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tv   ABC9 News at 5pm  ABC  December 2, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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/ witness "kinda sounded like a shooting range? just shots being shot like crazy." first responders.. rushing to the scene of an active shooting ... unfolding inside the inland regional center in san bernardino, california. sot - marcos aguilera / wife just got out "she said the guy just came in next to her office and i guess started shooting." this man says his wife was in an office next to the building.. she managed to escape safely.. when gunfire broke out.. shortly before noon.. sot - marcos aguilera / wife just got out "they locked thself in in her office, they seen the bodies on the floor. she said right now ambulances are taking people out in stetchers." sot - terry pettit / father "our daughter's in there... she texted us about 30 minutes ago, and said there was a shooter, and he shot 10-20 people. and they're hiding." according to authorities.. so far.. there are reports of multiple victims. the fbi and atf.. joining the local swat team.. their priority now.. evacuate and clear any remaining victims from the building.. sot - vickey cervantes, san berndino pd "we don't have numbers yet on casualties. but there were multiple casualties, and there were confirmed fatalities." elizabeth hur oncam close: at this point.. police telling abc news..
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armed and possibly wearing body armor.. too soon to speculate on a motive. eh, abc news, san bernadino . " tim: six months ago the body of allicia hummel of sioux city was found in the highline area of clay county. the case remains open.... and law forcement is still searching for clues today, the south dakota attorney general released a statement asking for the public's help. reminding residents of a five thousand dollar reward for any information leading to an arrest and conviction in relation to hummel's death. anyone with information is urged to contact the clay county sheriff's office. that number is located on your screen.
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imagine freinds and family are asking for your help. tonight at ten two of allicia hummel's freinds sit down with reporter bria bell to talk about the case. jenna: authorities have made an arrest in connection to a tuesday morning robbery in north sioux city. north sioux city police say 25- year-old mykel booth from atlanta, georgia was arrested in sioux falls earlier today after authorities located the vehicle believed to be involved in the robbery. booth is accused of firing a gun inside the north sioux casey's general store before making off with an undisclosed amount of money. video surveillance shows booth leaving in a black suv. booth faces several charges inclouding 1st degree robbery. he's currently being held in sioux falls and could be transported back to union county on thursday. tim: parents of a former special education student at sgt. bluff luton school have filed a lawsuit against the school district claiming school personel mishandled their child. according to court documents, suzanne and kevin gosch are pursing
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they say an excessive use of force and negligence was used in an incident involving thier child. the gosch's claim the teacher dragged their child across a carpeted floor causing rug burns on the child's back. abc9 reached out to seargent bluff-luton community schools they did not comment on the situation. jenna: a hotly contested topic is gaining some traction with one nebraska senator who's touring nebraska today in order to represent patients using medical cannabis oil. republican senator tommy garrrett of nebraska's 3rd district made several stops around the state today, including dakota city, to talk to people about his recent visit to minnesota and legalizing cannabis oil in the state. on his visit, garrett says he saw how patients tread with medical cannabis oil are benefitting from the substance. "when you're getting $34,000 worth of medications and you're not working and your choice is brain surgery when cannabis has shown medical advocacy, what parent in their right mind wouldn't do this? and the studies are there,
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there," said garret. garrett says he is impressed with there being no law enforcement incidents so far... saying the program is a prime example of how nebraska's sick could benefit from the cannabis oil. we'll have more on senator garrett's visist to dakota city tonight at six right here on abc9 news. jenna: many residents along glenn avenue will finally be able to pull in their driveways today with construction there wrapping up tim: the road opened at noon today leaving relieved, since the project was supposed to be completed in late summer of this year bria: tim and jenna, drivers did not hestitate to use glenn avenue again today. crews were out removing signs around noon making the road fully functional again for travelers. the countdown for detour and road constructions signs to be gone is long over. sioux
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down the signs along sidewalks early this afternoon leaving residents excited about the new and improved glenn avenue. "great, finally we driveways and their places alot wadner. was set to be august of this year , but due to unforseen damages, the to be pushed back which gave morningside parents a dropping and picking their kids up from school. reopening date possibly cost sioux city engineering company thosands of dollars in fees for each day the road was not completed sioux city's interim public director says that the fee is currently being negotiated between the city and the contractor. "the city and the construction firm are exploring all the options per the contract language...we're happy that it's finally opening up, we recognize that this was an inconvience to the neighborhood and to the travelling public, this is a busy street," said mach. iowa dot will soon come out to
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to make sure that it is sutiable for drivers. bria: if any issues are found....road development will continue starting in the spring along with other rennovations the egineering company has already set out to complete. live in the studio, bria bell abc 9 news. tim: what's been described by locals as an eye- sore had it's final bell "tolled" earlier today construction nats the toll booth located in decatur nebraska has been out of comission since 20-13, and today, demolition crews began word to strike down the building, today crews were working on removing metal support beams of the roof. deconstruction began yesterday and is expected to be finished by the end of the week. jenna: a recall stemming from an e. coli scare has been expanded acroos over a dozen states and including nebraska. contaminated celery from a california-based farm was found to be the source of an f-d-a
