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tv   ABC9 News at 6pm  ABC  December 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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him. police say sursely also admitting to sending a lewd photo of himself. the 34-year-old submitted his resignation to the school last week, and parents were notified about the matter in a meeting monday. jenna: abc9's lukas voss was at the press conference today and also spoke to administrators from the school district. lukaka thanks jenna ... and while the superintendent did not elaborate on the the circumstances surrounding the subsequent resignation they did meet with school officials to clarify the situation and he also wanted to make clear that they are dng everything to resolve the situation. " i assure the community that we take matters of this nature very seriously. this is the work that we do. we do our work promtly and we do it thouroughly with great care for our students." we also got a chance to talk with the director of our local teachers union today. he said th because teaching takes such an important role in our society events like the one at north high school have a profound impact on the
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"it's based on integrity, it's based on keeping people safe and whenever things like this happen it tarnishes the reputation in general." lear also said that with the over 1000 teachers we have in the district over 1000 teachers we havein the district there are some that just shouldn't be in the profession just like in anyther. we'll have more on the issue coming up at 10 ... reporting live in studio, lukas voss abc9 news jenna: this is the latest in a string of criminal charges against former north high shcool employees. earlier this year, high soccer deleon was found exploitation by a after it was a sexual lationship with one of his udents. he was sentenced to probation earlier this month. back in 2013, former band director kevin after it was he was pawning off instruments to pay off gambling debt. massey was able to steal over 50- thousand dollars worth of instruments over about ten years.
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was sentenced to three years of probation and has to pay back the money to theschool. jenna: a wayne state college leave, after she was escorted off campus in a hearing today could determine students say about what happened haven't been answered. abc9's bria bell was there and joins us now with jenna, students are confused as to why their paid administrative haven't received to why. the to have the show their hearinin but they were locked out "her academic, her professional career, is on the line in this hearing and that's why we're out support," said neary. this week, wayne students were either studying for finals, going home for the holiday break, or standing in unity for a professor that they hold dear to their hearts . "whatever happens, i hope for the best, but either way i'm always going to be there for her," said kucera. dr. karen walker, a psychology professor, was escorted off campus in october of this
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"personnel matter" between the college. students say they want answers because they don't think the situation was handndd correctly. "what this college could have done toto prevent some of the outrageous and ridiculous rumors as to why dr. walker has been dismissed is given a public statement, given some form of validation to us the supporters of why she has been removed, ande just would have appreciated that, we truly would have. there have been some scandalous and just outrageous rumors spread across this campus as to why she has been removed," said neary. a hearing containing faculty members and attorneys was held today, but was closed off from students and the public. the school's director of college relation says that everything is being handled according to the nebraska state college system. and that the matter simply can't be discussed per faculty contract. "trust the process. we aren't faceless bureaucrats. each of us has a job to do. we're all seasoned professionals...been here for a long time. we take our jobs very seriously and trust the process. these aren't administrators that are hearing this case. these are peers. these are 4 faculty members that are hearing the evidence and then based on that evidence will render a recommnedation for dr. rames," said collier. bria: now if necessary, another hearing
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the college president a recommendation for a decision. once dr. walker's fate is determined, she has the option to appeal it and take matters into the hands of the nebraska state college system chancellor. if she does not like the chancellor's decision, she will then have the chancellor's decision, she will then have the option to take it to court. reporting live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. republican presidential candidate donald trump is still far ahead in the polls jenna: ... with a 23 point lead among republican voters over second in
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trump is basking in his position as the frontrunner among republicans... flying his personal plane into rallies and appearing on late night tv. last night on jimmy kimmel live he joked about his rivals and read a dr. seuss book. kimmel pressed trump about his controversial plan to ban muslims from entering the u-s asking if the ban would be un- american. "we have people coming into our country that are looking to do tremendous harm. you look at the two- ok at paris, look atat what happened in paris. i mean, these people, they did not come from sweden. ok?" in an abc news exclesive interview on his private plane, trump sa he interview on his private plane, trump said he would gladly trade his jet for air force one. jenna: g-o-p presidential candidate ben carson has canceled a planned trip to israel and africa. carson had been planning to visit nigeria, kya and zambia at the end of the month. his israel trip was also supposed d occur before t t first caucuses. the trip was canceled due to "security
