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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CW  February 9, 2014 8:30am-9:31am PST

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sunday morning. another round of storms is dumping the bay area. this is a good morning we are waking up to another super soaked sunday morning depending on where you are in the a live look from our san francisco's camera you can see visible is not goo od there as the rain continues to fall. >> the north bay is especially getting hit hard. steady rain causing street floodings in some areas and there is even the threat of rock slide. >> we have team coverage on the storm, thanks for joining us by the way. >> we have you covered this morning, let's get right to weather. >> thank you, we start out this
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morning with the rain spreading down to heyward and south of that. later in the day everybody is going to get wet. winds are picking up to the southwest about 20 miles per hour. let's take a look at the doppler, you can see what looks like scattered rain, some places it is coming down pretty good and it will continue to come down later in the day and you can see another band of moistures right now and even in the east bay it is beginning to spread south. we'll all get wet especially late new afternoon. this stream is moistures it is been steady. today a cold front will push all that moistures south. that'll you can see this morning there is not much happening down this there. that'll change by mid afternoon. expect things to be windy and rainy today. we have flash
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flood watches meanwhile. north bay additional 1-2 inches of rain and possible flash floodings and the total of this has been epic. ken is in marin county and it is perfectly situated as it is always is for southwesterly rain. it has really dumped on them, 3 quarter of rain. san francisco almost 2 inches and in san jose not impressive, they have not gotten much in the last two days at all. we'll have the complete forecast for you in just a few minutes. first, let's round up what's happening out there. >> mark kelly checking out some of the problems spot. mark. >> reporter: so we are here at 12 and 121 of the central expressway of those two roads. it is gotten a lot deeper
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since we have been here, it is covering my foot and i am not all the way in it. we have got this is the shelf fire station along 12. good amount of water there and it continues to piling up. they have half an inch of humane over night. we are seeing low creek and water way just flooding. so for some folks living their these areas, it is becoming too much to bare. >> this is running 3 feet from the dirt ends and that's our bac. >> if you can see the water there then it is time to genthner serious. genthner serious. so if you are in that neck of the woods that road is not supposed to
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open until noon today. the national weather service expects to list this flood watch for this county around 3:00 this around. now, we are going to to it over to roberta, she's in marin county, how is it looking over there? >> reporter: it is currently raining sideways. the wind is increasing at 17 miles per hour. we just got to get rid of this umbrella. the fog it settling in as well. take a look at what we saw a few minutes ago. this is very important because it is a great indication that the ground is now saturated right here. we have seen over a foot of rain since friday alone and heavier rain is in the forecast. we are seeing at least of 5 inches of rain expected in the north bay mountain between now and tonight. now, right now
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you can clearly see that we are already seeing the accumulations right here in the north bay. that's why the ground is saturated so we are anticipating the possibility of more mud slides and more rain also down trees and also the possibility of down power lines. we do have more rain in the forecast here and with the lowering ceiling you can imagine that we have delays at the local airport. repo marin, kpix. >> that one came crashing down in sacramento and it did you can see there crushing the backseat and trunk of that car. if you are heading to the airport this morning, it is a good idea to call ahead. the sfo delayed program is in effect.
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>> you can see all the update any time on your smart p to view the doppler. rain water is get ng the structure underneath the road way along the new eastern span. that can cause corrosion laeging the bridge. some water is going to get in. >> we got a little trouble for the governor and the lieutenant governor as well being caught up in the investigation. >> they're receiving improper donation from the sacramento lobby. jerry and gabby are expected to get warning letters and accused of not disclosing costs. >> we sat down with political
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willy brown. and talk to them about these rules of what you cannot take and what you have to report. how complicated are they and how much power did these lobbyists actually have. >> you know the position where you cannot accept of water if it is ex tenned to you and connected with the legislature. it is completely unrealistic and it is impossible frankly to be strictly obedient there to. you can have the best intentions and your conduct can be misintrepted. misinterpreted. >> they have a lot of influence because they have the dough. >> now it is interesting to know, last year lobbyists spent $177 million on record convincing lawmakers from the governors on down to going their way and that includes people in
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unions and environmentalists. >> that's so much money. >> wait, wait, well, that's before they go into the political contribution that they make into the campaign and the ballot measures. >> that's all when expense closed -- it is not quite disclosed yet. same-sex marriage eric holder -- to the justice department. holder announced that same-sex spoupss cannot be compel to testify against each other and they're eligible to file bankruptcy together and has the same rights. in another area a new bill is about to go before the state senate mandating a kill switch of all new cell phones. >> the purpose is to detour cell phone theft and accounting for half of robberies in san francisco.
