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tonight. we all know northern it. a drop in the bucket earlier today and more rain is coming down tonight. we all know northern california badly needs it. good evening. >> our chief meteorologist tracking the high def doppler to find out where the rain is falling. >> it's here, it is falling. let's get to it. kpix 5 tracking rain. seven weeks since we've had a good soaker and we'll have a decent amount of rainfall in the next 24 hours. the first wave of showers is coming through, windsor, roana park, and also north to st. helene getting showers. working its way from the north and seeing a few showers on the
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san mato coast line. great news in the sierra where the snow pack is so low, so below normal this, is the best news, 2 feet or know of new snowfall between now and friday morning above 8,000 feet in elevation. 4 to 6 inches of snow at lake tahoe where they've seen nothing in the month. timing things out, i've stopped the clock at 3:00 in the morning, moderate, even heavy rainfall at times, along the 6 # 0 corridor. we all get rain tonight and tomorrow. the rain will spread over the bay area tonight. this will be the first soggy community since december. we'll talk about how much rain in your town and how long it will stick around in ten minutes. concerns over california's drought have reached the white house. >> the governor said the president gave him a call. >> he called today, offered to do whatever he can do.
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obviously can't make it rain, but there are some parts ever california that are more privileged from the point of view of water availability than others. so we have systems we can transfer it. >> unless there's a dramatic change in the weather, people in marin county will have to cut back on their water usage. starting april 1st, people will be required to use 25% less. customers will get letters in the coming week alerting them to that. the water district serves $185,000. three districts could face severe shortages within two months. the state department of public health says color and heelsburg are vulnerable. the state is evaluating orpgss options.
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you can head to a counselor is under arrest. edward diaz is accused of selling marijuana to students. we're live with what students and parents are saying tonight. >> reporter: they were really very shocked when they learned of this arrest. the after school program's website says it's designed to support and teach kids to become responsible, productive adults. but one of their own did just the opposite. edward diaz was in charge of tutoring and mentoring kids in an afterschool program called "think together." now he's learning a thing or two behind bars. he was busted to selling marijuana to two middle school kids yesterday. >> i used to think he was cool but now he made a wrong decision so he's going to have to face the consequences. >> reporter: and javier jasper will have to find somewhere else to study and get inspiration. just this morning he turned in paperwork to join the after
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school program which was a contract with the san jose school district. >> i'm not sure we want him in the program. >> reporter: diaz did pass two federal background checks before he passed marijuana to to you students. after they were caught with pot, they gave up his name. diaz then admitted to it. >> he has no business being here. not around these young kids. are you kidding? these guys are so impressionable, no way. >> i think it's very unsettling that parents allow their children to go for help and people we're supposed to trust, provides them with drugs. >> reporter: with his mom's permission we spoke to sam freedman who gave him something to think about. >> it's definitely wrong to do this and especially to minors. i mean, it's one thing if it's other adults but to minors it's a whole other level. >> reporter: diaz is facing a count of selling to a minor and
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other charges. san jose police say they're investigating whether this was just a one-time thing or whether others were involved. . santa clara county correctional officer has been accused of housing known criminals who were supplying him with drugs. deputy juan karillo was arrested on monday. they think the 14 year veteran was on drugs at the time of his arrest. three others in the home were also arrested on drug charges and other violations, all have criminal records. and an oakland teenager suspected of killing his own sister in a dispute over laundry turned himself in today. he was caught running from the family's apartment last week. justice toliver was later found shot to death inside. police say the boy was apparently upset with his sister
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for bleaching his clothes. thousands gathered to pay their final respects to a fallen b.a.r.t. police sergeant who was accidentally shot and killed by a fellow officer. . [ bagpipes ]. . >> if you're lucky to find the love of your life hold on to it. i did, i cherished every moment we had. >> reporter: those words coming from sergeant tommy smith's wife kellie the day after he was killed. today she and her daughter face the unimaginable. following his casket into a church carried by tommy's two older brothers and brother-in-law, all of them bay area law enforcement. at the service his older brother pat talked about tommy's devotion to family. he said the world was a better place with tommy in it. >> you don't expect to bury your brother, you expect to bury your parents and your grandparents, not your little brother. >> reporter: sergeant smith was
