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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  January 27, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> raging bull, a steer goes on a rampage down a busy bay area street and starts charging people. >> raiderettes throw the challenge flag on a fellow cheerleader who accuses the team of not playing fair. and bay area ties plans to do with a weapon of mass destruction. >> i'm ken bastida. an angry bull stampedes out of control, running one person over and even blocking rush hour traffic for a time. the bull escaped near golf course drive and ended up close to todd road. joe vasquez shows us what happened next. >> you know, he saw me coming and going. he came right at us. >> for more than an hour this afternoon, some santa rosa fire fights turned cowboy to corral a raging bull. >> we obviously got too close
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to it. he charged us. we decided to stay back. >> the animal escaped around 3:00 a.m. from its ranch a few miles away near the casino. he had been wandering around all day. at one point this afternoon, he was in rush hour traffic on highway 101. luckily, nobody got hurt. the chp shut down the highway. he took the exit and ended up on todd road. >> he was like a jogger running down the side of the road. >> some construction workers got involved, then some firefighters. the chase was on. they managed to steer the bull into a field behind the fire house. >> we got him in that area, we got him away from all the people that was around. he made another charge at the owners and subsequently knocked one of them down. >> they eventually got the rope around the bull, but he never would calm down. finally around 6:00, he charged again at a ranch hand, this time knocking him down.
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an animal control officer fired his rifle three times, the bull was dead. >> he was obviously an agitated state. if he did get out, he was going to hurt someone. >> the owner gave permission. they then loaded him up and took him back to the ranch. in santa rosa, kpix5. >> the raiderettes are firing back. claims she was paid below minimum wage. tonight, other raiderettes say, leave us out of it. retired raiderettes are crying foul at a lawsuit claiming the oakland raiders played below the minimum wage. the suit was filed last week in alameda supreme court court, a married, stay at home mom and former raiderette. >> hearing one fish in the sea. >> lori was a raider from 2000 to 2006. she said the raiders only paid
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them $1200 for the whole season was just the base pay and doesn't take into account promotional events and calendar sales that netted dancers more cash. >> another really great shot in hawaii. >> the base pay doesn't factor in free trips to hawaii, japan, and mexico. what's more, the low pay claim is simply untrue. >> actually, we were the highest paid, the time i cheered, we were the highest paid of all the nfl girls. >> lorain tells kpix5, she and others are upset they are being lumped in. >> if she wanted to sue them, she should have represented herself and not involve any of us. >> lorain says the sixth season she spent cheering for the raiders, including their super bowl season, were among the greatest years of her life and many other nfl cheerleaders feel the same way.
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>> out of all the cheerleaders throughout the years, if there were people who are really, really this dissatisfied, you would have been hearing about lawsuits a long time ago. uber is facing a wrongful death lawsuit over a new year's eve crash that killed a six- year-old san francisco girl. sophia was in a crosswalk at poke and ellis streets when an uber driver hit them. the family says uber is still liable because the driver was logged into the uber app waiting for fare. >> it has to be visually located for the driver to see where the passenger is and they must tap on that within several seconds in order to get the ride. that means they have to be looking at the app itself, which distracts them from the roadway. >> the driver is facing vehicular manslaughter charges.
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uber only insures uber exdrivers when they have a fare. the company claims it's not liable. a tragic killing of one of bart's own officers is prompting changes into how the agency conducts investigations. any searches that require bart officers to enter homes now require written approval by a deputy chief before its executed. this comes in the wake of the tragic shooting of sergeant tom smith during an apartment search last week. bart confirmed michael mays was the officer who pulled the trigger. >> mike mays, he's a very experienced, well trained officer. obviously something did not go the way we wanted it to go. >> maize is currently on administrative leave. funeral services will be held this wednesday in castro valley. >> police say they know how a bay area teenager accused of possessing a weapon of mass
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destruction got the materials for the explosives and kpix5's brian webb talked to former classmates who thought the teen was a little weird. >> carl was buzzing monday. the first day back at school since a former classmate was accused of making a weapon of mass destruction. >> a lot of them are like, wow, he's quiet, but yeah, they're surprised. >> 19-year-old now a pen state engineering student was arrested for a marijuana growing operation. but when police searched his apartment, they found a suitcase with a bomb and bomb making materials. like pee tas potassium nitrate. lived in this home with his family for several years. friends and neighbors call him kind, quiet, and a little weird. >> he's weird, but he's not
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weird. but yeah. i don't know. i liked him. >> pennsylvania police say he ordered the materials off the internet to quote, blow things up, but planned to do it in an open field, not to hurt anyone. >> he was a genuinely kind person. i don't think he would try to hurt people. he was intrigued by the chemistry and led him down the drain, you know. >> police in pennsylvania wouldn't provide us details about any bombs that might have been detonated in california. we're told his parents are now with him in pennsylvania. reporting from belmont, kpix5. >> his bail is set at $500,000. his next court appearance is february 5. south san francisco police released a sketch they hope will identify a man who walked into a girl's locker room naked. he is believed to be a balding man in his mid to late 40s with short brown hair and a pot
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pellly. he exposed himself to high school cheerleaders while they were changing earlier this month and took off. >> get ready to shell out more to park in san jose. the city is ordering a new batch of smart meteorologists that allows drivers to pay with credit cards. they'll cost $1.3 million to put in so the city is raising parking rates to pay that bill from $1 to $2. it will be san jose's first meter hike in more than a decade. >> george lew a case is one of three finalists to make a major makeover in san francisco. the trust held a public meet today to hear the proposals for revitalizing the location. lucas has plans to build a cultural art. >> it was another steamy day on lake superior.
