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overnight. a winter weather advisory will be in effect tonight and tomorrow for sioux falls, yankton, hartington, o'neill, and surrounding areas that are shaded in blue. this is where we expect light snow to causus some travel inconveniencnc your planner shows rain and fog tonight with temperatures near 40 at 2 am and cooling to 35 at 6 am. some snow will begin mixing in around 6 am tomorrow morning. ut 10 am, the snow will be ending with a temperature of 29 and strong winds. i'll be back with a look at how much snow to expect in just a few minutes. it's time for your news! "that quick thinking saved thier house " save a lawton home after a car flames. " " republican's debate the issues and each other before the iowa caucuses. " nats kids cheering"
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ride" for hundreds of siouxland kids tim: good evening and thank you for joining us tonight im tim seaman jenna: and im jenna rehnstrom the holiday season is a time to show others you care. siouxland did that tonight in a big y for our veterans. tim: support siouxland soldiers organized "holiday for our heroes" to say thank you to local service man and women. elisa raffa was there and has more elisa there was so many people, music, food, and holiday cheer. veterans expressed gratitude for events like these where their service is appreciated. people lined up outside at 4 oclock for the event that started at 5:30. by the time the event actually started, the director project they had served about 500 people dinner and she says, they
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show their appreciation. "their home lives have been disrupted. it's a whole different system for them, so we needed to honor what thth haha done for us... the times they have e given, many of t tm are injured, and they still come to these events just to have comradery with everyone" says sam hacker, community director of support siouxland soldiers. dinner and dessert, holiday music, and plenty of toys to go around as the big man... that's right, santa.. was there to check the children's wish list and send them off with an early christmas present. "there's been a lot of people running up and down the hallways trying to volunteer and serve food, droppping presents off. it's been a little overwhelming with all the people here, but it's and overwhelming sense of joy" says staff srgt james puckett, army recruiter and volunteer. each veteran brought home about ten days worth of groceries for their family. elisa a cam one koreanar veteran i spoke to says he gets emotional at events like these. he says it feels great to see that appreciation from the community, and he enjoys the
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reporting live in studio, elisa raffa.. abc9 news. tim: quick thinking by neighbors may have saved the home of a lawton family tonight (tuesday). when the home owner at 408 east maple street went to get the mail at about 7 tongiht, she was greeted by a wall of smoke... a car in the family's garage was on fire. neighbors noticed the flames and came running with a garden hose and fire extinguishers. turns out their handy work kept the fire from spreading to t t garage and 3- - bedroom home. "quick thinking of the neighbors and the home owners to put a garden hose on it and a couple of fire extinguishers. they had it knocked down enough to when we got here, we still had some fire but it was easier to knock out and there was no damage to the house" says kory eyres, lawton fire chief. eyres (air's) says the car apparently was parked in the garage about 30 minutes before the fire call cameme in, but so far it's ill undeterminin what caused the fire. luckily no one was injured. jenna: good news about unplanned pregnancies in iowa. teenage birth rates are down
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the state over the last few years.... but that trend is moving slower in woodbury county. according to the iowa department of public health.... woodbury county is in the top 25 percent of the state for the nunuer of teen births. but that's still down from the peak in 2009.... when 207 teens gave birth. while there's one source of the trend, the c-d-c does say fewer teens are sexually active does say fewer teens are sexually active and birth control is more accessible. "there are several theories out there; everyone knows about teen mom show that was on mtv, whether or not that had an impact. there is more birth control that is available and accessible to teens there are a variety of things that occured at the same time," said michelle lewis, siouxland district health local experts say resources for young parents are still needed greatly in ouxland. the west high infant center, for example, provides free or low-cost childcare for students and community members. tim on cam sioux city's two
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on board with managed care organizations set to take over iowa's medicaid system in 2016. accoing to governor branstad's office, mercy health network and unitypoint health both are on board, joining genesis health systems and the university of iowa. the four hospitals represent over 3,500 medicaid doctors, 73 rural health clinics and 47 general hospitals across the state. a half a million poor or disabled iowans are in the process of deciding which m- c-o they plan to continue thier care needs with once iowa's medicaid system changes from state run to for- profit. just last week the governor announced he was extending until march, the time frame that health-care providers have to continue recieving 100 percent payments from medicaid participants. jenna: tonight was the final night of debating for the republican presidental candidates bore the caucuses begin. the subject of tonight's debate was terrorisim and how the candidates feel they can protect our coutry. donald trump's soultion is to build a large wall
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jeb bush responded by noting that he is good at one liners, but a chaos candidate ananhis plan is full of holes. senator rubio agreed saying that the attackers in san bernadino were born and raised in america. " (jeb bush/(r) presidential candidate) " donald, you know, is great at the one liners, but he's a chaos candidate, and he'd be a chaos president. he would not be the commander in chief we need to keep our country safe ." " spks also took place between ted cruz and marco rubio when cruz stated that rubio is the most liberal of the republican candidates tim: while the republican's might have just wraped up their debate on the other side the democrats are preparing to take the stage this saturday on abc... staci dasilvlv brings us more from new hampshire. " ""(staci) we've got 4 days until the democrats take the debate stage here in new hampshire. senator bernie sanders has said winning new hampshire is a must for his campaign. latest polls show him up 10 points against hillary
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granite state. that's why a political expert here tells me a lot is at stake for the fact that nders has been just in nh but in the national polls, is a suprise to me." linda fowler is a professor of government at dartmouth college. presidential primaries roll through the granite state. in the 20-16 democratic race between former secretary of state hillary clinton, vermont senator bernie sanders and former governor of maryland martin o'malley, fowlersays it's come dowow to issues comparedto the personality- dren race we are eing on the republican side. in new hampshire fifty percent of democrats - and clinton with forty percent. "(fowler) it's something that i think hillary has to take seriously is she tries to make herself seem inevitable and like she's the one who can govern, , i would say she has more riding perhaps on this debate than he does." "clapping" more than 200 sioux city boys are going home with brand new bikes before christmas.
