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tv   ABC9 News at 5pm  ABC  December 4, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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they were kicked out and the resource officer contacted police. yankton police pulled the two over as they were leaving town and found weapons and ammunition. inside the car, authorities found a shotgun, rifle, and over 200 rounds of ammunition. but, police say the weapons were found unloaded and were never inside the school. vanbuskirk and gerard were arrested and charged with trespassing, disruption of school, and possession of firearms on school property charges - all misdemeanors.
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suspects never threatened anyone and that students were never in danger. they've been thousand dollars bond. jenna: calling shooting in of terrorism--saying there are "a of evidence that pushed us s er the cliff." " abc'c'brandi hitt has more from sasabernardino. an attack -- inspired by isis. investigators now say the wife of syed farook -- tashfeen malik - pledged her allegiance to isis on social media... using an alias... minutes into the attack. fbi sot - "we are now investigating these horrific acts as an t of terrorism." the f-b-i though... says it has no evidence yet that isis directed wednesday's attack on farook's colleagues... that left 14 people dead. nats new video... from inside the killers' home -- shows it ransacked by authorities - clothes and personal items left behind... a crib -- for their six month old daughter. ((animated graphics)) they also left - some 61-hundred rounds of ammunition... and 12 unexploded bombs in their
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it was malik who opened fire on authorities... from their rented s-u-v during a police chase that ended with their deaths. sot - jennifer thalasinos "they were all iends with the man that did this. and even though they had no idea he had nats - vigil at a vigil thursday... thousands gathered to remember the victims.s. their ages ranging from 60 to just 26... daniel kaufman... was among them. sot - ryan reyes "the world will suffer from having one less person like him." ((on camera tag)) it's not known if the killers received any sort of training by isis. but... the f-b-i has long warned about isis's online campaign... encouraging people worldwide and here at home... to kill. brandi hitt - abc news - san bernardino, california. " jenna: just after the
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thatatccured wednesday, the islamic cent of siouxland released a statement denouncing the actions which claimed the lives of 14 people. saying "we the muslims of siouxland are saddened and shocked by this recent insane and outrageous attack on innocent civilians in san bernardino, california, and strongly condemn it. we offer our deepest condolences and sympathies to the families of those who lost their lives and for those who got injured in this tragedy." jenna: across the country, it's become almost routine for law enforcement to conduct active shooter training . mark carlson reports on how officers in eastern iowa are better equipped than ever to handle an incident. lonny pulkrabek / / johnson countysheriff "the old way of doininit was wait ununl you got help, well now yououot an active s soter, you're an officer on the street you're
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in, there's no waiting anymore." johnson county sheriff lonny pulkrabek says every deputy in his department undergoes annual active soter training. the reason he says -- because events like what took place wednesday in san bernardino have become an all too common occurrence. "that's just one of the unfortunate things of today's world." dave wilson / johnson county emergency manager "locally since sandy hook we've funded through homeland security grants, training statewide for alice instructors and have trained locally over 21 instructors." johnson county emergency management coordinator dave wilson is on the front end of training more than just law officers to deal with active shooters. the 21 people his agency has alice trained have prepared thousands of teachers, business people and other officials how to respond to an active shooter. "it's changed dramatically, we never used to teac
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lockdown, and now it's basically run, hide, fight, alert, lockdown, inform, counter and escape." last year johnson county officials also obtained this mine resistant ambush protected vehicle or mrap -- similar to the armored vehicles used wednesday by officials in san bernardino. the sheriff says the mrap is a tool that would help officers in a big way -- if an active shooter incident were ever to happen around here. "it's just not for the military anymore, it's just unfortunately come to our country and it's a necessary evil." jenna: gun store owners say sales are booming after the recent shooting in san bernardino repeating a trend back in 20-12 after the sandy hook shootings. history is also repeating itself in congress- which failed to pass gun control legislation by three votes which would've applied background checec to gun purchahas online d at gun shows. by a big margin, thsenate also vod down an amendment that would stop anyone on the fbi's terrorist watch list from walking into a store and purchasing guns. jenna: amidst the gun controversy, several presidential candidates are weighing in on the subject while on the campaign trail across iowa. jenna: hillary clinton addressed the topic while in sioux city campaigning today. our lukas voss was there and joins us with more
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lukas? lukas: thanks jenna ... this was clinton's third campaign event in sioux city this year with close to 300 people gathering at the sioux city carpenters training center. the event came on the heels of labor secretary tom perez announcing his endorsemenen of clinton while her r apaprance focused mostly on fair labor and the infrastrucucre. she also m me remarks on terrorism and gun control. criticizing the senate for not passing a law that would prevent suspected terrorists from buying a gun. "we have thousands of people on a no fly list. they get put on there based on credible information and suspision that they should not be let on a plan inside our country or coming into our country. the bill was to prevent anybody on the no fly list from buying a gun. i gotta tell ya ... if you are too dangerous to fly in american you are too dangerous to buy a gun in america. lukas: and while she
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threats to the united states and them the focus economy and infrastructure. we'll hear much and what clinton union members tonight at 6 . reporting live in studio ... lukas voss ... abc9 news. thanks, lukas. also in iowa today... ted cruz spoke at a johnston shooting range where he talked about the second amendment. cruz spoke to voters about his stance on gun laws, saying more restrictions on guns is not the answer to the shooting epidemic in our nation. jenna: republican candidate chris christie was also in the state. the new jersey governor spoke at the iowa association of electric cooperative's annual meeting in west des moines this morning. christie spoke to voters about the importance of foreign affairs and dealing with isis. jenna: awesome biker nights is changing its venue e r next summer.
