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tv   ABC9 News at 6pm  ABC  December 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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more business. representivies from communities say they're excited because it'll give the area a new edge. "this is a huge deal for sioux city and the tri-state area," said capron. ho-chunk incorporated introduced a section of their company called ho-chunk captial, a real estate and investment company. the new branch is set to develop communities in differnet areas in siouxland incuding sioux city, south sioux, and dakota dunes. all projects will create housing, retail, and restaurant space with a total cobined cost of 107 million dollars. ceo lance morgan says that this project is unique and a way that the tri-state area can compete with surrounding communities. "you know these projects will be an investment in siouxland over the next several years and well over $100 million. and i don't think that happens everyday in the housing side, i think you can do it in the big industrial investments, but really figuring out planning and deciding to invest that kind of money in community on the hosuing side is a pretty rare event," said morgan. sioux city's virginia square and and dakota dunes is already undergoing construction, and south sioux's flatwater is set to follow beginning in spring 2016. representatives from the tri-state say they are excited as this will boost their communities. "i think the ho-chunk development is very exciting for the city of south sioux city. it's goign to develop an area along the riverfront and quality houses in the community, something that we
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headquist. "you know, this particular development that ho-chunk's doing, the up-scale apartment complex, will be a good edition to the housing mix that's currently available in dakota dunes," said dodey. bria: ceo lance morgan says the development project should not negatively affect tax payers, but boost the tax base dramactically with the possiblity of lowering taxes. reporting live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. tim: in the wake of another mass shooting, gun control advocates have a message for politicians: your prayers aren't enough. republican candidates ted cruz, ben carson,
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"prayers" for those impacted... but gun control advocates want more. a scathing new york daily news cover this morning read--"god isn't fixing this." president obama also asked for prayers for the victims. but during an oval office meeting with the fbi director and attorney general he again called for tightening access to guns. "important for all of us, including our legislatures, to see what we can do to make sure that when individuals decide that they want to do somebody harm, we're making it a little harder for them to do it, it's just too easy. white house that the president is considering using executive action background check requirements. the president's comments today mark the 17th time the president came before the nation after a mass shooting tim: the fbi now has the lead in the investigation of yesterday's shooting that
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injured. we are learning more about the male shooter, syed farook, and whether radicalized beliefs contributed to his motives. paul vercammen is in san bernardino with the latest. " " the f-b-i and other law enforcement officials are piecing together a profile of syed farook -- including who he'd been in touch with, where he'd traveled, and what may have prompted his actions. (david bowdich, fbi assistant director, los angeles office) if you look at the amount of obvious pre-planning that went in, the amount of armaments that he had, the weapons and the ammunition, there was obviously a mission here, we know that. we do not why. farook was a 28- year-old u.s. citizen, with no criminal record, and an employee of the county health department. he abruptly left a workplace holiday gathering reportedly angry -- and came back with his 27-year-old wife, tashfeen malik and started shooting. killed in a shootout. 12 pipe bombs and more ammunition were found at their home. (chief jarrod berguan, san bernardino police) nobody just gets goes home and puts
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of elaborate scheme or plan. there was some planning that went into this. after a meeting with his national security team this morning, president obama said pinning down that precise motive will take some time. (president obama) there may be mixed motives involved in this. which makes the investigation more complicated. u.s. officials say farook traveled to saudi arabia in 2013 for the hajj, a common trip that would not have raised red flags. law enforcement officials say farook had been in touch with more than one terror suspect on the f-b-i's radar --though not high priority -- via phone and social media. in san bernardino, california, i'm paul vercammen. tim: the south dakota state board of regents won't be pushing for a bill that would allow the states six public university campuses... including the university of south dakota in vermillion. however, the board is setting up a special task force to continue studying and exploring the
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sessions. tim: the u-s military is opening all combat posts to women. u-s defense secretary ash carter made that historic announcement today. he says women will be able to fill all jobs currently limited to men, including infantry and some special operations units the decision comes after years-long reviews and public push-back from some within the military. the marine corp had sought exceptions to the new rule -- at one point releasing a study suggesting all-male squads are more effective in combat than integrated groups. tim: u.s. labor secretary tom perez is endorsing hillary clinton. the endorsement is seen as a sting to clinton opponent, martin o'malley. tim: the former maryland governor helped launch perez's career by appointing him as secretary of the maryland department of labor, licensing and regulation in 2007. in a statement
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perez said he's endorsing clinton because she will fight to ensure the nation's children can achieve their dreams. perez is expected to join clinton for two campaign events in iowa. he is the third member of president barack endorse clinton. tim: paul will be in making stops at mason city. in fort dodge will be held at the public library paul's mason city event will be held at 6 that night at north iowa area community college tim: one of sioux city's unofficial kick- offs to the holiday season is wrapping up tonight. the festival of trees auction is going on right now. jenna is live at the ho-chunk centre where that's going on. hey jenna how's it going out there jenna: hey tim! each year, festival of trees organizers deck the halls here at the ho chunk
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help of local organizations and businesses. they decorate christmas trees and wreaths in all kinds of different themes and tonight, they'll all go home with the highest bidder. dr. tom molstad has been organizing this event for many years. he joins me now. jenna: for now im going to toss it back to you in studio tim, tim: thanks jenna, well see you back
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tim: thanks jenna, well see you back here in a bit. tim: and still to come tonihght the count down of shopping days before christmas is getting smaller and it can be a stressful time coming up well have some tricks on makeing it easier (fred) sunshine is coming
