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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  January 26, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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search for drugs. a college kid from the bay area -- now charged with building a wean of mass destruction. an explosive discovery during a search for drugs. a college kid in the bay area charged of building a weapon of mass destruction. >> police in pennsylvania got more than they bargained for during a drug raid, uncovering a bomb and the materials to make other explosives. kpix 5 reports all of it linked to a student from pennsylvania. >> reporter: this is the 19- year-old from russia. the principal at the high school confirms for kpix 5 that the teen did attend this peninsula school and graduates in june of 2013. the principal declined to answer any additional questions about the former student, but others weren't so shy. in pennsylvania andrew lives in the same apartment building as the suspect who is a student at penn state university. police first went in to his
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apartment and in search of a suspected marijuana operation. when they found the suspected bomb in a suitcase with explosive-related tells packed inside. he is charged with possessing a weapon of mass destruction, risking a catastrophe, and possessing devices among others. chelsea garcia ortega lives across the street from the suspect in pennsylvania. >> i saw the name, i remember getting one of his packages here and then returning it to him. that was a couple months ago. >> reporter: you wonder what was in the package? >> a little bit. >> reporter: she admits he has seen the suspect set off three mini bombs outside that are apartment. >> i really hope i never see him again because like he is a dangerous kid. >> reporter: this bay area community must wait and see what's next for their graduate. the pennsylvania authorities are now working with the feds and plan to release new details come monday. in belmont, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> police also found fuses attached to aluminum and
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plastic containers. he's being held on half a million dollars bail. police in san jose state university are warning student there is to be on alert after a man on a bicycle groped two women. first incident happened outside the event rec center. the second neither hoover hall dorm about 9:20. two women were not seriously hurt. the university notified all students immediately. >> we definitely take it seriously, but i mean, it happens a lot sometimes. so you just kind of shrug it off. >> it is a little scary. we're not used to having a lot of the crime around here. this is one of the only things on campus to direct students. that's one thing that's like whoa, that's big. >> the fact that it's going on kind of concerns me. but not really. there's been worse stuff. >> the suspect is described as a white man between 20 and 30 years old with a mustache. he was wearing a black hoodie and black pants and last seen riding towards the campus village apartments.
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bart trains are back on schedule. a person had to be removed from underneath a train, causing lengthy delays for riders. the unidentified woman fell on to the tracks just before 6:00. she was taken to the hospital, no word yet on her condition or what caused her to fall. investigator haves ruled out foul play. they are now questioning witnesses. police are looking for a gunman who shot another man in a restaurant parking lot. that shooting happened a little after 4:00 p.m. at a jack in the box on lonetree way. the victim, the 33-year-old man was sitting in his car. the suspect shot him several times before taking off. the victim was taken to the hospital and at last word he's going into surgery. not clear if the victim knew the shooter. we're learning more about the suspect in yesterday's deadly mall shooting in maryland. police say that 19-year-old darion marcus aguilar brought a shotgun and a backpack filled with homemade explosives into a skate board shop at the mall of
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columbia, killing two employees and then himself. it is still unclear what set him off. but police say he did leave a journal behind. >> there is a journal. he does express the general unhappiness with his life, but i really don't have any other information about that now. we're going to continue to work through tonight and into the days ahead. >> police say aguilar had no criminal record and legally bought the shotgun last month. the olympics less than two weeks away. the u.s. state department has issued a travel warning, advising all americans heading to the games in sochi, russia to remain vigilant. this is after the islamic militants who claimed responsibility for the reasons of the suicide bombings in russia, warning that they are targeting the games. many american athletes say security threats won't deter them. though some team members have asked their families not to come. >> i would totally understand if they decided to stay home, but for me as an athlete i
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would always choose to go. >> athletes have been instructed not to wear the team u.s.a. logo outside of the olympic events. the u.s. lawmakers say the russians have not been very receptive to american efforts to help out with security. another hearing is set for next month on what went wrong during construction on the new bay bridge. on friday a whistle blower told state lawmakers at cal that they tried to quiet safety concerns. engineering geologist mike morgan claimed his supervisors covered up structural problems. a report commissioned by the state senate sent project officials telling an engineer not to document concerns on paper, but to voice them instead. cal tran said that it all adds up to a difference of opinions and not a cover up. >> after the complications were discovered, they quickly became apparent with me and the problem with the tech in order to cover it up. >> i have no evidence or no reason to believe that there was any coercion or anything
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like that and bullying to make determinations. >> cal trans is sticking to their claim that the eastern span is safe and that quality was never compromised. the california's crippling drought will continue to take their toll on ranchers. many are simply selling off their cattle this year because there's nothing for the farmers to eat. and some cities are already running short of water. salmon population is also in trouble. this is the time of the year the fish are suppose to migrate to local streams to spawn. they wait for a surge of water to tell them it's time, but with no rain, they may be stuck in the ocean. scientists say that could cause the already endangered to disappear between the golden gate and bay. well speaking of rain, we haven't seen a drop of it in more than two weeks and the poll says we likely won't make it to three. >> thankfully we're talking about a change as we need a change, a little balance here. it's too much warm and dry and not enough rainfall. today was another day where we