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carson will be in spencer tonight, we will have more from that event coming up tonight at ten. jenna: a documentary about the journey of jackson polluck's mural will be shown tonight at the sioux city art center. the documentary tells the tale about mul, mapping the history of the painting from the canvas to it's'sour around the world. makers of the film say when it comes to culture, the story of pollock's mural is something iowans should be boasting about. it's important to tell people in iowa, look we have really good stuff, like we have culture and heritage and we should be proud of this stuff and we can compete with the best. the veiwing of that documentary will be held at the sioux city art center at 6pm with a social hour to take place right before that showing. jenna: it's a night that star wars lovers have been waiting 10 years for. pisode 7 of the star wars series opens in sioux city in about a half hour. tim is standing by at the promenade theatre
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folks started lineing up hors ago to see "the forcawakens". tim jenna... it's a long line... as you would expect. tim on cam live advance ticket sales for "the force awakens" quadrupled the previousrecord..... so ththe's pretty goododhance the film will rewrite the script for all-time box office sales. the film is showing on promenade... several more at the carme theatre at soutrhern hills mall. the release marks jj abrams first shot at directing a star wars film... abrams was 11 when he saw the original "star wars" back in 1977. "the force awakens" is the seventh chapter but also the first film in what's being called a sequel trilogy. "force" picks up years s ter "return ofofhe jedi" (1983), the third release. if you are keeping track....two previous star wars releases rank top 10 in u-s box office sales.... tim on cam live as you can see behind me... some movie gowers are taking the opening to a new level,... complete with star wars gear and apparel. theatre is encouraging
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could be mistaken movie gowers are taking the opening to a new level,... complete with star wars gear and apparel. theatre is encouraging folks not to wear masks or carry objects that could be mistaken as something other than a prop for saftey reasons. (tim interviews someone in line) jenna, last showing here at promenade comes up at ... i'm saying you, fred and chris join me bit later for own look at the movie.. reporting live, tim seaman, abc9 news..... jenna: thanks tim we'll see you here in a
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jenna: coming up after the break... scsciosis affects ny kids, coming up later in the show we'e' take a closer look at the affects it can have (fred) even cooler weather is coming tomorrow, but we'll be staying dry. a weekend warmup is also in sight! your forecast is next! " " tim/jenna/fred (jenna) fred, what does the (fred)
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short term, but warmer weather starting saturday. fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) a time lapse of the port neal welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre shows sunshine earlier this afternoon, then more clouds later . the almanac ows a high of 32 today and a low of 27. highs over weern iowa were
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eastern nebraska and southeastern south dakota saw highs in the 20s and 30s. 27 is our sioux city temperature. the air is fairly dry today, with a dew point of 15. that points to the e likelihood of lows i i the teens toninit. local tempererures are in the 20s. winds are from the northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. wind chills are in the teens for most, but we have single digits across the north. there is some very cool air to our west, with denver at only 4 degrees. the cool air will push our way tomorrow. but the long term weather picture is still warm! here's an outlook published just today by the national weather service showing a forecast for above-normal temperatures to continin across the northern and western united states in january, february, and march. the stormcast hd shows a very quiet weather pattern. high pressure sliding through fridayight will reinforce that quiet weather. your forecast for tonight is for a cool low of 14 under
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mostly sunny skies and a high of 28. the 7-day forecast shows a weekend warmup to 40. we'll be as warm as 44 tuesday. so we're about to melt what little snow we have on the ground, and a white christmas looks unlikely. jenna/tim/fred (jenna) thanks, fred. (fred) you bet. jenna: still to come... scoliosis affects many kids, coming
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up, find out what it is, and what you can do about it. jenna:
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health.. and watch make sure they but sometimes there can be a problem you might not even notice.. scoliosis affects about seven and the first signs are usually adolescence. in today's health details about this condition.. what it is and what you can do. (dr. brian specialist) " curvature in the it is not a disease, but rather a the spine continues over time. although doctors don't know the exact
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a genetic component to the condition. people with severe curves of 40 degrees or more.. may need surgery to fuse the spine or add implants for support.. with curves less than 15 degrees, often doctors will monitor the patient to be sure the curve is not getting worse. with moderate curves of the spine, a brace needs to be used to keep the curves from progressing. (d brian ouellette/scoliosis specialist) "often times we will see them in a ridged brace - a body cast- but they will rotate inside so the curve continues to get worse." (dr. brian ouellette/scoliosis specialist) "we can pull the ribcage and de-rotate it. we can create a de-tortion by pulling the shoulder back. we can pull the ribcage forward and shoulder back. we can pull it down.. we can shift the spine right to left or left to right." there is no cure for scoliosis... but doctors s y.. once the spspe is finished growing.. a brace is no longer neneed. foday's health minute, i'm holly firfer. coming up in sports...the hawkeyes hit the court this weekend at the big four classic.