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the bill requires any smart device to including something to render it possi now, it can be weird if they pass it. all of sudden we need a california's only cell phone one that has specific requirements to sold here. that can probably up the price of cell phones. well, he said there is a similar bill right now in new york and that you know as both of these markets jumping on board, it will move nationwide. >> it might results in cell phones costing more. if you add in a feature like that it is going to cost more, the question is is it less than what you pay when your cell phones get stolen. on that note, i believe cell phone companies making about $80 billion a year in sales and some of the sales are people that have lost and have their phones stolen. >> and insurance. >> there is a real questions
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among lawmakers of what the carrier mode on this. coming up it has been 50 years of the u.s. debut, next, we walk down this memory lane of this hard core bay area fan. team u.s.a. eyeing another gold medal in sochi, the results are in, we have a spoiler alert after the break. team u.s.a. eyeing another gold medal in sochi, the results are in, we have a spoiler alert after the break. ,,,,,,,,
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and the good wet sunday morning to you let's take a quick look at the doppler. we have scattered showers continuing in the north bay and soon, they'll sinkk south. a live look right now, norway is the medal leader right now. 6 total medals including two gold. nether land is in second. in third place the united states, with 2 golds and some bronze. we have some highlights for you coming up next. a woman from couper
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couper tino won the women's slopes style snow boarding event. he took a big chance on his last jump and nailed it. apparently he never tried it before in competition and retating 620 degrees. >> it is a good day to sit inside and watching things like that because it is not a good day for traveling. >> can you imagine all the people who's chasing the snow up in the sierra for the first time this year. oh man, wait until they try to come back today. they're going to be coming back at the same time of the storm. >> i think there will be a lot of sick calls. >> possibly so. don't give anybody any ideas. >> that things have enhancing now. there was not that much offshore, look at that
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blossoming. just a beam of up the lighthouse and you can see the heavier cells developing and those will be spreading into the bay area later in the day including for the change of the central peninsula and south bay. we have more rain today. in the windier locations and showers will pretty much end tonight and we'll get a dry break early next week but expect wet today, later in the day for the south bay though. we see mountain montana accumulating 3 quarter of a foot of rain. south san francisco is not bad, an inch and a 5th. and san jose over the last day just 200th of an inch. san jose is thinking what's the big deal? well they'll
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get a little bit later later in the day. so rain heavy at times in the bay area today. the wind picking up too southwesterly until tonight. weather alerts, the snow s are not really low. wind gusts 35 miles per hour and higher at the ridge top and with the snow and the winds, i-80 out there is not pleasant. believe me, the skiers won't want to put up anything after the year that we have. by the time it gets here we have echoes and even in morgan hill later in the day today we'll get some rain and it goes very showery by the of the the night. the future cast projection of how much rain, almost 2 inches in santa rosa over the next 24 hours or so.
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heyward 2/3rd of an inch and san jose, i think they're going to get more on it. the computer is calling of a 10th of an inch in san jose. daytime high is not a big deal. upper 50s. extended forecast clearing out on monday. next chance of rain coming in on wednesday and thursday, towards the end of the week we'll be partly cloudy skies. stay tuned. you are going to talk about the beetles. do you think it is going to be big in hi industry or jennie linh in the 19 century. >> they're going to remember them because the melodies are going to lingered on and they're going to be played over and over. >> the melodies will still linger on. >> i want to get it in before i said -- >> [ laughter ] >> well, we are going to have you back. tonight at 8:00 cbs is going to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the beetles.
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>> it was back in 1964 and there was a reason why they called it beetle manias back then. one of the maniac was our own linda yee. >> ladies and gentlemen, the beetles. >> hard to believe it is been 50 years. >> beetles' fans steve still connects with them today through the beetles' website and columns. >> and like any hard core fan, that brief reunion sending chills to him. >> just the two of them together brings out the feeling of the after glow, it is really wonderful. [ cheering ] >> a glow that ignited the night of 74 million people in america got their first taste of the beetles. >> i admit, i got hooked too.
