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tv   ABC9 News at 5pm  ABC  December 10, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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organized arches, groups of people combed trails and lake areas around the cedar river greenbelt in waterloo. sed, a burmese refugee, was known to love fishing and was familiar with the natural areas around black hawk county and would go fishing on his bicycle. a teacher with waterloo schools says this is going to have a big impact on the district. tim: police say sed's bike has not been found. the iowa medical examiner's office is performing an autopsy. jenna: a man involved ina fatal accident near homer, nebraska last year has been found guilty of vehicular homicide. a dakota county district court reached a verdict of guilty yesterday against
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along with the one count of homicide, roberts counts of driving under the influence resulting in serious bodily sentencing for this case has been 27th. jenna: ethiopian community here in downtown sioux protesting recent action ethiopian government. justice (justice) for our land (for our t& land) "we need (we need ) justice (justice) for our students protestors were raising attention of local state representatives and leaders, to recent atrocities committed overseas in the oromia region of ethiopia, where a currrrt annex of the area is being taken by the government to expand the capitol of ethiopia. protestors in sioux city shared alarming and graphic images found on social media as evidence of the crimes being committed against students in ethiopia. tim: today inside the capitol building in des moines,
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group - family leader - publicly endorsed texas senator ted cruz for president. tim: bob vander platts, of the crus challenges the establishment while also holding true to many of the group's values such as religious liberty and the american family. "i happen to believe that the extraordinary leader that we need for these extraordinary times is u.s. senator, ted cruz " vander plaats repeated several times s at the cruz endorsement does not come from family leader as an organization, but rather its individuals. last month, sioux cityrepresentative steve king also pledged his allegiance to the cruz campaign. former secretary of state matt schultz was also an early backer of cruz's campaign. jenna: republican presidential candidate marco rubio was also in des moines today. rubio made a stop at in west des moines
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recently, rubio has made a steady climb in iowa polls, tim: south dakota's governor and the state's congressional delegation are making a push for a special request aimed at brining a home base for the u.s. air force. to sioux falls. jenna: hopes are that the city could be soon serve as a base for the latest in military aircraft, the f-35 joint strike fighter. reporter mark roper from our sioux falls affiliate has more. " many say the 114th fighter wing is the best of the best.. its reputation for being proud, prepared, and professional could give it a new honor. a high-tech fighting machine called the f-35. col. russ walz of the 114th fighter wing said "we always want, as the department of defense, united states air force, we want to have a technological advantage, we don't want fights to be fair." col. walz believes this is the right time to briri the f-35 to field. "our f-16s right now are 27 years old, and that technology was probably 10-15 years developing that air frame," col. walz said.governor dakota's leaders hope the the air force.
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entire delegation sent a letter to the secretary of the air force, indicating that we would love to see the f-35's bedded down in south dakota, at joe foss field." six falls' airspace is one of many things which could give joe foss field thewinning edge. "we have some of the best overland airspace in the united states," col. walz said. senator john thune said "it's uncongested in south dakota. the access to training which we have access to really good training ranges, the length of the airstrip, the technology that's out there that's capable of not only having f-16s, but f-35s land there, the infrastructure on the base.""this last year, we're recognized with h e distinguished flying unit awawa, as well as the air force outstanding unit award," col. walz said. many hope it's the hard work at the 114th fighter wing which pays off and brings the f-35 home to south dakota. " jenna: president obama has signed
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"no child left behind" education initiative. "no child left behind" was first approved in 2002 during george w. bush's presidency. critics on both sides of the aisle have long argued that the initiative gave too much power to washington controlling state education . teachers and parents also argued "no child left behind" focused too much on testing. the president says the overhaul is long overdue. (president obama) "for years, i have called on congress to come together and get a bipartisan effort to fix no child left behind. it took a lot of time. it required a lot of work. but thanks to the tireless efforts of many of the people on this stage and some people who are in attendance here today, we finally reached that deal." the president called the change a "christmas miracle". under the "e"ery student susueeds" overhaul, standardized testing remains for most students.
