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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CW  January 12, 2014 8:30am-9:31am PST

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in for anne makovec. i'm phil matier. . it's 8:30 on this sunday morning, the 12th of january 2049. good morning, everybody. i'm michelle griego in for anne makovec. >> i'm phil matire. >> and there is a lot to talk about. >> the big story, the 49ers. >> no question about it and we'll look at how some local businesses are trying to get a boom out of the game in carolina and mark takes us to candlestick for die-hard fans looking live as well? >> and we're going to look at the park and the people who have been there too the last time. >> and -- there through the last time. >> and the state budget. let's not forget about that and we're going to sit down with state senator jerry hill and
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look at the pros and cons and questions about whether fires and floods and the droughts education and how they're going to fare. >> we're going to look at congress in a big vote this week if they don't make a change to the national flood insurance program. we talked to a consumer advocate who is going to point out why this is happening now and how congress plans to fix it. there is money troubles, something is going to happen. first, a look at the weather and we'll look live at sfo and that is partly cloudy out there, no delays as of yet. you can see 38 in concord; 40, livermore and look at that, 49 in san francisco. this is what is goings on today, partly cloudy, starting with patchy fog and mostly sunny. there is a high surf advisory, and we're looking at a record warmth next week. >> and thank you, michelle. there is another fire on the eastern edge of downtown
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san jose and this is at san antonio and 26th street and not clear if the small fire is connected to a string of fires that investigators say are arson and one broke out yesterday morning. a good samaritan jumped in and helped save the elderly couple living there. all of the fires started between 2 and 6 in the morning and a supervisor described how another fire was set. >> someone had moved a plywood panel that was part of an exterior wall to the side and stepped some paper and looked inside the crack there and lit it on fire. >> yesterday's fire caused an estimated $200,000 in damage. the american red cross found shelter for the couple who lives there. so far, none of the fires has caused serious injuries. the firs union is offering a reward of $10,000 leading to an arrest and conviction.
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a witness description and video surveillance led to a sketch that firefighters are calling a person of interest. this is a man, 40 to 45 years old, 162, 5'2" and wearing baggy clothes. businesses are getting ready for today's play-off game between the 49ers and carolina panthers. it will be payed in -- played in charlotte, north carolina. in the bay area, restaurants are gearing up and preparing for a big breakfast crowd. david's restaurant is across the street where the 49ers will play their home games and that is starting next season. >> and going to come here from all over the world from peninsula and to enjoy the games and payment. >> some 49ers spent part of the saturday checking out the future home of the team. lei have stadium is -- levi stadium is under construction and on schedule.
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farther up north, the curtain fell on candlestick part and that is there is no possibility of another home play-off game at the stick. a handful of fans lined up yesterday and taking their kids to see a site that will be a piece of until history. the stadium is set to be torn down. and home owners could see the price of home insurance rise quickly and congress is to blame. flooded with complaints, congress is scrambling to fix the problem and keep premiums down before it's too late. >> reporter: the bill is called the home owner flood insurance affordability act. if congress passes it this month, any hike to insurance premiums under fema's national flood insurance program would get delayed four years. >> flooding is a risk here. >> reporter: amy balk expects the bill to pass. if not, box said an individual flood policy could jump, for
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example, from 800 to $8,000 a year. >> we are hearing a lot of pretty shocking increases. >> reporter: so where are the increases coming from? turns out the same people new trying to lower the premiums. congress, to keep fema's flood insurance from sinking into the red following superstorm sandy. in 2012, congress passed a bill increasing flood insurance premiums. many in congress are regretting that 2012 vote. >> congress is admitting that they made a mistake and it went too far too fast and they going go back to the drawing board and say okay, do we need to increase rates that much or a little bit and make the program more balanced. >> reporter: he has his home insured through the national flood program. from the start, he never wanted to buy the insurance and doesn't want to get -- it to