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i collected all of the beetles' albums and i was able to scored tickets to their concerts and in fact i saved their tickets stub and at the time those tickets cost $6. 50 each. >> in some cases never before seen photos of the four. >> set it up on the tripod. >> but, it is beetles that gets the people excited. ? >> in a given day i can have a ceo walking in and he will look at a photograph of pail and john lyndon that says man, that guy ace great song writer. and they'll say pretty much the same thing. >> there is no shortage of collectors. this red jacket owns by
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paul mccartney. >> you are buying an artifact from a profit and in some ways it is kind of like that, this is the real thing, it is not synthesize, this is the real mccoy or the real mccartney. >> the collector also bought vintage beetle's magazine. >> there is going to be a lot of people hearing those words and thinking, wow. >> hey, i have the complete set of beetles' album. >> that's valuable. >> it is important. >> [ laughter ] >> how much can i get for that? >> people hearing that they're going to say omg -- i wish that i am linda. >> this collection will stay right here with me, thank you. >> we all have memories, if nothing else, we have the music and thank god that the music is still there.
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>> in san francisco, linda yee kpix 5. >> tonight don't miss the beetles' special right here at kpix 5, at 8:00. we'll be right back.
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welcome back i am mark kelly live, here we are at the
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intersection at 12 and 121 in the shell vista area, fire station, and the water we have been here for the last hour and a half it is coming up. and it is coming up fast, we had to move our live truck a oum cough time. couple of time. they had a flood watch and you can tell it is coming down a little bit. they could be getting 2-4 inches of rain. in the mountains you can even see 5 inches. by 3:00 in the afternoon, the we national service hoping to lift that watch. tug of war in the state of history. >> even the president is getting involved. we sat down with our political insiders and asking why can we come up with a solution. >> there is going to be bond
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measures on the ballot and meanwhile back in washington, the republicans are sort of throwing oil on the fire with legislation that's going to be over turned. >> this is a serious situation. >> this problem in the state through droughts and wet years and it is never been resolved? why? >> it will never be resolved because it is an ongoing asset that must be shared by everybody that tends to exist in the state and for the blood of the state, it is in fact the mother's milk of politics as they say. >> it is more than just sharing. we have the water and the environmental issue but that's sharing. >> you got to share it with the fish and the farmers. we are the number 1 full produced state in the country. you cannot produce food without water. >> period.
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>> is that the reason that we don't have a resolution of this because the governor and the senators have yet to come up with a plan. they criticize everything that comes up. >> but, there is no resolution to it on a permanent basis, it is a process that keeps evolving and every time you create a new city or a new neighborhood you got to understand, you need water to make that neighborhood work. >> why are politicians, they don't want to talk about it in election year or non election year. >> it is difficult and it is expensive and they get distracted. >> and they need help from the climate itself. just like we have been talking about the drought in california and we all know wondering how the rain is suddenly coming. period and that helps us. there is not enough snow. the rain comes it puts off the debate. >> no, it literally fuels the opportunity to keep growing and
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managing, it does not put off the debates. the debates still there because you cannot make rain. >> but you can pray for it and hope for it and fight for it when it gets over the ground. >> all right, we'll continue to follow that, it is going to be interesting how this rain plays apart and it will ease the whole water war back. >> we'll be talking with an expert coming up so stay tuned. >> we'll be right back.
