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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  January 25, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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this is kpix5 on kbcw. >> the man hunt is intensifying tonight for a 14-year-old bay area fugitive. and good evening, i'm ann net. >> police are offering a reward leading to the boys capture. brian webb is in oakland with the story. >> reporter: normally, police wouldn't release the name of a juvenile. they are doing it in this case because they believe he is armed and dangerous. so police are urging the 14- year-old mario to turn himself in and warning everyone else to stay away. the shooting happened inside this small oakland apartment where the brother and sister lived with their grandmother for the past two years. siblings said to be very close. >> i'm hurt, it does things. >> thursday, just after noon, neighbors heard two or three shots. a surveillance camera captured
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the 14-year-old with his gun in his hand, leaving behind his dying sister, 17-year-old, justice tolliver. >> treating him as armed and dangerous and the reason is, we have not recovered the weapon. >> so police spent a third day searching for the 14-year-old suspect now offering a $10,000 reward. the family is looking for him, too, a father who already lost his daughter doesn't want to lose his son, too. >> i'll call your daddy so we can turn you in. i don't want anything to happen to you. >> mario tolliver, jr., is 5'5", and slender build, about 140-pounds. last seen wearing a black hoody. his family is raising money for the funeral of juice justice tolliver. live in oakland, brian webb, kpix5. >> a bart police officer may have shot his partner after mistaking him for an armed
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suspect. that's according to a report by the chronicle. tommy smith and his partner were searching an apartment. the other officer fired. the bullet struck smith in the chest and killed him. he was wearing body armor. the apartment belongs to a robbery suspect who was already in custody. officers were looking for stolen property at the time. >> very close call for some homeowners in antioch. a speeding car went airborne on by can nan bucanon road and the same thing happened on the same street. >> we were laying in bed and at 12:20, we hear a loud bang and the entire house shook. >> what he heard was a car slamming into his home. not far from where his elderly mother-in-law was sleeping. >> my mother-in-law was asleep in that bedroom. if the house wouldn't have stopped the car, the car could have gone in on her. >> the car was traveling east at a high rate of speed when it
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hit the buchanan road center divider, went over the westbound lanes, taking out a power transformer before slamming through boone's neighbor's garage and into boone's home. >> i ran out to the front yard and i open up the front door and there's a car laying upside down in the front yard. >> the vehicle ripped through her garage, barely missing a car in the garage and another in the driveway before shattering the graduals and sending debris on to his neighbor's roof. >> i was considering in the future, maybe i have some, you know, some propane gas or something installed in my garage to do some outside cooking. i'm glad i never did that. looking on the positive side. nobody got hurt. >> the crash is just the latest on buchanan road. two weeks ago sunday, a vehicle slammed through the fence of this house and through a kitchen wall. again, no one was seriously hurt. back down the road, kyle boone was taking the close call in
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stride. >> somebody said how i can be so upbeat about everything that going on. nobody was hurt. no damage was done. just property damage that can be fixed. there's nothing to be angry about. >> last night's crash took out power. it was hours ago that power came back on. in antioch, kpix5. >> police ruled out drugs and alcohol as a factor in that crash. the driver's name has not been released. >> a police officer shot and killed a dog after the animal allegedly charged him. it happened just before 10:30 this morning at a housing complex. the dog ran at the officer as he checked the vacant units for squatters. the dog, which was described as large was well known to neighbors and had a dubious nickname. >> i'm not sure the exact number, but i know animal care and control belt with the owner of the dog and this dog in the past as well. but with a nickname of psycho,
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it sounds like there have been concerns and complaints from residents. >> the dog's owner was taken into custody for squatting. he is also being questioned about whether he intentionally set the dog on the officer. it has happened again. shots rang out at a busy shopping mall today. this time in columbia, maryland. susan reports by the time it was all over, three people were dead, including the shooter. >> reporter: a morning at the mall turned into a nightmare for shoppers in columbia, maryland. >> it's horrifying. it's just horrifying. >> just after 11:00 a.m., a man opened fire with a shotgun at zumiez clothing store. a witness named chris was there. >> he had a single barrel shotgun. he aimed at the female employee who was behind the counter and took one shot and he dropped her. >> the shot killed 21-year-old, brianna benlolo. the shooter turned the gun on her coworker, tyler johnson,
