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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  February 2, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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is dead. her mother -- under arrest. grief and dispolice chief in one bay area city tonight. a 3-year-old girl is dead, her mother under arrest. hollywood stunned by the sudden death of -- death of the oscar winner. tonight word that google ilooking to expand its overseas empire. first san francisco, now alameda as brian web tells us that google is adding to its new terry system. hi, brian. >> hi, ann. it's the first day of a week long trial to see if east bay google employees want to get the work done on the water. move over google buses and barge. the google ferry is making more waves across the bay area.
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>> we are in so money and the facilities will get to be used and hopefully traffic will be used. >> reporter: this is their first trial. and they could be cruising. >> to see if it makes sense if they would like to use the day as a highlight. >> the first trial run took them from san francisco to redwood city and back and now it is alameda's turn in the east bay. this is a take on what the ferry building might look like if the plan meets smooth daily. >> it is much more capacity as you can see for the transportation. >> reporter: it is just another way that the tech giant is getting googlers by time. a part of the deal mines that the google ferry will not
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interrupt the regular ferry -- will not interrupt the regular ferry days. live in alameda, brian brian, kpix5. a little bit of the snow was brought to the bay area. a little bit of -- a little bit of a dusting as they got some snow. but the small potent season from north to south as i high- def doppler showed a few road showers as most of the achetivety heads south with more -- activity heads south. tonight to remember a little girl found dead in her home in napa as they brought flowers. many said prayers and some gave speeches to clean the girl's heart of the broken
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grandfather. >> you can't imagine what i'm going through. there is nothing that we could say or do to bring them back. i hope that nobody goes through this. >> the investigation is underway to find out how the 3- year-old died. earlier today arresting the girl's mother and boyfriend and don knapp with what they need to go on. >> reporter: they checked the apartment and located the 3- year-old deceased in her bed. no parent or guardian was present at the residence. investigators took over the investigation. the investigators noted when appeared to be blunt force trauma injuries on the victim. a follow up also showed that the victim was sexual assaulted. >> reporter: police arrested
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the mother and her boyfriend. both charged with homicide and assault resulting in the child's death. this shows the 3-year-old victim on the right, with an unidentified boy who lives at the same apartment. the man that came to live with her friend. >> when she hooked up with him, she saw him go downhill, a lot of sponsors. i've never seen a little girl play outside, but there's a time before the little girl came around and she was a really good mother to the little girl. we always see her playing with her and really into her child. >> are you personally taking this well? >> it is upsetting. you know this is just so close to home and that we usually never think that it is a little girl that you'll see grow up. and it is very difficult. >> reporter: police have had calls from the past for alleged drug use and domestic violence.
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in napa, kpix 5. ignoring efforts to keep patients from wondering out of their rooms. that's according to a new report saying that her doctor instructed staff in writing not to leave her unattended. he was missing for more than two weeks. the report finds fault with the sheriff's department as deputies were suppose to search the stairwells, but they didn't. seymour hoffman is dead from an apparent drug overdeuce. they found his body this morning after calling 911 from the apartments. >> cbs news learned that they found the actor unconscious on his bathroom floor with a syringe in his arm. declared dead at the scene. envelopes that may have
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contained hero win are also found on the floor. but the drug overdose is expected. >> reporter: but the actor was open about the ongoing struggle with jobs. >> look at that right there to get the head up. yeah. yeah. i liked it all. yeah. >> and why did you decide to stop? >> because you panic. and it was, you know i was 22 and i panicked for my life. >> reporter: he lacked looks with his blonde hair as he made his mark as a character actor in some memorable roles. he's a good cop and a bad cop. >> reporter: he won best actor in 2006 for his portrayal in this story. a role that he threw himself
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into. >> there was a biography as i became somewhat obsessed with the whole story. >> the last public appearance was a week ago at the sun dance film festival. phillip seymour leaves behind a partner and three young children. he was 46. >> hoffman reportedly checked himself into rehab at may after being sober for 23 years. a little solace for the super bowl team. they blitz the denver broncos today. molly hall with the super show. >> reporter: it's the moment these seattle seahawks fans have dreamed about for years. >> all we wanted to do was to win a championship and tonight it happened. >> way better than what i thought i was going to feel. way better.