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welcome back to kpix 5 this morning, this time is 8:59. >> good morning, we have a lot to talk about the next half hour, the top story is the rain showers picking up over night and dumping buck in some parts of the bay area. you can see there and the sierra in the mean mime welcoming fresh snow. let's see what we are expecting this afternoon. >> the streams of rain that began on thursday just continued to pour over the north bay and at the same time over in san jose only 100th inch of rain. you can see heavy cells coming in and just the baems getting ready to coming through the solano and the golden gate bridge. the rain is going to enhance for
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everybody and you can see offshore from san franci pretty good cell. heyward fall is not so much. but, that'll change because this front is finally pressing out and changeing pattern. we are picking up the sdwindz wind and we'll pick up the rain. the peak time for this is 1-4:00 as we are pressing south. the rain up north has been impressive. thursday, in marin county , more than 9 inches of rain and san jose about 3 quarters of an inch, that's since thursday. you will take a left on 121 and as you get to 121 and highway 12, major intersection. at that important interception,
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mark kelly has been standing by of what we are now calling it a lake. >> reporter: i like that nickname. let me show you the water has been rise ing for the last hour and a half. you can see they have closed out this road at route 12 and 121 in to seminole. here is video of yesterday and last night they had a bad mud slide there and the road went down a hill and into a truck. just last night the national weather services saying that we are seeing here half inch of rain an hour. and it could get even worse today. we could see additional 2-4 inches. let me show you let's just pan over here showing you in front of the shell vista fire station, it is moving faster and faster.
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in fact, we moved our truck a couple of time, we might have to move it one more time, the waters creeping up and closer and closer. right now, this county is under a flood watch and the national weather service is expecting to lift that. live in seminole county, mark kelly. you can see alpine lake collecting floods. usually the spill office about 52 inches a year but coming in to this weekend only 5 inches accumulated. in sierra the latest storm has dropped a foot of snow and more snow is expected today. reporter ken is in the thick of the snow. >> reporter: thing haves things have been changing over the
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hours. you can see snow coming down and that's what they have been having the past 24-48 hours here. the folks here are excited because it gives them fresh powder to start for the weekend. unfortunately, what's happening in the past hour and a half is all that snow has now turned to rain and now we are getting rain at this high elevation which means it is going to melt. some of the snow they waited so long to get over the past months. it is going to keep some of it here quite a bit. that's a concern if this rain continue and this higher elevation is going to melt a lot of the snow they sat here and waited for and finally got this past weekend. for now, it is as usual the employees are arriving and it is snowing and tubing and skiing and snow boarding is arriving soon and they're taking advantage of this fresh powder. reporting live,
9:04 am
i am ken rudolph back to you. >> you can see the rain and snow, just grab your computer and get our app and you can go to developing news from the north bay, petaluma lauder rawlings 9 million pound of beef product. the products were shipped to retail stores in california, florida and illinois and texas. last month the company recalled 40, 000 pounds of beef that's not inspected. . the substation is right off highway 101 in south san jose, and there is fear that is terrorists could knock out the entire power grid. >> it was like something out of
9:05 am
a movie shortly before 1:00 many the morning on april 16th last year, someone slipped in the pgand a station cut the telephone lines and sniper opened up and firing 100 rounds into the station and knocking out 17 giants transformers before slipping back into the night. >> now, the former head of the federal energy regulatory commission says the attack was much larger than vandalism. >> it was organized and coordinated attack and done in a way that was extremely well planned and executed and that's been confirmed for me by people from the department of defense that this is the most significant attack on the electric that ever acure o cure inside the united states. >> was it terrorism? >> i will let it to the fbi to decide. >> it is an ongoing investigation, at this point quote on the
9:06 am
information that we have, nothing suggests at this time that it is related to terrorism. sources telling us the no terror theory that based on the idea that no one has taken credit for the attack nor it has been much chatter on the internet. if it was a practice run perhaps the group would just staying silent. >> if it is an organized attack throughout the country on the station it could black out the entire country. >> we have those hype wired lines that you see up and down on state 5. >> it does reach some sort of practice attack which is freaky. >> it is and that's why i think it is getting a lot of attention this week. california will soon have the highest increase minimum $9.
