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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  January 11, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> the bay area flips on the windshield wipers for the first time in weeks and snow is in the sierra. will it make a dent in the drought? >> if you are holding out hope for one last 49ers playoff game at candle stick, forget it. >> and any suspicions, we are calling 911. >> and an entire bay area neighborhood on edge tonight. >> recognize the man in this sketch? police say he's a person of interest in a series of fires in san jose, including one this morning just down the street from a fire station. firefighters tell mark kelly if the arsonist isn't caught soon, the consequences could be deadly. >> firefighters are crediting a good samaritan for saving the family in this north side san jose home. this most recent arson broke out shortly before 4:30
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saturday morning, less than a mile from friday morning's fire. the neighborhood is on alert. >> the smoke was coming from the other side. it was coming up pretty good. >> too close to home. >> firefighters are offering a reward. $10,000 for information leading to the arsonist's arrest and conviction. >> we have been very fortunate that these fires have not resulted in serious injury or death to our residents. should these fires continue, i fear that this good fortune may run out. >> witness description and video surveillance led to this person of interest. a 25 to 40-year-old white or hispanic adult male, 6-foot to 6-foot 2. skinny weighing 160 to 180-pounds wearing baggy clothes and large frame glasses, not seen in this sketch. arson unit supervisor describes how one arson was set. for his undercover work, we asked he keep his face off
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camera. >> someone moved a pli wood panel to the side and stuffed some paper that looked like newspaper inside the crack there and lit it on fire. >> this east st. johns street fire is estimated at $200,000 worth of damage. the american red cross has found the elderly couple shelter. for this neighborhood, this is a time to come together. >> anything suspicious we see, we're calling 911. >> following this early morning blaze, folks living in this neighborhood to be vigilant tonight, that includes checking your smoke detectors, kpix5. >> there have been ten fires in the area since wednesday. eight have been confirmed as arson. >> a rare sighting in san francisco. umbrellas. a misty rain fell. we got to put our windshield wipers on for the first time in years. it didn't amount to much. just enough to get the streets wet. that's why as we show you the
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high definition doppler, you're not going to see notch much. down in the south bay, nothing. i warned you in advance. .01 in oakland. san bruno, minute 02. up in north bay, a little more. none of it is going to amount to much. sierra ski resorts are celebrating. the snow started falling late this morning and it's going tonight. it is video from north star. skiers and snow boarders couldn't wait to check out the fresh powder. >> the 49ers playoff run will not include an encore performance at candle stick park. the seattle seahawks ensured today. now the niners have to take care of business at carolina. brian webb is where the locals are getting ready for an influx of fans. brian. >> today we learned the next home game for the 49ers will be here at levi stadium. but there's still some football
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to be played this season, but to watch that game tomorrow, you'll have to get up a little early. >> at david's restaurant right across the street from the stadium, they are getting the eggs, bacon, and bloody mary's ready for a crowd filled with 49er fans. >> basically, it doesn't matter if it's in the evening, night, whatever. >> yo and you plan to be here tomorrow? >> i'll be here. >> the curtain fell on future football games at the infamous 50-year-old candle stick park. a handful of fans lined up for an inside tour taking their kids to see what will soon become a part of nfl history. >> i want to see harbaugh's office. >> yeah. to see the history behind it all and maybe get on the field, take some photos. >> while you still can. >> exactly. >> taking over for the stick, the shiny new $1.2 billion levi stadium still under construction. the valdez family, two hours from home, spent part of their
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saturday checking out the future home of their favorite team. >> it's awesome. i can't wait, you know, hopefully we get to come out here and go to the first game. >> and there's still some work to do getting ready for the morning rush. a warmup really for future football crowds to come. >> it will be a new area for everybody to come here from all over the world. not just from peninsula, to enjoy the game and entertainment. >> for the first regular season home game here at levi stadium will be the beginning part of september against the arizona cardinals. game time tomorrow, 10:00 a.m. lives in santa clara, kpix5. >> and when was the last time california showed up on a map as a red state? it seems like most of the country is pulling for the niners tomorrow. facebook put this map together based on user likes. deputies are trying to track down a bank robber. take a look at this guy. he held up a chase bank at gunpoint yesterday. he fled on foot and called the
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san mateo sheriff office if you know who he is. a massive copper theft left part of morgan hill in the dark. the thieves vandalized 15 street lights between watsonville road and sunshine. they stole about 2700 feet of copper. it's not clear how much it will cost to replace it. police had some good news to share today. city didn't see a single homicide in 2013 and that's the first time that happened in 27 years. the second annual prayer walk for peace was held today in the mission. to remember murder victims killed last year in san francisco, san mateo, and marin counties. each person carried a cross with a victim's name. most killed a family or friend. a walk is toward healing. >> we are mothers who lost our children to homicide. and we are out representing and bringing awareness to what's