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killing him as well. sounds of the shotgun blasts rang throughout the mall. >> it was a really loud boom, boom, you know, and then another boom, boom. >> i didn't want to get hurt. i didn't want to get shot, so i ran. >> as terror struck, the mall shoppers took off in all directions. some fleeing the building, others hiding in stores. police had gone through safety drills and arrived on the scene just 2 minutes after the first 911 call. witnesses say the shooter took his own life. police found his body near the victim. >> when our officers approached, he was obviously deceased. but he was also still, had a large amount of ammunition still on and about him. >> police spent the afternoon clearing everyone from the mall. while the investigation into the motive continues, those who witnessed the shooting are relieved more people weren't hurt. in columbia, maryland, kpix5. five people were treated for minor injuries and so far,
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police have not named the gunman. >> while the olympics are a huge source of national pride for the competitors and their countries, you may be hard pressed to find the stars and stripes in sochi. the olympic committee is urging fans not to go out in public in patriotic attire. with extremist groups posting online threats against the games, the state department agrees. >> we generally give this kind of guidance around big international events. >> according to the tourist warning, the threats don't specifically target americans, but with 10,000 making the trip, the u.s. is making no chances. >> the royal caribbean cruise ship is docked in the virgin islands after more than 300 passengers and crew got sick. it's not clear what is causing the illness, but dozens of people on royal caribbean's majesty of the seas came down
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with what the cdc is describing a highly contagious stomach bug. >> well, tonight another major retailer is warning customers their credit cards may have been come promized. arts and crafts chain issued an alert saying it may have been hit by data hackers. so far, it has not confirmed a breech. the company hasn't said when it might have happened or how many customers could be affected. >> and the stage is set for music's biggest night, the grammy awards. >> behind the scenes preview from los angeles. ♪ [ music ] >> almost 40 million people tune into the grammy's. to discover new artists. >> i really would be tripping out with one nomination. so, let alone four. >> and watch music history made. >> paul mccartny and ringo star are performing. not necessarily together, but wouldn't it be amazing if half of the beetles did perform on stage tonight?
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>> he says the show can boost careers. >> the week or so after the grammy awards, all the performers and albums. generally fly up the chart. >> the grammy's are about unique collaborations for artists that make for great water cooler conversations the next day. there's buzz beyonce will perform with her husband, nine- time nominee, jay-z. and producers, miranda lambert with billy joe armstrong. >> they like to push together that may not have ever sang together. >> it's doubtful we'll witness any twerking when robyn sings with 70s chart topper, chicago. along with jay-z, the night's most nominated artists include justin timberlake, ryan lewis, and kendrick lamar. carrie for cbs news, los angeles. the grammy's air tomorrow night at 8:00 right here on kpix5. our sister station.
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on the red carpet and you can watch her live reports starting at 5:30. >> and still ahead, the new taxi startup accusing uber of steering drivers away. >> plus, super bowl monday? it could happen. why the weather could postpone your party. >> rain has been postponed out west long enough. there's a chance of showers later in the week. can that be right? we'll find out. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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thousands flooded san francc more than four decades after a supreme court decision, thousands flooded san francisco streets to voice their opinions on abortion. in anaheim, marks down market street in the annual walk for life rally. their main message, abortion hurts women. the antiabortion demonstrators were met by pro-choice advocates. >> i have respect for life, like all the people here do. but i really think a woman's right to choose is critically important and i support that very strongly. >> we all have children and we need to pray for them, for those that have chosen the
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opposite, you know, they have chosen death. >> the rally coincides with this week's anniversary of the 197 # roe versus wade decision. >> we don't usually see boats until baseball season, but today it was full of them for the boat show. the area near at&t park was transformed into an in water showroom. visitors were shopping for fishing vees tells and workshops for people to learn more. >> by the way, san francisco plans to bid on the next america's cup. it will likely have serious competition. the premier event came to the bay area for the first time last year. it was not the economic boom that san francisco expected. a couple officials are considering hawaii and san diego as hosts in 2017. a crook in the central valley was a busy bee stealing more than 250 beehive crates. beehives are getting more
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valuable every year. most of the major crops grown rely heavily on bees for pollination. and had he not been arrested, the suspected thief might have made between $40,000 and $50. but the real owner spotted thernlings first. >> they were able to locate his in a different location and recovered them. there are identifying marks who show who they belong to. >> the thief probably used a semi truck or two to haul away that many hives. a new taxi startup is accusing uber of using dirty tactics. new york based get started to notice a pattern. more than 100 pickup schedules that canceled in a few days. around the same time, get drivers started receiving text messaging urging them to switch to uber. >> we started to look into the accounts that had very repeat