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get higher. >> it felt like i was forced to do something i didn't have a choice in. when i looked at the risk factor, i would have elected not to do it. >> reporter: congress takes a procedural vote this week. if passed, fema will do a four- year affordability study before any flood insurance premiums go up. it's interesting. a program like this, they set it out and had subsidies going in. the subsides go away and everyone's going wait a minute, can we afford this? i imagine conservatives are raising questions about that. >> they're targeting on this right now because they say listen, this program is almost in the red. we have to keep them out there of and make sure the programs viable. >> and something has to be done, right? they're losingmon. >> and did you notice the timing in? 's four-year study? >> the interesting number, a
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cbo, a non-partisan organization, said not increasing premiums means fema will have to borrow $900 million the next four years, a good chunk of change. >> that is a big chunk. >> that's right. >> and they going to make sure it's four years. >> that's right. >> all right, thank you for that. >> sure. investigators are still waiting to go inside a palo alto home. the house is considered unstable right now. if fire officials find it safe, they will go in tomorrow to investigate the cause. for now, they think it started in the kitchen. the names of the victims have not been released. the san mateo county sheriff's department is asking for the public's help to find a man suspected of robbing a bank. investigators say before 3 on friday afternoon, this man walked into a chase bank on south el camino real in millbrae with a gun depending
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money. and the suspect was wearing a shiny suit with a black hat zebra trim. >> and a massive copper theft is blamed for leaving part of morgan hill in the dark. the thief or thieves vandalized 15 street lights friday night and into santa theresa boulevard. they sold about 2700 feet of copper. it's not clear how much it will cost to replace all of the copper. a demonstration was held in san francisco to remember all of the murder victims of the past year. the second annual prayer walk for peace took place yesterday and it was to honor those killed in san francisco, san mateo, and marin counties in 2013. and in all, there were 54 homicides in those counties. each demonstrator carried a cross with the victim's name. most lost a friend or family member as well and that they walked in a way to go towards healing. >> we're mothers that lost our children, too, to homicide k and we're out representing and
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bringing awareness to what is going on here in san francisco. this needs to stop. the homicides need to stop, the gun violence needs to stop. >> it hasn't stopped but many bay area cities ended the 2013 with the lowest rates in years or decades and that is mirroring a national trend. it will be at least a few days before hundreds of thousands of people in west virginia will be able to drink water out of their tap. a chemical spill into a major river contaminated the water supply for 9 counties. bottled water is being hauled in by large trucks. the leaked chemical is used to process coal. it's not considered deadly but can make people sick. >> what does it smell like? >> licorice. >> what does it feel like? >> oily. >> it's hard to clean oil off of everything. how are they going to get it out of our pipes? >> the system is expected to be cleaned out within a few days. >>. and i in international news, vice president joe biden will lead the u.s. delegation to ariel sharon's funeral tomorrow
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in israel. the former prime minister died yesterday eight years after a debilitating stroke left him in a coma. he began his career as a soldier fighting in most of israel's wars and as defense minister, he masterminded a defense in lebanon in 1982. he was a staunch defender of the jewish state and had a pragmatic streak withdrawing from the gaza strip in 2005. and he was 85. in a statement, president obama said, quote, we join with the israeli people in honoring his commitment to the country. the governor's plan is now out and in the open. not everyone's pleased by it. just ahead, the insider's look at the spending plan and state senator jerry hill joins us live in studio as well. >> and look at this. finally getting much needed snow in the sierra. what it means to ski resorts and the folks who want to drive up there. ther)
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. welcome back to on this sunday morning. it's 8:42 and this is a live look over san jose. some patchy fog out there and still a little cloudy this morning and that is going to take it. it's going to be mostly sunny for that and 62 degrees. san francisco police are investigating an officer- involved shooting this morning. it happened around midnight when an offduty police officer got into a minor accident with another car on highway 280. the two cars stopped near bayshore boulevard and there was a physical altercation and that is when that offduty officer shot and struck the person. the person's injuries are not considered life-threatening. the officer is on paid administrative leave while the case is being investigated. governor jerry brown is taking a somber approach to a financial winfall. >> he said paying down a wall of debt must be a priority.
