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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  January 22, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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beloved husband and brother sit down with the family of the bart officer killed on e job. the fight against google... gets personal. how protesters targeted one of e company's workers. and... staying one step ahef the flu. the apps that claim to pinpoint the sickns near you... and keep you fr getting it. good evening i'm ken bastid and i'm juliette goodrich, for elizabeth cook. the family of the bart offir killed in the line of duty. opening up tonight. they spoke to me.. at their homen san ramon.... his family called him tommy. family members say they wand to express their love for
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>> a lot of support, help. police community is incredible. >> tell me it wasn't just a brother-in-law to me. he was my brother. >> a family of law enforcement with one rule, never say good- bye. just say stay safe. >> i guess you are trying to
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make sense of it? and then it doesn't make sense. and then your heart goes out to that officer. we're going to mourn the loss of our brother, but we'll never forget him. but there's someone else and another family affected by this, too. and i feel sorry for them. you know, we have all been through it. we have been through losses and we have been through that and we have been going through doors not knowing what's on the other side. i know that. but sometimes i don't understand what happened. .net i don't know what happened. >> i lo will love limb for ever. >> family members want to express their love for tommy and thank the community and share their heartfelt support for the other officer and his family. >> and it is remarkable how much this family is supporting the officer who accidentally shot his partner.
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still investigators are trying to understand exactly how it happened. joe vasquez tells us it all starts with the theft of some electronics. >> they were investigating the theft of a bag, all at the home of the theft suspect. >> when sergeant smith went into the apartment yesterday, he was in plain clothes, he had three fellow police officers with him, guns drawn as they walked in an open door. moments later, a shot rang out. sergeant smith was shot and killed by a fellow officer. in fact, it was his own partner. >> we were shocked, we are grieving and please give us some time. >> bart's police chief said smith was at the apartment to investigate the theft of a laptop. john henry lee was in jail, which the investigators knew. they were taking the opportunity to search his apartment. the officer who fired the fatal shot has not been identified
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and police are not elaborating on what went wrong. >> obviously, it's a tragic situation. you know, you can't second guess anybody and until the investigation is done, you're not going to know what happened. >> don cameron is a police tactics expert. he says he can only guess what happened, but the small size of the apartment offers a clue. >> and usually in that type of situation, it's not going to be a surprise. in other words, one officer is going to come around the corner in front another officer. that's not going to happen in that area. so it's probably being in a confined area, limited movement capabilities and some type of tripping accident or bumping into furniture accident or something like that. that's what i would speculate, but again, we can't tell. >> and mr. cameron wanted to make that clear, it's just speculation right now. it could be a variety of things. police are still investigating. in fact, they will not tell us exactly what happened until the
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report is finished. live in the newsroom, kpix5. >> stay with kpix5 for continuing coverage on this story. we are also posting updates on our website. >> you have seen the nasty bus protest and people angry at google are going a step further. kristen ayers shows us how they went after one employee. >> protesters rush one of google's private shuttle buses, leaving the workers on board stranded. they blame text for driving up the cost of living in san francisco. but yesterday morning, the google protest went a step further and quite literally hit home. a group calling itself the counter force targeted this man at his house. >> i don't want anyone to interrupt. >> the engineer behind the super secret google ex. the bro tester surrounded the home with banners and watched
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him leave. the protest lasted about 45 minutes and when it was done, the group left behind these fliers accusing him of bringing evil to the world. he did not want to talk to us on camera tonight, but he told us, i'm a nice guy, i'm just an engineer who likes robots. one of his navy base was more vocal. in berkeley, becky says what counterforce did crosses the line. >> there is absolutely no reason to go after people in their home no matter what you think of their job or their politics. >> in berkeley, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> we reached out to google, but they had no comment. he was surprised by the protest, but does not feel his safety has been compromised. caltrans trying to cover up problems with the new eastern span of the bay bridge. that report was commissioned by the state senate.