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does." "clapping" more than 200 sioux city boys
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bikes before christmas. an anonymous donor paid for the bicycles for every child who takes part in programs at the boys club of sioux city. the boys had no idea ahead of time and were excited to be measured for the bike to fit their height. for ernesto, it's especially exciting that he'll have a working bike again. ernesto hernandez, 13, says, "i thought it was pretty awesome, because i had a bike, but it broke." valentino, 10, says, "i was really surprised; i was happy [and] excited." just last week the same anonymous donor gave bikes to all the girls at sioux city's girls' inc, too. titi still to come...the sportszone guys are in with action from all over siouxland, including a rivalry from all over siouxland, including a rivalry game in the pit between east and
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the action. (fred) tonight's ask fred question is "will this be the warmest december on record?" the answer, and a cooling trend in the 7-day forecast, is coming up after the break, so stay with us! " " (jenna) fred, what do we expect? (fred) rain and snow tonight, then light snow tomorrow. 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om a winter weather advisory will be in effect tonight and tomorow for the light blue shaded
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tomorow for the light blue shaded areas in northern and western siouxland. the hd radar shows light snow north and light rain south. you can see the fog on the port neal welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre in downtown sioux city. 35 was the low today and 38 the high. 38 is our temperature in sioux city with drizzle. local temperatures are in the 3 3. winds are southeast at 10 to 25 miles per hour. wind c clls are in the 20s and 30s. relative humidity values are as high as 100 percent. that's resulting in fog, reducing visibiliy to less than 5 miles across the area. the satellite and radar shows the system producing snow to our west. here's a picture of an suv in the snow in colorado, where we are informed that snow tires and 4 wheel drive are a must! a winter storm warning is in effect in yellow, where 6- 10" of snow can be expected. the stormcast hd shows a mix of light rain and snow tonight. we have a chance of light snow tomorow as winds pick up. the snow forecast shows less than 0.5" for most of siouxland, but a band of heavy snow may set up in the west. o'neill could see many inches, but that narrow heavy band is bound to shift location a bit. your forecast for tonight is for a low of 33 and light rain and snow with fog and breezy winds. tomorrow will be windy, and we have a chance of light
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miles per hour. the 7-day forecast shows s cooldown the rere of the workweekekwith friday's high of only 24. any snow won't last long, though. next week's highs will be above freezing startin saturday, so a white chistmas looks less and less likely. tonight's ask fred prize is 4 tickets to q102's birthday bash featuring echosmith and andy grammer! to enter, email fhexom@kcautv.c om or enter on the abc9 news facebook page under the ask fred post. (tim) thanks, fred. (fred) you bet. jenna/tim/chris:
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chris good evening everybody and welcome into the abc9 sportszone...alon gside my copilot, chris palmquist. it's been a busy sports day here in siouxland...dordt both named new coaches, iowa state is down one of their best players, and we have action from nine high school hoops games too. chris: on those stories dive right into the hardwood and we'll start with ononof the best rivalries in all of siouxland. heelan and east in the pit...saders up 5 at the break...but tyle danke connects on the midrange jumper and east knots things up at 45. but it didn't last long, jack boever, splits three defenders and lays it up and in...heelan back up a a ir. then behind the official, aidan vanderloo, with the nifty finish, east led it 51-49 after three. heelan answers right away in the 4th...deandre burnside, with the razzle dazzle
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and then off the missed 3, elijah hazekamp skies for the board and gets it to go off glass...crusaders take the lead. but then van rees, left wide open off the great ball movement...east retakes the lead and they never give it up from raiders win it 79- 67. chris: up the road to hinton, the blblkhawks sting remsen- ion and you always have to guard the inbounder...jay small, left alone in the corner...hinton up early. but chris schmid, keeping the rockets in it...he picks the pocket and takes it in for the pair, that cuts the lead to one. then hinton starts to pull away...small, gets to the rack, hoop and the hack makes it 15-9. then the big man, blake vandehoef, off the nice dish...he gets the basket and the bonus...and hinton runs away with it, 80-39.