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the budget proposal dedicates $11 billion to paying down debt, including 6 billion in payments deferred to schools. >> so, is the governor taking the right approach? we'll be -- pressure from fellow democrats to restore some of the social spending cut in the past. joining me now to talk about this is jerry hill, state senator from the peninsula. okay. there is always horse training involved in a budget. >> yes. >> what do you see here in. >> well, i think what makes it at the end of the day, the governor, we're going to have an encore performance of high- speed rail. he included $250 million in the budget that would be cap-and- trade money and that is to go to reduce the carbon footprint by 2020. he would like to use 250 million that is a last-minute hail mary. the courts, you know, put the brakes on high-speed rail because we don't have is a funding plan. >> that is going to be a fight, high-speed rail. >> exactly. >> and for that, we may give
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them -- he may give us something that won't. >> what is it that you want that he will give in response to high-speed rail. >> the democrats in the senate propose transitional kindergarten, requiring all four-year-olds to go through one year of preschool and a transition into kindergarten and we see the success rate and it's a great investment for the future. that is about $200 million also. >> and that would grow over time, right? it would stabilize. yeah. >> high-speed rail is going to grow over time, too. >> doesn't it come down to the idea using one-time surplus to fund ongoing programs? >> well, and that is true. this is what we don't want to do. we want to -- we don't want to use one-time mean, the governor did an outstanding job of bringing in the programs and keeping the one-time money, the $11 billion, he's going to cut the structural deficit we have a cowed the last few years and that is a substantial amount of money. >> how did education fair? >> education did very well. we, the budget for education in 2007 was $57 billion.
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in 2011, it was 47 billion, dropped considerably and it's going to be over 61 billion. it's coming back and the community colleges will do well on this. >> and if you had a criticism --cism, what would it be? >> well, it would be that he's -- it's hard to find a criticism and i'm not crazy about the high-speed rail, the 250 million to show there is some benefit in terms of sooner results of that would be important. all in all, it looks pretty good. i think if you were a more progressive democrat. >> uh. >> and you would look at it as not going far enough and restoring a lot of the program. >> and i was wondering, when i was looking at the budget, it looks like something a republican will put out there. >> we have to be conservative in this, especially the first few years. the way our revenues come in to california, it's dependent on personal corporate income tax and we could easily get so a --
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get into a recession again as in 2008. >> we're not going have furloughs or ious? >> and with that budget surplus in the end. >> on the inside, he came out with this and did he consult with the lawmakers before this? or is jerry being jerry in. >> not that i know of. he hasn't talked to anyone i'm aware of and didn't bring the big five together and work on it or share the information. usually it's a surprise to everyone. >> and i didn't hear a lot of talk about the water, the big water program he's proposing. taking northern california waters south. >> about $25 million, at least the first estimate he's proposed and that is nowhere in this budget. we have a water bond that was approved in 2009 to go forward. and it was put off the ballot in 2010 and '12. >> you think he's going push for it this year? >> this budge set an ultrayear budget, very clear and made a lot of people happy. everyone wants a little more,
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but, you know, in all, i think people are satisfied with it why and that is tough. i think he would rather put that off as well. >> and there is the other question, some critics may say you guys report taking enough of a command and control of the pension system, particularly the teacher's peng system, which is underfunded and there is not a lot of talk. >> hundreds of bottoms of dollars ofup funded liability. especially the teacher's pension fund. that is in thible shape right now and we need to look at that. that is why the reserves are necessary for the future, and that is where we have to take a slow approach to this and not spend all of the money we're taking in. >> and on top of that all, this year, you don't need 2/3s to pass the budget. if republicans go long with this, the liberal side of the democratic party can be left in the back having coffee while it sails through. >> and that is very true. i don't know if the republicans will vote for it regardless. >> really in. >> i think they're pretty, you know, sometimes they're getting a little stuck in that and