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it says an official overseeing, the project reportedly told an engineer not to document concerns, but to voice them instead. goes on to say the official did not want a traceable record. head of the state senate committee and a bay bridge spokesman are tight lipped about the report. >> there are large conditions about the integrity of the system, the transparency and the compliance with the spirit, if not the letter of the public records act. >> we are reviewing the findings in the report and we will respond to the findings in the report come friday. >> that response should come at the state senate committee hearing scheduled for friday. cautious optimism today in governor brown's state of the state speech. while things have improved and california is expecked expectsed is expected to have a budget surplus. they owe workers for healthcare
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and no mood to go on a spending spree. >> a budgetary surplus in the billions. in the billions. [ applause ] but don't spend it, that's the point. >> the governor also touched on the drought reminding people to conserve water. he didn't address the controversial high speed rail on delta tunnel plans. and house speaker, john boehner stopped to propose emergency legislation aimed at drought relief. >> when you look at what has been going on here in california and you come from my part of the world, you shake your head and wonder what kind of nonsense does the bureaucracy do out here? how you can favor fish over people is something that people in my part of the world would never understand. >> stop the restoration of the san joaquin river and allow farmers to pump irrigation water from the delta and tackle long-term water issues.
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the house is expected to take up the bill in the coming weeks. six more people have died from the flu here in the bay area. here's a look at where the latest deaths have been reported and brings the total number to 28 for the season, which is just starting to peek. so, you want to avoid getting sick? there are some apps to track the flu. that's right, kpix5 is live in san jose with how they claim to pinpoint the sickness. how does it work? >> well, ken, they take into account your gps location and social media for information. we're at regional medical center here in san jose. where you can see there are tents set up. this is where doctors have been treating patients with flu-like symptoms when there's an overflow in the er. there are some useful tools to help you avoid and it's all in your smart phone. >> we've had an epidemic. >> san rafael farm pharmacist
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says this is the most brutal season he has seen in the last ten years, considering the number of healthy young people who died from the h1n1 virus. >> and this might push you to get a flu shot, or at least alert you that your neighbors are coming down with something. it's called an app called sick weather. filtering tweets and facebook status updates. the flu near you app is a crowd sourced system. each pin represents someone in the area who shared symptoms. down to the very street. for example, right now there are two reports of the flu in fremont and palo alto. the blue pins mean those guys are generally healthy. the web md app gives you the severity of cold and flu symptoms. tonight in san francisco, it is moderate to severe. google flu trends looks at search terms to estimate where the flu is flairing up state by state. pulling data from social media and the web may not always be
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the most accurate, but at the very least, it's an early warning system. >> it is good to at least know where the pockets of infection are. >> your best bet is still to get a flu shot. if you do so now, you will be protected before peek flu season hits. it takes your body about two weeks to build immunity. live in san jose, betty, kpix5. >> coming up, suing the raiders. how one of the team's cheerleaders says he didn't play fair. >> and making it easier to fight a parking ticket. the new app that walks you through the process and why you may not be able to use it just yet. >> and why california bears are out and about this late in january. part of it is that we are all confused. it feels like april outside. we were close to 80 degrees today. well into the 70s for pleasantton and mountain view. what's going on? i will explain and we'll talk
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about if it's going to change any time soon. that is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"lacy t" was excited when s became a raiderette for the3
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raiderette, a cheerleader suing her team. lacey was excited when she became a raider, the 2013 football season. she says she didn't realize that the contract she signed could be illegal. after doing the math, her pay was less than $5 an hour. >> we received $12.50 at the end of the season, which comes out to $125 per game and that was it. there were a lot of other hours. >> the lawsuit claims raiderettes can be forced to sit at games unpaid if they gain any weight. >> concerns over security at the olympics in sochi, russia, are getting more serious. some americans are rethinking their plans. >> just a few hundred miles from the games and just over two weeks before they begin, russia's security operations remain on high alert.
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warnings that suicide bombers may already be inside sochi's security zone set off jitters among some athletes and spectators. u.s. speed skater told his parents not to come to russia. >> our concerns out there for security and every day there's another concern and all that. and tucker wants to be focused on the race and he asked us and his wife if we would stay home and watch it on tv so he can stay focused and not have a secondary thing to worry about. >> our athletes deserve to be able to go and compete, not to have any of this going on. >> the u.s. ski and snow boarding association has hired global rescue. a security company that will have up to six aircraft on stand by for medical or security emergencies. that is in addition, of course, to the two u.s. on stand by and
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u.s. military aircraft that will be on alert at bases. the pentagon put it, for all matters of contingencies, london. >> edward snowden is going to answer some of your questions this thursday. the nsa whistle blower will participate in an hour-long q and a on his official support website. he'll address things like president obama's nsa reform and answer questions submitted by the public. he released classified documents about the agency's surveillance program. >> many cars may not be as safe as you think. the insurance institute for highway safety performed a series of crash tests on the mini class. they simulated a car crashing into a tree or into the corner of an object. did not look good. that's one of the most dangerous types of crashes. only one out of the 11 cars they tested received even an acceptable safety rating. the chevy spark was the only car in that class to receive the top safety pick for this
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year. got a parking ticket? you don't think you deserved it? there's an app for that. it's called fix. it will help people in san francisco fight a parking citation. so popular right now, there's a waiting list of 25,000 users. the app walks people through the process. once you send off the information, fixed takes care of the rest. >> parking tickets. it's such an issue. people feel robbed when they get that parking ticket. particularly when they know they are in the right. for a lot of people, they didn't know how to fight the man effectively and you know, we're happy to help them do that. >> if you beat the ticket, here's the deal. 25% of what it would have cost you goes back to fix. the app itself is free to down load. >> 24 of the world's best surfers are headed to the bay area for the iconic mavericks competition. organizers announcing today that the contest will start on friday at 8:00 in the morning. there's an app for that.
