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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  February 11, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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live fm the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. an amber alert had police scouring the bay area the whole night. they even took a tip from a psychic. >> i'm ken bastida. >> in the oakland hills, where it all started with the theft of lobster and steak. andrea. >> reporter: yes, oakland pd say this carjacking happened at knife point. the suspect in this case has a knife, but there is not a lot else that is really known about what happened, what went down, or the vehicle in this case. this surveillance picture from inside the safeway is the latest in the limited information known about an amber alert case. the image was released, but it was cleaned up. the case began just before 1:00 when a man was seen carjacking an suv with california license plates after shoplifting lob
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steer and steak at the safeway. inside that vehicle, according to witnesses, a teenage girl and an elderly man. hours later, backed off the assertion it was an suv. >> we also want everyone to look for a sedan. we have received information that the vehicle may be a sedan as well. >> opd spokesperson maintained the plate information is good. it could be the plate had been switched. it's difficult to say at this time. we definitely want to make the key point on the license plate. >> the case has a typical pattern of an amber alert. no photo. because of this fact. >> at this time, we have not had anybody reported missing that would fit our occupants of the vehicle. >> officers chased down a half dozen sightings, all turned out to be bogus. kpix5 learned a psychic called
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in to learn the psychic and victims were in the oakland hills, which officers also checked out. spokesperson, donna watson wouldn't comment on that, but said -- >> we have to look at all angles of this investigation. it's still early in the evening, there's a possibility we will have reports. we are certainly going to continue this investigation and as we receive information, we will assess it and keep moving forward. >> just about 30 minutes ago, came down from their command post to tell us they have ruled out that suv. that infinity suv is no longer in the picture. it is on the east coast with its owner who they believe left their plates here in california. they say that plate number that we just showed you, that plate number is still good. they are looking now for a red sedan of an unknown make with those plates that we just showed you in connection with this amber alert. kpix5. >> be the first to know about
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breaking news. sign up for kpix5 text alerts. just text alert to 45227. that's 45227. a ups driver made a delivery in the wrong place at the wrong time. he unknowingly drove right into a shootout. kristen ayers tells us the driver had no choice, but to run for his life. >> police say the shootout started at this liquor store and then continued down the block. that's when the ups driver told us he rounded the corner at the worst possible moment. >> i saw the delivery driver going down the street. he's driving into the fire. >> you can't scream, say stop or anything like that, but you knew something bad was going happen after that. >> ups driver spoke to kpix5 exclusively and asked we hide his identity and disguise his voice. he said at first, he didn't know what the popping sound he heard was. ingly thought i heard fire
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crackers. >> it was gunfire. bullets started whizzing by as one person opened fire into a passing car. the only thing the driver could do was take cover. he backed his delivery truck up, jumped out, and ran. by the time police arrived, someone ransacked the delivery truck, stealing two packages, a cell phone, and the driver's backpack. >> when it gets to that point where you can't even do your daily job, that's terrible. that's almost embarrass. >> neighbor mike thompson told us this stretch has been a battleground with rival groups exchanging gunfire. >> aka47 is what i heard last week. but yeah, a lot of gun shots rang out the last couple of nights and the night before last. >> the driver told us he does not think he was targeted. this was just a matter of chance and a bad part of west oakland. >> the best thing i -- >> a chp officer is recovering
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after a close call in san leandro this afternoon. he had stopped to help two broken down cars on 580 when another car came off the freeway and hit one of the cars, which then spun into the officer. the freeway was closed for about five hours while police cleared the scene. that made for a messy commute for a lot of drivers. the officer is in the hospital in stable condition. >> a grand injure indicted a south bay man. 22-year-old, garcia torres was also indicted in a string of violent attacks on women in 2009, 15-year-old, sierra lamar vanished on her way to school in morgan hill back in march of 201. her body has never been found. >> privacy advocates rallied against government surveillance. it was one of many protest held
