities that he was hearing voices in chinese, leading him to believe that the consulate was involved. >> we investigated the incident as a criminal matter and there are no indications at this time that it was motivated by the terrorism or civil rights issues. >> they have permanent status and lives in daily city facing
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two charges of maliciously damaging properties. a wild car chase ended in a wreck on highway 4. two cars to the pittsburgh dealership were damaged after the driver slammed into them. police say that the woman behind the wheel was a parolee who may have stolen the vehicle before leading them on a chase. the manager at the dealership was stunned as he watched it all unfold. >> this car i heard a big screech and went back up the ditch. slammed on the hard top and ran to my car and then the driver, they jumped out and they tried to escape. they got the driver and the passenger. >> reporter: and now the driver and her passenger were hurt, but expected to be okay. utility crews have had their hands full with the water main. the line near the streets, they broke yesterday afternoon. and repairs were made, but then it broke again today. leaving neighbors without water. officials, they say that the pipe likely burst due to the
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cold weather. pretty much everyone east of here might find that statement a little hard to believe. but tonight most of the country is in a deep freeze. the temperatures are lower than what they have been in decades. it shows you the so-called polar vortex in action. paul, what is the deal with this thing? >> it's a phrase that most folks have never heard until today and hopefully they never hear about it again. they are talking about the windchills. here is the deal, it is not rare. it happens every winter, once every two decades and the extreme cold, it is unlocked. it races right through canada and then ends up in the eastern 2/3 of the country. it's for all the polar air to come to the north pole, spilling down into the united states. look at some of the air
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temperature lows. minneapolis 23 below. 16 below, 7 below in pittsburgh with a look at what it was like in that cold tundra earlier today. >> reporter: in the midwest some people ran to get out of the cold. others bundled up from head to toe. >> it comes down to the layers. i have three pairs of gloves. >> reporter: schools in many cities shut down on some major roadways that are closed because of the icy conditions. chicago hit 16 below. in some places the windchill made it feel like 15 below. >> it is just freezing, man, it's cold. >> reporter: parts of the south are getting hit. records were set today in texas and oklahoma. the weather prompted more than 6,000 flight cancellations today, bringing a total to nearly 17,000 over the past five days. jet blue went as far as shutting down operations entirely at four major east coast airports.
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the ripple effect extending all the way to the bay area. for some travelers the next flight out isn't for another two to three days. >> there is nothing that i could do right. i suggest that you send me to a different state or elsewhere as they could do it. and also flights are canceled. and there is nothing that i could do. >> all right, we are feeling a little bit of the impact here as you might expect, keeping crops healthy. jamba juice is having trouble getting a hold of fresh oranges. the store in fremont was totally out of oranges this weekend. what do you do? you post a sign of apologizing to the customers. it is 50 below in minneapolis, but jamba juice does not have orange juice. >> wow. >> i think we still have it pretty good. >> yes, the better side of the seahawks. they know cold back east. it's january and it is cold in the wintertime. >> they will be calling you
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polar paul if it keeps up. >> call me randy paul. >> that's what i want. it's official, bay area native will be the first woman to head the federal reserve. the senate confirmed her today. she will also be the first democrat since 1987 to lead the 100-year-old central bank. previously taught at cal and was the head of the san francisco federal reserve. he's in a new medical facility tonight. her family transferred her body to an undisclosed location where she will be kept on a ventilator. brian webb reports that her family, they still believe that she has a chance to recover at least some brain function. >> reporter: she arrived monday morning at a new facility in bad shape, but getting antibiotics, nutrition, and care. >> we were afraid given the fragile condition that she wasted away at children's that she might not make it. >> reporter: the move was made late sunday night after the coroner released the 13-year- old to her family.
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she was placed on a new ventilator, put inside a private ambulance with family members and driven away. arriving at an unnamed catholic organization willing to care for a brain dead child. >> and she will be in a new home where she will be treated. and not like a deceased body the way that children's hospital has been treating her. >> reporter: the family attorney said that five other facilities agreed to take her, only to back out for different reasons. the new spot is a secret for the privacy and security concerns after several death threats came in from across the country. >> it's a sad thing when you are fighting for somebody's rights and people, they feel the need to show their hatred. >> reporter: to the family this move brings relief and hope. they say what happens to her next is in god's hands, not in the hands of the hospital. >> we can expect them trying to pull the plug on us early and take them out. that's something we could live
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with. >> reporter: the family will pay for her care with parts of donations coming in. saying it is too early for possible lawsuits. but the attorney thinks that the case may set new legal standards putting life and death issues into the hands of parents over hospitals. i'm brian webb, kpix 5. and still to come tonight, the high-tech tool that will be helping to curve the violent crime in one big bay area city. san francisco lays out new rules of the roads for the private shuttles that have sparked a turf war. it makes me feel like a man like that. >> and from the chills to the thrills. how the 49ers are celebrating their playoff victory. ,, for over 60,000 california foster children,
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the number of murders droppy 21 in 20-13. at th san francisco police credit social media for helping them curve violent crimes. at the same time the homicide arrests have more than doubled since the officers started tracking suspects online. >> it's like a game-related homicide or shooting something like that. we will find out if they are on instagram or facebook and sometimes they will threaten each other back and forth. >> another big contributing
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factor is video. the video, it has been huge this year alone. and out of the 48 homicides, 73% had video evidence. 66% resulted in an arrest. that's huge for us. >> reporter: and police think that they also like the video because they will be able to see the actual incident unfold first hand. san francisco is finally ruling out new rules. under the plans you can get a permit to use 200 specified stops. but the coaches, they must be labeled. they must yield to the vehicles and they will have to pay. >> the 100,000 figure is about the average per company, but some companies are very large, some companies are very small in terms of what kinds of stops they have. >> the money raised will only cover the cost of running the new permit program. it can't be used as revenue for the transit repairs and improvements because it is not
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a voter approved tax. and the 49ers big playoff win is much about beating mother nature. and as much as the packers. >> and with a big win on the frozen tundra. and the team is fired up. >> and the 49ers head coach, jim harbaugh is showing the afterglow of yesterday's wild card wind. the clutch victory in the final freezing seconds at lambeau field. >> personally as a player and what it meant for the players to be happy and ecstatic for them. >> we have a lot of guys here. but today's news conference, they revealed some quiet satisfying moments on the plane ride home. what he called a happy flight. >> to sit there in my seat.
