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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  February 7, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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live, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, the bay area is at the very start of a big soaker. rain will be falling on and off until sunday night. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> we have live team coverage. joe vasquez is live where some people don't mind standing out in the rain right now, but first, chief meteorologist who is tracking it all. paul. >> the radar between now and about 6:00 tomorrow morning is really going to ramp up. we are just getting started. although some parts of north bay got an inch of rain fall. here we have going on with high def doppler. we will take you down toward san jose. heading toward saratoga and the light to moderate rain fall continues in napa, sonoma, fair field, vacville, all getting light to moderate rain fall right now. future cast, what's going to happen the next few hours?
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look at all that rain. the rain may wake you up. it's going to be raining quite hard and everybody with moderate to heavy rain fall by 10:00 or 11:00 tomorrow morning. the heaviest rain will be the first half of your saturday. river flooding, not likely because the rivers are running so low from our drought. now that said, highways, roads, urban areas, anything paveed will flood and if you're heading toward the sierra, chains are required. we had this huge rain fall deficit. we may shave 15 to 20 percent off of that deficit as soon as sunday. we'll talk about who gets the most and how much everybody is going to get. that's coming up in ten minutes. >> paul, thank you for that. the weather is to blame for this mess tonight in concord. chp says an empty propane truck slid off highway 242 and hit a tree about 7:15. the driver was not hurt. but a firefighter might have some broken ribs. apparently he was injured when part of that tree fell on him as he responded to the scene, the crash blocked two lanes of
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traffic. it was cleared an hour ago. >> rain isn't supposed to let up all weekend long. joe vasquez is in downtown santa rosa, expecting to get drenched, but doesn't look like many people mind. joe. >> reporter: yeah, i'm not one of them. i don't like to stand out in the rain. but let me show you the rain. it is a steady pouring right now and has been off and on for a day. an inch of rain since yesterday. they are get ago lot more. half a foot by the end of the weekend. and you are hard pressed to find very many people who are complaining. >> at the russian river brewing company in downtown santa rosa, they have been waiting in the rain for hours. just to get inside and taste the new release. >> we got here at 11:00 a.m. >> all this for a beer? >> the greatest beer in the world. >> it was his idea because he is a beer lover. i don't like beer. >> this is her valentine's gift
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for me. >> next time i ask for a gift, i can talk about it. >> as for the russian river itself, it's not going to overflow. we have been in a drought for too long, but your street could and emergency officials say there is something you can do to prevent it. >> it would be a good idea to take a look at your storm drain to make sure it's not blocked because that could cause flooding. >> the hardest will be tomorrow morning. >> wonderful. i'm sleeping, i wake up, it's all gone, that's good. >> seems like we have a good rain pattern and i'm hoping it stays like that. >> now, back to that russian river brewing company. >> the best beer in the world. >> it really is, huh? >> it is? i'm sorry, i'm working. >> more for me. all right, well it is hard work out here, but seriously, emergency official i talked to said he wanted to pass along to folks, if you don't have to drive, don't. there's no way to predict where
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this localized street flooding is going to happen because it's a matter of where the dirty drainage areas are and it could just happen in flash. >> all right, joe, we'll do the 11:00 in an hour on kpix5. then you can go in and get the younger, right? >> i'll tell him you said so. >> put it on my tab. joe vasquez, thanks, joe. one place where they will be keeping a close eye on the water is the east palo alto. since then, the city constructed a barrier to keep the water in its banks. residents are also being offered sandbags just in case looking forward, though, there are plans to widen a drainage tunnel over the summer. chains are required tonight in the sierra. that will likely be the case all weekend long. ian tells us the drive to tahoe is taking hours longer than usual. >> glorious snow, so good to see, but man it is making travel rough. the plows are out in full force. it has been a constant snowfall
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since the evening. a lot of slick spots out there and a lot of drivers having to take it slow. if you have any plans to come up to the slopes, might want to wait until tomorrow. it's going to be rough going tonight and tomorrow morning will be nasty out there. we talk to a lot of drivers that say it usually takes them about an hour to get from sacramento up into the ski slopes, but many of them, it took three hours, almost four because of the slow traffic. >> about two hours to get up here. and then i sat on the side of the road trying to get my chains on for an hour. >> it's been a nightmare? >> a busy night for those guys. we've been traveling i-80. i guarantee we are going to see some. the snow is coming down and the wind has made it very, very tough to see. so anyone who is heading up here take it slow and definitely be prepared for long lines. we'll be tracking the rain and snow all weekend long on kpix5 and kbcw. you can track the rain and snow
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any time on high def doppler, just go to our website, >> also in the new tonight, an elderly woman is dead after a home invasion turned into a homicide. kristen ayers on where the investigation stands. >> police came here this afternoon to check on an elderly woman whose family hadn't seen her in a while. she had been bound, gagged, and murdered. authorities surrounded the home on 34th avenue in east oakland. there was evidence that someone had broken in to rob the place. >> i think the neighborhood is not safe, that's what i think. >> the woman in her 70s was found dead in a bedroom. her mouth covered, her arms and legs tied and she wasn't the only person in the house. >> investigators are speaking with the male victim who was inside the home with the female at the time. >> neighbors tell kpix5, that man is the woman's nephew. >> is he gone? basically nothing else.