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i'm going to sleep good tonight. >> reporter: but for fans of the denver broncos, dreams of victory turned into an agony of defeat. >> never does it get shut out like that. i left, i couldn't stand it. >> oh wow. what can i say. >> it's the new york/new jersey's first super bowl and the first to be held outdoors in a cold weather city. a week ago forecasters predicted snow and freezing temperatures on game night. but lucky for fans it was more than 50 degrees at kickoff. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: this was the game of many firsts from the first opera singer to perform the national anthem to the first super bowl performance by bruno mars. the grammy winner teamed up with the red hot chili peppers.
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sweet memories, especially if you're a fan. >> everything cbs news, east rutherford, new jersey. fireworks flew from the space needle as fans spilled into the streets to celebrate. that's one of the celebrations that got a little out of control as they were overhead as fans, they lit a massive bonfire in the streets with no results of any injuries. the oakland's toy company got a chance to shine during the super bowl. she got her message out to millions during the third quarter and it did not cost the company a sent. she beat out other small businesses. they are meant to inspire the next generation of female engineers. >> good. the golden state warriors are pushing back for their plans for the new water front
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as the team now says that the arena will definitely not open in 2017 as they thought originally. the cost estimates have doubled for renovating the sites at piers 30 to 32 and they are trying to come one a plan that will win the city approval. >> we're doing exactly what we said we would do, which is to fully embrace the public input and all the regular input that we've gotten as a result of the sequence and the nar schedule. >> they might need voter approval tomorrow as well. expected to turn in more than 15,000 signatures that would require the public's okay for any development exceeding the current water front hike limits. the reverend served as a special guest preacher at the memorial cathedral in oakland this morning. his appearance was a part of the celebration to offer a new oakland chapter of his national
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action network. yes. even cell phones here. blackberries, a black perry's general as he would get that together to help you. >> and the national action network is for the civil rights group. well, your next trip could come with a side of sticker shock. >> it is never going to be enough. it is too late this year for it to be enough. >> the drastic measures and their local growers that they might need to take if it drags on. it is really making a mockery of the democratic process. a california politician will find a unique way to call for more transparency. >> going out in style and it will be hard to top this one.
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you'll not believe it, it's a hard long life enthusiasm. wait until you see what happened. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mozena" created this sign.. featuri city council members baringt all.. with the help of photo-shop. the banner sayst buck naked." mozeena says 'a play on words - to get counl members to be more transpart about spending tax bucks. steve mozena /long beach mal candidate :42 we're accounte to the goverment in so many ways... i'm showing them tod over and show our finances being buck naked :48 (butt ) suja lowenthal / long beach council member 1:25 it's rey making a mockery of our democratic process & the institution of civic engage & city government 1:31 the banner isn't breaking a obscenity laws. however.. it's well over the city s se ordinance.. at 60 square fe. mozena says he might file f variance.. so it can stay u. today's rain was a welcome t for people all across the b area. but we need a lot more. mark kelly spoke with one group today -- whose livelihoods depend on it. today's rain is a welcome site for people across the area as mark kelly spoke to one group today whose livelihoods depended on it. at this farmer's market in the
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county, they sell cheese. it takes milk from 150 goats to make her products. and they admit with the grass, the bone dry from the drought that the cost of feeding that many goats is expensive alfalfa isn't easy. >> and we will need to raise prices. >> reporter: mark owns the ranch where he raises rabbit, pork, and lamb. he says that the ranchers are not as hard as dairy producers from the moment, but still, they are dangerously low. >> we are poised to have a serious problem coming up in, you know, as the season progresses and that we get into the summertime. >> it doesn't mean problems for the organic farmers, but as an industry as a whole. >> reporter: they are searching for farmers to fill about one dozen of their boots. >> it is really hard for them right now, it is terrible actually. a lot of the farmers couldn't make it out to the pockets and that is where they make their money. >> reporter: the certified
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organic farmers are worried about the drought too. and the trade association, they are looking into the financial help for the farmers that are falling on hard times. at this time, the best help could only come from above as it might even be too late for that. >> it will never be enough, it is too late this year to be enough. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix 5. america's favorite ground hog was back in action today. they made their annual appearance in front of the huge crowd this morning on gobblers nod as he did in fact see his shadow which means six more weeks of winter, whatever that means. they must have had football on their brain. yeah, he accidentally fumbles
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that right there. >> those little guys bite, you know. we're not thrill about it. but i don't think that they would care what they see as they don't want to see those people as we have seen plenty here today. despite the rain, it was a soggy day for them. but did it stop them from the half marathon at golden gate park? it did not as they opted for the 5k fun run, which was also held in the park as i resume it will be a good time for all. the numbers right now, they will be clearing up. scooting on out for you in the hours of the morning as they once said back in 1954. oakland at 46 and san francisco 50 and 44 degrees. they are showing you that it is all tied up. down south, pretty good rainfall totals for you. .44 inches at fremont.