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plan to rebound from their heartbreaking loss to i-s-u. plus...chris sat down with new dordt football cocoh joel penner. find out how he plans to lead the defenders into
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a college football program and seeing success on saturdays. 2008 was the first year of varsity football at dordt college and new head coach joel pennererill try to lead d e defenders to the next level. dordt has never won more than two games in a season and in eight years of varsity football, the defenders have an overall record of 12 and 75. but building the defenders into a
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penner welcomes. he said his experience turning football makes him the job, but it's a task he can't do alone. joel penner--"we all we've gotta push hard. we've got a locomotive here,e, and it's very heavy, and it's going uphill, and it's going to take all hands on deck. the thing about is, once that thing starts moving, that thing is very heavy, and it can get a lotk some of those sparks are happening right now. and so the strategy going forward is get everybody on board to push, because it's a lot of work." penner also said he wouldn't put a win total as a goal for next season, rather he and his staff will stress process goals to build the program. chris: the last time the iowa hawkeyes were on the basketball court, they suffered a heart-breaking last minute loss to in-state rival iowa state. that was a week ago, giving the hawkeyes plenty of time to try to
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des moines against drake. that loss to the be seen as coach fran mccaffery says it's no different than any other game, win or lose. fran mccaffery--"i don't really look at that to be honest the situation, okay? our schedule. we want to continue to playing a really have a lot of respect for in an excellent environment. so you know, whether yo gotta move on." jarrod uthoff--"you just gotta get back to work, you know? do whatever we can to improve in whatever way we can." now the hawkeyes focus on drake a team they beat at classic two team they beat at the big four classic two seasonago. and the now- yearly event in des moines is one that iowa enjoys being a part of. adam woodbury--"it's fun to kind of get in the center of the state and have more all four teams compete. i think it's good for the state and each program as a whole." and here's a look at the schedule for the big four
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wells fargo arena in des moines. off at 3:30, that broadcast online then in the nit iowa takes on fifth-ranked iowa can see that game on espnu. time to check out this week's abc9 rising star. our winner today is hailey robertson...she loves all sports, but most of all soccer and basketball. hailey will receive a t-shirt,a framed photo, and two passes to kings pointe courtesy of the education station and sign pro. chris: earlier in the show, we heard from tim downtown at the star wars debut. now we know a lot of sports fans are also big time star wars fans...but not all coaches are... matt campbell--"i know enough to be dangerous but a super fan, i am not. unfortunately i'm the guy that's probably the nerd with the football, watching the football on the computer while everybody else is watching the movie." steve prohm--"no, i'm a rocky fan. i'll go watch creed, but i don't know if i'll watch star wars."
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it's time for our facebook fan dear future, sailed through that diaper stage, learned to walk, and i'm reading like a thirirgrader. but now it's time to go out into the world. and from what i hear, it's not all toys and games out there. will you look out for me, future?
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here's a photo we want to share with you today about a project we got to take part in if you're like to submit a facebook fan photo, just post it on our abc-9 facebook
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post it on our abc-9 facebook page. jenna/tim/chris/fred: (fred) your forecast for tonight is for a cool low of 14 under mostly clear skies. tomorrow, expect mostly sunny skies and a high of 28. the 7-day forecast shows a weekend warmup to 40. we'll be as warm as 44 tuesday. so we're about to melt what little snow we have on the ground, and a white christmas looks unlikely. " " "
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spoiled little rich kid.
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