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today. spoke about the recent revelations about the nsa. >> it's a real threat. it's been going on for years now. thank goodness. >> protesters also rallied who chairs the senate intelligence committee. >> tonight on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the first gay marriages in san francisco. gavin new someone some told joe vasquez he never told the public back then. >> in the winter of love, they were one of the first couples to break the ice. >> i never thought this would happen. >> now as julie can reflect back over the last ten years, they remember how exciting it was. >> people would stop us and say, we saw you on the news last night. >> and realized how moe men
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momentous. it was impactful on the marriage movement. >> february 12, 2004, the mayor of san francisco, now lieutenant governor declared couples would be able to get married at san francisco small thousands came. >> 4,036 couples from 46 states, 6 or 8 nations and they were happy to wait 12 hours to go inside a city hall. >> behind the scenes, it was tense. more tense than we knew the a the time. isn't it truesome tells me there were death threats on the couples. it was never discussed, but there was a reason. we didn't have the lines the loos ten days or so. that month in february because we had so many threats about people's lines in the safety. there were groups all over the country saying they were going to act out. >> there were more victories, court battles. it took almost the entire
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decade before last june, the supreme court decided in california's favor. it all started with the winter of love. >> when that happened, there were thousands and thousands of private conversations. in those conversations, won and lost. at the end of the day, one more than we lost. >> joe, former mayor gavin newsome finishing up a term now, he has to be cooking something blilly, what's going on? >> i said what's next? governor, senator, president? he answered, well who would want to be president, which is not an ons, of course, but clearly he wants to continue in politics. he's a polarizing figure. it's not clear how much support he could render. >> i'm sure he'll let us know. thanks. >> the biggest social event of president obama's second term featured an a-list roster flushed with sleb ties,
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democratic donors and politicians. tonight's state dinner honored france. the talk of the night was the french president. solo appearance after a very public breakup with his girlfriend who served as france's first lady. now sidestepping the issue, the obama's found him the perfect seat. tomorrow, alan will visit san francisco, the first visit by a french president in 30 years. here's a live look at the name. it has a new name in honor of a mayor, and exassembly speaker. yeah, now called the willie albrown, jr., to celebrate the name. >> i'm deeply honors. you have made it possible for me to really to begin to brag
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legitimately. >> drivers will seen white on green signs with the new name. it costs $6500 to make and install the new signs. the california naacp covered the cost. >> one of america's best known child stars has died. shirley temple will be remembered as the dimple darling 6789 she passed away last night at her home where she lived for 40 years under her married name, shirley temple-black. >> she, of course, was bigger than life. everyone knew who she was. she was a very private person. a very low key, private person. she didn't make a big noise. that wasn't her style. >> she loved the anonymity of her neighborhood, as was listed as s-black. there was a lone bouquet of
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flowers. shierly temple-black was 85. >> we found the number one culprit in most homes and probably not what you think. >> a high-tech tool created in the bay area is playing a key security role. we put it to the test. >> bay area designers rocking the runway. betty takes us behind the scenes. >> nothing is being picked up on the radar. high deaf doppler, 0 on it, bethat is going to change. we have more rain. find out when and how much coming up. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪
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sa u.s.a. on the board there. game changing technology is helping to keep out limb pick athletes and fans safe in sochi. it was created right here in the bay area. len ramirez shows us how it works. >> this is not the airport in sochi. it's a new high-tech studio in palo alto. the technology being demonstrated on me is a hand held version of the state of
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art facial recognition system being used to identify fans, athletes, and world figures as they arrive to the winter games. >> get a 3-d model. >> current photo id's use technology more than 100 years old. the id photos, software stitches them together to create a 3d model. >> you can distinguish. it's very accurate. >> new type of freedom censers. >> russian um grant developed the camera and software with this company. it could be coming to airports and the united states as well as police stations and maybe some day your home to let you in the front door.