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>> they say she owned and lived in this forplex. he was not injured when they found him and he is cooperating. the elderly woman's neighbor say she was kind and quiet. she had been sickly after a recent heart attack and was home bound. authorities did not have any suspect tonight and we're trying to piece together how exactly she died. >> we are putting all of the information together, we're talking to neighbors, we are talking to any possible witnesses to find out what happened. >> in oakland, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> the community is in mourning after a football player died suddenly today. 21-year-old, ted agu was a defensive end on the team. he was taking part in a workout when the medical staff noticed he couldn't finish a run. they took him back to the medical facility at the stadium where he then collapsed. >> he is just somebody that had a passion for life. i love to learn, love to laugh. had a great sense of humor. >> it's pretty surreal. i want to say when i first
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heard about it, i didn't believe it. it's just like such a devastating thing to happen to such an amazing person. >> a team doctor said agu had no previous medical issues, his cause of death is under investigation. a funeral held for the oakland teenager shot and killed by her brother all over an argument over laundry. kpix5's andrea tells us how the suspect was able to attend. >> outside the oakland senior center, a sea in honor of justice tolliver. processing grief and heart ache few can imagine. a daughter dead, allegedly shot and killed by her own son and the family's chinatown apartment two weeks ago. >> i'm speaking for my entire bloodline. we apologize from the bottom of our hearts for anything and everything that we have done to any living or deceased person. please forgive us.
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>> tolliver read a brief statement and didn't take any questions about the charges that landed her son in juvenile hall. >> my daughter is lifeless, not because of kids killing kids, the issue is bigger than that. it's guns and violence. >> tolliver's 14-year-old son was allowed to attend his sister's funeral. an unusual move, but one kpix5 learned was approvalled by a juvenile court judge as long as the teen was accompanied by a probation officer. incarcerated on fraud charges was given a pass to attend her daughter's funeral. >> let's not sweep under the rug the persons who think it's okay to put weapons in the hands of our children with no regards. that's the issue. >> she spoke of nonviolence and gun control. >> it's not about my children. it's about our children. it truly takes a village to raise a child. so if we can take time to stop pointing fingers and to look and check ourselves, then and
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only then can we see clear. >> justice's brother is being charged as a minor with four counts, including murder. in oakland, andrea, kpix5. >> two men were crushed to death while working in san francisco's fernal heights neighborhood. they were unloading 800 pound slabs of granite this morning from a shipping container when the slabs fell on them. investigators believe a broken pulley may be to blame. the department of labor said the company had no other workplace incidents like this. google may be in more hot water over its barge on the bay. earlier this week, that construction on the barge is not properly permitted. and unless it is, the barge has to be moved. tonight, allen martin tells us google is under fire for its plan to operate the vessel. some people in the bay area feel the need for high-tech pushback. as evidence by recent demonstrations against google
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and other private commuter buses, shuttling employees to and from silicon valley. google with its barge can bully its way around the waters of san francisco bay, one agency is ready to say, not so fast. what we told google's attorney if and when the google barge is completed, then what we'll need from google is their plan about where to actually put it in the bay and for how long they plan to put it in the bay. >> the development commission says at this point, google provided no specific details of its plans for where it will locate the barge and for how long. according to a letter sent by bcdc, google is under the impression that if it doesn't leave the barge docked in any one location more than 30 days, it doesn't need a permit. bcdc says that is not the case. and once more, if the tech company wants to press the issue in court --
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>> when you take a look at previous court decisions, we don't think the courts would buy that either. >> not only will the google barge need permits every time it ties up to a dock in san francisco bay, it will need separate permits for the land next to the dock. >> if google were to park its vessel here, it's more than likely that more people would be going there. and will have an effect on the bay. google responded with the same statement that it issued when i acquired earlier in the week. google says it is reviewing the letter from the bcdc. in san francisco, allen martin, kpix5. >> coming up, your cell phone less attractive to thieves. the kill switch. >> and taking their first shot at fashion week. the sneak peek at designers hoping for their big break. ,,,, ♪
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save get a sealy queen set on befor just $399.osturepedic. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. the full forecast it's a start of a very wet weekend as we have been telling you. here's the proof. a look at our high def doppler. paul will have the full forecast coming up.
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a pilot's quick thinking helped stop a man's attempt to hijack a turkey bound flight into russia today. a passenger claimed he had a bomb and wanted the plane rerouted to sochi. the pilot landed the plane in istanbul, the intended destination. security detained the suspected hijacker. this drama came just as the opening ceremony of the olympics was getting started. california lawmakers are considering a new kill switch technology that could stop the number of cell phone thefts. the new bill would require any smart device sold in the state to include a chip that makes it unoperable if it is stolen. over concerns about hacking and privacy. if the bill is passed as is, it would go into effect january 1. three bay area designers are getting ready to show off their work on one of the industry's biggest stages. fashion week in new york.