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don't want to support some of the programs that are include in the budget. >> and that is an election year. in many cases, they're tight races. >> i want to you pick a number. >> on the scale of 1-10, what do you give? >> the budget the? i would give it an 8. >> an 8 in. >> yes. it's a pretty good budget. increased spending in areas that we need it, and he's made appropriate investments in the future with the debt paydown. i think that is an 8. >> okay. >> and we're going to keep an eye on this one. back to you at the anchor desk. take a look at our sunday morning forecast right now. the current temperatures out there, partly cloudy now. we got 49 in san francisco. fairfield, 36. 39 up in santa rosa. basically in the 30s and 40s and foggy out. there the highs later on today, 60 in freemont and 61 in concord. and santa rosa, 62. later on today, mostly upper
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50s and some lower 60s. we'll keep an eye in the beginning of the workweek and monday through wednesday. we're seeing a warming trend and record warmth one of those days. pack up the umbrella. no rain in the foreseeable future. no rain but snow in the sierra. the ski operators are excited about the new snow they received, even though it's not too much. the snow started falling late yesterday morning and went on through much of the night. and this is video from north star where skiers and snowboarders couldn't wait to check out the fresh powder. there are no chain requirements on interstate 80 or highway 50 in the sierra. if you're heading up there, just remember this time of the year it's always wise to bring them along just in case. and a new plan could change the way you're charged for electricity. why the plan could send your bills up or down. even if yo ck. ,,,,,,
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,,,, . welcome back. a new pricing proposal could send your electric bill sky rocketing. >> even if you cut back, state regulators are setting a plan to set electricity prices, according to the time of day rather than overall usage. supporters say it would encourage conservation during peak demand hours and users can still choose a flat rate. under that plan, people who used the least electricity would have to pay more while rates go down for those who use
8:54 am
the most. governor brown wants to use the budget surplus to establish debt. >> this is an election year, however. as the governor's proposal add up to a realistic budget or is he like i said, trying to get through without new taxes? we put that question to our political insider, willie brown. no stranger to budgets and joe garafoli. the first question is, how veal the budget? >> no, it's really a genuine budget. jerry brown is the kind of guy that doesn't like to repeat himself, supposedly, and he put it out there. he's made it in some detammy. he's designated the amount and categories. all that you can do is play around within the framework of his map. >> he's put fellow democrats on the defensive. they were hoping to spring back some of the programs that have been cut in the recreation and he's saying no dice? >> no. in fact, he's getting more love from republicans than the more liberal democrats and they
8:55 am
saying come on. bring back the money for the social program. the republicans are like, you know, we like that rainy day fund, the go slow approach. >> and he knows the public justed to a lower level of expenditures. don't elevate it to the point you appear to be buying thrills. >> and he's running for re- election. >> he has to maintain he's the grownup in the room, push it back against the liberal democrats spending the money. >> joe, he's walking for re- election. he's not running. >> what exactly? >> and there is nobody. nobody comes close to being able to touch him. the fact that he is saying let's retire the indefinite. that is a stroke of genius in my opinion because who can object to paying your bills? >> they can't -- they can't object to high-speed rail, and that is what they're coming at. republicans and democrats don't necessarily all have the back on that one. >> ye i -- jerry is pretty
8:56 am
cliffer with reference to the high-speed rail. he is literally laced it in such a way that you will have to offend a number of people by untying that. >> and including labor, including environmentalists and others. that is a fight that is down the line. overall, it's interesting. if this was a republican proposing this budget, do you think that we would have had the silence we're hear something. >> no, no. if a republican proposed this budget, people would be off of the skill. -- scale. you would have people in wheelchairs, blind folk sitting in the governor's office, screaming about the money you took from me. give it back. >> could they even if they wanted to? >> they can bother me but face the facts, there is still $25 billion in debt, structural debt and there is hundreds of million out there in pensions, obligations and it's not a time to be tossing money left and right. >> it's interesting this is a budget. we used to have to pass them with 2/3 of the membership and sometimes democrats would say no, i'm not going for it and
8:57 am
sometime the governor and now it's a simple majority and the governor can get them on top. >> we're not looking at pension reform or anything like. that we're waiting. >> wait something it's an election year. you don't think we will have to put off something? of course we're waiting. they don't deal with the pension fund or healthcare crisis. there are a number of things not in there. you're right. >> very interesting. coming up, a truly rare bird. who why folks are flocking to one bay area spot to -- bay area spot to see the creatures. >> and one of the highest profile races this election year. the battle to replace chuck reid. who is ahead in the early fund raising rates. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm phil matier. . welcome back to kpix5 this morning on w -- kpix 5 this morning on kbcw 44. i'm phil matire. >> i'm michelle griego in for anne makovec. one of the biggest stories today, another big day for football fans and the 49ers. we're going to see if they're advancing in the play-offs. >> a double day for michelle. she's got the denver broncos playing today. she'll be watching that and meanwhile around here, flu