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were warm. even though it is cooler than yesterday, we set a record high in san jose what high of -- in san jose with a high of 71. today was the 14th straight day with at least one record high. of course we didn't see a drop of rainfall. coming up the workweek though, we're talking about rain. as a matter of fact there are two different days for the chance of rainfall as we'll talk about when that rain will arrive and how much rain we're going to get, which is coming up in about six minutes. >> all right, paul, thank you. music's biggest star wills turn out for their biggest night. the grammy awards. >> yes, some shined like the country star, taylor swift. is she country, pop? >> she is both. >> that's right. they had so many crystals that she thought it might be bullet proof. others stayed in character light french electronic duo. those helmets that they had on did not come off all night. >> who are you wearing? >> i don't know, i have no clue. honestly i told my stylist, hey
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man, maybe something cool for the grammy's. he custom made it. so i have no clue. >> and i like the texture of this. >> thank you. it's got shine. >> alligator skin. >> yes. >> and as you just saw, they got up close to the teen sensation. that's austin mahoney. she will be performing after the grammy's wrap up. >> some of the awards were given out before the actual show started. among the winners, a bay area group. one of the members of the pacific mambo orchestra posted this picture. the group won for best tropical latin album. the show will be on the unusual path that they took to get grammy gold. >> and the joint is jumping and floor is packed and the music is smoking hot. >> you can't help, but to get a dance to it. >> crammed on stage in the unusual sight, a full blown 19- piece latin big bend.
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the orchestra. >> and to have that many people on that much energy for the states, they really create something that you can imagine. >> you can have them boogie for sure. >> reporter: three years ago they got their start playing regular monday night gigs at the cafe on the hill. and now the orchestra has scored big. >> we are totally excited. and we are still in disbelief. >> reporter: and with more extraordinary is how the album got made. they have plenty of talent and fans, but little money and no major recording contract. however, they've got connections. online. >> you could help us out by placing your -- by pledging your support. >> reporter: for the album to help everyone and anyone on kick starter, the world's largest crowd funding website. >> we've got a lot of great response from everybody in there and people that we know and people that we don't even know. >> reporter: they raised more than $11,000. >> and you promised them to
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spend some time once it is done to pay an event. >> and as for the competition, they are all backed by the major record labels, but that doesn't matter as these underdogs have already won. >> and this is the new music business. i mean, you know, it's the big record company that is not needed anymore. >> and besides. >> they will be back for real. >> reporter: kpix 5. >> i like that. you get a grammy before you become a commercial success. >> yeah. no doubt. >> that's a neat idea. well, this time of the year, some people, they are not so fortunate. they are trying to avoid the flu. others are cashing in on it. why the government scientists are paying people to get sick on purpose. plus the bay area mutt gets a second chance and takes it all the way to the most prestigious dog show in the country. i feel like a part of my family is dying. >> and it's the end of the era for a famous bay area restaurant. ,,
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the move a texas hospital today removed a brain dead pregnant woman on life support. the move ended a long fight over munoz's body. the hospital argued under state
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law that a pregnant patient cannot be removed from life support. her husband sued saying that his wife would not want to be kept on life support. the hospital later admitted that the fetus was no longer viable. the judge sided with the husband ordering the life support to be removed. the royal caribbeans explore of the sea is docked in the virgin islands tonight after the crews got sick. it appears to be an outbreak. they left on thursday, suppose to be headed for the caribbean. they are trying to figure out what's behind the illness. >> a passenger comes on board unknowingly having the virus and then you have all those people that are in a confined space over a long period of time. >> the wave of the illness comes in the wave of the outbreak of the neurovirus just last week. well we're in the middle of the brutal flu season as you
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might be surprised to learn that the government scientists are recruiting volunteers to deliberately get sick. and then they will be isolated for nine days. and studied. the point is to show how the body fights off the flu for those scientists to come up with the vaccines. the participants will be paid $3,000 for their time. during a prayer for the peace today at the vatican, something not so peaceful happened. have leasing it from the apartments, and then one of those doves was attacked by the passing seagull happening at the prayer in front of the huge crowds. the pope and the kids took it all in strives as we do think that they got away. for the first time in over a century, the kennel club dog show is allowing the mixed breeds. >> yes, that's right.
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twice returned to the animal shelter. breaking the barriers. >> are you ready? ready? catch. yes. adopted from the spca and returned twice, just too much dog. >> the last time they went out the door, they were the dog that got away. the doctor came back two weeks later and i took her home. >> reporter: and now after seven years, they are headed for new york in the famous club show. for the first time, the purebred will include muts. >> i think it is great for people to see everything and it is great for people to see mixed breeds compete. >> before rue came into her life, she was thinking of getting a purebred to compete.