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over the next week. but there could be some drizzle saturday. see you after the break for the forecast! " " tim/jenna/fred fred, today's (fred) 's going to get
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city. the high today was 28 at the for the low! if you thought it felt a lot warmer than 28 today, you're had a high of 39 over western iowa were in the 20s to 40s. eastern nebraska and southeastern south dakota were in the 20s to the 40s! in sioux city, 22 is the temperature. local temperatures are in the teens and 20s and 30s. wind chills are in the single
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at around 5 miles per hour. visibility is fine right now, but dense fog may be seen later tonight, especially after midnight. there is a grand total of nothing going on across the upper so let's go to the we find another cold night ahead. tomorrow looks like a very nice november day. on saturday, clouds will move in, and drizzle can be expected. that cloud cover and drizzle will move away on sunday as we return to sunshine. your forecast for of 9 degrees with tomorrow, look for mostly sunny skies. shows drizzle and 39 and plenty of sunshine next week. jenna/tim/fred (tim)
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you bet. tim: the break well ways to ease the stress of the
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get your holiday shopping done. not looking forward to the crowds, the traffic and the decorating? who is? but there are ways to enjoy the season without
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carl azuz explains in today's health minute. " " 'tis the season to be jolly. but why are these people fighting over crock pots and mp-3 players? (dr. marc dalton/psychiatrist) "most people freak out about three particular things during the holiday. specifically time, money and other people." when it comes to time, limit yourself to the festivities, both on the giving and receiving end. there's only so much eggnog you can drink. (dr. marc dalton/psychiatrist) "i would say pick two or three things that you really, really want to do and then reserve the other times for yourself." if the expense of the holidays is nipping at your wallet, set a budget and stick to it. remember, some of the best christmas memories don't come from a store. (dr. marc dalton/psychiatrist) "experiences are usually a lot better than things, especially during the holiday season." for some, creating the perfect holiday can bring on frustrations and unrealistic expectations. doctors suggest during this time of year, it's a good idea to just breathe. (dr. marc dalton/psychiatrist) "i always say take one weekend where you plan to do nothing, but do things that you need to do for yourself." so when santa claus visits this year, you'll be able to say ho, ho, ho, instead of a bah humbug. for today's health minute, i'm carl azuz. coming up in sports...nobody expected iowa to
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expected iowa to play for the big ten championship...but they say that's fine. we'll hear from the hawkeyes up ahead. plus...morningside will be the favorite this weekend in the f- c-s semifinals. stay tuned for a breakdown of their matchup
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championship series and now for the fourth straight year, the
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one win away from championship. welcomes the national champs oregon to olsen stadium this saturday with the winner earning a spot in daytona beach. the 10-2 raiders are ranked country and bring offense to town. over 42 points per game and it's a as the raiders average over 235 rushing and passing yards per contest. with the experience s-o-u stage, the challenge. steinberg--"tradition ally they're strong. look for, you know? teams by a lot but it's fun playing close games. they're gonna be big, they're gonna be fast, and they're gonna make plays. we can't let them--their ability to make plays affect how we play." steve ryan--"they're a very talented football team. there's a reason they're one of the final four teams in the country. they can make plays on offense, they play great defense. there's a reason why they won the national championship last year and that's that they know how to win games." as good as the raiders are
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haven't seen an offense like morningside's. the mustangs average over 60 points and 600 yards of total offense on the season and southern oregon says it won't be easy on either side of the ball. ken fasnacht--"they're a perennial favorite in their conference every year and always a top-five program in the nation. it's going to be a challenge for us to attack their defense, but we feel we can do it if we execute and do our job." matt retzlaff--"they have some dudes offensively. they've got some dudes on defense. they've got a strong two got fast corners secondary so deserved final four team." kickoff between the raiders and stangs is at noon olsen stadium. chris: outside of iowa city, and maybe even there, few expected the iowa 12-0 at this point of the season. kirk ferentz and have a chance to and advance to the college football playoff. indianapolis as underdogs for just the second time this year. fifth ranked
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point favorites against the number 4 hawkeyes. but coach kirk ferentz says that the underdog role is just fine with him and his team. kirk ferentz--"in a lot of people's eyes we weren't supposed to be here right now, but i say that tongue in cheek because it's important to us. it's not like we're out there just winging it. a couple of days into the preparation, we've still got a couple more to go, but we're probably the team that's not supposed to be there so what the heck? let's go cut it loose and see what happens." c.j. beathard--"i don't know if anybody would have predicted us being 12-0 but we knew we had something special. we knew we had a great team and had a good group of guys that played together and that's all you can ask for. we've turned it into something real special." kickoff is at 7:17 saturday night on fox. time for our abc9 rising star and our winner this week is bree binneboese--and i apologize if i said that wrong. bree loves soccer and is somebody we'll need to keep an eye on in the future. she'll receive a t- shirt, a framed passes to king's pointe courtesy of the education pro.
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state opened up the central regional tournament with a 3-1 win over second seed central missouri. katie hughes led the team with 14 kills and heelan alum leisa mcclintock dished out 41 assists in the match. the wildcats advance to take on southwest minnesota state
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photo of the day. today's picture comes from... ashley scholten from merrill. these are her kids, bailey and wyatt enjoying a day off of school earlier this week and working on
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their snow. if you're like to submit a facebook fan photo, just post it on our abc-9 facebook page. jenna: we're relieved fred isn't forecasting snow, fred isn't forecasting snow, but there are two horses that are hoping for more. these two horses were caught "horsing around" in sarasota county, south dakota. frolicking around in the powder but for these two-- it can really stirrup some emotions. okay no more horse puns. that's really cute! jenna/tim/chris/fred: (fred) your forecast for tonight is for a low of 8 degrees with clear skies. tomorrow, look for a high of 39 and mostly sunny skies. the 7-day forecast
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and plenty of sunshine next week.
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