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tv   ABC9 News at 6pm  ABC  November 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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im tim seaman, jenna rehnstrom has the evening off. a snowy day in siouxland is improving.......but fast accumulating snow caused problems on the roads.... a tow ban went into effect this morning... and sioux city transit busses were pulled off the road for about an hour after conditions put busses behind schedule. meteorologist elisa raffa has been tracking the snow and checking the roads all day and she joins us live with more... tim: elisa hows it going out there?? elisa tim... i'm here... where we are still seeing some flakes fall. today, snow was falling so fast, plows were doing their best to get around but just couldn't keep up. with cars sliding into ditches on slippery roads... woodbury county put a tow ban in effect... as of 10 am. employees at siouxland towing say they were busy from before the snow even started.... towing about twenty cars in the early hours before the ban was put into place. once the ban was issued, employees at all towing companies had to just sit and wait.
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trying to catch up with the snow, of course. and, the conditions are so bad that people will slide off in the ditch. so they don't want us halfway in the road trying to pull somebody out of the another accident" siouxland towing. george says it's our while attending that accident, and other drivers roads. tell us how the roads have been sergeant jeremy city pd. officer, how have the roads been today? in effect... if what is their next should they do? continuing tomorrow, slushy blowing snow for tomorrow..
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do to stay safe? for now im going to toss it back to you in studio tim, reporting live in meterologist elisa raffa abc 9 news tim: thank you for that report elisa. tim: if you were out in it today.... you know just how wet and sticky todays snow is. abc9 reporter bria bell joins us know just how wet and sticky todays snow is. abc9 reporter bria bell joins us live from outside the norm waitt ymca with more on how the snow stacked up. she joins us now live with more.. bria: yes tim, today's snow was so wet and heavy it literly "stacked up".... and there
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blwo it around... check out these pictures we took earlier today right here on the 4 inches quickly piled up .... can really seeust how well the snow packed together... this is what it [explains what it behind me but earlier today.... the white out of snow made it imposible for out here to see bria: today i spoke to weather and if
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your bound to get ten different answers in regards to the weather here in sioux city. some drivers said that the weather was a non factor, some stated that it was the drivers more so than the weather, while others stated it was a little bit of both. so far there have been less reported accidents for today than the last snow storm sioux city witness during the week of nr 20th. drivers seem to be more cautious and driving at lower speeds. "it's kind of rough out there, driving with all the other vehicles on the road. you don't know if you're going to have an accident," said sachjen. "i have a 4-wheel drive so...and they're keeping the roads clean, so i haven't had any problems," said "i go home because it's too hard to drive and difficult," said if you are have to take the interstate please if you are have to take the interstate please know that the d- o-t will remain plowing down the highways. and as with all inclement weather, sioux city pd is urging drivers not to drive and stay inside if possible. for now im going to toss it back to you in studio.reporting live in sioux city, bria bell abc 9 news.
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thanks for that report bria.. tim: as we mentioend earlier..... todays snow is a heavy slushy snow..... at one point plows weren't able to keep up forcing the sioux city transit system was suspended operations .. the interuption only lasted about an hour from 11:30 and 12:30. asst city manager mike collett told us service was shut down as a saftey precaution after buses continueed to get further and further behind,. tim: with today being cyber monday police are warning folks that theifs are out and about during the holiday season looking for front door packages and to take extra precaussion.. anda krenz brings us more. "amanda intro: 22:02 it doesn't matter if packages are being delivered by ups, fed ex, usps, each package is an opportunity for a thief. follow a delivery truck around during the holidays... and you'll see the delivery workers do a mad dash at every stop... one drop off after another. sgt. bryan 11:16 the theives know people will be ordering a lot, delivered to their hous on their front doorstop. police say all these packages out in the
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targets for people who are willing to break the law. sgt. bryan 11:39 they find a truck and start following it around. jim o'hare 16:44 we know from the past, they find trucks. follow them around and steal parcels off of porches. jim ohare is the postal inspector for des moines. he says package theives don't strike often but they have noticed an increase in the last 2-3 years. jim 15:35 if you're home and you have the ability to get the package off th edoorstep as soon as possible that's always adviseable. otherwise you should consider having a neighbor pick it up for you. or have it delivered to a friend or relative's house. if you do have a package that goes missing, both police and postal authorities say report it. jim 17:06 sometimes we et lucky and catch them. popel see things that don't look right and they call police right away. sgt. bryan 13:49 if we get the reports, then catch the person later, it all comes together. amanda tag 22:48 there's only so much you can do, have neighbors look out for you as well. in west des moines, amanda krenz, local 5 news, we are iowa. " tim: billionaire investor warren
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to stump for hillary clinton. tim: buffett is set to appear ith campaign stop in month. it's the presidential candidate's first campaign stop in in march. a clinton campaign source says the two will talk about the need for tax reform and income buffett has long clton, both her campaign and super pac in recent months. tim: president obama is urging the world take action to
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the president is in france today, along with nearly 200 world leaders, for the u.n. climate change conference. this long planned meeting comes just weeks after the terror attack that killed 130 in paris. president obama says the ongoing terror threat should motivate the world leaders to do more to save the planet. "nothing will deter us from building the future we want for our children. what greater rejection of those who would tear down our world than marshaling our best efforts to save it?" meanwhile, the city is on lockdown for the gathering - and all public protests are banned. tim: still to come tonight we'll look at why losing weight in our 20's is different than losing weight as we age. (fred) a winter storm warning remains in effect. trends will include lighter snow and stronger winds. highs will be in the 30s. your forecast is next! " " tim/jenna/fred