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officials to set their own education standards. and prohibits the federal government from imposing the "common core" model on schools. tim: the cy-hawk rivalry shifts to the basketball court tonight as iowa state welcomes iowa to town. the hawkeyes have the all time lead in the series, but the cyclones have won the last t two, including six straight at hiltoncoliseum. and thatat where jon schaeffer joins us live with a pregame report, jon? jon schaeffer--" a beautiful but breezy day here in central iowa-- but fortunately for us-- they'll be playing the game here inside hilton coliseum. the cyclones sit 7-0 and ranked as high as number 2 in the usa today coaches poll. meanwhile the hawkeyes are 7-2 they've shown glimmers of great basketball-- but also some ugly moments. but since losing two straight to dayton and notre dame-- the hawkeyes have reeled off four straight wins. tonight they'll
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their season-- but let's be honest. a rivalry game of this magnitude you throw records out of the window. iowa state has double digit scoring averages from the starting 5. it's a season filled with high hopes for the cyclones-- and this will be coach prohm's first experience with a big time environment and matchup at hilton. georges niang warned his new head coach it's unlike anything he's probably experienced before. niang of course chatter with and put an exclamation on it with a win in his senior season. from hilton coliseum, jon schaeffer, abc9 sports. tim: three siouxland organiztions celebrated christmas at briar cliff university today.... jenna: the university annually hosts a holiday party, handing out presents and celebrating the season with college students on hand. jenna: abc9's bria bell was on the briar cliff campus and joins us with morere
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tim and jenna, briar cliff has a long standing relationship with mid-step services, opportunites unlimited and siouxland residential services all for good holiday cheer. the university hosted it's annual christmas party for those with disablities with the help of briar cliff's students and faculty. representative from the organization say that the party is the favorite part of the holiday for some of their residents. "as long as i can remember briar cliff has made this an annual tradition for our consumers and this is one of the highlights of their year. they enjoy cong out here and being with the students, they enjoy the meal, and of course...last but not least, they love the grand finale of santa and his elves. bria: students sang christmas carols and served holiday lunch to the residents. and the party errupted with cheer when santa and his elves came to deliver presents to the party attendeees , " it's just so fun to
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excited to help others. you walk around campus and those that are in the christmas sweaters, you know like 'oh they were there'. and it's just so great to get together an enjoy the holiday spirit an passing our presents," said kofmehl. "oh i love it. i love getting to see all of the people and s s all of the cololge enjoy and just the people here e d getting to know them better," said bellenuille. bria: all gifts were donated by faculty and staff from briar cliff. actually donated money from their dining cards for holiday lunch. most of everyone that i spoke to today said that they love having an event like this at briar cliff because it brings people from diferent walks of live together.reporting live in studio bria bell, abc9 news. jenna: the woodbury county sheriff's office and the sioux city police department teamed up this past month to raise money for the june e nylen cancer center. and the haul this year was pretty good as you can see here, sheriff david drew and police chief doug young handed over checkss totaling
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hundred twenty dollars. all going to help families defer costs while undergoing treatment. the sheriff's office, the p-d the treasurer's the sheriff's office, the p-d the treasurer's office and autitors office all took part in no shave november this year. still to come... they say some of the worst sports injuries don't come from football or soccer, but from cheerleading. details on whythat is. when we return. fred: (fred) friday looks mild, but a cooldown is coming this weekend, with mixed precipitation on the way too. your forecast is next!
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dear future, please help. the present is kind of a scary place. i have no money, no job, no clothes. i feel completely helpless. but i hear good things about you, future. like i'll have hair, and friends, and books and music.
