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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 5, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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we're almost there, the weekend.
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all of the unrest over the past few years. now, isis in the sinai peninsula has made repeated claimshat they brought down this plane. that is being regarded skeptically because they've offered no proof. so, for the meantime, the egyptians and the russiaia both calling for calm asking that everyone wait for the rerelts of this invnvtigation. anan alex, i want to asksk you, the british foreign minister talked moments ago about how to get thousands of those tourists out of the resort area. just exactly how do they plan on doing that? >> reporter: that's right, reena. well, the foreign minister, philip hammond, said they're working to bring home these 20,000 british tourists who are still in sharm el sheikh. they're trying to get them home by tomorrow. they're talking about specially monitored flights because for now there are no regular british commercial flights being allowed to fly in d out. britain n calling these short-term special measures, but in the long term they're looking at what can be done to tighten security at the sharm el sheikh airport. reena. >> all right, alex marquardt joining us there from egypt
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alex, thank you. we now turn to presidential politics. donald trump creating controversy again. an upcoming appearance on "saturday night live." with "your voice, your vote," abc's lana zak is live in washington for us this morning. lana, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, reena and kendis. donald trump is scheduled to host "satutuay night live" this weekend, andndhe protests are getting louder. overnight people gathered outside of nbc's headquarteru in new york city. they're demanding the network drop the republican candidate from the show saying it legitimizes his controversial comments on immigration. hispanic groups delivered a petition with over 500,000 signatures asking nbc executives to revoke his appearance. it appears it didn't work. "snl" has released the show's first promo. >> because of equal time rules for television, mrmrtrump can only speak for four r conds in this promomo >> so, let me just say this, ben carson is a complete and total loser. >> carson responded to that saying he won't be watching the
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show because, quote, the presidency is a very serious thing. and in the meantime, jeb bush is on the road in his jeb can fix it bus. abc's jonathan karl went on board in new hampshire asking jeb about his struggling campaign. >> how do you get this thing back on track? >> keep having a diaiague with people t tt are going to decide who the nextxtresident is going to be. you can't just have another loud voice or another person from one side of the capitol to move to the otr side without any proven record of experience. and i can tell my story in a positive way, which is where i'm -- that's in my comfort zone. >> reporter: jeb says he's being patient and not paying attention to poll numbers, and also happening today, we'll see the new lineup for the republican debate, and based on very low poll numbers, we'll be watching to see whether or not chris christieieakes the main stage.e. reenen kendis. >> all right, lana zak reporting for us in washington. that debate coming up next week. thank you, lana. and now from the democratic side, senator bernie sanders is proposing legislation that would
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end the federal ban on marijuana. his bill would repeal penalties for possessing and consuming pot. the proposal allows states to establish regulated marijuana industries, but it's not expected to be a top priority in the senate. we've got some breaking news now from chicago in the case of that murdered d year-old boy. a person of f terest is now being questioned after surrendering to police. tyshawn lee was shot several times at close range in an alley near his grandmother's house. the reward for information in the case now has grown to $35,000. now police say the shooting may have been gang related. calm has returned to downtown san diego following a tense five-hour standoff with a gunman. police answering a domestic violence call were met witita haha of gunfire. dozens of shots exchanged. air traffic shut down at san diego's international airport. now, several hours later, the gunman seen here tossed out his weapons and surrendered to police. somehow no one was injured. classes are canceled today
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at the newest campus in the university of california's system. a student shot and killed by police after he stabbed four people with a hunting knife at uc merced. two of his victims were injured seriously enough to be airlifteded to a hospital, b b all are expected to recover. what set off the attack? it's still unknown. president obama will continue to review the proposal for the controversial keystone pipeline. cleaning requests by the canadian developer of the pipeline to suspend that review. now, a delay could have put off a decision on the project until the next president takes office. bernie sanders is calling on the president to reject the pipeline now to try to show that the u.s. is serious about addddssing climate change. well, , e former president bush says the other was served badly by his aides. in a new bioaphy, the elder bush has scathing critiques of some of the key figures in his son's administration. mr. bush says vice president cheney and defense secretary donald rumsfeld were
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too hard line and militant, especially regarding september 11th. the book will be published next week. all right, well, a slow-moving storm could leave up to two feet of snow in some parts of the rockies before it's all done tonight. here's the radar that t have. the e orm pushing out of the southwest into the plains, snow stretching all the way from colorado to the dakotas. well, still ahead, be prepared to pay more for girl scout cookies. and a quick-thinking state trooper pulling an infant from a car and performing cpr. the heroic actions, and they're caught on camera. plus, miranda, luke and the rest of the gang at nashville. it night to remember at the country music awards.the gang at nashville. was a night to remember at the country music focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it, i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger, that it was important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect
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construction site there. building material flying all around, but then it just got much worse. the powerful wind was too much for a crane which bent over backwards onto itself. it appeared to come perilously close to the cars on the road. no reports, though, of any injuries. back here in the states, some prize california seseood may be off the menu u is morning. the dungenens or rock crabs caught off the coast there may be poisonous due to a naturally occurring toxin that's especially bad this year due to el nino. now, eating the crabs could lead to stomach upset, coma or even death. an emergency meeting today may determine whether the crab season should be postponed or canceled entirely. whole foods is struggling. its latest quarterly report fell by more than half, and the ououook for the rest of the year isn't v vy good. whole foods is facing more competition as traditional supermarkets are offering more organic foods at lower prices. whole foods is taking steps it hopes will stem the tide.
