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destroyed three fourths of the town including st. john's lutheran church. the, church was in the process of being rebult when gusty winds made the building fall in. pastor terry makelin says the incident is disheartning. "you see the progress of the new church and and you begin to get excited about it...when you see this image, you're reflected back to the image of the first church which laid in a pile of ruble. even though this isn't as bad as the first one and it doesn't hold the history, it's a disappointment. the 1.26 million dollar building was insured that included a thousand dollar detuctable according to the pastor. construction is set to be completed near august of next year, which only holds the project back about a month according to the project supervisor. "well we have the material and everything on order already to replace everything [to] get started and get back on track again. it will slow us down a little bit, but we have plans in place," said thiesen. pastor terry says, all hope is not lost for the church and his parishioners... "to god be the glory. i mean it might sound weird, but we thank the good lord for his opportunity for us to bear our crosses," said makelin. bria: worship services
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st. john lutheran church is held in a trailer next to the construction site, provided by orphan grain train. a company that specialises in relief efforts. reporting live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. tim: one of the two suspects wanted for a home invasion has been caught. sioux city police say 21-year old austin cummings took part in a robbery on south alice street monday morning. cummings faces robbery, going with intent, assault while participating in a felony and theft charges.. tim: police say
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still on the loose, kicked down the door to the home, physically assaulted the residents of the home, beating one of them wita crow bar. police are still on the look out for the other man who took part in the home invasion is described as a male who is tween 6-3/6-4 in height and around 160 pounds. jenna: police in sioux falls have arrested a man and woman after discovering hundreds of guns and explosives in their apartment. and they way this all came to happen is quite bizarre. a next door neighbor was changing his sheets when he found a bullet hole in his mattress. he then found a 22 caliber bullet casing along with a hole in the wall when police issued a search warrent for the apartment next door, they found more than one hundred guns, including more than a dozen illegal weapons. police arrested 29 year old darren zafft and 35 year old jennifer cash. both face multipule charges of possession of a destructive device and possession of a controlled weapon. all explosives have been removed and a-t-f is assisting in the
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tim: dr. ben carson is back stumping for support in iowa. carson spoke to supporters at a morning breakfast event in burlington on friday. the latest national poll shows carson is trailing gop frontrunner donald trump by 22 points with only 13% of the republican support. carson is expected to attend an event later in the day in moravia, iowa. tim: all of the republican candidates will likely spend much of the weekend prepping for tuesday's g-o-p debate in las vegas... but in the meantime... there's no shortage of fireworks on the campaign trail. dianne gallagher is in washington with the details. " "" (carly fiorina/(r) presidential candidate) " i think donald trump knows how to play the media like a master. republican presidential hopeful carly fiorina came out swinging against the media and donald trump. (carly fiorina/(r) presidential candidate) i think he's a pied piper. i think he says things and you all rush to cover it. every single network." but donald trump's controversial
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from the u-s doesn't play well with the majority of americans, according to a new nbc news/wall street journal poll- 57 percent of american adults oppose the idea....with just 25 percent supporting it. even so.... polls show trump in a solid lead in iowa over his next closest republican rival, senator ted cruz... who- in audio leaked thursday- was heard questioning the frontrunner and ben carson's campaigns. (voice of ted cruz) i believe that gravity will bring both of those campaigns down and i think the lion's share of their supports come to us trump hit back on twitter, saying "he will fall like all others. (it) will be easy!" the cruz response tweet- the establishment's only hope: trump and me in a cage match. sorry to disappoint, donald trump is terrific. (jason johnson/political science professor) we're this close to iowa right now. i think a lot of supporte will still look at cruz as the viable opposition if trump drops out, but i don't think this has caused a riff between the candidates." the friction between the candidates was enough to prompt trump to hint at a third party run... and ben carson has made a similar threat. (sean spicer/chief strategist, rnc) we're gonna have a great nominating process, everybody will sy in, we will select the best nominee for this party, and we will take back the white house. it'll all work out, i promise." dianne gallagher, reporting. tim: now, one of donald trumps
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in des moines tongiht. we'll bring you more from that event tonight at 10 jenna: the university of iowa is renaming its information hub...after students complained about its acronym. iowa student information systems - or isis - is a collection of tools where students can sign up for classes or review financial aid. however, the online resource's acronym has drawn complaints from students...ever since the terrorist group isis became prominment last year. officials say they are using the opportunity to create a new information system, with a new name. "on social media there were some students that were expressing concern about googling the name isis trying to find the university of iowa isis, and they didn't like the fact that they were typing that name in. " the university of