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here's the port neal welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre. 40 was last night's low and today's high of 58 is 25 degrees above normal. in sioux city, we have 50 degrees with clear skies. the dew point
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drier air and is a reasonable estimate of what our overnight low will be tonight. local temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. winds are west at 5 to 15 miles per hour. the satellite and radar shows this morning's showers, which dipped a bit farther south than we expected. to the west, we have clear skies, but over montana, you can see a weather system that will begin to affect us locally saturday. the stormcast shows quiet weather tonight and tomorrow, then rain building in late saturday and into
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rain will push southeast, where our computer model is showing almost 3" in denison! this likely will change, so stay tuned. amounts elsewhere should be lighter. tonight's low will be 31. tomorrow's high will be 59 with mostly sunny skies! the 7-day shows 46 saturday and a chance of rain, 42 sunday and a chance of rain and light snow that will melt quickly. on monday, we'll get a break from the wet weather, but rain may return tuesday, with a chance of snow wednesday and thursday. check out
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morning! beautiful! fred: tim: jenna: (tim) thanks, fred. (fred) you bet. tim:
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tim: a new study shows that injuries from cheerleading than once more on that when we return.
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competitive each day, new research suggests the injuries that come from cheerleading may be worse than we thought. with more, dr. timothy johnson. " cheerleading? nearly 400,000 high school students participate in it every year. and it seems those routines are getting more and more elaborate? but at what cost? researchers at the university of injury rates nationwide in high cheerleading, football, and gymnastics. they found that cheerleading had one of the lowest injury rates among all high school sports. but? it's not all fun and games. in fact, they found nearly 1 in 3 cheerleading injuries are concussions, most of them resulting from lifts? pyramids? and tumbling. and it turns out that the injuries in cheerleading are often more serious.
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second highest percentage of serious injuries that need at least three weeks to heal? a full percentage point higher than football. so as our cheeeaders climb to the top? a reminder that the sidelines can sometimes be more dangerous than the field. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson . " jenna:a:a:a:a: after the break... a local organization find a special way to give back to local veterans this holiday season. how you can get invovled, coming up next.
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today i'm here with.... mary hacker from support siouxland soldiers. please join us for our 8th annual support siouxland soldiers holidays for our heroes event next tuesday, dec. 15, from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. at the red cross, 4200 war eagle dr.! the event is entirely free to attend and is our gift from the siouxland community to our
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their families for all that you do to serve our country. now it's our turn to serve you, we hope you will join us! we will be serving a special holiday dinner of ham, wings, smoked pork and all the fixin's. santa and his elves (and many other community partners) will make a special appearance to provide toys to the military children, a box of groceries, hats, coats, socks, gloves, boots, haircuts, massages, texas road house gift cards and more! (all who served
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immediate family members are welcome to attend! please provide proof of seice, first come, first served. (see attached flyer and share with your fellow veterans. ) we are still seeking patriotic elves to donate side dishes, rolls, scalloped potatoes and pies or cookies for the meal as we anticipate on serving over 500 of our heroes! please email us at siouxlandtroops if you, your church, your organization or business can help donate these items! at this time we are good on volunteers to help during the event. thank you for supporting our siouxland veterans and their families! veterans and active military are also invited to join us for free donuts and coffee on wed. dec. 30 from 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. and have a seat at the table as we brainstorm ways to serve our siouxland veterans! support siouxland soldiers is located on the first floor of the va and vet center building at 1551 indian hills dr. suite 102 (next door to poppin' bottles n' brushes). see attached flyer. support siouxland soldiers hosts food for veterans events every other month. if you are interested in volunteering or sponsoring an event. please contact us at siouxlandtroops with your help we hope to provide the much needed support to our siouxland heroes for many years to come! to make a secure online donation, click here, or mail your gift to: support siouxland soldiers po box 5122 sioux city, ia 51102 tim: fred's back next
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t is calling it quits and she's doing it in style. we'll check out the social media push to complete bev wharton's bucket list. bria bell will have that story. jenna: and president obama just signed
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behind act. we'll take a look at how it affects students and educators in siouxland tonight at 6. (fred) tonight's low will be 31. tomorrow's high will be 59 with mostly sunny skies! the 7-day shows 46 saturday and a chance of rain, 42 sunday and a chance of rain and light snow that will melt quickly. on monday, we'll get a break from the wet weather, but rain may return tuesday, with a chance of snow wednesday and thursday. check out these rainbow pictures from this morning! beautiful!
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breaking news. we're on the scene tonight. divers in a lake after the
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the fbi searching the lake for
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