9:01 am
vaccine. it's tougher-than-usual for this flu season and we're going to get the shots in high demand and set down and talk about why people aren't getting them. >> and we're going to talk about the buroing owls, why -- buroing owls, why people are flocking to the bay area to get a look at the birds. and there is another fire on the eastern edge of downtown san jose and this time at san antonio and&26th street. the small fire is connect -- it's not clear if the small fire is corrected -- connected to a strength of fire that are arson. one suspicious fire happened yesterday morning just down the street from a fire station. authorities hope a $10,000 reward is enough to help find this man. they're now calling him a person of interest. crews are worried the fires could continue and have deadly consequences. firefighters are crediting an unnamed good samaritan for saving a family in this north side san jose home.
9:02 am
the most recent arson broke out before 4:30 saturday morning, less than a mile from friday morning's fire. the neighborhood is on alert. >> and that smoke was coming from the other side and it was coming up pretty good. >> too close to home. >> reporter: firefighters are offering a reward. $10,000 for information leading to the arsonist's arrest and convict. >> we have been fortunate the fires have not resulted in serious injury or death. should the fires continue, i fear the good fortune will run out. >> reporter: this is the person of interest now. a 25 to 40-year-old white or hispanic adult male, 6 foot to 6'2", skinny weighing 160 to 180 pounds, wearing baggy clothes and distinctive large- frame glasses not seen in this sketch. arson unit supervisor christopher murphy describes how one arson was set for his
9:03 am
undercover work. he asked us to keep his face off camera. >> someone moved a plywood panel that was part of an exterior wall to the side and stuffed some paper that looked like newspaper inside the crack there and lit it on fire. >> reporter: this east saint john street fire is estimated at $200,000 worth of damage. the american red cross has found the elderly couple shelter. for this neighborhood, this is the time to come together. >> anything suspicious we see, we're calling 911. >> reporter: firefighters are urging people living in the same neighborhood to be vigilant. there were 11 fires in the area since wednesday and 8 arson. businesses are gearing up for the play-off game between the 49ers and the carolina panthers. the game happened in charlotte, north carolina, and in the bay area restaurants are gearing up, preparing for a big breakfast crowd. david's restaurant is across the street from the santa clara
9:04 am
stadium where the 49s will play their home -- 49ers will play their home game starting next season. >> and this is going to be a new area for everybody to come here from all over the world and not only in the peninsula to enjoy the games and entertainment. >> some 49er fans spent part of their saturday checking out the future home of their favorite team. levi stadium is under construction but the projects on schedule. and underneather up north, the curtain fell on sandel stick park. because of the victory by the seahawks, there is no possibility of another home play-off game at the stick and a handful of fans lined up for an inside tour, taking the kids to where it will be a piece of history. and that is a look at the top stories this sunday morning. back to you, michelle and phil. >> thank you so much. and we're going to take a live look now out at ocean beach. you can see it's partly cloudy, a little fog out there and
9:05 am
there is that high surf advisory warning. be aware of that if you head out there and those are current temperatures, a slight warm-up in the 40s. 41 in concord; 42 in livermore and 49 in san francisco. this is what is going on today, partly cloudy start with patchy fog and mostly sunny and that high surf advisory and heading into a record warmth next week. we're heading into a political season. the mayoral race in san jose is shaping up to be an expensive one. literally half of the city council is running to replace mayor chuck reid who is out of office after this because of term limits. the councilman representing the downtown area of san jose makes the most mean, $512,000 already. the former councilman and santa clara supervisor dave cortese
9:06 am
is second and followed by nyun and rose herrera. the other candidates are not going to -- have not started fund raising and will pick it up after the holidays. the governor is talking about taxes in the latest budget. >> does that mean a restructuring of taxes is off of the table, to change the up- and-down swing in california's budgets? we put that question to our political insider, willie brown, the former speaker and joe garafoli. elections? >> i don't think anyone connected the government and in particular, jerry brown is willing to go down the road of trying to redo the tax structure or the delivery system. y that just not going to do that. >> and you speaking code for are you going to touch prop 13? there is no appetite for that outside of some of the more liberal members of the legislature. >> and there are few in number.