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biggest wave, strong swells have been breaking on the coast and expect 40-foot waves or higher. dude, our summer-like weather isn't bringing any snow to the sierra. they should be hibernating, but they are awake and hunting for food. wildlife biologists are tracking bear activity and park rangers can detect if the bears are in an area dangerous for visitors. if it doesn't snow soon, bears may not hibernate at all this year. >> the whole world is screwed up. you can't tell me that this weather in new york is normal. it's not. weather out here is messed up. and this is connected, right? >> absolutely. >> this is interrelated. >> isn't it all? >> a equals b. that's a different equation. but yes, big low back east, snowfall. nothing but sunshine for us.
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here's the key. here's what i get paid to talk about. we have another week of exactly what we had outside today, which is above normal weather and a complete and utter lack of rain fall. top of the tower, beautiful shot. this is a dry radar shot. if you have been thinking this is as dry as the summer, you're wrong, it's dryer. august of last year, we had .04. january of this year so far, this will be our total, .03. microclimate forecast, shattered the record high today by 10 degrees. you had a high of 75. not as warm tomorrow. sunshine, high of 67. partly sunny skies for you on thursday and talking about highs in the mid to upper 60s. still well above normal. huge ridge of high pressure. it's funny, it should be down to the south, but what will happen on friday, the reason why friday will be cloudy. it will go so far in the wrong direction. an area of high pressure will wrap around the high and whether it comes back down, it
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will move over northern and central california. it will give us cloud cover out there, but that's gone. sunny for the weekend. sunny for next week. i see a pattern change coming. we will get rain, but not until february. we have the rest of january to go 0 for rain fall. cloudy or cool for you, but we warm back up to near 70 degrees. san jose 67 tomorrow. los altos68. san ramon on the thursday, 68 degrees. pittsburgh, concorde, 67. 66 in sosolito. windsor, 60 degrees. we are cooler on friday. highs around 70. next week we are in the 70s and we're going to stay dry for each of the next seven days. long range models, they are saying yes, february pattern change. right now nothing is changing and the bears are freaking out. >> i guess they are happy about that. >> thank you. well, fit for the music
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,,,, when it comes to the grammy's, people talk about the stars, they talk about the clothes. they talk about the music. what about the food? >> a team of top chefs are preparing to cook up a storm for an audience of 16,000 after this year's show. about 150 chefs begin cooking around 3:00 a.m. on grammy sunday. among the offerings, ahi tuna sandwiches and roasted salmon.
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beef short ribs and pork belly teriaky. >> it's a pack 12 game, i'm dennis o'donnell and a japanese pitcher you never heard of, ready for this? one of the highest paid pitchers ever. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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push their conference recor 6-0.. wayne start bears are rolling. cal headed to l.a. tonight looking to push their conference railroad to 6-0. give me the clock. bears weren't supposed to have any trouble. the trojans, omar gave usc a 10- point lead.
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the sophomore sensation, howard, scores two of his 12 points and had 10 assists. shocks the bears 76-69. tonight, number 7, san diego state comes calling. neither team shot over 40%. but the aztecs outscores san jose state by 15 in the second half. they won 75-50. 24-0 last year in the japanese league. today signs a seven-year, $155 million deal with the yankees. 19-year-old, jeanie, was the first canadian to reach a grand slam in 30 years. the run ended in melbourne, courtesy of lee. she beats her in straight sets, setting up a final leg against domanica. you may recall that jeanie brew shard bruschard asked who would
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you like to date? justin bieber. >> my kids are still talking about that. >> oh my gosh. ,,,,,, the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way,
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while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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