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was notified by a frustrated business owner, not the company. burlington northern santa fe says they use a third party communicator, road safe, and they never delievered the message to the city. the city says it's frustrating. "we need to have notification because then we don't have the opportunity to review their detour sign plans at all, and so that's a big issue" says jill wanderscheid, neighborhood services manager. bnsf says they finished a project in montana early, that's what brought them back to their project in sioux city. but they did what they could to go through the proper venue to notify the city. wanderscheid says this is not the first time. "when things like this come up it is extremely frustrating because we've had meetings in the past with local staff and staff at their executive level out of minneapolis, and to not see improvement is very frustrating for all of us" says jill wanderscheid, neighborhood services manager.
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business owners say road signs don't help. signs were placed a mile away on fld blvd, making it seem like the whole strip was closed, while his business was open. he says next time, all he wants is advanced notice for his customers. "it's very inconvenient, very frustrating for the customers that come here. like i said, most of our customers are calling here trying to get directions to our business because of the closed intersections with the railroad" says robert baker, manager of pq auto parts. bnsf has sent abc9 a statement apologizing for the inconvenience saying that they regret neither the city nor business owners were notified and they will strive to improve communication in the future. elisa on cam the city is inspecting the signs and moving any they see unnecessary. bnsf says the road is expected to open friday, november 13th, tim and jenna ill toss it back to you in studio ....reporting live in sioux city elisa raffa abc9 news tim: thank you elisa... tim: iowa's ag secretary bill northey visited with iowa elementary students this morning. northey honored burbaker elementary in des moines, after it arranged funding to participate in the state's "a" is for apple" program. students will use
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locally grown classroom along with offering contratulations ... northey talked about iowa's high corn and soybean crop yields - which are predicted to be some of the highest ever. "we've had really good crops around the state, we have spots around the of rain,but i talked to a lot of looking at my own farm, where we're harvesting a really best crop, one of ever had " with the large crop yields, some farmers are time finding storage space. outdoor piles are already popping state. jenna: governor finally opening up medicaid privatization hearings at the state capitol. backlash about how the four out of state companies were state's medicaid program, hawk-i. "anytime there's big particular bidder doesn't get it, it's not surprising they court. we're not of that and we feel that the appropriate followed. "
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branstad says the takeover will save the state money, streamline the process, and prevent confusion over prescriptions. local 5 has been following the hearings and proposed changes, and we will continue to update you on them as the process moves forward. tim: today we continue our second edition of salute to soldiers . jenna: abc 9's bria bell spoke to a local veteran and she joins us now with more..bria bria: thanks tim and jenna. a vietnam vet who has served for more than 30 years in both the navy and air force is now advocating for his own in his town of sgt. bluff. richard rabb drove nucleur submarines during the cold and vietnam wars and now he works as a bus driver for sgt. bluff-luton, while serving as an american legion service officer for post 662. richard says the military changed his life for the better. although there were tough times, he says it built a better,stronger
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"i was green as grass coming from the midwest...coming off the farm. you know it was all a new experience to me, but as it turned out it was a very good experience. if i could still do it, i'd do it all over again," said rabb. richard believes that it's important for veterans to have relationships with other veterans. he makes an extra effort to stay involved with the local veterans because he says it makes him sad to not have received a chance to connect with those that have served who may have lived not too far from him. "but it's really sad when you open up a paper and you read an obituary and here's a decorated veteran that might be your neighbor, might be just down the block or whatever and you never had any clue that htis person was in the military, let alone a decorated veteran. so yeah, it makes you feel pretty bad actually," said rabb. bria: richard jonkingly stated that he tried to get his
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working out he's going to push for his grandsons to join the military. more information and his story. bell abc 9 news. tim: president obama israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house today (monday). netanyahu at the white house today (monday). it was their first face-to-face meeting in more than a year. and their first meeting since an agreement was reached on an iran nuclear deal. netanyahu is a vocal critic of the deal, calling the accord a "historic mistake". and the prime minister are united in making sure iran does not get nuclear weapons. "it's no secret that the prime minister and i have had a disagreement on this narrow issue. but we don't have a need to making sure get a nuclear have a disagreement about the importance of us blunting de- stabilizing activities that iran may be taking place." the two leaders