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earlier on the court, the blackhawks and rockets battling on the girls side. kayla alesch, blows past the defender and gets to the rim for a pair, rockets lead it by 6 in the foujth. on the other end, kailey burke was doing work for hinton...gets the board and the putback. then burke again...draws the foul...she had 32 and the blackhawks get within a pair. but brianna jensen gets out on the break--and she doesn't miss the gimme...remsen union gets the win, 59-56. alex up to le mars...the bulldogs taking on ninth-ranked cherokee tonight. opening quarter....jen schneider finds some space in the paint ananfinishes ststng....bulldog s take the early lead.... then its sidney baumgartner in the lane.....she hits the runner.......le mars would get out to an 8-1 lead.... but here comes cherokee....kaely hummel.....second on the school's all-time scoring list...braves within two....
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lead....hummel again.....the littleflip does the trick.......cherokee stays perfect with the 55-44 win. alex the sioux center girls, off to an undefeated start, trying to stay that way against sheldon. late third quarter.....warrio rs in transition and its jessica herald on the other end of that bucket...sioux center up 60-23... fourth quarter now.....katie wagner answers for the orabs....the baseline jumper hits the bottom of the net...... but the warriors were in complete control on their home floor....andrea verburg.....smooth from three point land....sioux center cruises...67-27 the final. alex and d e warrior boys....ome into the game with the orabs ranked 8th in the state. first quarter....marcus winterfeld spots up in the corner and drains the triple.......sioux center strikes first..... first offensive trip for sheldon......jaden kleinhesselink answers with a three ball of his own.......this game is all tied up.... a few minutes later....ian
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the three-point partrolling along....orabs up 11-7....... then sioux center starts to speed it up......brendan zeutenhorst running the floor to perfection......the warriiors win it in overtime 71-66. chris: we have to take a quick tv timeout, but when we come back...three more games from the hardwood in braska...stay
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2 lid-1 championship, and this year, the cardinals fell a point shororof a repeat trip to lincoln. chris: this year randolph is off to a 2-1 start, and ranked fifth in nebraska's class d-1. the cardinals, hosting wakefield tonight. and they get off to a great start...denton kuhl...connects on the baseline jumper and the cardinals take the early lead. he was feeling it possession, kuhl hits another midrange jay and randolph stretches the lead. then kuhl, dishes it off...mason stubbs...rise and fire on the
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early. wakefield, stops the run as parker lehmkuhl hits from distance, but it was all randolph...they roll, 57-16. alex court...the same two teams in girls action. third...randolph up 20...but wakefield, running the full leads to the the bucket for randolph, clamping down on d too...carlee thies, gets rewarded with the lay in for the cardinals. then later on, the high-low game working...megan fink to katelyn backhaus for the pair. and it worked once, why not try it again, fink to backhaus...and randolph gets the sweep, 55-25. chris ponca was a state
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tourney team last year...they're off toto 3-1 start taking on laurel- concord coleridge. the lady indians, with some precision passing...mackenzi e boyle, cashes it in and ponca takes the lead in the first. later on, ponca up one...and bryn schutte of the from distance...lcc takes the lead ponca, tries to respond, but katie leapley, comes up with the rejection on t t defensive end. so t t lady indians,o to the outside game...sadie finnegan connects on the triple...they go on to win it, 51-41. chris some bad news for iowa state fans today...naz mitrou long announced he'll miss the rest of the seasonon mitrou-long had arthroscopic surgery on both of his hips in the offseason, but had played the first 8 games for the cyclones. he sat out sunday's game, but persistent soreness led him to decide to shut it down. iowa state will seek a medical redshirt for
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which would allow him to return in 2016-17. alex up in vermillionon today, usd introduced new footba coach bob nielson. the 56 year old comes to the yotes from western illinois, where he was named missouri valley coach of the year this past season. nielson has an impressive resume, with a reer mark of 186-80-1 in 23 years as a head coach and a pair of division two national championships. national championships. alex dordt also announced today that they've hired their next football coach. joel penner comes to sioux center from malone university in canton ohio where he was the offensive coordinator, quarterbacks coach, and recruiting coordinator the last 4 seasons. penner's familiar
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three seasons as the offensive coordinator at northwestern from 2009-11. (fred) radar shows a band
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mn back toward central nebraska. yoururorecast for totoght is for a low of 3 3and light rain and snow with fog and bree winds. tomorrow will be windy, and we have a chance of light snow. northwest winds will gust to 40 miles per hour. the 7-day forecast shows a cooldown the rest of the workweek, with friday's high of only 24. any snow won't last long, though. next week's highs will be above freezing starting saturday, so a white chistmas looks less and less likely.
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dear future, sailed through that diaper stage, learned to walk, and i'm reading like a third-grader. but now it's time to go out into the world. and from what i hear, it's not all toys and games out there. will you look out for me, future?
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