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i've got the video of the game. i'm just sitting there. just me. all i need now is a cup of coffee and i'm just as happy as i could possibly be. just doing those things. >> oh, so close. everybody is biting their nails in the whole house. >> reporter: they were just as happy everywhere. >> it's a big statement. beat them in the playoffs. just big, very big. momentum will carry us to the super bowl. >> reporter: he's been collecting their autographs since the days of millionth. he thinks that this year's team, much of which is signed to the helmets has what it takes to win their trophy and the patients in staking out the niners and their headquarter driveway pay off. all to sign the helmet to exchange the high fives. >> it's an awesome game. >> no. it is all good. thank you so much for stopping
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here. >> reporter: in santa clara, kpix 5. we would love to see that. people supporting their home team and the players are being so nice. >> a big game. big stuff. >> yes, it is very cold. it was about, well, i believe the game was 10 below the windchill, getting worse and worse and worse. it's dangerous. look at this, this is in the state of minnesota. he threw boiling water into the sub-freezing air. i'm not so sure how safe it looks, but looks beautiful when he does it. it's 55 degrees below zero when you factor in the wind and you have to when they are coming at you at 30 miles per hour. good highs in the 60s, yes, it was cloudier, but none of the big chill. we've been talking about it for
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a while. another dry streak. the forecast here, we'll take you to richmond tomorrow. not much sunshine. partly sunny skies, it's the mild 63. then partly sun any skies with the high of 62, so we will be cloudier, but not necessarily wetter. there's a reason for it. the high pressure which i said, they will need to move for something to change. it's moving, but not enough, that's why it was cloudier for you here tomorrow and it is not far enough away that the high pressure is not to allow the rainfall, currently in washington and oregon to make it down to the bay area. it will rain as far south. good news for them. one tomorrow, one on thursday, one on saturday. but the bottom line, we will be
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dry. we'll be in the mid-60s with a chance of rain and much milder than what it was in green bay in north carolina. it will not be as mild, but the dry weather, that's not going anywhere as we will be dry for a while. 64 for you tomorrow in livermore and the south bay at 63. fremont and union city, the lower 60s, partly sunny. vallejo at 62. it will be 60 in san francisco. the extended forecast, it's not the sunniest, that's a change. but it will be staying dry. the best chance of rain on saturday. aside from that, seven more dry days, which looks like the ridge will be back and sunnier and milder or we are just going to stay dry for a while, at least next week. >> yes, it needs to move soon. >> yes. it needs to move. move. thank you, paul. there are a real hoot here for the tiny owls, making a big comeback here in the bay area. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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berkely marina. don ford shows us why bird- watchers are flocking there. erkeley bird well a pint-size predator is making a big splash. >> why birdwatchers are flocking there. >> it is hard to see. yes. yes. very well camouflaged. >> pay attention and look close as you can see an owl. one of the few that will be making their annual appearance at the park. oh, i see them. it's a lady owl.
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oh. that's so funny. >> and the owls, i guess somehow they found out that it comes from idaho. but only the females migrate and then they come out here to say hey, we like berkeley. >> reporter: in an area fenced off, the owl still has a lot of company as they live in the abandoned squirrel hole. >> this is the closest i have been. this gal is protected by a special fence. and they are small and they stand about eight inches tall, weighing only 6 to 8 ounces. >> and it is a full bird. from the challenge up to the head. it is very unique. but they are rare in these parts. in a couple of months, they will return to idaho. at the arena, kpix 5. >> the birds are expected to stick around through early
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april. our producer had a good one. what would you rather do? lose the national title game or not make it at all? and both alabama and florida state, they took their big shot down in pasadena here tonight. ,,,,,,,,
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points... ...biggest comeba college football front and center tonight. florida state and auburn hooked up for 64 points. biggest comeback win in the 16 year bcf era to the rose bowl. john legend taking on the national anthem. do you remember the hip hop group? and i should say that will be vincent's baby boy, trey. trey mason. auburn on the break up, 31-27. a minute and half left on the florida state game.
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on his 20th birthday, he goes 6- 7 on the game-winning drive. hits calvin benjamin to win it. 34-31, florida state from the acc. and they win the bcf era. the seven straight title by the sec. and it is over. logan couture expected to miss three to six weeks. he is expected to have surgery on wednesday. there he is beating the blackhawks. canada names their olympic squad tomorrow. pga champion of tournaments. zach johnson, zach johnson. 34 feet away and he nails it into the 12th hole. he wins. his third tournament in his last six starts. out on lovely maui, hawaii. >> what was the weather like there today? >> the polar vortex did not hit them at all. >> didn't hit it. >> and so it is 75 and sunny in the morning.
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>> perfect. >> always like that. thanks for watching, join us again in half an hour over on kpix 5. ,, ,, good. good answer. check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah, the educational toy bear. remember when the battery went out? [ slow, deep voice ] give me your abc's. all i learned was a new definition of fear. i need some pudding. yeah, there's one left.
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