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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  January 10, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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this is kpix 5 news on kbcw. >> breaking news. firefighters respond to a fire at a palo alto home and make an unexpected discovery. >> betty yu joins us live tonight. what have you learned? >> reporter: officials just confirmed that two people died in this house fire tonight in palo alto. it happened at this house behind me where there is a white pickup truck on the driveway. by the time firefighters arrived, they tell us half this home was engulfed in flames. fire officials say they believe this fire started in the kitchen. this is a single family home. it's about 1,200 square feet. the deputy fire chief explained a little while ago why this fire was challenging for her firefighters to put out. >> we had a hard time kind of
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getting in where we needed to go. the home was apparently in fairly poor condition before the fire began, so the fire just enhanced that and made it worse. >> reporter: she went on to say there were a lot of items in this house including boxes and newspapers. police tonight tell us it's too early to determine a cause at this point. they also could not give us more information about those victims, but i did speak to a woman here on the scene who says she owns that house. she tells us two men in their 60s live inside. that is the latest. for now live in palo alto, betty yu, kpix 5. >> new tonight police in the south base have released a sketch of a man and his so- called knockout game attack. he's described as african- american in his early to mid- 20s, 5'9" to six-feet tall with a slender build wearing a white baseball cap backwards. police say the attack happened
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monday night at a shopping center on blossom hill road in los gatos. witnesses say he came up to a woman and punched her in the face knocking her to the ground. he then took off on foot. the wreckage of a small plane carrying members of a san jose family has been found in idaho and there are no survivors. the single engine beach bonanza similar to this one was piloted by 51-year-old dale smith. also on board were smith's son, daniel, and his wife and daughter, amber, with her fiance. authorities say the recovery efforts could be delayed by an approaching storm. you may remember that plane disappeared in the mountains of central idaho on december 1 while flying from oregon to montana. it is something the bay area hasn't seen in more than a month. paula is here with tomorrow's chance of showers. >> we are looking at a dry radar right now, but, yes, tomorrow for the first time in a long time, almost five weeks, we are talking about, a rain chance. let's take a look at the radar currently which is dry.
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there's nothing on it. tomorrow morning, i will see some showers in the north bay. it's a big storm, but the brunt of the impact will be felt in the pacific northwest not here. this will be for us the first widespread rainfall we've had in about 34 days. let's time it out. we have future cast. our in-house future model. there is the rain approaching as soon as 9:00 tomorrow morning. it rapidly moves to the south. unfortunately it also rapidly weakens, but there will be scattered showers around from lunchtime till about 2:00 or 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. we talk about who gets the most rainfall and the crazy weather turn that's coming up after that coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then. friends and family remembering a 17-year-old girl fond of the street racing culture. she was killed when a car that she was in slammed into a pole. kristen ayers is in west oakland where there was a memorial for that girl this evening. >> reporter: yeah, ken, that memorial is still going on tonight. tonight, there are candles and flowers here at this scene and
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a small, silent gathering here, but on many notes on this stretch of the port of oakland, this area looks more like a scene out of the "fast & furious." last night a young girl was killed in a wreck as drivers were leaving the scene. twisted sign and shattered glass against a backdrop of lit candles. this is where caitlin benson, a 17-year-old from san jose lost her life. >> we made a little deal. i won't go if you don't go, you know what i'm saying. i didn't go. i was at work. she broke the rule. >> reporter: caitlin's boyfriendricky ramos said he didn't want her out last night in this part of west oakland, an area that's become notorious for late night drag racing, but caitlin didn't listen. she did not race, but like ricky she enjoyed the drag racing sculpture. >> this -- culture. >> reporter: it turned deadly around midnight when cops showed up and there was a mad dash to get out. another car clipped caitlin's
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and she crashed into a pole. she died and a friend with her were injured. ricky says he won't stop erasing, friends hope her -- racing, friends hope death sends a serious message. >> i didn't think yesterday would be the last day i would see her either. i think people need to think about that before they come out here. everything can change. everything. >> reporter: tonight, the young woman who was in the car with caitlin is still hospitalized with injuries. we don't know what her condition is. reporting live in oakland, kpix 5. >> police are looking for the suspects in a drive-by shooting in concord. one woman was hurt. she has minor injuries. the s.w.a.t. team swept the neighborhood near noel and grant street where the shooting happened. police are looking into whether it is related to a fight that happened earlier in the day at a high school. could you turn why your own child to police? that's what one woman did. police say they recognized her son from surveillance photos of
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a robbery in santa cruz. the 17-year-old was staying with his father in san jose, so she drove up to the house and got him. she then made him turn himself in for that crime. some people we talked to say it's not an easy decision. >> it's what we live with as parents, you know, do we help our child and how much help have we given them in the past or do we help our society and our community? who needs more help at that point? >> investigators say the boy told them he did it because he was high on marijuana. he stole the purse, so he could get money to buy more. the bay area's last slaughterhouse is the center of a major investigation tonight. authorities were serving a search warrant at the rancho slaughterhouse in petaluma and we were there. >> reporter: the slaughterhouse here in petaluma appears to be closed for the night after federal agents showed up on the property during the day.