9:07 am
>> and not in an election year. >> and we're going to have the boom bust structure in state funding, resulting in one year you have plenty of dough, the next minute, you're cutting like crazy. >> jerry brown's budge set designed to smooth that out. when he said the rainy day fund at the huge level he's talking about will be sitting there. you'll be able to continue this level spending. >> could anyone do it but judge rebrown? the other governors, you always getting pushed. >> and you going to get pushed but no one's going to push you into grabbing the proverbial third rail of prop 13. no one can do that. >> and, keep in mind, cop cat errors will put what you -- cop cats will put those of us in politics. if success comes with jerry brown's conduct, you will see a lot of jerry browns showing up and trying to maintain their
9:08 am
dna is like his. >> now what that does over the long-term remains to be seen. not everyone has the political capital, jerry brown. >> and we're not going to see it extended or anything? >> no, that is there for probably my lifetime and maybe yours, maybe the next one. >> oh, boy. >> and no one wants how to change it. and the san mateo county sheriff's department is looking for a man in connection with a bank robbery. just before 3 friday afternoon, this man walked into a chase bank on south el camino real in millbrae with a gun demanding mean. the robber was wearing a shiny silver suit and a black knit hat with zebra trim. he's described to be about 5'6" with a thin build. a brazen copper theft left part of morgan hill in the dark and the thief or thieves vandalized 15 street lights between watsonville road and
9:09 am
sunshine street and stole 2700 feet of cop ear total. most folks go to the berkeley arena -- marina to walk doings, but bird watchers have been flocking to the marina for a chance to see a predator rarely found during the day. >> he's hard to see. >> yes, they're very well- camouflage. >> reporter: pay attention, look close and you can see a westland burrowing owl. one of the few making their appearance at berkeley's cesar chavez park. >> i see him. there he is. >> her. >> oh, it's a lady owl. >> that is so funny. >> the berkeley marina owls, i guess, somehow they found out that they come from idaho. only the females migrate and they come out here and say hey, we like berkeley. >> reporter: in an area that is fenced off, the owl still has a lot of company.
9:10 am
they live in abandoned squirrel holes and it's rare to see an owl during the day because most are nook tournament. >> -- nocturnal. >> how many are here? >> in this section, i only know that two arrived. >> reporter: of the two, one is not here anymore. >> eaten by a dog? >> yes. >> celia and her friend peter know of other spot across the way, yards from interstate 80 where another owlive ly-- owl lives. >> this is the close of the i have been to the bowling alley. >> not at all shy, in plain sight and afraid. she is protected by a special fence. they're small, stand about eight inches tall and waveway 6 to 8-ounces. >> -- weigh 6 to eight ounces. >> you can see the whole bird from the talons to the head are unique. >> reporter: they not endangered and are found throughout north and south america but they're rare in these parts and in a couple of months, these two will return
9:11 am
to idaho. at the berkeley marine a don ford, kpix 5. >> meanwhile, wildlife experts believe the birds will actually stay at the marina at least through early april. >> and there is some time to check them out. i can see why people flock there. they're beautiful and fascinating. >> you may need bine lookulars. >> may be. >> they blend -- binoculars. the some high demand for flu vaccines and a local expert, if there is enough to go around. >> and at least it's something, more snow in the sierra. what it means for skiers, snowboarders and drivers on interstate 80. a total of thirteen people ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
have recently died from the in the . welcome back. this is a liveock at -- look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the sun is up this morning, partly cloudy in the bay area and a nice afternoon as the fog starts to dissipate there and later on today, a nice afternoon in charlotte. the game, 49ers go head-to-head against the panthers at 10:05 a.m. kickoff. clear skies in charlotte and 57 degrees. >> a big difference from green bay where it was below zero.