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now she has the dog she really wants. >> i think when you first see them, you see the untrained dog that you thought she was too smart for their own good and just needed a job to do. >> okay, good. they are headed to the super bowl. and there is of course a message here. >> it's just letting people know before they came looking for a dog that there are plenty of wonderful dogs and shelters that will need homes as well. in san francisco, kpix 5. >> and they are one of the oldest sporting events. kevin some muts. >> yeah, you would love to see that. it is very special. why not include it. speaking of second chances, are we ever going to get a chance of rain? >> you know, we will need to
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start somewhere. and some of these will be from the past month as the answer is yes, it will be going to rain this week and i couldn't have said that, at least the past two weeks with one change that you might have noticed inside with the on shore flow coming back as it is foggy and cloudy in portions of san francisco, san mateo and stretching towards oakland. there are many signs as i will point them all out to you. they are so dry that it is one sign that we're still stuck in this drought. san jose at 21% of normal for the rainfall. 16%, the north bay at 10% or 90% below normal. it's in pittsburgh and it is partly sunny skies for you tomorrow. that's coming up on tuesday and notice that they are gone and the record highs, they are likely gone and it will be a
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nice crystal blue skies. it's a big storm that will be hitting the wall and being kicked up to the north as you can see ten or 12 of those in a row as they look like they are impressive, heading in our direction to get kicked up to the north because of the ridge. we have the cloud covers coming up: a couple of rain showers for them right now. and the next couple of days t is not going to be as strong as it has been for the past couple of months. the cloud cover, partly sunny skies, the high will move away, allowing the storm systems to move in. highs in the 50s and the 60s. the best case scenario is a quarter of an inch, which is a
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great start for what we need. that somewhere will be on wednesday and thursday. it'll be cooler, amazing. at 11 degrees above average. 70 degrees above average and your high of 62. you'll hit 66. keel along the coast at half moon bay. upper 60s for pittsburgh, pleasant hill at 66 degrees, but not perfect sunshine. sonoma at 67. pretty cloudy afternoon in lake port with a high of 67 degrees. so we are trending cloudier on monday and tuesday and here comes some rain late in the day on wednesday. and by friday the sunshine is back and then next weekend, it will not be warm, not exceptionally dry, but drier for the weekend as we have two days with a chance of rain on wednesday and thursday.
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it's a start. >> yes, we've had the sunshine for way too long and now it is time to get some rain. >> all right, thank you, paul. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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florida! actually they take over the city every year. the colorful historic events called "gaspirilla" named after the actually they will be taking over the city every year, that's not a big deal. but the event, it will be called a great look. named after the pirate ship jose. hundreds of thousands show up to defend the invasion.
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and it is inspired always. the end of the era. >> well today people, they endured a long wait in daily city. one of his favorites, even the governor stop by for a bite. the favorite is closing their doors after the owner ran some personal health problems and decided to sell. at midnight tonight, 100 employees will be out of a job. >> i've been there for 28 years and i thought that they would finish, you know, until i could retire and it is kind of sad. it's all the memories that we have shared with the family and friends. i mean i could cry just thinking about it. it's really the special place. >> welt restaurant will be remodeled, reopening as a new restaurant some time next year. >> that's a part of the story that i do not understand. why doesn't somebody else just buy it? >> that's my favorite.
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defensive shoes tonight, hog the blazers to a season-lown points while handing them t largest defeat of the seaso. st holding the blazers to a season low while handing them their largest defeat of the season. give me the clock. he missed the warriors on their first match up with portland, but not tonight as he will get the steal, laying it in to find stephen curry. holding the highest scoring team with 12 points in the
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third quarter. bring it on. hosting them in overtime as they scored seven on 17 points in the extra frame. beating them 79-71. sorry, elizabeth, there's your homecoming as they are 4-3 in the pac-12 play. they would not have enough to complete that comeback. ucla a winner. for the birdie as they have the lead and that's enough with their third career pge tournament as they hold on. and the 28-year-old, they took advantage of the big hurt rafael nadal, dealing with the back issue. they cannot get it to go. he will win their first career grand slam, the first man in 21 years to beat the number one and the number two ranked player on route to the grand slam victory. it's an amazing accomplishment considering the fact that he's 28 years old. and finally breaks through. 28 years old, you're not a young man. >> maybe now he'll be great.
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>> yes, welcome back. look at that. >> thank you. [ laughter ] ,,
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you say what's for dinner? old el paso says hey. ready? come on! show me excited. yes! (michael) yeah. i'm pretty excited too. today i'm headed over to the job fair at valley view high school to find some new interns. wanna get some fresh blood, uh, euthanize this place. hey, we doin' this thing? yeah.


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