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this is video of agents from the u.s. department of agriculture and the petaluma police department on the property just before 5:00 this afternoon. very little is known about why boxes were being carried. petaluma pd confirms to kpix 5 usda aghtd -- agents were serving a search warrant on the last remaining slaughterhouse at the behest of the u.s. attorney's office. the sonoma county beef and veal slaughter appeared to have it operational. no one was talking including workers. they went to the home of jessie john applierle and his wife. she claims she didn't know anything. done your plant was -- did you know the plant was raided today? >> i did not. >> reporter: this is not the first time they've been in the news. there have been several protests orchestrated by peta and a. l. f. whal what happened
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here will re-- what happened here will remain in question through the weekend. they say they will not answer our questions until monday. in petaluma, kpix 5. foster farms says it plans to reopen its livingston plant tomorrow after it was closed because of a cockroach infestation. the feds shutdown the central valley plant on wednesday. inspectors found cockroaches in several parts of the plant over the last few months. foster farms says it's cleaned up the problems and no products were affected. two more flu-related deaths confirmed in the bay area today brings the area to 13 people who have died now from flu complications. the h1n1 virus otherwise known as swine flu is now considered widespread in california and is expecting the young and the healthy. most of the bay area vic timsz are under the -- victims are under the age of 5. doctors don't no why it's hitting the young so hard this season, but it's easy to catch and no one
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is immune. >> reporter: the flu is predators by droplets from -- spread by droplets from coughing, sneezing and can travel up to six feet from the sick person to you. >> we learned a few bay area walgreen stores ran out of the vaccine temporarily because of the high demand. walgreen's suggests calling ahead to make sure they have it in stock. new pictures show how a asiania victim was killed -- asiana victim was killed by the people who were supposed to rescued her. she survived the crash, but was run over by engines coming to rescue her. the explanation for why help never came. >> reporter: a still frame from a fire truck dashboard camera shows firefighter roger phillips waving his arms pointing down at the body of the girl. he was directing the firefighter driving the rig to go around.
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16-year-old wong lay crumbened on the -- crumbled on the ground still survive. they determined she was dead just by looking at her and moved on. they told nbts investigators last -- ntsb investigators last month crews did what they are trained to do in mass casualties. >> each one of the personnel that recognize the the desees then immediate -- deceased then immediately based on their training defaulted to the higher priority of effecting rescue of victims crapped in a burning aircraft. >> reporter: everyone assumed she was dead and left the body where she lay. >> there's a category of deceased or what they call expected, not expected to survive. our members that day had difficult decisions to make. >> reporter: another still frame by the video obtained shows the first rig that moved around her body was off of the one -- also the one that sprayed most of the foam retardant that covered her and that same rig ran over her body
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as is moved around the wreckage. 11 minutes later, a second rig ran over her body again. the crash scene shows hours later some of the foam dissipated and the body is now covered with a tarp. the corn coroner -- coroner's report similar with being run over by a vehicle. her parents filed a lawsuit accusing firefighters of drib lapointely and -- deliberately and knowingly abandoning the girl where she was in harm's way. >> ntsb investigators are expected to issue their final report and recommendations sometime later this year. travel warning is in effect for those heading to russia for the olympic games. they say the game in sochi are an attractive target for terrorists. it is urging americans to stay alert at all times. one well-known chechen militant vowed to attack the game. the fbi is helping agents to
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advise local authorities and respond to any attacks. not safe for showers or much of anything else, the chemical still affecting the water for hundreds of thousands of people and how long before it's ok to use again. bigger than first reported, how many more people we're now learning may have been affected by the target security breech. and some unexpected company on the slopes where skiers and snowboarders found themselves alongside a bear. ,, female announcer: female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets, at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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rethink possible. conc s. a foop letter bird -- >> a popular bird watching pond will be drained over the weekend because of concern over a disease killing ducks. about 150 wild ducks died recently and officials suspect avian cholera is to blame. they hope draining the pond will prevent more birds from dying. avian cholera does not pose a threat to people. about 300,000 people in wf wf have been ordered -- west virginia have been ordered to stop brushing their teeth, bathing and even washing their
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clothes. a chemical spill happened at a plant. now people are scrambling for fresh water. feds are investigating and say it can take days before the water is safe again. new details emerging over the new jersey traffic scandal. allison reports that thousands of just-released documents reveal the connection between the governor's aides and an orchestrated traffic jam. >> reporter: newly released documents connect more dots to aides of christy and the traffic -- cyst yee and the traffic jams last september. he was the top aide at the port authority that controls the george washington bridge. elsz told by -- he was told the top staff that it was time for traffic problems in fort lee. he was told to change the traffic pattern reducing three lanes of traffic to one toll lane. after the change, he expressed