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it's the result of the lats brutal cold snap gripping the midwest. the lake water is so much warmer than the air it is vaporizing. the deep freeze has driven demand for natural gas to record levels. that could translate to a nationwide jump in heating prices. more heat is the last thing we need here, but paul says change is finally on the horizon. paul. >> we saw that change today with cloud cover around. today was the first day out of the past 15 with no record highs. that's because we were cloudier and cooler. look at the radar. we have something on it. maybe some of you in napa county had a quick sprinkle. aside of that, a sign of things that are things are changing. the first of two low pressure area is slamming into the pacific northwest. the system after that, thanks to high pressure, that is going to make it here.
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cloudy skies tonight. the 234áebgs storm will cause rain fall here in the bay area. find out when and how much coming up in a few minutes. >> it's so radioactive the technology to clean it up doesn't exist yet. a rare look inside the cripple the fukushima nuclear plant. >> realtor by day, cat lady by night. how to fix one bay area's cat problem. and guys create a goofy ode to the google bus, end up with a viral video. ,,,,,,,,
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bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. radiation. and it likely will be.. fo nearly three years after the fukushima nuclear disaster, the plant is emitting radiation and it will likely be for decades. seth got rare access inside where the pain staking cleanup continues 24 hours a day. >> three miles from the plant, roads are still closed. radiation levels here soar 100 times higher than normal. once this was the heart of the
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radioactive no go zone. now, it is safe enough to spend a few hours inside. the company that owns the crippled plant is struggling to deal with the disaster. all four reactors are still emitting radiation. but tepgo has made some progress. >> this is what they want us to see. the heart of the decommissioning work taking place here in reactor 4. >> following earthquake and tsunami, a hydrogen explosion tore off the roof of this reactor. >> at the time, reactor four was not in use, but that explosion sent debris into this pool where the nuclear fuel was being destroyed. >> we were able to watch the work of removing 1500 radioactive fuel rod assemblies. if the rods break, they could release more radioactive gases. they removed 15% of the fuel
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from reactor 4, but it will be far more difficult to retrieve fuel from three other reactors that melted down. those are so radioactive that the technology to dismantel them does not exist yet. tepco injects hundreds and tons of water daily to keep them cool. but ground water is pouring into the damaged reactors and has to be pumped out in stores. they can't build these tanks fast enough. an additional 400 tons of contaminated water needs to be stored every day. that's as much water as the average american household uses in a year. at the end of our tour, we were checked for radiation exposure. i received the equivalent of less than a chest x-ray. the cleanup is expected to cost upwards of $100 billion and it could take another 40
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years. >> the mayor of sochi, russia, says there are no gay people in his city. the mayor flatly told the bbc reporter, quote, we do not have them in our city. a local drag queen reporter said yes, there is a guy community as well as the rest of doesn't tri. in june, russia passed a bill beganning gay propaganda. >> a familiar face, a guest of the first lady burg president obama's state of the union address. san francisco mayor will sit alongside jason lead and eachly gay former nba player. the president is expected to highlight gay rights and terror in his address. you can catch the state of the union tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. right here on kpix5. if you're commuting, watch or listen to the live stream at playing games or using social media apps on your phone
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may open the door for spy agencies to collect your personal information. documents leaked by edward snowden suggests that the nsa uses gaming apps like angry birds, to access pearl data. the leaky apps allow access to address books, phone logs, and geographic data. she refers to herself as the crazy cat lady and she is on a mission. >> kristen ayers tagged along with an oakland woman determined to fix the city's cat problem. >> i trap about three nights a week and sometimes more often. >> trying to lure a colony of cats to safety. >> i saw this kitten. i sers like, this poor little baby. >> the kitten was part of a
