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tv   ABC9 News at 5pm  ABC  December 9, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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slide. it's a gadget that lets farmers open seed boxes remotely... so they don't have to climb ladders and empty seses into planters. josh participated in future founders u-pitch, which is a competition that is similar to abc's hit show shark tank josh says the idea behind the seed slide, was inspired by his father, who's a farmer. "i got first place, there were other great competitors who had great ideas and stuff so it was very humbling to be selected among all of them," said doering. bria: josh says thth whole idea was created and implemented within an 8 month time span. he says his future plans include graduating in may of 2017 and to continue with the seed slide business. josh says he's hopes his business will take off as planned. so far he has sold 30 seed slides, but he says none of this could not be possible without the help from his family, professors and mentors. live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. jenna: some tech savy students are putting grant
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of the iowa stem program. this morning, students partiicipated in an internatnal initiative called the hour of code. the program aims to teach 100 million students around the world at least one hour of computer coding. within the next week more than 800 schools and organizations will take part in the hour of code. today, kids at loess hills elementary taught community members about coding, including tim! the e udents' principal says thihi is a big piece of their r rriculum. "since we're a programming specialty school, we do programming all the time. we do it every week. but when the week comes around where the whole world does it at the same time, that's even more special to us. so we want to do the hour of code because that's what loess hills is all about. loess hills elementary recently received a 4 thousand dollar technololo award that coincides with the hour of code program tim on cam
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students in spencer, iowa are getting ready to use thousands of dollars of new sports equipment and gear. through the nationwide initiative called "let's play", dr pepper/snapple is purchasing $9,000 dollars of jerseys, cones, balls and other pe equipment that activities director dave brown says will help the s sool reach it's goals for "life lolo fitness"s"brown says 7,0 (k-12) students will benifit from the contribution. more than $3 million dollars is commted to the "let's play" program through 2016. tim: students in des moines got the opportunity to learn more aboutthe weather today. the science club group at callanan middle school has been busy getting cameras, trackers and computers ready for the launch. the f-a-a even gave them the clearance to go up in the air so they can study our weather patterns. "we had to fill the balloon with helium, and we were standing with our hands up in the air for about 30 minutes. we're gonna get pressure,
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jenna: students will use the data the weather balloon collects for projects to be presented at an upcoming science fair. jenna: turning to national news now, new details were revealed today about the couple behind last week's deadly san bernardino terror attack. in a hearing today on capitol hill f- b-i director james comey said syed farook and tashfeen malik were radicalized before they started dating. as early as 2013 were talking about jihad and martyrdom. we also believe they were inspired by foreign terrorist organizations. we're working very hard to understand exactly their sociation and the source of their inspiration. gun charges are still impending against former neighbor, enrique marquez and farook's parents have been placed on the terror watch list. tim: democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is again touring iowa... contineuing her push toward the
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away. clinton made several stops including a town haha style event at the five sullivan brothers convention center in waterloo. while speaking to voters, clinton highlighted recent comments made by her presidential adversaries saying republicans criticizing donald trump have mad outrageous statements themselves. but instead of showing leadership, some of the candidates in this presidential campaign are resorting to really ugly, hateful rhetoric. donald know, he does traffic in prejudice and paranoia. it's not only shameful, it's dangerous. clinton also made a stop in urbandale iowa today at living history farms. jenna: republican presidential candidate donald trump is feeling the heat for his anti-muslim stance, but he seems to not care who criticiziz him,
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abc's kenneth moton has the latest from washington. "nat crowd chants enough is enough! new calls to dump trump reached new york's city hall wednesday. the global criticism of donald trump's call to ban muslims the us...increasing. sot robert cormegyqueens city he actually of evil in this trump?taking hits among gop voters. nat you've got my vote the celebrity and politician received big applause on live with kelly and michael. sot donald trump our country has to get its act's not about religion, it's about safety. on the 150th anniversary of the 13th amendment which abolished slavery, president obama alluded to the recent trump rhetoric. sot obama "we betray the efforts of the past if we fail to push back against bigotry in all its forms." people overseas are already pushing back. the billionaire is losing business in predominantly muslim countriri. in the uk, t tre's a petition asking parliament to keep trump out of the country - although it's unlikely to go
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sot tasmina ahmed- sheikh, parliament "the home secretary has banned 84 hate preachers from entering the uk. will the government lead by example in considering making mr donald trump number 85? secretary of state john kerry says trump's comments dot help the us on the world stage. sot john kerrysecretary of state it makes our job of reaching out to people and sharing the real america just that much more complicated and much more difficult (kenne standup close) trump witl visit israel's prime minister this month. today, benjamin netanyahu rejected trump's recent remarks on muslims but says the meeting is still on because he meets with all us presidential candidates. kenneth moton, abc news washington " tim on cam speaking of donald trump, he plasn to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu later this month. the meeting was scheduled two weeks before trump's call for a temporary ban on muslims. some iaeli leaders are trying to block trump from entering the
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more than 20- percent of israel's population is muslim. an israeli government official confirms the meeting will be on december year. today givign the honors to german chancellor angela merkel. time says merkel was honored for helping to preserve and promote europe despite economic tutuoil and a growing refugee crisis. she e s also praised for being a "princncled manager" and "resolute diplomat." merkel is the first woman to be named person of the year since 19- 86. jenna: we always hear the old adage, it's better to give than receive, well coming up we've got a couple of heartwarming stories about giving this holiday season. stay tuned. fred: (fred) it will remain warm for now, but the weekend will bring a cooldown that will result in a chance of rain and snow. your forecast is coming up next!