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sometime next semester. tim: earlier this year jackson pollock's mural made a stop in sioux city. now a documentary surrounding the painting is travels the globe and will will be seen here in sioux city. the sioux city arts center, where the mural was on display locally..... will be showing the movie december jackson pollock's mural: the story of a modern masterpiece, is produced and directed by emmy award winning filmmaker kevin kelley and will highlight the journey of pollock's mural during its tour around the world. jenna: families with kids in the hospital are getting a different kind of gift this holiday season. today, the ronald mcdonald house of siouxland got a load of donations from generous siouxlanders. they've been asking for items to stock their cupboard - things like snacks, bottled water, and dish soap. all of it will be used by families who stay at the ronald mcdonald house. the donations were collected at local mcdonald's restaurants "it's a good way for the custers to get involved because most these
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during the holidays there is a big need in the community for all organizations to receive donations from the public. we very believe in what we're trying to do to help families with children that are in need of medical care." says mark wheeldon, the purpose of the ronald mcdonald house is to provide a home-away-from- home for families of children ages 21 and younger receiving medical care in siouxland. tim: members of the university of iowa football team took time off from college preparations to bring smiles to sick kids. yellow roses to at the university hospital. the roses were actually sent to local grocery store chain. but the school says the players them with the iowa plays stanford in the rose bowl on new year's day. jenna: last night there was a christmas performance of a on in coralville iowa a group that oakdale
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coists of about 60 people, and it meets every tuesday to practice. some of the folks are inside members and some are outside members, the difference? the inside members are inmates while the are volunteering intitally both groups were how the choir would come togther but everyone was plesantly that its me than practice to them. < people that i have in here." started the associate professor at the university of iowa who was researching music in prison. she says the goal is for participants to learn from each other and to empower inmates to gain skills for successfully re- entering society jenna: coming up after the break... are you familiar with your health numbers?? theres more than just your height and weight you should know, well have more coming up cloudy tonight, but a messy weekend
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forecast. details next. " "
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from the record set back in 1946. temperatures still mild in the 40s and 50s, winds shifting counterclockwise.. expect to see a northerly flow tonight. more clouds tonight, temperatures only getting into the mid 30s, what our daytime highs should be. rain however, doesn't make it's way until late tomorrow.there are those clouds that are moving in. clouds tonight on the stormcast hd, gloomy skies tomorrow. precipitation not moving through until late in the evening, mainly overnight. rain likely saturday night sioux city and east, west in nebraska, snow is possible. as we head into sunday, that's when we'll see the bulk of the precipitation and it gets messy because we have changeovers. rain most of the day sioux city and east of i-29. west in nebraska, you guys could see snow the entire event. sunday night, sioux city could get in on some of that snow, starting to see a mix with sleet and snow, especially late overnight. monday snow and mix leftover sioux city and east, clouds remain and gradually decrease west to east. rain forecast, could see over an inch which
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for december! tonight, 32 degrees with thickening clouds, but not too cold. tomorrow, gloomy skies and we start to bring that rain in late, winds up to 15 mph, but they'll get pretyy breezy sunday. 7- day has rain, sleet, snow sunday with leftovers monday morning. not much of a break with another rain, snow.. this time more snow chance on tuesday. temperatures really dip after that, struggling in the 20s. jenna/tim/fred
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was good while it lasted! thanks elisa! still to come... do you know your health numbers. we'll tell you do you know your
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which ones you need to monitor.
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no, not just knowing your height and weight.. but there is a set of numbers that can tell you a lot about your health. holly firfer has details in today's health minute. " " (dr. jyoti sharma/cardiologist , piedmont heart) " knowing your numbers means knowing your risk for certain diseases like heart attack, stroke and heart failure. let's start with blood pressure- or the force of blood in your arteries as your heart beats. the american heart association says for the average person, blood pressure should be less than 130 over 80. (dr. jyoti sharma/cardiologt , piedmont heart) "the second is cholesterol- and when we talk about cholesterol we are really talking about your total cholesterol" "a normal total cholesterol is probably less than 200, or so. and for triglycerides, your number should be less than 150. now, your ldl, which is often times referred to as your bad cholesterol, the goal for that is really going to depend on what other risk factors you have for development of heart disease." the third set of numbers you need to know is your blood glucose level or
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your blood stream can tell a doctor whether you are at risk of developing diabetes. (dr. jyoti sharma/cardiologist , piedmont heart) "a number less that 6.5 is considered normal. " and the last number to know is bmi- or body mass index. (dr. jyoti sharma/cardiologist , piedmont heart) "body mass index is a number that we calculate based on a person's height and weight. a normal body mass index is anywhere between 18.5 and 25 and that let's us know that you are in the normal range. for today's health minute, i'm holly firfer. coming up in sports...the iowa state women are set to host 23- ranked iowa on the ladies side of the cy-hawk series. stay tuned for a preview. plus...the iowa coliseum last us next to recap
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dear future, please help. the present is kind of a scary place. i have no money, no job, no clothes. i feel completely helpless. but i hear good things about you, future. like i'll have hair, and friends, and books and music.