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also discussed the ongoing situation in war- torn syria ... ... as well as recent violence by palestinians against israeli civilians. obama condemned the palestinian attacks, saying he hopes to find ways to "lower the temperature" between israel and the palestinians. jenna: after student protests called for his removal -- missouri university president, tim wolfe -- resigned today. the protests centered around race relations on campus -- and, accusations that ministrators didn't do enough to address problems. steve nannes reports. " " amid a growing race relations controversy -- the president of the university of missouri system said, he's resigning. ( sot: tim wolfe / former university of missouri president ) " the frustration and anger that i see is clear, real, and i don't doubt it for a second." at the center of it all: claims of inaction. black student leaders say, despite overt displays of racism at the school -- administrators did nothing to deal with the issue on the overwhelmingly white main campus. the growing divide was evident in this video, taken by a student and posted to twitter on friday: (sot: student / no name available) " what do you think systematic oppression is?" (sot: tim wolfe /
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former university of missouri president) "systematic oppression is because you don't believe you have the equal opportunity for success..." (sot: student / no name available) "you don't believe?!" - crowd reaction in his speech - wolfe mentioned jonathan butler - a student who began a hunger strike last week, calling for change. ( sot: voice of jonathan butler / university of missouri student ) " this is the beginning. we still have a lot of healing that has to happen on campus, but um, this is a great first step towards change." butler's hunger strike is over. and -- the school's football team will practice tuesday and play saturday -- after threatening to boycott both. wolfe took responsibility for the lack of action -- then, asked students and faculty to look to the future. ( sot: tim wolfe / former university of missouri president ) "use my resignation to heal and start talking again." students have called for broader cultural sensitivity training, more minority staff members, and other changes... requests school administrators said were under consideration. i'm steve nannes reporting. tim: still to come tonight
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refule their bodies after a workout. (fred) tuesday will be nice, but a big system is coming wednesday. windy weather is coming, too. your forecast is next!
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severe weather is possible wednesday. the best chance is across the orange shaded area around missouri, but a stray severe storm is possible in southern parts of siouxland as well. here's what you need to know: rain will be widespread, with 0.75 to 1.5" possible. snow may mix in during the afternoon or evening, but that's still uncertain, so
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severe storms are possible south. winds will gust 40-50 port neal welding shows the scene from the ho chunk centre. 65 was the high and 33 the low. here's a nice shot from the king's pointe skycam hd in levels today are western iowa today were in the 60s. everyone in eastern nebraska and southeastern south dakota also saw 60s. 60 is our sioux city temperature. winds are south at 13 miles temperatures are in the 50s. the satellite and radar shows a few clouds creeping in from the west. the stormcast hd shows a nice day tomorrow, but winds will pick up quickly as wednesday's system moves in with rain. even after the rain exits thursday, the wind will remain. the rain forecast shows a widespread 0.5" to 1.7" of in. your forecast tonight is for a low of 37 and mostly clear skies. tomorrow's high will be 61 with partly
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cloudy skies. the 7- day shows a wet, the wind will remain strong all the way through friday, but night. the low will be 22. finally, we'll enjoy a nice weekend, with sunsne and 56 saturday and 60 sunday! stay tuned for details on wednesday's system as it gets closer. jenna/tim/fred (tim) (fred)
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after the break.. one of your and coming up after the break.. one of your favorite childhood drinks could be the best way to help your body after a hard workout. more, when we come back. jenna:
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after a good long grab to refuel your body? a banana...? you might be
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suprised to hear an old childhood favorite- is the best way to round out a tough workout. here's jessica rae with more in your get going segment... "nats- working out music etc rae: after a long hard workout, what do you reach for to refuel your body? i'll tell you what you shold be reaching for... chocolate milk. kristen meyer: "it's a really good post workout drink because it has a really good ratio of carbohydrates to protein you want those carbohydrates after you workout just because they're gonna increase your energy and refill those glucose stores that you just used up." kristen meyer, registered dietician with the dunes surgical hospital, in dakota dunes south dakota says many studies have been conducted, mainly on collegiate and professional athletes... in regards to the benefits of drinking chocolate milk, post workout. nats - working out but what if you're not a pro athlete? should you still drink a glass of chocolate milk after your daily workout? kristen meyer: "really if you are working out an hour or more, that's when you want to go to that chocolate milk, otherwise you're just adding extra sugar and extra calories that you don't necessarily
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need if you are trying to maintain or lose weight." rae: and when it comes to deciding between a sports drink and chocolate milk... kristen says there's a time and a place for each one. kristen meyer: "sports drinks are more for rehydration and really you don't need those if you are just working out for 30-60 minutes again, unless you're working out in extreme heat then it is a good thing to hydrate yourself and it's a good go to." rae: overall, meyer says when it doubt- just drink water. water is the best source to refuel and rehydrate our working bodies. let's get going! i'm jessica rae for abc9 news." tim: coming up in sports...year two of the craig smith era begins next week. find out how the adjustment is going for both coach and players up ahead. jenna: plus... iowa state's