9:15 am
and a total of 13 people recently died from the flu in the bay area and in santa cruz county. >> and they came from the specific strain, h1n1, which can hit people of any age. the california department of health is also investigating 28 more deaths statewide. >> so, why do many people fail to get a shot and greatly reduces the chance of coming down with the flu? how can they motivate them to act. we're joined with a man involved with that effort. and that is -- and let's get -- let's get to it. forty% of people got the shots and why are they not to? >> sure, thanks for the opportunity. i think a lot of people believe that flu affects the elderly and that is not true. h1n1 is the most common strain in the community and makes young adults more sick than the elderly.
9:16 am
people with health conditions are at grater risk, pregnant women, younger children and the elderly. the conditions that, unfortunately, are not uncommon. asthma, heart disease, and diabetes. >> and why do you think, whatever, two out of three people, especially younger people opt not to take the shot? >> i think some people, again, they think they're not at risk. i hear. this people say why should i bother getting the flu vaccine? i never get the flu. it's about prevention. i never get hit by a car, but i always look both ways before crossing the street. the best way to prevent themselves from getting sick from a serious disease. >> some people on the street when i get's flu shot, i get sick. they're afraid of that. is that true? >> you can't get the flu disease from flu vaccine. i think they pick up another germ that causes flu-like symptoms during the winter and some confuse respiratory flew with noro virus and -- flu with noro virus.
9:17 am
they're not the same thing. >> is there a generational gap? did it used to be higher? were more people willing to get vaccinated 20 year ago? >> and i think the elderly community recognize the risk for them and that is anyone can get sick from it. >> is there a grater concern about the use of vaccine? that seems to have been much more of a topic in america. >> sure. >> the last few years. >> and there is a vaccine misinformation out. there online and in communities and that is why we work closely. hospitals,ers inners -- nurses and schools and child care providers and preventing needless suffering and death. >> you have had thoughts and movement to say vaccinations are manditory? >> they required for school and that is a great way to protect children and it increases community immunity.
9:18 am
and getting sick than others. >> and why not add the flu to the list? >> and that is not. >> you think there will be resistance if did you? >> i don't know. that is happening in new york city. the mayor of bloomberg required it for people in preschool. >> going into the next stage. we have had enough cases or death, this is a serious, an epidemic or a much more serious situation. are we there? >> i can't comment on that. i think it's important for everyone to get vaccinating with the flu. make it a healthy habit every fall. >> how much longer is the flu season going to be here? >> that is one thing. the flu is unpredictable. the season could peak in a few weeks and we don't want people to try and time it. get vaccinated now. it takes two weeks for protection to kick in and you're protected the rest of the season. we don't recommend delaying vaccination. there is no benefit. >> cost, if anyone said you can't afford it, what do you
9:19 am
say? >> we offer free vaccine and immunizations are a no cost out- of-pocket for people who cover with health and care insurance. >> you have it, it's costa, fective and going keep you -- cost affective and going to keep you healthy. is that the message? >> that is the message. you can try. thank you for joining us, paul. >> thank you. >> back to you at the desk. and up into the sierra, ski resort operators have to be exited about the new snow they received. enough, this is video from north star where skiers and snow borders couldn't wait to check out the fresh powder. right now, there are no chain requirements or highway 50 in the sierra. if you're heading out there, bring them along just in case and that is looking fun three -- though, right in. >> and not that in the bay area. right now, the current temperatures are in the 40s. we have 41 in santa rosa and 48 in pacifica and 42 in livermore
9:20 am
and later on today, a lot of that is going to clear up and some upper 50s, lower 60s, 62 in oakland later on today and 61 in mountain view and into the workweek, a drying trend. 67 come wednesday and into bay area. still ahead, a proposed oil facility draws protest in the bay area. why folks in one city are battling to prevent it from happening. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:21 am