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cancellations. our system is sophisticated and we quickly blocked all of them. >> all of it traced back to employees in new york. the tick tick may have been too aggressive. our local teams can be determined. in this distance, the new york city team was too ambitious. well, super bowl sunday could become super bowl monday? or friday? or saturday? the big game is supposed to kick off sunday, but the nfl is prepared to change the date of the game if bad weather hits a new york city area. crews had to shovel out a foot of snow earlier this week after a winter storm blasted the region. the nfl has contingencies, and they could move it up or push it back. >> well, at least they have weather in new york. we have weather here, too, but
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it's degree and clear. right now, under clear skies, we're looking at readings mostly from the mid 40s to mid 50s. oakland 53 degrees. liver more 48. san francisco right now has 55. no, 2 5á 6. lye shot from the roof of kpix at battery and broadway. mostly clear skies, fair on the chilly side. these numbers are about 8:00 tomorrow morning. 46 degrees around the bay, 50 degrees right at the beech. the numbers top out in the low 70s and that's near record territory for one of the chilliest months and the wettest month. neither one it's been so for and it's not going to -- finally going to begin to degrade a little bit. the top of the hive will be
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knocked out. it opens out door for a chance of rain. in the meantime, we're going to get them out. a few more clouds coming on tuesday. we have rear hind hordes for us toast. subny skies for the most part. we need go no further man the north carolina area. 20 degrees. 58 at topeka. nice and warm. so at least they are warming up a little bit. 71 at dallas. 76 at phoenix and back in the california, we'll look at 67 degrees in sacramento tomorrow. all the way up to 76 at redding and 72 at fresno. 51 at yosemite. overnight lows, 35 in santa rosa. 40 at san rafael and 41 at fremont. we're still way above.
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71 tomorrow if we hit, that's 15 degrees above average. 65 at heyward. numbers in the low 70s for the most part. 72 at fair field and look 5797 at nebraska. and 70 degrees at alameda. we'll look at 72 in cleaver dale and 70 degrees. finally, eventually, we get to say the word shower. tomorrow looks good, it's going to be a great day. it looks like o we'll to stay tuned it, a lot can happen between now and then. ann. >> we'll be back. you stay right there. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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scene outside a miami hotel listen to that. it appears justin bieber has no shortage of fans. this is the scene outside a miami hotel last night. screaming fans formed the pop star who was ushered to a black suv waiting to take him to the airport. this was out the back door. he couldn't get out the front. tmz reports bieber high tailed it to the gulf of panama. >> bieber was arrested on thursday for allegedly drag racing his yellow lamborghini through a neighborhood. driving with an expired license. tomorrow night's grammy award, mark kelly shows us one of the big events to watch for is a tribute to the beetles. >> it's been a long and winding
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road. all the way to l.a. 50 years ago, the beetles took america by storm and gave their first u.s. television performance on the ed sullivan show. >> it was fantastic. >> what's amazing, most americans today were not alive when the beetles landed at kennedy airport in '64, but the groups never stopped adding new fans. everyone has a favorite beetles song, including quartett san francisco. >> when i was a kid, it was hey jude. i thought it was cool they would scream. these days, it's day tripper. i was listening to that in the car the other day. my god this is an amazing song. >> we do it to the tune, because, that's one of my favorites. >> maybe i'm the walrus. started working on an arrangement of that.
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>> nominated for recording, three-time grammy winner is a big beetles fan. >> when i was a teenager, the beetles controlled our lives. >> jones is director of musical scoring. as an accomplished sound engineer, she recorded some of the greats, including bonnie and herbie, even so, the beetles and their recordings continue to astound her. >> even now, every time i listen to the beetles, i hear something new that i didn't hear before. and to me, that really speaks to the longgevity of their music and ability to cross over generations because there's something new every time i wear one of their records. >> paul and ringo will be performing at the grammy's. if they are performing together is still in question.
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mark kelly, kpix5. >> the entire day wrapped up in a minute. wire going to try. and what in the world is kiss down in my sports cast? stick around to find out. ,,,,,,,,
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believe it or not, rafael nadal and stanslaus will settle the australian men's championship crown in a couple hours. we have hockey to talk about. how about joe thornton fresh off of their contract extension. minnesota ends out and joe thornton, two goals. this one in overtime and the sharks win their sixth in a
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row. 3-2 at the shark tank. brian wilson? kiss? they are in dodgers stadium for hockey. yeah, the nhl, 54,000 to watch the ducks and the kings go at it. anaheim dominant, ryan shot triples through. ducks shut up the kings 3-0. did he fill it up for usf. they retired his jersey. that's cole dickerson, usf over santa clara. tiger woods. bounces off the green and bounces out at the pga event. 7 over 79, missed the secondary cut for the first time ever. >> ever. you need more time at 11:00. >> sure. can you give me some? >> kpix5.
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>> that's going to do it for us here. thanks for watching. we'll see you in 30 minutes on channel 5.
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