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well, kraft heinz is cutting another 2600 jobs. that's in addition to 2500 cuts that were announced in august. north america's third largest food company is closing seven factories, almost a fifth of its facilities. heinz acquired kraft this summer. okay, soo it may soon cost more to get your thin mints. in some parts of the country they're raising the price of girl scout cookies to $5 a box. that means the girl scout troops will get about 30 cents more per box. the cookies were already $5 a box in some pricey places like california and hawaii. >> you got to get your thin mints even if the price goes up. >> and even with those calories. >> even with the calories. and when we come back, finally found, a boy missing for ten years reunited with his mom. how applying for college helped him discover who he really is. and call her super, serena williams, a tennis star chasing
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a th the lightning struck just a few feet from a home in south australia. it's been a week of violent weather there including heavy rains and flooding. drivers in this country could see flooding in much of texas a a louisiana this m mning wads all the way up to canada and the great lakes.
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wet roads also in the northwest and snow in the rockies. if you're flying airport delays likeliest in chicago, minneapolis, denver and dallas. well, new developments now in the case of that chicago area police officer who staged his suicide to look like a murder. >> yeah, sources tell our chicago station that the widow and son of joe gliniewicz are under criminal investigation. it apparently stems from text messages that gliliewicz exchanged regardininthe thousasas of dollars that he embezzled from a police explorer unit. a man in california is under arrest for an attack against spencer stone, one of the americans hailed for stopping a terror attack on a european train over the summer, you'll recall. surveillance footage captured the incident, stone appearing to fight off several people and being stabbed. 28-year-old james tron is considered the instigator of that brawl. stone says thahahe's relieved now that tron's been arrested. >> i never thought i would ever get stabbed in my life, you know, so the fact that it
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two-month period is pretty insane, and my family, you know, has had a pretty hard time with it. but, you know, i'm walking away with just some scars and a clean bill of health, so i can't be, you know, much happier than i am right now. >> stone suffered knife wounds in august while helping to stop that attack on a train bound for paris. as for the american suspect, james tron, he's now charged with attempted murder and will make a court appearance tomorrow. also from california, the taco bell marketing manager who was fired after this assaulting an uber driver says he wants to apologize. benjamin golden was drunk while taking that ride, and he says he doesn't remember the incident t all. but he's asking to apologize to the driver in person. golden is charged with assault and battery. the driver is suing him seeking more than $25,000 in damages. an alabama mother's prayers have been answered.
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her son, who disappeared more than ten years ago, has now been located in cleveland with his biological father. julian hernandez was just 5 years old when his mother reported that he was missing. it wasn't until hernandez found out that his social securityty number was bogus that the story began to unravel. the father has been charged with abduction. well, now to a real-life action hero captured on camera in ohio. it was a state trooper responding to a call about a car speeding down the highway. the driver told officer matthew stauffer that his baby was unresponsive. stauffer jumped into action on the side of a road. he performed cpr on the 1-year-old girl until she started breathing again. he says he feels blessed to have helped save her life. a massachusetts woman is lucky to be alive this morning. take a look why. that wood post that you see there came crashing through her windshield as she was driving on the interstate. police think the post came from another vehicle and was then catapulted by a tractor trailer which ran over it. she was not injured. and serena williams has put
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years of training on the tennis court to good use. she was at a restaurant on tuesday. her phone on a chair next to her whent was stolen. the thief running off. williams took after him and got her phone back. she posted a photo of herself looking like supergirl and, yes, she is calling herself superrena. williams saying, quoting here, just because you're a lady, don't be afraid to step up to any challenge. if only we can get you to get that grand slam in one calendar year. >> oh, she will. she will. >> it would be nice. all right, well, week nine of the nfl kicks off tonight, as you know, with the undefeated bengals hosting the browns in cincinnati. >> as for last night in the nba some late night drama from our guys at espn. >> good morning. welcome to our "sportscenter" set here in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. this is neil everett. >> spurs/wizards. >> prepare to be entertained. >> let's roll. that's john wall practicing. that's how you improve. dusty baker is going to be the new nationals manager. we love dusty baker. he worked with us at espn,
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he's a great dude. he likes to fish, likes music and baseball. we're tied up, 3:30 left. beal by leonard and kawhi leonard is a good defensive players. gortat, did you see that, got lucky on the bounce. beal again hits a big shot. so, washington is up 4. we got about 1:40 left. leonard, stepback, bobby jack. what a game this was. it wasn't as good as wizards/golan or golden state and the clippers, but it was still good. tony parker. >> parlez-vous francais. >> thank you. that was with seven seconds left so we're tied so we're thinking, this thing may go to overtime if washington can't convert. john wall told beal, hey, man, this is what they do. they pay us to make those shots. lamarcus aldridge, pick it up. watch that. oh. and beal hits it. and san antonio i think had beaten washington like 17 straight times at one point.