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as kpix5 shows us, they're not taking it lightly. >> christopher is sweating out every little detail. from a sewing room in san francisco, to the runway. >> it's so tremendous. >> san francisco art institute students and alumni are about to debut their collections. >> it's almost like a super bowl for fashion designers. >> i always knew this is where i wanted to be. being at new york fashion week. i didn't anticipate it happening so soon. >> we got a sneak peek of lauren's classic american pieces. christopher's gold mens wear pattern and the komono inspired looks. >> laces. >> after years of daydreaming and sketching, they'll get a taste of what it takes to market themselves in the real world. >> you're in a great place.
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>> project runway favorite and san francisco based designer, melissa fleet, knows what it's like to turn passion into a brand. >> the business is really tough and right now, i'm kind of a one-woman show. i'm grateful for everything that project runway has brought to myself. but that doesn't mean they was just handed the golden ticket. >> since wrapping all-star season 3 in december, melissa has been busy making leather jackets in her home. custom orders start at $3,000. >> it's cool because you can play with it. >> her clothes sell at stores in l.a. and the bay area. melissa has one fashion week show under her belt and a few words of advice. >> no matter if you never show it, mercedes-benz fashion week again, you are living your dream. >> in san francisco, kpix5. >> the students are among 13 art institute students across the country picked to show their designs at fashion week next wednesday. >> wow. >> exciting.
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>> awesome, it's fashionable to be wearing an umbrella. >> fashion. >> whole different kind of fashion this weekend. this is great because usually when you get this much rain fall, we are talking river flooding. the rivers are running so low, not a concern at all. you'll have flooding on the roadways. you'll have flooding in parking lots. that urban flooding, but we need this rain fall. how much rain fell today over the past 24 hours? santa rosa where joe is, another live report at 11:00 on channel 5. already an inch and a third of rain fall. petaluma, more than half an inch. san francisco downtown, a third of an inch. this is just today. .14. rain fall right now, it's pretty light. it will be picking up when you wake up tomorrow morning. if you sleep in late, the rain may be waking you up. mill valley, san rafael, getting some showers, not on the delta, bay point, brentwood, you've been dealing
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with showers. here's the time lapse. look at all that glorious rain. that white, yes, that is snowfall. winter storm warning in effect through tomorrow. a new winter storm watch issued for late saturday and sunday. above 8,000 feet, because the snow level is going to get high. total snowfall will be 3 to 6 feet. we may double the snow pack coming up this weekend. tough travel. wind gusts will be 50 miles per hour or greater. this is a drought denter. we will wake up with all that rain on the ground and it will eliminate 20% of our deficit. we have a lot more to do, but this is a great start. a nice punch into that dent, into that drought we will see over the next couple days. the storm track is headed toward the bay area. it is tropical moisture. this was over hawaii a couple days ago, rushing into the bay area. the wettest weekend had since december of 2012. next week, not so much. high pressure builds back in, storm track goes to the north so we can use every drop of
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rain we'll get. this is future cast. santa rosa, our computers predicting more than half a foot of rain fall. san francisco more than 2 inches. even san jose, one of the least rainy places this weekend will likely get more than 1 inch of rain fall. what to expect? we're looking at the heaviest rain fall tomorrow morning. we will stay soggy well into sunday. your extended forecast. after this wet weekend, the sun comes back out on monday and bring a couple showers back in on wednesday. the big story is, what's going on the next 48 hours which is a ton of much-needed rain. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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harvard thinks so. winning actor was neath patrick harris is everything you could want in a man of the year, at least harvard seems to think so. the actor was awarded. he even put on a wig and red heels to accept the award. there you go. >> actor, director clint eastwood jumped into action when the man choked on a piece of cheese. the director, he and eastwood were chatting in a party when this happened. >> i was choking and he grabbed my arm and performed the heimlich on me and saved my life. >> it was the first time eastwood used the heimlich. he told a local paper, i saw the look of panic. i gave him three good jolts and
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that got it out. >> clint, tough guy. dirty harry. the oakland a's made sure one of its star players remaned green and gold, emphasis on a lot of green. after rain delays yesterday, would the elements comply? quick, sports is next. ,,,,,,,,
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last we got hockey. so, how is the sharks scoring been lately? 6 games? 6 goals. one last shot to get some of that mojo back before the olympic break. todd mcclellan, 435 tonight against columbus. sharks up 1 early.
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loose change in front, and here comes scott hahnen. sharks win it 3-2 tonight. big breeze at pebble. watch the hat of condoleezza rice. fly away. tom brady, his putter was working. brady and rickie barnes tied for 56. they might stay in this. while the pro side, phil mickelson, not a good round. he is 5 strokes back in 17th place and all chasing jordan. here he is at 12. they tie with the lead at 9 under par. the a's have agreed to a near $23 million deal that keeps the speeding leadoff man and do everything the center fielder in an a's uniform through the 2016 season. 2017, but nice to have the best leadoff man in the league.
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>> see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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