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the past 16 years on historic 4th street in downtown, sioux city, but that's all changing. today the board of directors for awesome biker nights announced they'll be moving festivities to the 'hard rock/pearl street district'. all major concerts will be at hard rock's battery park. awesome biker nights is set for june 16th through the 18th. still to come... preparations are being made for the upcoming big ten game. the iowa hawkeyes. taking on the michigan state spartans,. fred: (fred) there is a threat of fog again tonight, then drizzle comes tomorrow. the warmup continues next week! your forecast is next.
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expect this weekend? (fred) kind of a mixed bag, jenna! fred:
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welding company skycam hd shows a nice looking winter scene from the ho chunk centre in downtown sioux city. the almanac shows today's high of 42 and low of 16. in sioux city, we have 41 degrees. temperatures around siouxland range from the 30s north to 40s south. wind chills are in the 20s to the 40s. wind speeds are in the 5 to 15 mile per hour range for most of us, with winds pushing in from m e southeast. humidity values are in the 70 to 100 percent range. local visibility is just fine,
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you can expect fog to develop later on. the midwest satellite and radar shows clouds advancing in from the west, but they won't arrive in siouxland until early tomorrow morning. the stormcast hd shows mostly clear skies tonight, then those clouds arriving tomorrow, associated with an upper level disturbance.e.rizzle can be expected, along with a continued threat of fog. sunday, on the other hand, will be sunny, and for the most part, so will monday. tonight's
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and areas of fog. tomorrow, expect cloudy skies and fog and drizzle. the high will be 42. the 7-day forecast shows 38 on sunday, then a mix of 40s and 50s next week. there is still no chance of snow over the next week! ed: tim: jenna: (jenna) thanks, fred! (fred) you bet. jenna: our crew in indianapolis is getting set for tomorrow's big ten championship game between iowa and michigan state. earlier today, they caught up with the college gameday crew to get their thoughts on iowa's magical run to lucas oil stadium. kirk herbstreit--"i think that's maybe a
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fans maybe feeling that. again, i'm just telling you as an outsider i've had respect for the program for a long time. how can you not? just because of the way they recruit, the type of kids they get, the wawathey develop them in the weightroro, and they do o l the things you need d do to be a winning program. at the same time, just being fair, i think they need to beat a team like michigan state. they need to have a solid win against a powerhouse program to be able to say, see we told you so, and then there's your moment." david pollack--"i don't care if people like me, so i tell you what i feel. it's just not one of my strengths. but i think the national perception has changed, but it's also difficult to judge iowa with who they've played. they're very beneficial dodging michigan, michigan state, ohio state, penn state. it's a great schedule, there's a lot of teams in the country i think that would be undefeated right now. this is a great stage for them and a great opportunity if there is still people who doubt and hate. and they can shut everybody up, and then you go to the college football final four and you can shut some more people up. and that's the great thing about it. so they don't have to worry about everybody else."
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relatively new term for fathers who may have packed on a few pounds. what you may want to know about how it affects your kids.
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nicely sculpted "dad bod", new information may just have you taking a second thought before passing on a chance to
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johnson has more. " the dad bod. you can have it even before you're a dad. study? may give future fathers one more reason to keep researchers at the copenhagen? were intrigued by a link they saw between a man's weight and that of his children? hinting at the father's obesity somehow change the genetic makeup of his sperm -- enough to make his kids fat. the researchers compared the sperm of normal weight men to those of obese men? looking for changes in the d-n-a. the genetic differences they found were involved with appetite, fat processing and weight. they made another comparison: with men who had undergone weight loss surgery. the big surprise? they found that these same genetic differences were in samples from the same men -- taken before and after these operations. so if you're thinking about fatherhood, you might want to think about trimming down. mom may be eating for two? but dad might be losing weight for two. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson.
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after the break... a christmas tradition down at morningside college is upon us. details about this year's christmas at morningside concert.
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holiday season in siouxland is celebrating its 20th annual concert. heath weber is here to tell us about christmas at morningside.
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present its 20th annual christmas at morniniside concert at 7:30 p.m. friday, dec. 4, in eppley auditotoum, 3625 garretson ave, on the morningside
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and open to the public. doors to eppley auditorium open at 6:30 p.m. this year's concert, "sing in exultation," will include the debut performance of an original musical piece by composer stacey gibbs from detroit, mich. morningside college commissioned the new arrangement, which is a mixture of well-known christmas hymns. gibbs is scheduled to attend the concert. the concert will feature performances by several morningside college choral and instrumental ensembles, the siouxland master chorale and the grace united methodist church handbell choir. tim watson and jean hickman, assistant professors of music, direct the siouxland d ster chorale and morningside cocoege choir. the morningside symphonic wind ensemble is s der the direction of shane macklin, assistant professor of music and director of bands. the morningside brass ensemble is under the direction of tony hutchins, assistant professor of music and director of instrumental jazz. don nelson directs the grace united methodist church handbell choir. jenna: fred's back next with a final check of our forecast.
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fresh off a big endorcement, hillary clinton brings her presidential campaign to sioux city. lukas voss will bring us more from the campaign trail, tonight at 6. (fred)
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35 with mostly clear skies and areas of fog. tomorrow, expect cloudy skies and fog and drizzle. the high will be 42. the 7-day forecast shows 38 on sunday, then a mix of 40s and 50s next week. there is still no chance of snow over the next week!
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tonight a special edition of "world news tonight." the nypd now sayingg they're investigating ann act of
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for t t firstime rht here tonight, the face of the young mother who authorities say
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