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len ramidas. >> the possibility of mandatory water restrictions has many of you asking if i'm conserving now, how can i possibly cut back another 20 or 25%? so tonight, a closer look at the water reuse inside our homes, including the water you may not know you're use. >> if you want to save water, it's good to know how you are using it. carrie is with green water audits reason two very different homes. one in pleasantton and one in larksburg. they both started in the same place. >> the first thing we want to do is check the water meter. >> and check for leaks. >> step one, turn off everything in your house. >> if it has, you know you have a leak. >> 14% of residential water
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simply dis appears in leaks homeowners probably don't know about. and if you do have a leak -- >> the biggest culprit before your toilet. >> we do some more leak patrol. >> we use the gel as a barrier. there's another good reason to keep your eye on the porcelain. >> toilets are the biggest user in the house. at more than a quarter of your indoor water use. with older models using anywhere from 3 to 7-gallons. >> this is a high efficiency toilet. >> efficiency bringings us to number 2 on the list. ingly see that they are high efficiency. >> with a new model, make every load count. your washing machine soaks up 22% of your water. >> your kitchen faucet should give you about two gallons per
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minute. in the bathroom, a little less. we'll spare you the lecture on long showers. we're down to the last 5% and an age old question. >> hand washing versus dishwasher. >> so that's a question we get quite a bit. >> an e official dish water will use 4 to 6-gallons of water per load. when you wash those same by hand, you need to rinse everything off without running the water without running the water for two or four minutes. most people run the faucet for seven minutes. you send about 16-gallons of water down the drain. >> tomorrow, we'll look at the other half of the water you use in your yard. >> of course, there is
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evacuation. >> water is e van wait rating. part of the reason wheal have so much fog. we can see widespread fog. we'll be talking about rain. all this could be helped if we got more rain fall. here's a peek doors. no , ma'am fog yet, but look at this picture looking down on trust me, stone stone is down there. fog will enveal lop most of the area by tomorrow morning. there's a dense fog advisory. for you'll of you are intoror valleys, highway 29 up toward napa. 101 through marin and sai know ma. everybody visibility less than a quarter of a mile. tough travel tomorrow morning because that fog. sun will come up 3 minutes after 7:00. san francisco 49 degrees tomorrow morning. san rafael, vallejo, oakland,
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emeryville, and campbell tomorrow morning. high pressure is on its way back as it gets closer and as it gets stronger and doing that right now. it is taking all of that juicy air and sending it up to the north. it is still pouring on the west coast. it was us, but now it's five hours to our north. the next three days, 4 to 7 inches of rain fall. what we need is a front to move through to shove that moisture toward the bay area. that likely not going to happen until the weekend. saturday night is our next widespread rain chance. that is our next chance of widespread rain. foggy tomorrow morning. showers are possible, but most of is will stay dry. we have a sal lid chance of rain. tomorrow when the sun comes out, we will warm up 3 to 5 degrees above average. morning fog, afternoon shine
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for pittsburgh, cohn card, 60 in san francisco tomorrow, napa 64 and cloverdale 63 degrees. extended forecast, weekend rain fall. valentine's day will be dry. the weekend though, rain moves in before we dry out for president's day next week. that is your forecast, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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their collections alongside fashion indu 13 up and coming designers from the art institutes are getting the chance to present their collections alongside some fashion industry legends this week. >> three young designers are
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from right here in the bay area. betty caught up with them at new york's fashion week. >> the young designers worked on their collections for months and it's come down to this big moment. it's an incredible opportunity to launch their careers on this runway at new york fashion week. 21-year-old student opened tonight's show, she put her own spin on american classics by adding electric prints. oakland native is a recent graduate. patterns and color blocking and ray was very modern vintage. she is inspired by her japanese heritage. i spoke to california, san francisco designers backstage. they were completely overwelmed. >> i have had butterflies in my stomach all day. i'm excited. >> i feel really surreal. i don't know how i feel right now. it's really weird feeling.
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i feel like i'm dreaming or something. >> from the beginning, it was amazing that we were chosen. now to see it come to fruition, it's a dream come true. >> among the guests at tonight's show, fashion editors and perhaps, potential employers, in new york, kpix5. ,,,,
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cener andrew bogut may have injured his shoulder while sleeping..the comment surpr bogut, and now warriors coach said yesterday his center may have injured his shoulder while sleeping. the comment surprised him, now jackson has requested a media. >> please don't twist my words. understand this also, you will never see a problem in my
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locker room. >> mark jackson tried to quiet any issue with the comment last night after the game. today, he was trying to put sleep gate to bed. >> on the bench, david lee. >> it's bigger than it is. i don't think he meant anything by it, the way, you know, we spoke about it today and i think it got blown up and became a little media game that the general thought it would be fun to put around the locker room. >> tonight in new york, sky, the five-year-old, wire fox terrier took home best in show. it's the 46th time a terrier won best in show. many of the breeds say it's the 14th win in 138 year history of the event. >> how did the chihuahua do? >> i forgot to bring taco from home. taco usually makes an
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appearance. >> he's asleep right now. >> he's getting his beauty sleep. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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announcer: live from fabulous centauri city it's the simpsons' tenth halloween special. now, please welcome your hosts-- if you haven't been probed by these two you haven't been probed-- kang and kodos! ( audience cheering ) ( smacking lips loudly ) thank you. thank you. yes, thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to our tenth anniversary show.


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