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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  January 17, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> the 49ers are in seattle tonight. ready for their playoff battle against the seahawks. >> fans will and here at home can't wait. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm juliette goodrich. >> and i'm ken bastida. with that thing looming down over my shoulder and it is dressed in its green and blue celebrating the seattle seahawks. well, let the games begin, i say. san francisco 49ers have just shown up about 90 minutes ago checking into their hotel. and what a nice reception 49er fans who flew up today, who drove up today, showed up at the hotel to give the niners a great welcome for this battle in seattle. and fans had a lot to say about their team from the bay. >> oh yeah, i love that.
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49er faithful are here. ready to beat the seahawks. oh man, we're ready, let's go. who has it better than us? nobody. >> on the other side of the coin, of course, you've got the seattle seahawks fans who really have made a name for themselves this year. these so-called 12th man. there are hundreds of thousands of 12th mans around here and we went out today to try and figure out who is the 12th man? >> everywhere you go up here, he's here. the 12th man. but who is this mythical 12th man who leaves his mark on the side of buildings? on billboards, and the top of towers? >> the 12th man is screaming their brains out. >> some say he can cause ear splitting noise. >> we affect the game play. be loud and proud. >> some claim, he can even cause earthquakes. >> started when he broke through the line.
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>> earthquakes, yeah, san francisco knows a little something about those. >> we are having an earthquake. >> it's like a foot difference where they were shaking right there. >> truth is, the 12th man isn't from the pacific northwest. the concept of the 12th man started back in 1922. he is from texas. >> you and i know the 12th man originated at texas a&m anyway, right? >> in fact, the folks at texas a&m sued the seattle seahawks for taking their name sake and to this day, seattle pays for that right. >> seahawks and the 12th man. >> and the 49ers hope to render him completely useless. >> you have been down in san francisco before. >> yeah. >> have you been to a 49er game? >> no, i haven't. >> we don't have a 12th man. we allow 11 on the field. >> you know, al and juliette, when i got up here last night,
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we came up from portland. this town was absolutely dead. by 9:00 at night, every bar, every restaurant, every club was shut down. i'm thinking, what is going on here? but guess what? they all came out today. the 12th man, the 13th man, the 14th man. they are all out here now and this thing is getting wild. back do you guys. >> that looks like close encounters of the 12th mankind behind you. >> spooky. >> yeah, all right ken, thanks. >> stay with kpix5 for continuing coverage of the 49ers playoff run. ken and dennis will bring us live reports throughout the weekend. >> other news tonight, it's official, our record dry winter and evaporating reservoirs forced governor brown to declare a drought emergency today. >> everyone should try to do at least 20% conservation of their water use. >> he didn't rule out mandatory rationing down the line. the 2013 was the driest year on record in the state.
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the drought decloration will pave the way for federal assistance and make it easier to transfer water from one part of the state to another. it also allows cal fire to boost its staffing in northern california. well tonight, 16 people displaced by a fire in redwood city are being offered housing. a massive fire started before dawn on douglas avenue. people could see the flames, the plumes of smoke across the peninsula. eventually, that fire did spread to four structures, including an apartment building. neighbors frantically knocked on doors andhelped everyone get out safely. >> my family is fine. we get out, that's it, all we can do. >> they were pounding on my windows for me to get out. so i had to leave. >> the fire heavily damaged the building, causing its roof to collapse. those affected are getting help from the red cross. the suspect accused of
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terrorizing a neighborhood with 13 fires in a week was arraigned in court today. faces charges of arson and attempted arson. he admitted to police that he set all of the fires by igniting garbage with a cigarette lighter. brennan has a long criminal history. if convicted, he could be put away for good under california's three strikes law. a woman is recovering from a leg injury after being hit by a lift car this afternoon. lift is the ride share company that decorates cars with pink mustaches. this prius was making a right turn when it hit the woman in the crosswalk. the driver is cooperating with police, but has been suspended from lift while the company investigates. >> and a small plane wound up on its belly and another lost a tail wing today at san jose's airport. the planes t-boned while both were on the ground. three people suffered minor injuries. san francisco mayor, ed
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lee, believes he has a solution to the affordable housing crisis. during his state of the city address today, mayor lee proposed a plan that includes construction or renovation of 30,000 homes over the next six years. >> in a city that will always rely -- >> we are all responsible. this is a crisis of our own making. for too long in san francisco, we try to have it both ways. we want more money for affordable housing, but we oppose or scale back the projects that generate those funds. >> the mayor wants to double the amount of down payment help that the city can provide. up to $200,000. >> computer chip maker, intell, says it is slashing 5,000 jobs. profits for the company have fallen for the second straight year. the company says it is because of falling demand for personal computer chips as mobile devices get more popular. the job cuts affect about 5% of intells work force. >> a tradition commemorating
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civil rights leader, martin luther king, jr., is losing steam. kristen ayers on the push to get people aboard the freedom train. >> for three decades, a chartered cal tran chugged from san jose to san francisco on martin luther king, jr., day. a 1400 mile trip, the same amount of time he marched. >> this is history. this is about an icon who died fighting for our rights. >> on the cusp of the freedom train's 30th ride, a lack of interest could stop the tradition in its tracks. >> a lot of people don't know the freedom train exists. >> just another day off school. people don't pay attention to the day. the importance of it. >> the president of santa clara dr. king association says it's that attitude that has brought ridership down. last year, 1200 people boarded the train. so far, this year the freedom train only sold 500 tickets and with three days left, some of the cars will be empty.