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seniors will say goodbye to jack trice stadium this saturday. we'll hear from the cyclones on taking on oklahoma state. chris palmquist cpalmquist@kcaut chris: back in 2011, iowa state hosted an
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national championship dreams and spoiled those hopes with a 37-31 double overtime win. on saturday, the current cyclones will have a chance to do the same. the cowboys were ranked 14th in last week's initial college football playoff rankings, but after a 20 point win over tcu on saturday, oklahoma state will be much higher in tomorrow's poll. all time, the cyclones have had troubles with the cowboys--in fact that 2011 upset win was the only for coach paul
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rhoads in the series but isu is 12-12-1 against the pokes at jack trice stadium and are looking for some more magic on saturday. paul rhoads--" there's certainly a lot of similarities with the date of the game, with their high ranking and playoffs on the line for their football team. you know we counted yesterday, there's only 8 current members of our roster that were part of that team" win or not, it will be a big day for the cyclones seniors. saturday's game is the last they'll play at jack trice stadium. jamison lalk--"it's going to be an emotional day, going out there for the last time, it's going to be emotional before the game and probably after the game, but during the game i think it's going to be like any other." dale pierson--"you know we all know that this is it for us, this is our last home game so definitely go out there and play with everything that we got." kick off between the cyclones and cowboys is at 2:30 on saturday afternoon on espn.
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chris: craig smith's tenure at south dakota got off to a rocky start last year as the coyotes stumbled to an 0-5 mark. but by the end of the season, the yotes had found a stride, winning seven of their last ten games. one of those wins came in the summit league tournament, a first for usd since transitioning to division one. this season, the yotes have some holes to fill. three starters, including 1200 point scorer brandon bos and first team all conference performer tyler larson are gone due to graduation. but seven letter winners are back and with a year in coach smith's system, both coach and players are clicking and confident. craig smith--"can't even explain how much more comfortable you are just with everything. the day- to-day operations, your team, your family's settled in. it's kind of a little bit of everything. you know how to get home, you know the shortcuts to get here or there, but you know, you just can't explain it, it's a major difference." eric robertson--"knowing all of us and connecting with all of us like that, it's really helped us with team chemistry. we kind of, before he even starts to talk, we can kind of figure out what he's saying or what he wants us to do. and that's really helped
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us kind of speed up this process as preseason has come to an end here." casey kasperbauer--"we know what he expects, and i think he knows us better too. and i think it works both ways and it's really good that we know what to do x's and o's wise and we know what kind of character he wants on the floor and off the floor." the yotes open the season next friday against wright state. the dome opener is november 24. chris: over the next few days, ten teams from siouxland will compete at state volleyball tournaments in iowa and nebraska. heelan will be the first team in action and they're no strangers to cedar rapids. this will be the crusaders 21st appearance at state and their 17th in last 18 years. state and their 17th in the last 18 years. heelan, coming off regional wins over le mars and carroll, will bring a 30-13 record into tuesday's quarterfinal against waverly shell rock. the crusaders aren't taking their state bid for granted, but they want to do something that hasn't been done since 2007...bring home the big trophy on friday. taylor ferguson--"it's exciting that we made it to state, but none of our team is satisfied with just making it there. this year we want to bring home some hardware. bring back the tradition of winning some state championships for
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the volleyball program." grace hanno--"we aren't satisfied with how we ended the season last year. like, it's always nice getting to state, but we don't just want to go down there and we want to play our hardest and see how far we can get." first serve for the crusaders and go-hawks is set for 6 tomorrow. we'll have all the action for you tomorrow at ten.
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today's picture comes from... the june e. nylen cancer center. students from mater dei school just made a more than 500 dollar donation to go toward the cancer center's free breast screening program. they helped to organize a "pink out" day at their school where students paid $1.00 to wear pink and they each wrote a little prayer on a small pink ribbon. they organized the small pink ribbons with the prayers to spell the word hope. jenna/tim/chris/fred: (fred) your forecast tonight is for a low
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of 37 and mostly clear skies. tomorrow's high will be 61 with partly cloudy skies. the 7- day shows a wet, windy wednesday. the wind will remain strong all the way through friday, but
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[ music ] donald trump! >> saturday night trump. what y didn't see on tv. >> trump at the 3:00 a.m. after pay. >> did a great job. got good reviews. >> and laura davi will he get the $5,000 bounty? >> i heard if i yelled that, they'd give me $5,000. >> and olympic fall.
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