9:07 am
>> if approved full-time workers would make an extra $420 a week and some small businesses saying that increase would hurt their bottom line. >> you know can you take fewer hour s or different hours and maybe working at that way. >> minimum wage will go up to $9 an hour starting july 1st. it is said to increase to $10 by 2015. san francisco has the highest minimum wage at $10. 55 an hour. last week we heard the announcement, pulling 1000 workers out of san francisco because it cause too much to live here. >> we can make those changes and other states willing and able to accept those workers in another lower pay. all right, roberta? >> reporter: it is raining and windy and starting to take its toll, we are on storm watch
9:08 am
right here at the cw right here as the news continues. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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especially in the north bay. let's go live to our mobile weather lab. roberta the rainfall totals have been impressive this weekend especially in the north bay. lets go out to our mobile lab where we find roberta gonzales in the marin area. >> reporter: hey, i think people
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have been watching us all morning. people are now out here to check us out. hi everybody, are you guys cold or wet? yeah, it is a lovel here and so far over a foot of rain has fallen. take a look here, it is starting take its toll. that's our photo journalist because i am wet to bone and i am letting him play this morning. check this out, we caught about an hour ago, a rock slide, it is occurring and this is a good indication that with over a foot of rain that's fallen here since friday that the hillsides begin to give. the saturation is taken place and we can expect more minor mud slides and potential of down trees and a potential of down power lines. back out here, the air temperatures dropped at 52
9:12 am
degrees and winds are persistent out of the southeast. winds are gusting at 25. we do have more rain coming, this is one local resident has to say. >> we get the flood every time it floods and when the creek backs up, we have to figure it out. >> it is not that high yet. >> it is getting there. it is the same as it was last year when the warning went off >> the but, i would not be surprised if that's up grated to the warning due to the fact that we had up to 5 inches of rain. to tell us more about the local weather and forecast including the conditions right now that's settling in the area, brian and the very dry weather studio. >> you know early today the assignment is a good reporter is a wet reporter and you qualify for it.
9:13 am
you did a beautiful job this morning. and we'll look at what's on the way for roberta. it is just offshore from the golden gate, look at that heavy cell, let me run over and point it out to you. roberta was right in there and this is right here. so it is just right offshore, in 10-15 minutes she will be seeing some pretty heavy rain right at the golden gate bridge and you can see a swamp of shower and inland towards nevada. the rain which begins on thursday have not given up since that's why that lady was so worried a n about the creeks and ground saturated. it is going to cause rapid rises on the smaller creeks and river that's coming out of the marin. more rain today and we'll look
9:14 am
at showers and even for the south bay, look at the differences in rain. 900 times more rain than san jose in the past 24 hours. san jose 100th of an inch, that'll change. it is finally going to head south so this gets pushed south and the cold front is going to drive the moistures finally down to san mateo and down the santa clara and santa cruz county. it is not going going to be significant in san jose, it will be a third and a half inch there. so rain heavy at time and the winds picking up too out of the southwest about 25 miles per hour. it is a warm storm. wind gusts there 35 miles an hour at the ridge tops there can be gust in the northern sierra at 70 miles per hour. what happens next?
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watch this band of rain sweeping through the area. and then we go showery behind the cold front but the next few hours the rain will pick up and so are the winds. by tomorrow morning we'll have scattered clouds and we are going to get suns tomorrow and the hills will finally turning green. 1 and a half inches up in santa rosa and by the time it is done you will see it is projecting 700th of an inch in san jose. that's over the next 24 hours, rain totals and temperatures there, 50s for the most part and tomorrow we clear it out and wednesday and thursday, we get some rain possible in the north bay and then towards the end of the week we'll just keep it partly cloudy going into next weekend and we finally begin to push the storm's door opened two weeks ago and this is the result that we finally got. >> it is really good news a
9:16 am
little dense in our drought and a lot of political sights right now and here is phil with more on that. >> where do we go from here? joining us is the man that knows it. he's the deputy director for the san francisco public ewe till commission which runs our water. all right, the storm, is it all over? >> no. >> this is a nice little dent in the drought but we need five or six of these getting out of our situation currently we are in. >> how does it look as far as the reservoirs filling up for the rest of the year. >> this will give us a nice little reservoir but we are still worried that we'll not run the reservoirs. >> we are getting our bay area water comes in large part of the sierras, krenth? correct. >> correct . there is ongoing tug of wars about how to fairly distribute this water which is highly valued. what are some of the plans trying to make sure droughts like this don't hit the
9:17 am
state that hard. >> there is two plants coming out, one is from the north and south and that's the one that people hearing about in with the twins tunnels. there is another plan that's in development of doing the same thing on the sacramento's side. how do these things phi together? >> one of the things i hear is i don't want my water going down the swimming courses in se goes. >> well, the tunnels moving water to the south, it is also feeding farmlands and 750, 000 acres and also 25 million people in california are also using that water. >> 80% of our water is for agriculture, correct? >> that's correct. >> that's an astounding amount that most people thinking it goes to golf courses and houses.