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pack of ferrel and abandoned cats. so kathy called the woman who has no problem describing herself this way. >> i'm truly the crazy cat lady. >> a real estate agent by day, traps and thieves cats by night. >> first on her own, then as a part of a nonprofit called fix our ferrels. been abandoned and moved and left to fend for themselves. the cats on this block are a few of thousands of abandoned cats. her goal tonight is to trap them, neuter them, and release them. it doesn't take long. first she captures this kitten and then a cat. the feline is flustered for now, but fed and fixed and if possible, put up for adoption. >> i see the cats spay and newter and a safe place to live their lives, i feel good about it. >> in oakland, kristen ayers,
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kpix5. >> one out of every four cats are not fully ferrel and can be adopted. >> ready for adoption, she was found at the recooling center just before christmas struggling to get out of the bag she was stuffed in. she suffer add number of injuries to her head, neck, and legs. san francisco animal control says jim has recovered. they say so many people have already called about her. probably have to hold a drawing. >> happy ending to that incredible story. >> lots more to adopt, absolutely. >> switching gears. rain on the way and it's really coming. >> it is really coming. we have rain to talk about in january. who knew it would be such a big deal. this should be a normal thing. two to three times a week. not this time. some of you got a few sprinkles this evening.
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out and about, santa rosa, maybe cloverdale. got a sprinkle for 5 to 10 seconds, that's a big headline. a few sprinkles made it through north bay. lives look outside at sfo, we are mostly cloudy. a couple interesting things up in alaska. first all, let me show you beautiful pictures. check that out, solar storm charged up the atmosphere of the latter attitudes. also need to tell you that nome, alaska, hit their all- time january record high today and it hit 51 degrees. they are very warm and of course the eastern 2/3 of our country very cold. we are very dry in the mountains. 12% is the snow pack right now. 12%. this time last year, 94%. we really need that snow pack and the pattern will help that. it's not going to fix the problem, but it's a start. low pressure, storm number one,
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passing by. we do have gnome. they certainly do. it's 5% in the northern sierra. we'll get a few sprinkles north bay, that's it. the next is coming because the ridge blocking everything from getting close. it's just strong, but now it's moving. it will get weaker and push further to the south. the top of the wall won't move in. wednesday night, don't get your hopes up, this will not stop the drought. we'll roll through future cast and show you a quarter inch of rain fall for san francisco. and awe quarter of an inch for santa rosa. it's a start. a couple sprinkles possible early tomorrow. that other storm gets here wednesday night and rain will be around until friday morning. tomorrow, tuesday, still above normal, but it's going to feel cooler because it's been so darn warm. heyward 66. 67 for walnut creek.
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dublin 65. cloudy day in san francisco tomorrow. berkeley 64, and clover dale 63 degrees. extended forecast, still cloudy through wednesday. rain moves in wednesday night. yes, i said rain. thursday rain, friday morning rain, then we clear out. we'll be back with sunshine. >> thanks, paul. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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francisco. a co there's been a lot of tension lately surrounding those google buses in san francisco. >> a couple guys who are not google employees thought they'd make a little fun of it all.
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♪ [ music ] the group calls itself cash box. they put the google bus song up on youtube earlier this month. it has gotten more than 15,000 hits so far. >> the area hockey team is out of business. can the sharks make it ten straight wins in san jose? we'll drop the puck, next. ,,,,
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,,,, with a 5-gam without a goal i it's been nothing but black ice for the l.a. kings who came into san jose with a five-game losing streak. give me the clock. darryl's kings, 10 points behind the sharks to start the night scoreless.
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late second when l.a. strikes. jeff carter to ann kopitar. made 23 saves, several in the final seconds. the team u.s.a. goalie pitched a shutout. kings over the sharks 1-0. the san francisco bulls are no more. the minor league hockey club ceased operations in the middle of their second season. the team announced the bulls who called it home, the reason the team could not continue operations. they lost $2 million last year. >> welcomed to the farm. all lady cardinal, lilly thompson hits the 3 in the first half and in the second, the drive for 2. 86-59. sanford remains unbeaten. floyd money mayweather is living up to his nickname. the undefeated boxing champion bet $10.4 million on the super
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bowl. who does he pick? the broncos to beat the seahawks, $10.4 million. >> good night. ,,,, [son] she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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