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his concern saying "i had an unpleasant reaction with the chief and assistant chief about the smooth flow of response vehicles. their characterization that the "test" was a monumental failure. >> he says his entire team of emergency respondsers had no warning that their community wasabout to be thrown into chaos. >> to have folks dialing 911 and to have to wait longer is a problem. >> reporter: the mayor says he believes the governor who told him he knew nothing about the closures. >> i truly hope i'm not wrong. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney and fbi are investigating. cbs news, fort lee, new jersey. >> the initial story behind the lane closures is they were part of a traffic study. neiman marcus is the latest victim of credit card hackers. the upscale department store confirms thieves made off with information sometime in late
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december. the company doesn't know how widespread the hack was. that news comes on the same day target admitted its data breech over the holidays was bigger than previously thought. 70 million more customers may have been affected and at first the retail store said thieves got just credit card numbers. now they say p. i. n. numbers, mailing addresses and phone numbers were also stolen. >> it's unlikely thieves have enough information to start taking out new credit in the names of the victims. the real problem i she is going to be in fishing scams. >> the best advice, keep an eye on all your accounts and report anything suspicious. target is offering to pay for one year of credit monitoring services. battle between ride service sharing and san francisco taxis is heating up. you beer is cutting rates by -- huber is cutting its rates by as much as 34% in the city. they say they want to be thecheapest ride in town. it starts with a base rate and
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then riders play by the -- pay by the mile. unlike taxi cabs, ride-sharing services are not regulated by the city of san francisco. skiers at heavenly valley had one heck of an adrenaline rush today thanks to an unexpected visitor. look very closely towards the bottom right of your screen. you see that guy going the other way? [ laughter ] >> no skis on, that is a bear. -- on a slope in the middle of a masters race. the photo was taken by a reporter for a tahoe newspaper. there wasn't enough fresh powder so the bear moved on. >> you're going down the slopes, look up and there's the bear. wasn't at bear valley. >> no. >> can you imagine? >> it was a little out of place. he's looking for bear valley. >> left or right. which way do i go? >> yeah. >> looking for some snow is what he's doing. >> and some rain tomorrow maybe. >> we are finally going to get rainfall. timing maybe not so great for your outdoor plans over the weekend. finally i can say it's going to
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rain tomorrow. it's been five weeks since i can say that. here is outside. it's mostly cloudy. no rainfall the next several hours. i think san francisco you'll get the rain lunchtime tomorrow. nothing, zero, zilch, but tomorrow we'll get rain in and around the bay area and much- needed snowfall. speaking of the sierra, there's your forecast for bears and humans. snowshowers possible tomorrow. snowfall about 6,000 feet. sunshine on sunday and you'll see record highs in the sierra. 55 degrees in tahoe next wednesday. 95% of the rainfall from a very strong storm system will stay to our north still nudged to the north by the big ridge of -- high pressure. we'll get the tail end of things. that seahawks game tomorrow is going to be sloppy. saints and seahawks, lots of rain there. a little bit of rainfall, but we're starting somewhere and the somewhere is tomorrow. then, that big, strong, mega ridge moves back in.
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after tomorrow's rain, zero chance of rain for like eight days after that. we'll have highs near 70 degrees coming up next week. let's talk about rainfall totals. our computer updates things about every 30-45 minutes. right now it's painting a dry picture. .110 of an inch of rainfall for you in concord and san ravel. rain in the north bay. by saturday evening we're dry. highs tomorrow around 60. san jose, 60. sunny, cloudy day. few showers for you. walnut creek in livermore, 61 degrees and 58 your high in san francisco tomorrow with mainly cloudy skies. sunshine is back on sunday. monday we're pushing 70. tuesday we're getting closer. wednesday we're there. once we get there, we are going to stay there. that's a spring-like weather forecast. trees may be budding. >> look! there's a bear in the studio!
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>> would not be surprised. >> thank you. they're getting ready and so are the fans and so are we. niners take on the panthers sunday morning. how bay area businesses plan toindicate -- cater eager football fans. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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playoffs. the 49ers are in charlotte tonight ready to face the carolina panthers in the nfc divisional playoffs. >> that's right. chopper 5 captured the team getting on its plane at the airport in san jose this afternoon. everybody gets a first class seat. some of the players have characterized this as unfinished business since they came up a little short in the super bowl last season. local businesses preparing for
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a flood of 49er faithful come sunday. >> it's good for us. good for all the bay area businesses and teams and just brings in great business. >> 49ers win on sunday, they will face the seattle seahawks or the new orleans saints for the right to go to the super bowl. >> can you imagine if the saints can beat seattle? >> that would be nice, sweet. >> the 2003 n. l. rookie of the year is wearing orange and black now. the giants. the warriors return home tonight part fable and all fantastic. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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overrated. steph curry. look at iguodala causing the turnover. at the other end, curry threw up in charlotte. knocks it down. game tied at 97-97. come on. you've got it. curry the man. warriors win it 99-97. whew. warriors, 25 wins already this season. that's blake griffin. he dunks a lot. we put this in because juliet likes this. she likes men who can dunk. he had 33 points, 12 rebounds and beat the clippers. dontrelle willis, major comeback to the major leagues. signed a minor league deal with the giants. he was the 2003 rookie of the year, retired in 2012 and has come back. kempen, when i'm going for a job interview, i whatnot to --
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want to do what he's doing. he keeps getting good jobs. he's the offensive coordinator for the alabama crimson tide. >> safe flight. see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,
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