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accidentally shot and killed by detective michael maes. they were doing a probation search in an apartment when smith was fatally shot. >> trying to show our support to the department and family. >> reporter: michael ray flew in from boston. he didn't know sergeant smith but he could identify. >> personally, it hits home with me. i have a family, i have a daughter, around her age, and this is tough. [ bagpipes ]. >> reporter: the law enforcement family that never says goodbye, only stay safe, says today this still isn't goodbye, but stay safe, little brother. >> i love you, stay safe. that's all you can do. there's no guarantees in life, especially in our line of work. >> reporter: gone but never forgotten, tommy smith. >> i'll love him forever. >> reporter: his two older
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brothers and brother-in-law all in law enforcement will take some time to mourn and then they will get back to duty to serving the public because they say that is what tommy would want. as for detective maes, we're told he was not at the funeral. he was expected to show up but he wanted the focus to be on sergeant smith and his family and not on him. . no cameras were allowed inside today's service but sources tell kpix 5 that mezerly was in attendance. he is the former b.a.r.t. police officer who killed unarmed passenger oscar grant five years ago at the fruit vail station. he served two years for involuntary manslaughter. san fransisco department of public health is confirming that a third person was died from the flu. the department says the victim did have under lying medical conditions, at least 34 people in the bay area have died from the flu already this season. first lady michelle obama will be in the bay area
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tomorrow. she'll attend one democratic function in san fransisco. on friday she'll join house minority leader nancy pelosi for a lunch at the fairmont hotel. she planned to visit san fransisco last october but cancelled her trip because of the federal government shutdown. yeah, the wheels are spinning but they're not getting very far. tough going, and tough for tires to get any traction in atlanta because of all the snow and ice. people on the ground say it smelled like a nascar race. it felt like a nightmare as drivers there got stuck for way too long. >> oh my gosh. >> reporter: drivers along the south's busiest highways spent wednesday trying to finish tuesday's commute. a rare winter storm brought several inches of snow and paralyzing ice. highways froze and soon so did the traffic. all those cars meant salt and
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sand trucks could not treat the roadways. ron rivero and his truckload of bananas were stuck for 30 hours. >> i'm from the south. we're not prepared for this type of weather. >> reporter: georgia's governor agreed. >> even with the best of forecasting i don't think anyone could have totally predicted that this was going to have the magnitude within the short window of time in which it occurred. >> reporter: here in atlanta, traffic is moving again, at least on the major streets. the focus is on the icy highways where so many people wanting to get home had to ride out the storm. >> reporter: drivers slept in whatever warm place they could find and 10,000 stranded students spent the night in schools. >> every single child in the city of atlanta has been reunited with their families. >> reporter: classes and government offices will remained closed on thursday as drivers
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retrieve their abandoned cars. >> and atlanta's mayor is taking some of the blame. he said the city made a big mistake by not staggering when people should leave. he said schools should have been let out first, followed by private businesses and then government to avoid the massive traffic jam. some people are calling it the super bowl of security. massive effort is underway to make sure football's biggest game goes off without a hitch this sunday. police are patrolling the rivers. tsa agents are sweeping train platforms and in the sky surveillance missions are being flown or metlife stadium. they sound confident for whatever may come their way. >> i mean, we worry about this every day here in new york. >> what's the latest intelligence tell you about potential threats. >> we're not picking up any direct threats against the event itself but please be aware. >> police presence is strong in time square. the new york police department
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has what it calls a hercules team keeping watch. it's not exactly the type of behavior you expect from a congressman. why this representative got so upset after a reporter and why it's probably -- at a reporter and why it's probably not a good thing. hazmat suits worn for this home full of slithery animals. how this dog is getting a new start. ,,,,
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threatened a reporter in an interview that's now gone v . a congressman from new york is eating his words after he threatened a reporter in an interview that's now gone viral. he snapped after the reporter asked about allegations over campaign finances. >> why? why? >> it's a valid question [ inaudible ] . >> at first the congressman said the reporter had been disrespectful and unprofessional but later realized he was in the
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wrong. >> i apologize to scotto. he was gracious and accepted my apology. we're going to have lunch next week and make sure this is behind us. the bottom line is sometimes i wear my emotions on my sleeve but i was wrong. >> the house could sanction grim who is running for reelection this year. california teacher is under arrest after a search of his house turned up hundreds of snakes. neighbors complained about a horrible smell coming from bill buckman's santa ana home, a team went in today and found rooms stacked high with bins containing pythons. buckman is facing animal cruelty charges. just five weeks after being rescued from a conveyor belt, a little puppy is getting a new family. know vasquez has more on the