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>> anything fewer than 1,000 riders would mean an end to this tradition. >> next year would be a fare well to the freedom train. if we can't reach it, it will be devastating. >> a symbol of dr. king's dream nearing the end of the line. in san jose, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> tickets for the freedom train cost $15. proceeds benefit the martin luther king, jr., association scholarship fund. if you want more information or to buy tickets, go to our website, they make an unusual political pair. an actress teams up with a california tea party candidate. >> i want a gun in every california's gun safe. >> why some people are so upset about this ad and how it is affecting the actress' career. >> mother nature dug a significant hole for us. that hole is a foot and a half rain fall deficit just for this water year on the north bay and 10 inches in san francisco. any relief, any rain fall in sight? i have the answer coming up.
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involves a famous actress forced out of the ci beca political drama is playing out in san francisco. it involves a may mouse actress forced out of the city because of her political beliefs. joe vasquez tells us it is getting backlash. >> the political ad features tim donnelly. he's a republican candidate for the governor of california. standing next to him in the ad, award winning actress, maria, she is holding a chihuahua named de tequila. >> once involved with the minute men. >> great day to be a individual lainty. >> vigilanty. >> pushing welfare costs through the roof and driving our schools into the ground. >> alfonso is an actress.
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her claim to fame is moscow on the hudson with robyn williams. she was scheduled to perform next month in a monologue. >> we really cannot have her in the show. >> the show is being produced by none other than lopez. she says alonzo resigned. >> of course she has it right to say whatever she wants. but we're in the middle of the mission doing what she is doing is against what we believe. >> we don't act like that. that's not typical latina. >> long time democrat says there wouldn't have been boycotts. >> we all have the right to say something. >> but it's also our right to say we object to that. >> pushing his party to be more moderate on immigration. still, alonzo is being treated unfairly. >> it was a political ad, it
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was a funny ad. anybody would lose ememployment. >> today, told spanish language radio she supports a lot of donnelly's views against illegal immigration, a flood of angry listeners called in, gave her an earful and the drama blew up. reporting live in the newsroom. kpix5. >> the federal government has money now, at least through september. president obama signed the spending bill, one day before funding was set to run out. it scales back automatickened spending cuts and major domestic programs last year. the president announced tighter restrictions on the phone surveillance programs. says the changes should give americans more confidence that their rights are being protected. >> i'm open to working with congress to ensure we build a broad consensus on how to move forward. i'm confident we can shape an
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approach while upholding the civil liberties of every american. >> the president also called for an end to spying on foreign leaders of friendly countries. >> health officials are reporting two more flu deaths. that brings the bay area total to 23 people who died because of the virus. statewide, 45 people have died from the flu and that number doesn't include 50 more suspected deaths. h1n1 also known as the swine flu is the predominant strain of the virus this season. >> many of us have smart phones, but google has come up with smart contact lenses. this video shows us what they look like. they are meant to monitor gluc corks se levels. avoid other painful ways of monitoring blood sugar. the contacts contain an antenna. no announcement to when they will hit market. >> 49er fans in seattle are ready for sunday's big battle
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against the seahawks. >> now how fans around here are preparing. >> with the hours ticking down toward the battle in seattle, for many niners fans, it was time to check out some new gear. at the 49ers store in palo alto, the order of the day was red and gold. call it prekaepernicking. and time to start some new pregame superstitions. >> this is my good luck beard, right here. >> for others, it was time to check into a flight. bound for centurylink field. jack armstrong was prepared for hazing at the infamous 12th man. maybe a sign that the jersey will keep him safe. >> i'm ready. i have rain probably, probably going to get shored with food. i'm prepared for the worse. >> may have to wait until sunday. this guy was on his flight. >> yeah, my office today, wore my jersey around and i was getting a lot of crap.