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and about a third of an inch in oakland and the airport, it is probably the rain winter. it is just one of those things that we're impressed with as they went over the airport. it's about as much as we got for the entire bay area. and it seemed like a lot of rain as we did not see it in a long time, but a lot of the folks were impressed. and tonight temperatures, they would dive down to the 40s tonight as they will be near freezing. showers will head south as they build back in, but it will not build back in strongly. we'll get more sunshine as it could be patchy fog to start out on monday morning too with a little more atmosphere. and combined with the clearing skies. it means that it will be cold. future cast though, they show mostly clear skies for tomorrow. so it won't be too much in the way of the reheated leftovers for you. it could happen for you and then everything will condense and form clouds closer to the
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ground. but tomorrow it doesn't look like it could happen. but this is what should happen for you as they will be cool and dry -- cool and dry, coming into the bay area around thursday as they might be wet again with the system that could drop another little bit of the rain in the bay area. but tomorrow, we'll see the sunshine, which will be cool. that's the other thing too. it's not like it was in the northern third of the country as it might not. and the twin cities, they are at 19 degrees. especially by the standards, 6 degrees at the airport. we'll be looking at los angeles to be nice, but in new york, they will get snow tomorrow and at 48 degrees. fairfield, liver mother, 33. daytime highs tomorrow, we'll see them almost all in the mid- 50s around the bay area. they will be up to 56 in san jose. now, east bay, mid-50s, that'll pretty much do it for you.
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56 in santa rosa. if you head up here, 54 degrees should do it and 54 for them as well with the extended forecast for the next three days, they will be looking dry for you and a chance of rain. now, by next weekend it's a question mark as it could rain again on sunday. it's not bad, which means that the door will be open just a little bit. that's weather right now as they will have a very important and intriguing question. >> yes. and where do they go? the hog heaven, of course for the elaborate funeral plan. ,,,,,,,,,,
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okay so you have to see this next story to really believe it. >> i have to say too that the video is disturbing as the man was buried in that see through casket riding his motorcycle. that will be bill seated on the bike complete with his bike there and his jacket and his gear and he considers the 1967 motorcycle and his decision to make the highway to heaven a reality as it started as a joke. >> we've got two boys on by. and they said that they would need to be there with it as i would think that it would be two weeks for them. what a great idea. and that we were all like dad and he would be like no that's how we're going out. we still thought that he was
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kidding. but guess what, 18 years later. >> they started to build that casket about six years ago with their kids and he was brought in. center yeah, it is a little odd to look at. >> but that they may have started for the denver broncos as early as a few minutes on into the game tonight. >> we were talking about it. it was not that exciting of a game, but it was very boring. right from the get go. right from the time that they threw out the coin flips as they went all downhill. but that's not the only big game for them and the other one in the bay area and again and how it all fell apart for them again. for peyton manning in the super bowl. the minute is next. ,,,, ,,,,
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mature coin flip... peyton manning in trouble from the get-go...first snap of the results in a weather in new jersey not a big factor. oh the premature coin flip as he was ready, neither was peyton manning with the first play of the game, snapping over his head. just a mistake for the pick six. all to go, the broncos with six picks. up 22-0 to start the second half. they found the hole and he's gone. a kick return for the touchdown, the number one defense, dominating the number one offense. the seahawks won the first super bowl in franchise history, 43-8. stanford today, they one on the road at cal. two schools are playing for the second time in four days, getting 17 out of the first 20. 29 for the game and the cardinals will win it, 79-64.
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