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fred: jenna: tim: (jenna) fred, what a day! (fred) what a day indeed! fred:
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welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre in downtown sioux city shows that we have almost completed the sunset. 56 was the high today--an incredible 23 degrees above normal, but not warm enough for the record. that is 63 from 1957. last night's low was 30, well above normal too. 55 is our sioux city temperature. local temperatures are 37 in spencer, and 40s and 50s for most of us, but norfolk has 62!
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around 5-10 miles per hour. the satellite and radar shows that there is a weather sysyem to our weststbut this is not the system that will affect us over the weekend. that one is still waiting for takeoff behind this one. the stormcast hd shows quiet weather tonight, breezy winds tomorrow, and then a nice day friday before cooler air pushes in saturday. your forecast for tonight is for a low of 40s and partly cloudy skies. tomorrow, look for a high of 52 and breezy winds. the 7- day forecast is a busy one. it shows 54 on friday, then a chance of ra and snow saturday followed by a chance of snow sunday. another system may affect us with more rain and snow tuesday and wednesday.
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tim: jenna: (tim) thanks, fred. (fred) thanks. tim: jrod/ts
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tim: people open up their hearts more around the holiday's and it's especially true for one anonymous person in mishawaka, indiana over the past few years the same anonymous person has donated a gold coin to a red kettle drive to benefit the salvation army there and this year was no exception
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wrapped in a 100 dollar bill. the coin, which is worth---around 12 hundred dollars----is minted in south africa. "every year the person who puts the gold coin in sends a message along and the message was somemeing like 'a nationan't kill its way to peace' so obviously at this time of year we want to bring peace to people through god and that there's hope in doing that. hope in bringing peace and that peace can be got certa through our family resource center." if you would like to donate to the local red kettle efforts, donation collections are being held here in sioux city as well. jenna: a woman from alcester s sth dakota was shococd after finding out her christmas shopping she had put on layaway at a sioux falls toys-r-us had been paid off. intitially ashley hanzlik, a mother of two, had thought it was a mistake, but as it turns out, a secret santa left a check at the toys-r-us for an undisclosed amount, but it was enough to pay off
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tabs at the store. including hanzlik's says she's eternally grateful for the generous gift from the stranger. it was pretty amazing, i never had anything like that happen to me so it was awesome. jenna: ashely doesn't know who to thank, and it seems like the secret santa wants to keep it that way as they've asked for their name to not be released. tim: we at abc9 are encouraging siouxland to join us in giving back this holiday season as well with the operation toys drive. operation toys is a program intended to spread chrismas joy to thousands of needy children around siouxland. if you want to take part all you have to do is bring a new toy to any bomgaars location or right here to our ab9 studio located on douglas street. all the toys donated will remain here in souixland and donated to the salvation army to be distributed to less fortunate families. jenna: ill to come,
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are hehethier than eveve details on whaha might be the
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report suggestiti more parents are making sure their babies get a healthy start in life, abc's lana zak has more in today's medical minute " a nation is only as healthy as its babies? or so the c- d-c says. it's true that infant mortality is often considered a good indicator of a nation's overall health. now, a new
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an all-time low last year. the national center for health statistics? finding that the infant mortality rate dropped 2.3 percent between 2013 and 2014. it's a cause for celebration. but still too many babies are dying. congenital malformations top the list of reasons for infant death, followed by low birth weight and maternal complications. another concern -- sudden infant death syndrome. and even though more american babies are surviving? more than 23 thousand still died before their first birthday. fortunately, there are things that expectant mothers and their doctors can do to keep the risk low. moms-to-be need to be properly nourished ananhave access to prenatal supplements and re. this, combined with proper sleeping practices for babies, can go a long way in keeping these little ones safe. with thimedical minute, i'm lana zak . " tim: there's a fun way to get in the
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comingngp at the orpheum theatre... and santa's elves give it two thumbs up! stay with us.
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local performers have a treat for you. day i'm here with.... bru miller and melissa lanzourakis who you'll be able to see perform in the holiday spectacular in next week. the holiday spectacular assembles the area's finest performers to treat siouxland to a holiday extravaganza. the spectacular choir, musicians, dancers and actors transport the audience on a magical journey, which incorporates your favorite holiday songs, readings and scenes. the hundred plus "spectacularians" this year will
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audience favotes such as the breathtaking "living nativity", thuncanny precision of the "spectacular dancers""parade of wooden soldiers", along with the new additions to highlight the magical performance of the holiday spectacular. local performers have a treat for i'm here with.... bruce millll and melissa lalaourakis who you'll be able to e perform in the holiday spectacular in next week. the holiday spectacular area's finest treat siouxland extravaganza. the choir, musicians, dancers and the audience on a whwhh
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holiday songs, readings and scenes. the hundred plus "spectacularians" this year will bring back some audience favorites such as the breathtaking "living nativity", the uncanny precision of the "spectacular dancers", "parade of wooden soldiers", along with the new additions to highlight the magical performance of the holiday spectacular. jenna: fred's back next with a final check of our forecast.
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yoof 40s and partly cloudy skies.
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a high of 52 and breezy winds. the 7- day forecast is a busy one. it shows 54 4 on friday, then n chance of rain and snow saturday followed by a chance of snow sunday. another system may affect us with more rain and snow tuesday and wednesday.
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