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adoption of gem. >> she's going to make a fantastic companion. >> reporter: this apricot poodle puppy has been through the wringer. last month workers discovered her on a conveyor belt after someone had tossed her in to the recycling. they nicknamed her gem, as in diamond in the rough. she was in bad shape, but after surgery and tender loving care, the folks at animal control decided she's ready to be in a loving home. out of the 250 people who inquired about adoption, it was another recology employee who won the puppy lottery. >> she had a letter of support from one of gem's rescuers saying they would visit her. she could bring it to work, and this is a nice ending for everybody. >> you didn't win the lottery, you're not going home with gem but the folks at animal care and control they want you it know
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there's plenty of more where this came from. >> plenty of jewels out there. gem has a great outcome. we would love to see great outcomes for our other animals. >> i want to know who that other rascal is who was over there. gem's new mom picks her up after the news conference tomorrow afternoon. an institution is closing its doors after nearly 50 years. this overcast sky summed it in, the mood in joe's cable car, the restaurant is known for its lean hamburger. the owner is calling it quits at age 735 partly because of his health. he worries that new owners would cut corners and disappoint customers. he spends 16 hours a day there, seven days a week. . >> people ask me, your children going to take over, i said no, i love them too much. all day long you get praise, you
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know, and compliments, it's fun and i'm going to miss that. >> the restaurant opened in july of 1965. its last day will be march 16th. well, there is hope on the horizon for skiing resort. it's been raining across the region and some of the rain is giving way to snow. the resorts badly need whatever they can get. if anything, it had help replenish the ponds and reservoirs that they've been capping for snow making. and across much of the immediate bay area right now it's raining. >> people are hearing a sound outside of their house they think a squirrel is on the roof, it can't be rain, got to be something crawling. it's raining, it is raining outside. take a look at the radar. a happy sight. we've waited a long time for this. the longest wait in the wintertime we've ever had in the bay area. there it is. i know it's not raining everywhere yet but it has to
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start somewhere. fairfield, vacaville, and the tock, very layo, i'll just keep mentioning towns, petaluma, rainfall moving through the golden gate, almost to mill valley, emeryville, portions of san fransisco, we are picking up rainfall right now, heavier showers just popped up in the berkeley hills. mainly cloudy skies over downtown san fransisco right now. we have had 2.1 inches of rain full since july 1st. the normal a rainfall from july 1st to now is.13.35 inches. we're 11 inches below normal. we had showers earlier today but that's gone. i'm watching this guy down here, racing to the east, and all this moisture you see will be moving through the bay area the rain is picking up now and i think we'll
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have showers through at least tomorrow evening, some of you showers until friday morning. front is moving through, high pressure far enough a way that it does make it to the bay area. soggy commute, going to show you down ton your way too work and on your way home from work. a new pattern sarts on the weekend. not my favorite pattern because the ridge is close by but no, sir at close nor is it as strong as it was before. as it peels farther and farther away we have increasing chances. this is not the same.earn we were stuck in for several months. furturecast, how much rainfall, quarter inch to a half inch for the east bay, hess for the west bay. up to 3/46 an inch of much needed rainfall in the north bay. showers are beginning, showers likely all the way through friday morning. the steadiest rainfall had be late in the day tomorrow. that's when we will see a decent slug of moisture moving through.
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concord tomorrow 59, palo alto, 358 degrees, pittsburgh, 58 for san fransisco, na vado 56. ex-tanneded fast, we're calling for the showers to end on friday. over the weekend we're looking at temperatures topping out in the low 60s. you have to see the effects of the drought, last year the pastor at the cow plant, this year it's bone dry, that's just the difference what one year can do. tons of grass last year, and now this year the farmers are struggling. everything is brown, not green. we need things to change tonight. >> we'll have more coming up right after this.
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. that's aaron gordon, the wildcats were just having a battle with stanford. stanford shooting win in the deep three, 8.5 minutes, johnson brought them back. they escaped 50-57. germane marshal tied this game. california loses in overtime, 89-78. they gave all they had but it wasn't enough. the bags escape 54-52. sharks, oilers, schultz, by niemi for the 1-0 heed. the sharks had a franchise record 59 shots, all of them
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saved by edmonton's goalie. >> see you at 11. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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