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recall of food products issued yesterda. abc's david kerley gives us an update. the celeryas produced by taylor farms in california... and it is in 150 thousand different products... from salad kits to diced celery and onion...and vegetable trays. the products have been shipped to more than a dozen states... mostly in the west... buy also a couple of states in the middle part of the country and this is no longer just costco... 7-11's albertsons, safeway, even starbucks carry some of these products. the food and drug administration saying 19 people were sickened eating the chicken salad. this expansion to all these other celery products the agency abundance of caution. jenna: were primarily western states, but stores in georgia, arkansas, nebraska and hawaii are also affected. a list of recall items is available at f-d-a dot gov. tim: it was a special seen at kraai (cry) carpet and furniture in orange city today, as they were presented with a piece of history, a piece of steel from the world trade center represetnattives from the stphen
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towers foundation payed kraai furniture a visit today in order to commemorate the company's generous support, which helped tunnel to towers buiild "smart homes" for service members returning from war who have been catastrophically injured. it's something the owner of the furniture store dan kraai says he's honored to have a hand in. one of the batallion fire chief's, ed breen, batallion fire chief's, ed breen, who was there at the world trade center presented kraai furniture with the piece of steel from the towers, the tunnels to towers foundation is named in honor of stephen siller, a brave firefighter who passed away trying to rescue people during the national tragedy. breen says it was something he
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personal contributions are still being accepted in kraai furniture store visit our website siouxland matters dot com and click on the link to this story if you would like to donated to their cause "nats kids playing " jenna: the tyson event center was packed with dozens of special olympians this morning... the annual special olympics clinic held at the n-a-i-a volleyball championships is something these young olympians look forward to each year, but they aren't the only ones who enjoy it... ala meservey: "this is a really great part like it's so much fun like we bond so much with these kids. it's not just about volleyball, i mean obviously we want to win but doing around the community work "
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the n-a-i-a tournament action at the tyson event center all week long, with the championship taking place this saturday still to come... an ugly trend is rolling on all cylinders this holiday season. more on the sweaters taking over the internet. when we return. fred: (fred) a cold night is ahead, then 30s and 40s will be seen for highs over the next week...but will there be any more snow? your forecast is coming up next!
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look at road conditions! they are back to great! a big thanks to road crews. the port neal welding company skycam hd shows a wintry scene from the ho chunk centre in sioux city. the high today was 35 and the low was 30. the king's pointe skycam hd shows another wintry scene. in sioux city, we have dropped to 26 degrees. local temperatures are in the 20s and 30s. wind chills are in the
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5 to 10 miles per hour. these winds will become light overnight. visibility isn't a big problem tonight, but estherville does have lower visibility of around 3 miles. the satellite and radar shows yesterday's weather system moving away from us. the stormcast hd shows clear skies and cool temperatures tonight. tomorrow, expect sunshine and a nice day. not much change in our weather will be seen through friday, but clouds will increase saturday, when we could see drizzle. your forecast for tonight is for clear
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degrees. tomorrow, expect sunny skies and a high of 35. the 7-day shows 39 friday, 40 and drizzle saturday, and 40s next week...with no snow! fred: tim: jenna: (tim) thanks, fred.
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for ugly sweaters. the ugly christmas sweater trend has evolved...from a by-product of hipster culture... to an annual tradition embraced by entire families and workplaces. ugly-christmas- sweater-dot-com says they're on track to sell more than five- million-dollars worth of ugly sweaters this year a look at the latest from the campaign trail as the countdown to caucuses continues. right here on
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frontrunner donald trump solidifying his lead tim: trump is on top with 27 percent support in a new national quinnipiac university poll released today. sen. marco rubio took 17 percent and sen. ted cruz earned 16 percent. but ben carson is slipping. the neurosurgeon dropped 7 percentage points in the last
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earned 5 percent or less. tim: jeb bush was in iowa today, and despite polling poorly, jeb doesn't seem to be phased and says he's confident going forward into caucuses come february. reporter sabrina ahmed from our des moiines affiliate got the chance to talk with bush one on one, asking is he going to gloss over iowa? " " this morning, i had the opportunity to speak with jeb bush... and we talked about his ground game in iowa. as you saw in that last poll.. he's not doing to hot. but is he worried? take a listen. lets talk iowa.. how are you doing? just spent 2.5 days doing well, great ground game.. 3 town hall meetings.. conencting converting 4% worry you? no because the candidates who were winning in year before election in iowa never win these are discerning voters who make up their mind late i think theyre going to want someone who has the leadership skills to face these complex xhallenges how important is iowa to win the country? iowas important.. all fevb states are... iowa at feb 1 makes it doubly imprtant
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bigger staff, more effort? we're workign hard in all places, theyre unique some requre tv ads, orgs, i feel good about where we are, i really do less than 60 days.. what in iowa? connect, find, convert, make sure they go to the caucus. " after the break... it's a christmas
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details on what the winnebago tribe is planning for the holidays this year. and how you can help raise money for the needy.
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today i'm here with.... terry medina, the winnebago tribal court has the annual for 31 yrs. to help raise money to buy mittens, gloves, and hats for the children in the winnebago area. fun family event - vendors from all the surrounding area sell food, authentic native american food, bake sales, crafts, makeup, jewelry, beaded jewelry, purses, art items. some really great gifts for christmas. pictures with santa claus, fun bingo for children and adults, many miscellaneous prizes if you
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walks. will be raffling off some bigger prizes: 50" tv, ps4 bundle, tablet, prepaid phone with card activation, plus donation items from various vendors. raffle tickets sold as: 1 - $1.00, 7 - $5.00, 15 - $10.00. raffle tickets can be purchased from tribal court personnel. all proceeds benefit winnebago mitten fund. thank you
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fred's back next with a final check of our forecast. stay with us. (fred)
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skies and a low of 9 degrees. tomorrow, and a high of 35. the 7-day shows 39 friday, 40 and drizzle saturday, and 40s next week...with no snow!
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