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going on here in san francisco. this needs to stop. the homicides need to stop. the gun violence needs to stop. >> exoffenders who have killed someone. the march ended with a memorial service. there have been a dozen flu related deaths in the bay area so far this season. as the number gets higher, the lines for flu shots are getting longer. the vaccine is getting harder to find. >> high demand, but low supply. >> i did hear today is to get my flu shot and a little tingling at first, but i felt good after. >> a few bay area walgreen's are turning people away. the drug retail chains say it's temporary. stores should restock in the next couple of days. in the meantime, flu fear is growing. >> all will happen and especially when texas and california and you know, my
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family. >> as are the lines to get immunized. several people lined up at the health and wellness center. >> it feels like my arm is broken. >> virus started early this year. h1n1 is now widespread in california. state health officials say the number of flu related deaths is rising rapidly, killing 13 in the bay area and santa cruz county so far. >> the point to get every season and especially in the vulnerable and young children. those were compromised or have asthma or elderly. >> doctors say h1n1 doesn't dediscriminate. younger people are getting hit hard, like 23-year-old, mady walker who died last week. doctors are puzzled. >> even among the healthy, the flu virus can be lethal. >> the best line of defense is the shot. it's not too late to get one. flu season peeks in january or february. in san francisco, kpix5.
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>> if you are going to get a flu shot, call ahead to make sure it is in stock. >> rough weather kept a team from reaching the wreckage of a small plane. the plane similar to this one was spotted yesterday in the mountains of central idaho. it went down december 1 after 51-year-old, dale smith, reported engine trouble. he was killed along with his son and daughter-in-law. and his daughter and her fiance. former isreali prime minister, ariel sharon has died. the 85-year-old was in a coma for eight years after suffering a massive stroke at the height of his power. charlie has a look back. >> he was israel's iron fist. as a soldier, as a general, and as israel's prime minister, ariel sharon was relentless, and ruthless when dealing with its enemies. in the 1967, six-day war, sharon earned a reputation as a
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brilliant field commander. as defense minister, sharon master minded israel's invasion oflebanon in 1982 and chased out of berut. but after the massacre of refugees by militia, sharon indirectly responsible for the slaughter. arabs granded him a war criminal. when isreali palestinian peace talks broke out in 2000. sharon sporked demonstrations that became a rebellion. after nearly five years of fighting and terrorism and the death of arafat, he aspoonished and angered many supporters by forcing out settlers and withdrawing settlers. with his party divided over his policy of disengagement from
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the palestinians, he quit and formed a new party. but in 2006, just weeks before elections were due, he suffered a massive stroke and fell into a deep coma. he went on to victory without him. her time, at least sharon's vision for israel's future. future he would never awaken to see. charlie dagata, cbs news, london. still to come, the new pricing proposal that could fuel up your electric bill. why people who conserve could get hit the hardest. >> stop massive amounts of highly flammable areas. >> and a river of ice forces a reporter to retreat. ,,,,,,,,
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he is looking at other options, including an account. a new pricey proposal could boost your electric bill. state regulators are considering a plan to peg electricity prices to the time of day rather than overall usage. users could still opt for a flat rate, but under that plan, people who use the least electricity would have to pay more and rates would go down for those who use the most. >> dozens rallied in pittsburgh against a plan to haul in huge amounts of highly flammable crude by rail. a company wants to convert an old pg and e terminal near the downtown area into a storage facility. thousands of barrels are frabbinged oil would be shipped in daily and transferred. the environmental report admits to quote, significant and
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unavoidable risks of greenhouse gas emissions, skills, and accidents. >> we are not going to put up with it. there's a will the of pride in pittsburgh. we're in a david and golioth battle. we'll find big money, but we're going to win. >> city council insists it facility will be safe and the city council is expected to take up the plan. has to approve the project before it can move forward. it could be several days before hundreds of thousands of people in west virginia have water they can drink. a chemical spell into a major river has contaminated the water supply for nine counties. bottled water is being hauled in by the truckload. the leaked chemical is used to process coal and isn't considered deadly, but it can make people sick. >> what does it smell like? what does the water feel like? >> it feels oily. it's hard to clean oil off
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overing. i don't know what chair going to do. >> the water company must have a plan. the system could be cleaned out within a few days. all right, brian, this one is for you. an ice jam kept a meteorologist on his toes. >> look at the size of these things. it feels like an earthquake and the size of these things coming at us, we need to retreat. >> yeah, retreat. tom was reporting on the river ice in harrisburg when it started to creek down on him. they were powerful enough to take down trees. >> run for your life. that was really coming at quite a pace. we are looking at temperatures tonight in the 50 s. as we see that week weather system pushes southbound and clearing skies. patchy, dense fog tonight and
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the all important 49ers forecast, there's san francisco, and there, ladies and gentlemen, is shore lat. game time, 56 degrees. and so at least the weather will be better than it was. we shall see. 47 at concorde. san francisco 52 degrees. santa rosa 42 degrees. how huh we look with temperatures in the low 60s. most si noneny skies and in some of the wind protected valleys with cool temperatures tonight and the moisture such as it was. that front pushes south and fall ace part. they got mist as far south as carmel. after that presses through, high pressure builds back in and that means higher pressure and higher temperatures coming into the bay area. we're going to be back in the upper 60s within 48 hours in the bay area as we get the extended dry spell continuing.