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the wizards get them, 102-99. >> neil mentioned the clippers and the warriors. the warriors win it at home. that's all we got. >> thank you, gentlemen. up next in "the pulse," country music's best rocking the house. >> and the most talked about moments from last night's cmas. i was out for a bike ride. i didn't think i'd have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an
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well, this morning's "pulse" is all about the hottest stars in country music having a blast in nashville at the cma awards. >> there werer big names in pop and rock joiningngn on theun teaming up for some performances to remember. abc's marci gonzalez was there. are you ready for a country -- >> reporter: country music's biggest night. ain't that america with you and me >> reporter: -- rocking and leaving the audience rolling.
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>> bruce jenner is a babe now. >> hey now. and trtrp's leading in the polls >> reporter: brad paisley and carrie underwood hosting the cma awards for eighth year in a row bringing laughs. i've tried >> reporter: between the star-studded performances. little big town crushing it. i got a girl crush >> reporter: winning song, single and vocal group of the year. repeatins for best newew arst, chris stapleton too. >> this is unbelievable. i don't know what to say. i don't knoo what to think. >> reporter: ahead of the biggest honors of this memorable music-filled night in nashville. all right >> the cma awards for entertainer of the year goes to luke bryan. [ cheers and applause ] >> i love u, country music. i lovov you, ns. >> reporter: a huge night for
4:53 am
the first time nominee unseeded blake shelton for male vocalist of the year while his ex miranda lambert took home female vocalist for the sixth consecutive year. kendis and reena. >> my favorite times of the year because the music awards, cmas give you a flavor of country music and the best songs to download. >> yes, of course, in a couple weeks we have themerican music awards roo it here o o abc butut a lot of people talking about this moment hexe, tnessee native justin joining them on stage there. good performance. >> the cma hosts sang about the recent split between blake shelton and miranda lambert as word spread that shelton now dating gwen stefani. >> they spent the summer on covers of tabloids. since then "the ice" co-hosts have bee spending a lot of time yesterday. >> yesterday reps of stefani
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british and u.s. officials say it's likely that a bomb caused the crash of that russian passenger jet in egypt. the uk may begin special flights to evacuate 20,000 of its citizens stranded ere. donald trump facacg protesters calling on nbc to drop him as gue host of "saturday night live." trump also under fire for a tweet showing a swastika near jeb bush. police in chicago questioning a person of interest in connection with the murder of a 9-year-old boy. the killing of tyshawn lee has shocked the city as it grapples with widespread violence. looking at today's weather, mountain snow in the rockies all the way to the dakotas. some heavy rain east of there. severe storms in texas, mild along the east coast, showers in the northwest. and finally this morning, a guy who's got another long day of riding mass transit in front of him and he's not riding from the suburbs to his job in the city. >> that's right. the guy taking public transportation across the country, that's right, from coast to coast for more than 2900 les.
4:57 am
new york to san francisco. reporter tommy poole of our station in terre haute, indiana, has his story. >> reporter: it's not uncommon to see bus stops, however it's uncommon to see a long distance traveler riding one. william freeman stepped off this ride in terre haute as he continues his quest from new york city to san francisco using only public transportation. >> well, iwanted to bring attention to the current statete of mass transit and its un unlimited potential for the united states. >> reporter: living on long island crossing multiple state lines would have been easy, friedman took the challenge a step further. >> well, the first rule is no national chains, no greyhound, no amtrak. only i'm taking local transit. city buses and rural transit and paratrsit and that'shat gets me from county to county. >> reporter: while public transportation in the united states is behind other countries, freeedman says it's
4:58 am
not bad assome think. >> i think it's really pretty good. i think it's a whole lot better than it's given credit for. >> reporter: however going through some rural parts of the country has proven a bit of a allenge and onlyy 6060 miles into his jououey freeedman has found he's been forced to accept rides from locals. but that just adds to his experiment. >> one hypothesis i went into this endeavor trying to test is just how nice and decent american people are. >> kindness of strangers. >> yes, what a great way to see the country. betttt him than us. see the country. > that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us, of course, for "good moing america." have a great thursday. we're almost there, the weekend.
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