9:18 am
we have rice patties here in california and people scratching their heads effective use of water, why are they keep on getting. >> those are property rights and they very much defend those and they use the water wisely, they're now having to do efficiency plans. but they have not taken it effect yet. >> so also areas and right to water elsewhere and there is property rights if there is a home or land acres. >> it is a property right and it is protected under the state's system and they can transfer and sell it and do whatever they want toit. it. >> how many water districts in the state?? hundreds of them in the states. >> that's why we don't have an agency overseeing that we are going to move the water this way? >> that's two, there is two agencies, and the other ones run
9:19 am
the biggest water project in the state of california. >> that looks for a lot of confusion going on and we often hear fishes verses farmers, how real is that fight? >> that's a real fight, there is fish in the river and the salmon runs have been either threatened or endangerered and how much water you let in and how much water do the farmers get to use and it goes on and on. and pumping water in the delta it is the fishes verses farmers. >> that's true >> [ laughter ] >> we got republicans and democrats fighting and we got north and south pulling at each other and we got farmers verses fishes and we got fish verses fish. >> people love to fish for -- but, they eat salmons. >> in your years trying to manage these various interests have you gotten the feeling that we
9:20 am
are closer to some sort of agreement on that or is this just continuing to fight as we heard the last couple months. >> well, there is always hope we are seeing of the same source of water that we are having in the past and we are talking about how we come to some sort of agreements. we are in the same place in 1980s and hopefully we'll come to some sort of agreement in 2015. >> or we are muddling along and fighting when there is no water and when there is water, we'll talk about it. >> that's correct. >> all right, thanks for joining and something changed and some things don't. >> all right, back to you. >> and we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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9:22 am
got a little bit of a break towards sunrise this morning but now more rain on the way for the bay area. there is some light rain and wide fog around the bare this morning. the action continues to be on the north bay.
9:23 am
you can see some of the heavier cells on the kpix 's doppler. we are going to be looking for rain to unwind over the rest of the bay area today. we'll have the complete forecast for you a few minutes from now. phil and anne. this tuesday the bridge will officially be named the brown bridge. >> we talk about the controversy surrounding the renaming and the bigger cultural meaning that it may have. >> on tuesday, the willy el brown bridge is going to be unveiled in san francisco. i don't even know where to begin to ask you about that. >> well, no lobbyists did that. let's start with that. it was the end of the nacp that came up with
9:24 am
that idea and they did that the clear it with me. i called in acp and i said don't you think you are going to create a problem for yourself and me, i am not exactly you know like a shrink and sly lent. >> it did create a problem. >> that's right. it was a controversial banned. are we going to call it the willy, or they feel like you are rolling it and when you go back and you know how it was built and how long it took to get built, all those issues came into the debate. >> i love the idea. >> [ laughter ] >> you did. >> [ laughter ] >> is it all about you? and some people say enough is enough. >> no, it is not about me. >> it is really about whether in this country there is something that african-americans can point to other than the
9:25 am
king's holiday that has universal use and application. this is the very first item and believe me that having named after me and the naming to occur on the date of my mother's birth and with young making the presentation on the behalf of the civil rights movement in the whole king's world. it is beyond anything that i could ever dreamed of. >> good for him. we'll be right back.
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get this, one of the top's winner at the dog show, yesterday, rue took top honor in the all american category, he was one of four runners up for the overall prizes. i was at
9:28 am
the dog show on friday night, that was the winner, check out that outfit. there was me walking my dog, she was a dog from mutt veeld which was a rescue organizations here. she's using the most expensive dog bathroom around. she was the only dog to do it. >> so we have a dog and this is a charity event and they dress them up in outfits, is that it >> she has a train on her off the outfit. all right, let's take a quick look dopplerment we are going to get wet tonight. it will point south as it does the rain will increase and the winds will increase, target time is 1-3:00 this afternoon and we'll have the totals tonight at 5:30. >> all right, thanks for watching. ,,,,,,
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