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fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) a winter storm warning remains in effect in yellow through tomorrow, while a winter weather advisory is for those in light blue. the hd radar shows light to moderate snow. sioux city saw 5.4" of snow today, which breaks the record for november 29. norfolk's 3.7" also breaks a record. elsewhere, 8.0" was reported in sioux center, holstein had 7". road conditions are snow covered across the northern half or so of our area. here's the port neal welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk center in downtown sioux city. 34 was the high today and 32 the low. the king's pointe skycam hd shows a snowy scene in storlake. we have 33 and snow in sioux city. local temperatures are in the s and 30s. wind chills are in the 20s for most. winds are just 5-15 miles per hour but will be stronger tomorrow. visibility is low across the area, especially in sioux city at just 0.75 miles. radar shows the low pressure system spinning bands of snow across the upper midwest. the stormcast hd shows that this system will be slow to leave. in fact, we could see light snow through early wednesday morning! an additional 0.5" to 1.0" of snow can be expected for most of the abc9 viewing area on top of what we have already received. so tomorrow's snow
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winds will be blowing snow may reduce visibility, especially in rural/open areas. your forecast for tonight is for a low of 25 and light snow. tomorrow, look for a high of 32 and light snow plus breezy winds and blowing snow. the 7-day forecast shows breezy winds wednesday as the snow ends. then, we'll see a period of dry, quiet weather...with highs in the 30s. tomorrow's ask fred prize is 4 tickets to q102's birthday bash featuring echosmith and andy grammer! jenna/tim/fred (tim) thanks, fred. coming up after the break,,,well take a look at how aging effects our metabolism
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aging effectour metabolism
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you're 18 and you go to the gym, workout, then afterwards and you can still sleek physique... 35, 45, and 55... you do the same workout, you eat pizza... keep packing on? jessica rae spoke with doctor steven joyce medical center, and why our metabolism slows down as we age... in this week's get going segment dr steven joyce with mercy medical age our basal slows down, meaning even as we
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walking during our daily activities, our bodies are no longer burning calories the way they used to i tell people approach our 40s, we start to see that slow down i.e. our metabolism slow down then we really need to do start increasing our calorie expenditure and that's with exercise." rae: because our slows as we age, we the same amount of and expect to burn off the same amount of calories. so dr joyce says there are two types of exercises, anaerobic and aerobic exercises... although it's good to perform both types of exercise, as we age, it's more important to focus on a specific one. joyce: "but really it is the aerobic capicity that we should be working on so that is again, the walking, jogging, biking, swimming, and that sorts of things and those can all be done middle age or older age, we just have to realize our bodies limits.
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bodies for a slower basal metabolic rate, starts early on... joyce: "we should start improving our life style changes probably in our 20s, even teens, and we know that kids aren't as active as they should be, so we should start preaching it then. but as far as being aware of our basal metabolic rate and our slowing metabolism probably in your 40s is when you're going to start really noticing that and that's when we should be aware of it and really concerned on making lifestyle changes before that so they're already engraved." rae: let's get going, i'm jessica rae, for abc9 news coming up in sports...iowa's defense carried them against sports...iowa's defense carried them against nebraska on black friday. today one of the hawkeyes was named conference freshman of the week. details up ahead. plus...the cyclones had their first opportunity to meet new head coach matt campbell. we'll have a full report from ames up ahead.
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32nd football coach in cyclone history. the 36 year old, now the youngest power five coach in the country, racked up a 35-15 record in four plus years with toledo. today, campbell was introduced in ames, and he stressed faith, football and family. so what do the cyclones think of their new head coach? jordan furbee has more from ames. just listening to matt campbell, you
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where his priorities that track record everyone is going to gravitate towards him and just believe what he can do." "we just gotta have full faith in him and have a good, healthy relationship from team to coach perspective and if we get a tight bond and hit the ground running, we can do special things next year." i reached out to couple young men last night on on the phone. i'd like to keep that private for a later date." but that request went over the head of levi peters. "i got a chance to talk to him a little bit last night. you're telling us he gave you a call? ya i remmber him saying that he might want to punch me for telling you guys that, but to know that he looks at me as a leader and he felt that i was one of the guys to contact, that means a lot to me and i think that's a boost into this transition for me." the iowa hawkeyes are coming off a 28-20
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last friday and today parker hesse was named big ten freshman of the week. hesse had a pick six against the huskers and matched a career high with six tackles. his touchdown in the second quarter gave iowa a lead they'd never give up and was the fourth defensive touchdown of the season for the hawks. next up for the hawkeyes is the big ten championship game this saturday night against michigan state. college gameday will be in indianapolis for what will likely be a play-in game for the college football playoff. we'll be in indy as well and have coverage for you beginning later
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finally, the big twelve announced its all conference volleyball teams today and former moc floyd valley star alexis conaway was a first team selection. the iowa state sophomore was a second team pick last year and this season averaged just over 2 kills a set on a 349 hitting percentage. conaway, sioux city native natalie vondrak, and the cyclones take on miami in the first round of the ncaa
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comes from...ross van rooyan dakota dunes... his 3 kids celebrated thier parents wedding anniversary .. by leabving them alone for a while.. obviously the snow helped if you're like to submit a facebook fan photo, just post it on our
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jenna/tim/chris/fred: (fred) radar shows light to moderate snow
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