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>> it's not john harbaugh's khakis now available in t-shirt form. it's wearing the wrong color, like this reporter. >> so, what do you think of my dress? >> i think it's beautiful. >> what are you doing? you are the opposing team right now. should be wearing red. >> we'll get you a hawks jersey and call it a deal. >> andrea, kpix5. >> you might find fans on sunday. the team flag is flying outside tonight. the bar insists it has no allegiance to the team. it's somewhere for someone to watch the game. >> we know she meant jim. >> johnny khakis. nothing black bend. >> you got the look. you guys provided such a great day. it's going to be dry.
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that's how big this ridge is. often they are dry and we're not. this will be dry up to seattle. let's take a live look tonight in oakland. not that much traffic heading into the city. the rain spicket is off. it's friday night, you'll wake up tomorrow and not have to go to work or school. napa 35. concord 38. overnight tonight, san jose tomorrow morning 40 and mountain view look at that forecast. the battle in seattle will be a close by one. mostly cloudy skies, 3:30 on sunday afternoon is kickoff. winner to the super bowl. a lot of you like to head up to tahoe. the economy needs it. loom at these highs, a 5á 5 degrees. 53 on sunday. two problems, too warm. secondly, too dry. they are making snow because
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nights are cold. not getting much help from the natural stuff. here's what we want to happen. the ridge is over top. we want it to move to the south. and the northern edge of the ridge and give us rain fall. that's not happening for the next couple weeks. the ridge may go in the wrong direction all the way up to the north to allow something to sneak in under it. the only rain chance we have for the next week. tonight, clear and cool. you saw the 30s. tomorrow with a spare the air day and in general, we're staying dry. upper 60s to 70 degrees again. san mateo 68. upper 60s up and don't i-680 corridor. we are 68 in the city. 67 for san rafael and 69 degrees tomorrow for clover dale. equally as sunny and mild on sunday. we'll throw in monday as well. all in all, another very dry
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seven-day forecast. >> kim was looking forward to rain since we haven't had it here. it's chilly now where he is. >> especially compared to here, right kids? >> it has gotten cold. 38, 39 degrees. that's like the arctic circle compared to san francisco. we are enduring. you were talking about coach harbaugh's pants and believe it or not, that story made it all the way up here and beyond. the coach being capitalized right now by wal-mart. they are offering a coach worthy khakis fit for a champion, but priced for everyone. you belief that? unbelievable. the coaches wears some pants and it makes national headlines. here's the other part of it, dockers wanted to get involved, but no go. they were told that did not
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comply with league rules. you know, even more than pants and needles and everything else up here, beer. when you talk football, you talk beer. if you want to know what the greatest form of imitation is, stay tuned. we'll talk about comparing the best with an upstart. stay with us. ,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,
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looking to make a name for itself. sounds a l you know, it's kind of like, i don't know, mom and apple pie. it's like hot dogs and
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baseball. football and beer go together. and while the seahawks and the 49ers will be competing on the field. off the field, there will be another more subtle competition. we call it, the brew feud. when i say hilliards beer, you don't know what i'm talking about. only been here for two years. but if i say anchor steam brew to you, you know it's been around san francisco for over 100 years. take a look at what the owner of these breweries have to say. >> a big brewery that has been around for a very long time. very long time. >> that doesn't surprise me at all that they would be creating a lot of noise about their beers. but just as their stadium is very noisy, maybe their breweries are very noisy and the truth is in the glass. >> we see it as the young up starts from seattle going up against the pros from san
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francisco. and, i can tell you that vern glenn probably knows a little bit about the brew and tell you more about it. vern. >> maybe the three of us on set should go after the newscast and do our own scientific comparison. >> i would do that. >> yeah. >> note to self. yeah. get on that. but first, i have to take care of business. jim harbaugh excited and not just about the game. and the doves picked a bad night to run into one of the league's best on the road. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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seahawks fans happy, but it er ready to buy a that colin kaepernick, he just sold another pair of beats by dre headphones. you guys love that commercial
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isn't the headphones, the beat, i love it. the song is such a toe tapper. ♪ [ music ] give me sot beats by dre. i am sold. >> hey, no percy harvin for the seahawks. he didn't get the green light because of this concussion. here's foreshadowing. he'll be back next week. uh-huh. new warrior, jordan crawford on the left and brooks at the thunder. he had 8 points. seth currie and the dubs stay close. cut okc's to lead. kevin durant just went off. he had 54 and the thunder win
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127-121. why would harbaugh spend there are 300 on headphones when he will only spend $8 on paint? >> his hat costs more. we'll see you at 11:00. ,,,,,, good. good answer.
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