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cpalmquist@kcaut "sweet caroline.....oh oh oh! good times never feld so good! so good! so good!." this was the scene at hilton coliseum last night. pandemonium after iowa state stormed back to beat iowa in the cy-hawk showdown. alex i have always heard about hilton magic, but last night was the first time i got to experience the magic first-hand. with just over a minute to play.....the cyclones went on a 9-0 run....erasing an 8-point deficit to beat the hawkeys by one. a huge win for iowa state head coach steve prohm....and a special moment after the game....steve going into the stands to hug and kiss his family. it seemed in doubt for most of the night.....but iowa state was able to storm back and win the cy-hawk showdown for the third straight season. iowa held a 20 point lead in the first half.....jared uthoff dropped 32 on the cyclones....yet iowa state never gave up on their home court in front of their
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"we just had to stay the course. i tell the guys all the time to stay the course, stay the course, stay the course. and we will be fine." "clock didn't hit triple zeroes yet. there is still time on the clock we always have a chance to win. and we have been in these situations before like coach said in our scrimmage we were in this exact same situation we always have belief as long as there is time on the clock. this is a rivalry game and it means so much to the people of iowa, to the alumni, to the current staff and media it just means so much." heck of a win for the cyclones. iowa state still perfect with an 8-0 record. as for the hawkeyes.....a heartbreaking loss for the black and gold....but a solid night stats-wise for the siouxland crew.... sioux city east alum woodbury posted 12 points and five rebounds, stretching out that lead in the first half. in the second half, south sioux city's mike gesell had some critical baskets along the way, finishing with nine points and eight assists. it just wasn't enough to hold off the cyclone rally. "you know, it always stinks to lose a close game like that. especially when we
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down the stretch." "we just couldn't get the stop. we were just trading and you have to give them credit. they moved the ball and they pushed it i think they did a really good job capitalizing on our mistakes." "we just aint execute. we had the game in our hands...we were pretty much in control...they amped it up, we pretty much stayed laxed...that pretty much sums it up. iowa has eight days off before facing drake in the big four classic next saturday. alex the men took the spotlight last night, but its time for the ladies to shine this evening. the iowa state women are set to host the 23rd ranked hawkeyes in yet another chapter of the cy-hawk series. if history repeats itself, iowa state will upset iowa. the cyclones have won nine straight games in this series under head coach bill fennelly. the last time out, iowa beat isu by nine in iowa city. the cy-hawk series is always fun to watch and both coaches are ready for a
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"obviously, this week is always a little more pressure packed facing iowa state and having the opportunity to go to their place and play so very good basketball team i know their record doesnt show it right now. " "this series has become one where the home team has kinda dominated and this is the first time that i can remember where the visiting team is better than the home team. i am not insulting our team. but they are in the top 25,w e are not they are 8-1 we are 4-3. so we have got a lot to prove." tonight's game is set for a 7:00 tip. we will have highlights tonight at 10. in just a few minutes, wayne state volleyball will take on palm beach atlantic in the national semifinals. the wildcats have never played in the final four. we will have a final
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today's picture comes from... karma shulte of hartington. tis the season for crying kids on santa's lap photos... and in this one, karma says her granddaugther lydia was not impressed with the jolly man in red. if you're like to submit a facebook fan photo, just post it on our abc-9 facebook page. jenna/tim/chris/fred tonight, 32 degrees with thickening clouds, but not too cold. tomorrow, gloomy skies and we start to bring that rain in late, winds up to 15 mph, but they'll
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rain, sleet, snow sunday with leftovers monday morning. not much of a break with another rain, snow.. this time more snow chance on tuesday. temperatures really dip after that, struggling in the 20s.
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>> wailingngn court. he's a cop.
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