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the future cast is showing a few clouds tomorrow tomorrow morning. you see by 10:00, everything just pops and it should be a day of crystal clear viabilities. so, capitol hillly overnight lows tonight, sunshine back tomorrow and after that, there's no showers in sight. it will be dry next week, but the week after that. which would leave us with january. gettology out of the bay area. 45 degrees. 34 in santa rosa and in fremont, 35 degrees at fair field. so a rite little bit chilly and tomorrow. 63 degrees at jiver minnesota more. seven degrees above the average. san francisco 60 and san jose 62. south bay mid to low 60s. 62 at redwood city and in
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mountain view, we'll be up to 61 degrees. over in the east bay, numbers in the low 60s. 61 at san ramon. and 63 for danville. tomorrow, sunshine and some low clouds and then we get sun and 62 at mill valley. 63 up at the park and 61 at the marin crisk center. 6 # at clear lake. santa rosa, 64 degrees. in the look ahead, there's nothing but sunny side up through sunday with numbers in the mid to upper 60s. sunny, warm week for the bay area and extend that into the weekend and week after that. it just looks like dry weather as far as the eye can see. >> cold weather other places. >> it is cold other places, we'll have high pressure, and
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that's what we're going to get. >> probably something like this, where you'll find the city of ice. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are fantastic. but add some sauce, pepperoni and cheese
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and fold up the crescent dough and presto, tuesday night just became crescent pizza pocket-tastic pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop. he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! the city of harbon, i can't be pronouncing that properly, in northeast china is known for its bitterly cold winters. >> that's not the only reason why it's often called the ice city. for 0 30 years, hosting an annual ice festival. it's the largest festival of its kind in the world.
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the artists use ice from a frozen river and led lights. the temperature on opening day was minus 17 degrees. >> everything is cold no matter how many layers you put on. >> i don't know what to expect, but it blown any expectation i could have had. >> the multimillion dollar spectacle provides positive headlines. a so-called airpocolyps was so bad that schools had to close. the ice festival runs until march. speaking of ice, a bay area figure skating fee no , phenom could be headed to the olympic games. fin issued second at the figure skating checkups. there are three olympic spots up for grabs. the official picks will be announced tomorrow. >> that is incredible. i'm serious. i did not know that. because i have been focusing on football. that's a huge story. >> fingers crossed. >> oh wow, that's great.
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andrew luck had a game he'll never forget. and the minute is next. ,,,, ,,
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ir defense and candle stick park is officially closed. christian, start the clock please. behind their defense, lynch with the seahawks will host the nfc championship for the first time since 2005. lynch ran for two touchdowns and 140 yards. seahawks over the saints 23-15. the patriots ran for six touchdowns. and andrew luck threw a career worse, four interceptions. advance to the championship. on the hardwood, cal made a sweep in oregon. bears over oregon state, 88-83.
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alex rodriguez had his suspension reduced from 211 to 162 games. a-rod will miss the entire 2014 campaign, even if the yankees make the playoffs. the bruins hit the tag, the only ones scored by boston in the third period. he capitalized and the goal would stand as they shut out for the first time this season. a final of 1-0. the 49ers get it on the mall. don't forget, it's the morning game. >> 10:00 a.m. >> 10:00 a.m. >> what does your gut tell you? >> the 49ers to do not play well against defensive teams. kire laycarolina -- didn't play in that first game. vernon davis had a concussion and michael crabtree wasn't there. those three players should make
10:28 pm
the difference. >> he took both sides .z sides. we'll see you later. ,,,,,,
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the name frozen tundra seems redundant but on sunday in green bay, it certainly was appropriate. fans there are a different breed, especially those not wearing shirts. but the 49ers' new species of quarterback had the packers defense spinning yet again. >> this is as much as


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