9:22 am
spot for olympic figure ska. native of the city . good morning, everybody. go ahead. cry one last time. candlestick park is officially closed. behind the defense, and marchant one lynch, the seahawks will host the nfc championships the first time since 2005. he goes for two touchdowns, 140 yards, the seahawks over the
9:23 am
saints and running for six touchdowns and with four. andrew luck with a career and new england moves on the third straight afc title game. they beat the colts 23-32 and a sweep for them. the bears over oregon state 88- 83 and alex rodriguez had a suspension reduced from 211 games to 162 for the involvement with the biogenesis scandal. arod will miss the whole 2049 campaign. even if the yankees make the play-off. charra and the browns at the tank last night and scored by suederberg and capitalized on the lucky bounce and that expands at home for the first time this season, the final of 1-0 and are you ready for football? the 49ers and panthers have the early game and the afc game this afternoon here on channel 5. we'll have the fifth corner following. hold on to something,
9:24 am
everybody. it's going to be a wild day. see you tonight. san jose has been a hotspot for olympic figure skaters. another native of the city has a shot at going to next month's winter games in sochi, russia. the 15-year-old paulina edmonds finished second at last night's u.s. figure skating championships in boston. there are three olympic spots up for grabs amongst u.s. women. the official selection will be announced later today moment and a proposed crowd oil project drew a large crowd of protestors if. a company called westpac energy wants to converge an old terminal into a storm facility. thousands of barrels of frack error returned oil would be -- fracked oil would be shipped in daily, stored and taken to refineries. they admit to, quote, significant and unavoidable risks of air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, spills and accidents. >> we're not going put up with it. there is a lot of pride. when people come together, the city is going to hit -- and
9:25 am
they, what is it? we'll find big money against it. we're going to win. jolt city council is expected to take up a plan on january 21st. and must approve the project before moving forward. >> a chilly reception at a festival that draws international attention. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
9:26 am
9:27 am
(a . welcome back, it's 9:27 and let's look again at the sunday forecast. the highs today, we can expect a 62 and in napa. san francisco at 59 and 62 in san jose and mostly sunny. for the next seven days, pay attention. monday through wednesday. we could be setting some records and we could see some record warmth over the days and here we are in the middle of january, and of course, no rain
9:28 am
in sight. >> and we need it. the city of harbin in northeast china is known for his bitter winters. >> and this is amazing. the past 30 years, the city has been hosting an annual ice festival and more than 7,000 sculptors made the fantasy palaces. >> the artist used ice from a nearby frozen river. the lights, you see, they're l.e.d. lights. the ice festival runs until it melts away, which is usually in march. >> looks like its own city. >> i know. that is amazing. ice city. what is more amazing, the people going there to enjoy it all? >> yeah. >> they're braving below temperatures. >> i want to thank everyone for joining us. for kpix 5 this morning, i hope you have a great weekend. >> we hope you join us again next weekend and we'll be back. you guys will be happy about that. >> and way to go, michelle. >> thank you. >> have a great sunday, everybody. go niners. ,,,,,,
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> now a paid presentation for meaningful beauty advanced by cindy crawford. >> with special appearances by debra messing. >> valerie bertinelli. >> christa miller. >> and stars from tv's royal pains and the mentalist. >> hosted by network tv correspondent katrina szish. >> brought to you by guthy-renker. >> hi, everyone, i'm beauty and style journalist katrina szish on location in beverly hills. in just a few minutes we'll meet one of the most beautiful women in the world, supermodel cindy crawford. at age 45, cindy still looks impossibly young and gorgeous. >> oh, my god, she's just stunning. her skin is just amazing, and so i feel like now i have a chance. >> what's cindy's beauty secret? we're about to find out.


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